Discovering a Beautiful Native Boy

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My name is Jack Burns. I was an explorer in the 1800s. My crew and I would sail around North America and find new lands to conquer and prospect for gold.

Sailing up the Georgia straight our ship suddenly started leaking. We needed to dock and fast. We ended up in an island far off the coast. There were 5 of us.

Russel was the old man of the crew in his 60s, his son Darrel was in his 30s as was Paul and Peter. We gathered our gear and set up camp on the shore. We drank rum by the fire and passed out on the beach knowing we needed our rest for tomorrow as we started exploring this new land.

The next day we all awoke with the sun shining in our faces. We gathered our tools and started to walk around. After a while, we decided to separate. I wanted to see whatever else or whoever else was out there. I had no idea what I was about to find which would change my life forever.

As I walked through some bushes I discovered a creek. In the distance, I noticed 2 Native boys that looked about 18-20 in there splashing around in the water. They were standing up in the shallow part completely naked facing each other. Their bodies were marvelous. Both of them were really slim and toned with zero hair on their bodies. They both had beautiful long hair and from behind, I’d of sworn they were girls, but as I walked further up towards them I saw they both had big hard-ons.

I felt like I should go up to them, I felt like a moth to a flame and was just drawn to them. So I walked up to them and smiled and said hello. They both looked at me in shock never seeing a white man before. But they sensed that I was there in peace so they smiled back. I said “I am friend” and they said something in their native language and then smiled at me again.

I got a good look at them. They were both so beautiful but one stood out to me more. One of them was really tall and lean but his face was really rugged looking and had crooked teeth. The other one was shorter and skinnier but had almost no blemishes or anything on his face and had nice eyes and cheekbones and really full pouty lips. He also had a really cute, friendly smile.

Keep in mind this was the mid-1800s and homosexuality was unheard of. Men in my town would have been hung to death for such perversions. I had never even thought of sex with another man. I had a fiancé at home. A beautiful Irish girl and that’s all I thought of being with… until now…

I kept looking at this native boy and he kept smiling at me. I just stood there with these 2 naked native boys for what seemed like hours just staring at them and smiling. The one prettier one was the one that was making me think and feel things I previously never thought possible. I figured he was about 18 maybe 19.

It was then that the pretty one extended his hand and I thought it was a handshake except instead of shaking hands he held it and started pulling me down the trail along with the other one. Being so curious and honestly aroused I just let them take me wherever. If worst came to worst my crew would hopefully come looking for me.

They ended up taking me to a nearby area that looked like it could be their village. They made a loud call out and suddenly I was surrounded by natives. They were all super lean and had long hair and all looked to be 18-20 years old. Some of them were big and tall and muscular, a few of them were petite and pretty like the first boy that brought me to them.

Suddenly the chief who was much older appeared and somehow he was able to speak to me. I said, “I am a friend” and extended my hand. He shook it and said “friend welcome” and offered me a seat and a slab of deer meat that was delicious.

He then pulled the beautiful boy from earlier towards me and said “this my son, He is 19 years old. His casino siteleri name is Ata’halne because he interrupts” as he let out a little laugh and they all broke into laughter.

The chief introduced me to the rest of his tribe. They were all male and between 18 and 30.

Ata’halne just looked at me with an adorable smile. It felt like his brown eyes were looking right into my soul. He spoke very little but when he did speak he had a very soft almost girly sounding voice. Not a word of English though just his native language which I couldn’t understand.

A couple of hours went by and I was actually having a good time. It seemed like they were putting on a special party to welcome me. There was some drum beating and singing and dancing and it was fun. I just sat and watched Ata’halne looking at me smiling and I smiled back.

What I didn’t understand was why I felt the same way with Ata’halne tonight as I did when I first met my fiancé back home at church when she was singing in the quire and looking at me smiling. But what really got my mind spinning was how much more exciting this was for me.

It started getting dark and just as I figured earlier my crew came looking for me. They showed up with guns drawn and I had to jump up and tell them to stand down. Once they realized how much I was enjoying myself they relaxed and the chief introduced himself and his tribe.

I watched my crewmates and they all seemed mesmerized by the beautiful native men like I was. This made me feel better about the situation knowing it wasn’t just me that they had this effect on. Russel, for example, seemed pretty intrigued by Adahy the bigger more masculine 19-year-old boy that was at the river with Ata’halne earlier. He was about a foot taller than Russel and not even a third his age. Russel seemed to not be able to stop looking at his ripped torso and Braun.

It was getting really late and we all started to get tired. As we tried to explain to the chief that we were leaving for our camp for bed he suddenly said something in his language to his tribe and suddenly we were being hugged and kissed on the forehead by all of them in a big group hug.

I’ve never been kissed or hugged by a man before in my life and it felt weird. But I couldn’t deny that when Ata’halne hugged me and kissed me on the cheek, forehead, and side of my mouth and held his half-naked body to mine, then kissed me again on the side of my mouth, it gave me a raging hard-on that I couldn’t deny.

I think that night the whole crew walked back to our campsite with hardons and confusion wondering what was happening to them. None of us said a word to each other as we all passed out under our makeshift shelters. I fell asleep wondering what new discoveries we’d find tomorrow.

The next morning I awoke to the sound of drums and native singing and chanting. The tribe had actually come to our campsite to give us a good morning song and dance.

Ata’halne looked at me and gave me another smile as soon as he saw me. He walked over to me and started hugging me and giving me pecks again.

This time Paul noticed it and laughed and said “oh looks like this feller likes you” and without saying a word to defend myself I just shrugged my shoulders and went to grab some water to drink.

I knew that If given the same opportunity with one of the other beautiful 19-year-old native boys, Paul would be the same way.

Peter asked the Chief where gold was, he pointed off in the distance where there was a giant cliff. Darrell and Peter said they were ready to go to that cliff and start prospecting for gold.

Russel was sitting on a stump just staring at Adahy who stood in front of him. He said “yes we will go in a bit, no need to rush” Adahy stared down at the older slot oyna man with a knowing smile.

The chief said there were mountain lions and bears in that area and it was dangerous for us to go alone, he suggested Ata’halne, Adahy and his 3 other sons in their early 20s accompany us with their spears. We all agreed as we headed up towards the cliffs.

As we climbed up the rocks we struggled because of how steep it was, but the natives didn’t seem to have trouble. They actually took us by the hand and helped pull us up and lead us by the hand. Each of us had a beautiful native boy pulling us. I, of course, had Ata’halne.

Once we got to the rocky part where the gold was supposedly at we started chipping away at the rocks. While we did this the natives made us a fire. Then they set up a makeshift camp area with places to sit. Ata’halne was sitting there looking at me, when he noticed me looking at him he smiled again and he looked so beautiful.

Without thinking I stopped what I was doing, walked up to him looking him directly in the eye and gestures for him to come with me. He stood up smiling, took my hand and pulled me off into the distant bushes where nobody else was. Without saying a word he stood in front of me facing me, we were not even an inch apart as we looked directly in each other’s eyes. My heart was racing like never before.

I didn’t know what or why or how any of this was happening. I moved in to give him a peck like he did to me before, except this peck was directly on the lips. He pecked me back, then without even thinking I started kissing him passionately with my tongue deep in his mouth. I knew what I wanted and didn’t want to deny it to myself any longer.

We were making out like crazy as our tongues swirled around each other. His cock was hard and sprung out of his small loincloth made of leaves. His cock was pretty nice. Not the biggest one but about 7 inches and really thick and uncut. Surprisingly he had no pubic hair so it made his cock stand out even better. My cock was pressing against my pants and was quite uncomfortable.

He pulled my shirt off, then he kissed me passionately again as I tried to regain my breath. He then started kissing me all over my torso sending electricity through me I had never known. Then to my surprise and delight, he pulled my pants down.

My cock was so hard by this point that it sprang out in his face with a gob of pre-cum oozing out of it.

He seemed mesmerized by my penis because it was so different from his or anyone in his tribe. Mine was white and thicker with a cut mushroom head.

I figured he had never seen one without foreskin before. After examining it and touching it he started giving it pecks up and down the shaft. After kissing it like that for what seemed like hundreds of times he finally put it in his mouth. He didn’t have to do much because I came within 30 seconds. He swallowed all of it without blinking.

Then he stood up and kissed me on the lips again as our tongues swirled together. I felt his now bare cock pressed against mine as they rubbed together. This made me instantly hard again but this time I wanted to explore his body.

I started kissing his abs which were rock hard. I just pecked all over his bare torso with kisses. Then I stood up and pressed my lips to his again as we kissed passionately once again.

This time with more lust and intensity than the first one. I started grinding my dick against his in a crazy trance. When I couldn’t stand it anymore he sensed it and put his hand around my dick and said something in his language and I came all over his stomach. We kissed again and walked back hand in hand to join the others.

I noticed something when we returned. All my crew members had disappeared with a different canlı casino siteleri 19-year-old native boy. we sat by the fire on a log with Ata’halne on my lap straddling me facing me rocking back and forth on my hard dick as we kissed and giggled and kissed some more. I loved looking up at him into his beautiful eyes. The more I looked at him the more I wanted to kiss him and kiss him I did.

I totally lost track of time and soon enough the rest of my crew emerged and each of them was walking hand in hand with their own 19-year-old native boy, When they sat down on the log each native boy sat on my crew member’s laps respectively, Except for Russell the old man of the crew who was sitting on Adahy’s lap.

We all just kind of looked at each other like we knew this was totally weird and unheard of but we were all doing the same thing so we couldn’t judge each other.

It got late and Russel suggested we all head back to our camp. The chief insisted we sleep at their camp instead and share a teepee with our respective native companions. NOBODY objected. we all just walked in silence with raging hard-ons as we were led by the hand by them to their TeePees.

When I got into the teepee with Ata’halne he had me lay on my back, He sat across my chest and stretched his beautiful torso as he looked down smiling at me. I ran my hands all over his body as he leaned down for a kiss. He got off me and moved onto his side and started pushing his toned ass into my hard dick. He kept grinding on it and pushing into it and made it abundantly clear that he wanted me to fuck him.

As we kissed he pulled away and grabbed something from a box. It was a little bottle of what seemed like some sort of natural lubricant. Probably made of animal fat or something. As we kissed passionately he started stroking me rubbing this lubricant on my dick. Then he pushed his ass into my dick again but this time I slid inside him.

He felt amazing and was tighter than my fiance who was a virgin when I met her. I fucked him on our sides from behind, then I laid him on his back with his legs wrapped around me as I looked directly into his sweet eyes and fucked him hard and passionately. I came inside him.

Within 5 minutes I was hard again and we made love again and again and again. Each time cumming inside him. We cuddled close and fell asleep. The next morning we made love again before we left our teepee and joined the others for breakfast.

Like the night before all the 19-year-old native boys sat on our laps and the chief said “He who has been penetrated by their lover is his and will sit on their lap.”

As he said this, I saw that the only one that was opposite was Darrell who was once again on Adahy’s lap. Then all the 19-year-old native boys except Adahy got up to make my crew breakfast, But of course, Darrell went with the other native boys and served Adahy his breakfast and kneeled infection of him massaging his feet while he ate. It was quite obvious who penetrated who last night.

As time went on we all became very close to our native companions. We didn’t want to go anywhere else and forgot all about our lives back home, We all got the chief’s approval to make them our wives and we all lived happily ever after, except Russel who was totally Adahy’s wife but that’s what he wanted.

I was head over heels in love with Ata’halne and although we never could communicate verbally we connected in other ways I never thought imaginable. We had sex all day, every day and never broke physical contact. if we walked we would hold hands, if we sat he was in my lap, if we laid down we would spoon.

I went there to discover new land and gold. What I found was the love of my life and things about myself I never thought possible.

To my fellow white men in the 21st century reading this, straight, married, engaged or whatever. My advice to you is to go to your local reserve and find a beautiful native boy between 18 and will be the best thing you’ll ever do in your lifetime.

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