Dirty Laundry

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I met my wife 8 years ago, at a football game.

My weeks were largely spent in Omaha, on a 2-year consulting project. Thursday nights I flew home to Atlanta, though on occasion would stay in Omaha and sample the night life there, for a change of pace.

In September 94 a co-worker invited me to go to a Nebraska football game, in Lincoln, about an hour away. So I stayed over and we headed to the game early Saturday.

His friend, Steve, and Steve’s wife, Jan, were hosting an impressive tailgate party. My wife, as it turned out, is Jan’s niece, though only about 8 years younger than Jan, who as the youngest of 5 girls is 16 years younger than my wife’s mom, the oldest.

Needless to say, we all drank too much, ate too much, I was hitting on my future wife, and my future wife and I ended up back in my hotel room together many hours after Nebraska steamrolled some patsy football team.

2 years later we were married. I had gotten to know Steve and Jan and their 2 little ones pretty well. Of course, they were at the wedding, and I made sure to dance with Jan more than once. She is truly the inspiration for many-a-man’s wet dreams. 5’2″, drop-dead gorgeous, fit, large and firm tits, always looking subtly sensual, always cautiously flirtatious, beautiful blonde hair – short and always done a bit differently.

We get back to Nebraska 2 or 3 times a year now, and always stay with Steve and Jan. Their boys are 12 and 10, and I always throw a football or baseball around with them for hours. Their dad is always very busy with his work, and Jan always thanks me 3 or 4 times, and has even rubbed my shoulders a few times afterwards. Always wondered if she knew this caused me to think “why don’t you come sit on my fat cock, you sexy little thing”.

We went out in May of 2001 for a funeral. My wife’s great-grandmother, Jan’s grandmother, passed away at 97. Steve and Jan’s house was loaded down with people…they have 5 bedrooms, all were full.

We beylikdüzü escort arrived Saturday for a Monday wake and Tuesday funeral, and planned to fly home Wednesday morning.

Sunday morning, in what is my custom, I was up at 5AM, and had the large downstairs to myself. I made coffee and sat reading a magazine, knowing no one in my wife’s family would be up before 8. But about 6, Jan came down, wearing shorts and a tanktop, causing my cock an instant stir, and said in a quiet half-whisper “never-ending laundry with 2 boys”. She went straight into the laundry room, off of the kitchen, and 3 minutes later the machine was on and she came out, poured herself some coffee, and sat down next to me in their large TV/den area set behind the kitchen. She sat just a smidge too close, I thought, but then told myself to stop fantasizing.

We chatted and sipped coffee for 15 minutes. Her tank top was showing her significant cleavage, D cups on her little body, so they can look really amazing. I had to remind myself constantly not to look down, but nonetheless I was sure she caught me peeking at least twice. What really started my brain, the other one that is, in motion was when Jan put her little hand on my knee and said “when are you guys gonna get pregnant?” She kept her hand there as I answered, “we’ve talked about it, maybe soon, I have been suggesting increased practice time”, to which she giggled quite a bit, and finally replied, with her hand just above my knee, circling, “I’m sure you don’t have any problems”. Then she said, while taking her hand off my leg, “time to change the loads”, and got up and headed across the kitchen and back to the oversized laundry/pantry room. “Come help” she said as she went, so I followed her there, watching her perfect little heart-shaped ass the whole 30-foot trip.

Jan closed the laundry room door behind me. My heart jumped. She simply pulled the ironing board off the back of beyoğlu escort the door, set it up, and said “I wish my men appreciated all the damn work it takes to keep this house running”. “I’m sure they do, but you do it so well they probably take it for granted at times”, I replied. “Oh yeah”, she said, as she pulled wet clothes out of the washer. Then she bent over, said “open” nodding to the dryer, and as I opened the door she shoved the wet clothes inside.

As Jan stood up I have no doubt whatsoever she saw me staring at her backside. She looked at me for just a second, not certain it seemed, then as she continued to stare her hand reached out to my pajama-bottoms, which I was wearing with a T-shirt, and she grabbed hold of my cock, which immediately stiffened up, and said “I could use a little more appreciation, Joe, think you could help?”. I gasped, stuttered, mumbled, choked, my mind was not able to grab hold of anything, and before it could she followed up, as her hand began massaging my hardened cock, “I’ve seen the way you look at me, Joe, I’ve seen the lust you have for me, and I have it too…I’ve wanted to grab this cock of yours since we met, and now that I have it in my hand I’m going to play with it, now and for the next few days, and from now on whenever we get together, okay with you?” “Yeah, Jan, it is” came out of my mouth, and nothing more. I bent down to kiss her, and we kissed very deeply, right away, she reached inside my pajamas and began jerking me off faster. After a couple of minutes I shuddered, and shook, and came all over her little hands. She finished it off, then pulled her hand out, unlocked our lips, and put her cum-soaked hand in front of my lips. I started licking it off, and tasting myself. I licked it all off, and was getting a bit frenzied.

I lifted Jan’s 5’2″, maybe 120, curvy body up onto the dryer. I quickly unzipped her shorts, and pulled them off along with her panties all at once. bomonti escort She put her hands up, pushing on the cabinets above the dryer, and scooched back so her feet were up on the dryer. I slid my hands under her thighs, held her by the side of the ass, and started to lick her pretty pussy. I licked it from bottom to top, over and over again, and she grew very wet. Her juices were getting on my chin, and on my upper lip, even my cheeks a bit. She began a low moan, and that made me crazy…I lapped at the upper part of her pussy, and finally felt her swollen clit with the tip of my tongue…I immediately began to suck and flicker it, and soon Jan started cumming, I could feel her pushing her pussy into my face and I felt her fighting the urge to scream out as she came hard. She felt like she had come down, after a minute or so, but I kept on going and she started cumming again, and the pattern repeated once more…3 big orgasms, which seemed to last several minutes, and my face was soaked in her sweet juices.

As she came down again, my cock was raging, so I pulled her off the dryer and lifted her down to the floor, where I sat on my ass and she fell straddled upon me. My cock found its own way to her opening, and it was so wet we felt me penetrate her right away, and it slid in all the way to the base. Little Jan started bucking wildly, even with her knees now on hard tiled floors, and gave me a killer “fuck me, you hot stud” look. I lasted about 3 or 4 minutes, and I am sure sure I was giving her an incredible “fuck me you gorgeous slut” look as I began pumping her pussy full of cum while squeezing her ass cheeks. I could feel her big tits pressed into me, nipples fully erect, her hot cunt clamped onto my raging dick, and my strong hands squeezing her firm rounded ass…I still get a hard-on just thinking about it, it was so intense and an orgasm burnished in my brain as one of those perfect moments in life that make it so worthwhile.

We came down, and kissed a bit, then Jan edged up, until my cock flopped out of her. She got up and said “again, tomorrow, 5:30AM, k?” I nodded “see you then, lover”. “Now let’s get cleaned up and go about our day” she said.

And off we went. That was the first time, and there were more, and will be more.

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