Distance and Dominance

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The names in this story are fakes, but everything else about this story is true.

James, 182cm tall, short, styled brunet hair, from the United Kingdom.

Mel, 181cm tall, blonde, with light blonde highlights, from the Netherlands.

This isn’t the start of our journey, but a few months down the road, during a cold, Dutch winter. 24th of December 2014 and me and Mel are sitting in the large, modern living room watching Top Gear and the 50 inch LED smart TV her parents bought not too long ago, the thing must have cost an arm and a leg!

Mel’s mother walks into the room, appearing to be in a rush, easily observed with the winter coat on.

Pulling her husband, Mel’s father, like a rag doll, she tells Mel they have forgotten some essential Christmas presents for her sister and husband and they will have to rush to get these, due to weather and traffic they may not be back for three to four hours.

She gives her daughter a kiss and waves to us. She said something in Dutch making Mel blush a bright shade of red. Rudolph would be out of a job compared to this red glow.

We hear the car shoot off like it was Jeremy Clarkson in one of those Merc’s he loves so much.

Mel looks at me, and I look at her. “What was that all about?” I said with a total look of confusion on my face. I don’t speak much, if any Dutch.

“My mother just said be safe sweetie and winked at me” Mel replied.

“Can’t imagine you being in danger with me in here” I said with an honourable look on my face.

“Don’t act innocent, you know what she means” Mel said with a cute anger, clearly not serious but I know she still means business.

I should use this time to explain our sexual relationship. We have been together since June the 1st and over the five visits before this one, we have only done oral and fingering. Waiting for the moment when we want to take it to the next level, when she wants to make love and have sex.

So I chuckled innocently and we continued watching Top Gear. Cuddled up on the sofa, I notice her hand sliding down the inside of my leg, the jeans I chose to wear are not enough protection from her soft and tantalizing touch. Then she looked up at me, she was resting her head on my lap.

Mel had this evil, but innocent look on her face, she sat up and did this thing she loves to do where she ‘surprises’ me with these random ‘booty teases’ we call them. Wiggling it and bending over to pick up the half empty packet of crisps off the floor.

I am completely memorized by this, like a moth to a flame. She puts the crisps back into the cupboard where they belong in the kitchen and proceeded to walk up the small creaky stairs to her bedroom. Mel looked back at me and signalled me to follow her.

I did so, nearly falling up the stairs twice, still under the spell cast from her perfectly shaped ass.

We got into her room and she turned around and pointed to something on her computer desk. It was her copy of Fifty Shades of Grey. We has always talked about dominance and spanking when we would talk dirty to each other while I’m back in England. But this is a new step!

I pride myself as a protector, I do what I can to always protect those I care about with my life if it comes to it. So being requested to spank my girl was a concept I never thought much about, other than saying I would do it in our dirty talk. Could I bring myself to spank her? I mean, isn’t it just hitting her but on the ass? I devote myself to NEVER hit casino siteleri a woman, but she assured me this was completely different.

The idea turned me on like crazy, but I never thought I would do it, so I never prepared myself for it.

Mel turns around and takes her clothes off, not sure what came over me, but suddenly I felt a surge of power and I forgot all about myself rules and I grabbed her, turned her around, looked at her in the eye and said “The fuck you think you doing? Did I give you permission to take your clothes off?” she looked at me with an expression I can only describe as confused but extremely turned on..

I grabbed the baggy Holister T-shirt I gave her, and yanked it off, over her head and grabbed her arms after throwing the T-shirt on the floor. I turned her around and unbuttoned her jeans and pulled them down slowly, enjoying her tight, firm, round ass slowly appear before my eyes. I have a massive weakness for her ass. Once the jeans were off, I grabbed her arms harder and pulled them behind her back and led her to the bed, where I sat down and then proceeded to bend her over my knees.

This moment felt perfect, I had never felt so much enjoyment in one moment as I did now. I pulled her panties down, I was planning on keeping them half way down, but then she said “This is insane James, I love it!” And for some reason this was unacceptable. I agreed with what she said but I didn’t give her permission to talk, so I grabbed her hair and pulled her head up. “You do not speak unless spoken to, do I make myself clear!?”

“Yes sir!” she replied in a cute and innocent voice, turning me on even more. I grabbed her panties and pulled them all the way down and took them off, then I ordered her to open her mouth and then I shoved them inside her mouth, gagging her. I let her head relax as I let go of her hair. I raise my hand and in one big, hard sweep, I spanked her tight little ass. It made this adorable jiggle as I spanked it, grabbing her ass firmly after I spanked it, I raise my hand for a second time and begin to spank her for the next 10 minutes with a slow pace, but quite a hard slap.

Time had gone past quite fast for me, but I’m sure the time went much slower for her. I looked at that perfect ass, now highlighted with a cute pink glow. I decide to tease her, give her false hope that the rough spanking has ended. I cup my hand on her pussy, and I start to rub it, softly, teasing her, she pushed her ass towards my hand, she clearly wanted more but I didn’t give in to her needs, instead I stopped completely and grabbed a T-shirt on the bed, she is a messy girl. I used the T-shirt to secure her arms behind her back by tying them up tightly. I then began to spank her hard again.

“You do not do anything but take my punishment, if you try and push back again without permission I will slide a finger in your ass!”

Mel mumbled what sounded like “Yes sir” but it was hard to tell due to the gag. I took her gag out and asked “What did you say!?” She started to giggle, which annoyed me. “Do NOT giggle young lady! What did you say?!” I said with my teeth clenched. “Yes sir” She replied, and she started giggling again. I felt this surge of power again, so I grabbed her arms that were tied and pulled them up higher. I raised my hand and spanked each cheek twice, with a really hard slap. “Ouch!” She said after each spank. Her ass was starting to get a darker shade of pink. I could tell my spanks definitely hurt. “Can you not do that, it…” I didn’t let her finish slot oyna her sentence.

I took her panties and shoved them in her mouth again. She tried to talk trough the gag, unfortunately for her I was not happy with her attitude. “You have been a very bad girl, you did not have permission to speak, remember?” I spanked her ass. “You’re giving me attitude as well, I am not happy with this.” I spanked her again. “You know what’s going to happen now, or do I have to repeat myself?” She mumbled through the gag, what seemed like a no. “Good” I started sliding my finger in her ass. She began wriggling and trying to escape, with no success. “Mel! STOP IT! Take your punishment like a good girl!” I slid my finger in hard, all the way. She screamed softly.

“It hurts, doesn’t it? That’s what you get for giving me attitude.” I took my finger out and penetrated her for a second time. I took my finger out again and gave her a hard spank on each cheek. “I am going to untie your hands now, if you try to escape, I will fuck your ass with my cock.” I untied her hands, and laid her down on the bed.

I walked to the far side of the room, towards my bag, where I planned on getting the handcuffs I bought. It was something Mel requested a long time ago, probably due to the Fifty Shades of Grey she read and watched.

I noticed Mel tried to make a run for it, even after I threatened her with anal? Mel wasn’t too keen on anal, but the fingering she tried was “Okay” to quote her. So seeing Mel disobey me took me off guard. Did she want to be fucked? There is no way she thought she could out run me, and where would she run dressed in nothing but her bra? She wouldn’t leave the house, that’s for sure!

I spent too much time thinking, she was near her door, fortunately for me I’m quick and I grabbed her arm, tugging her back, then I grabbed the other and held them behind her back. I used this opportunity to handcuff her hands behind her back preventing her from opening her bedroom door.

“You know exactly what will happen now don’t you young lady” She tried to talk, but the gag was still in her mouth, god she can be such a klutz sometimes and forget things, you would have thought she would have taken it out when she made a run for it.

I lead her back to her bed, her head hung in shame for being caught. When I got to the bed, I decided to lay her on the bed flat. “Do not move, although with your hands cuffed, there isn’t anywhere you can go anyway, but this will be worse if you move, I promise” I said with a deeper, more dominating voice than before.

I go back to my bag and rummage through it. “There it is!” I said with excitement in my voice. I found the rope I use to tie my bathrobe up with. I walked back to Mel, with an evil look on my face. I wrapped it around her mouth and the back of her head, and then turned her on her stomach. I hoisted her arms up higher and tied part of the rope around the metal chain link between the cuffs and made sure it was tight. With the other end I tied to the metal poles at the back of her bed. Now she could not leave her bed at all and the gag just kept her quiet.

Mel had never done anal, and nothing bigger than a mascara brush went inside her ass, so for my thick cock to fit in there, it would be tricky, but I had a few ideas and I came prepared to.

Went over to my bag and collected the final ingredient for the scenario, lube. Without hesitation I hopped onto the bed, Mel trying her best to move and escape her bounds. I could see it in her face, she loved canlı casino siteleri being controlled and dominated like this, but she really didn’t want my cock in her ass. Well she should have thought of that before disobeying me. I start rubbing some lube on her ass, it was cold, I felt her shudder. I lubed my fingers up and prepared to penetrate her. One finger slid in effortlessly, but the second was slightly more difficult, but not impossible to get in. I began to finger her ass, stretching it every so often. After about 5 minutes her ass was much looser, so I slid a third finger in her ass and that was easier to get in than the second. After a while she was ready.

Her face still blushed with arousal but still looked worried. I made sure my cock was well lubed before teasing the hole. I spread her legs wide while she laid on her back, poked her ass just before I managed to slide the head of my cock in rather easy since it’s the thinnest part. It only got harder from there, I only managed to slide half of my cock in before she made a squeal that definitely meant stop. I gave it a minute before starting to fuck her ass slowly. After 15 minutes I managed to get all 6.6 inches of my cock inside her. Now this was complete I took my cock out and began to lick her pussy as a reward for taking this so well, not that she had a choice. I decided to untie the rope from her mouth, but still keeping her tied up to the bed and handcuffs.

I loved licking Mel’s pussy, but not as much as her ass. She loved it more if I licked her ass, than her pussy, a rare breed I would say. I kept switching between the two, spreading her legs wide, and teasing her tight little ass hole with my tongue, occasionally sliding some tongue inside the newly stretched hole. I wanted to punish her once more, so I was licking her clit for about 2 to 3 minutes and all of a sudden she was about to cum when I stopped immediately, not letting her climax.

She begged me to let her cum “please James, please make me cum, I am begging you please!”

So I grabbed my cock and rubbed her pussy with it, but not penetrating her. The torture was enough for her, I started rubber her with my right hand, then I slide two fingers inside her slowly. The time was now, the time to show her how fast I can make her cum. I took off slow, but got much faster very quick! The wet noises her pussy made when my fingers were inside her, as I slammed my hand into her pussy, turned me on more than anything!

Mel was moaning loudly “I’m going to cum James!!” and I kept going, even faster. She came so hard, it oozed out her pussy and just because she came didn’t mean I would stop, quite the opposite in fact. I kept on going, fast and hard until she came again and again!

Ten minutes had past and I finally got tired. I had lost count of how many times she came, but one thing was for sure, she was exhausted. She laid there, almost lifeless in exhaustion. I smiled at her and kissed her as she fell asleep. First thing I did was untie the rope from her and the handcuffs, I then licked her pussy clean tasting and savouring the cum, I loved how sweet she tasted. Then decided to put her panties back on her and cover her in the bed sheets and let her sleep.

While she slept I just laid there, admiring what a beauty laid before me, I considered myself the luckiest and richest man alive. A overwhelming feeling of love and admiration for her took over, and I laid next to her, and unconsciously she wrapped her arms around me in her sleep, and cuddled me, laying her head on my chest. I put my muscular arms around her, like a barrier to protect her, and then fell asleep in perfect bliss.

The End.

This was my first ever written story that I decided to publish, thank you for reading.

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