Dinner Date

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I wait by the door for you to arrive and pick me up. We’re going out for a night on the town. I’ve dressed in cocktail attire, as you assure me we’ll be “on the town tonight.” I look into the mirror in the living room one last time, I check my clothes to make sure all is just so. Long black ankle length skirt, a red silk sleeveless top with a matching red pashmina wrapped around my shoulders and knee high black leather boots. My hair is softly falling around my shoulders and reaching half way down my back, shining and reddish blonde. My make up is subtly highlighting my blue eyes and pale, pale skin, my lips slicked with crimson red. All is just as I want it to be. I just hope you’ll approve.

I hear a knock on the door and my stomach flutters because I know it’s you. With one last glance in the mirror, I move to answer the door. I open the door and see you standing there with a blood red rose smiling at me. I look you over and you look yummy from head to toe! You’re wearing a well-cut black pin-stripe suit and a crisp shirt with a red tie that matches my top. You lean in and kiss me lightly, quickly pulling back before I can really kiss you back. I look at you with a question on my face and your response is, “Later.” I smile and shake my head, wondering what you have planned. Leaving the rose on a table, you put your hand on the small of my back and escort me to the car.

Once in the car, I ask you where we’re going. You just smile and shake your head and grab my hand and kiss it. My stomach flutters again and I feel my nipples harden against the red silk top. We pull up in front of a very nice restaurant and I wait for you to come and open the door, knowing that you would be upset if I opened my own door. You help me out of the car and lightly kiss my cheek. We walk in and the matire’d greets you like an old friend and shows us to a table in a semi-secluded corner. It’s a couples table where the couple sits in a booth seat side by side and looks out over an amazing view of the mountains and valley. We are seated and it’s then that I realize that there’s a method to your madness…

The waiter comes over and hands us menus and brings champagne, showing your planning for this evening. As I look at the menu, I feel your hand slowly sliding up my leg and I now understand the idea. You’re going to tease me here in public, in this 5 star restaurant, in front of all the other people sitting around us. Your hand stops high on my left thigh and your thumb caresses me. I stop breathing for a mere second but then catch myself and try to breathe normally. The waiter comes back to take our order and you order for both of us, a prix fix menu, three courses.

I rest my hand on your leg and you shake your head and place it back in my lap. I try to look relaxed and easy, but your hand is now pulling my skirt up and I feel your hand caress my stocking clad knee. I take a sip of water to hide my slight gasp and you smile knowing that you have me just where you want me. As the waiter comes back with our champagne, you move your hand slightly higher finding the top of my stocking. I quickly look at you as your thumb slides lightly over the skin at the top of the stocking. You lift your glass in a toast to us and all I can do is nod and smile as I try not to moan. I gulp a large swallow of the champagne and begin to cough slightly as the bubbles tickle my throat. You smile at me knowing that it was the bubbles combined with your hand moving higher on my thigh that actually produced the cough that was a slight gasp as well.

When the salad arrives, you use your hand to nudge my thighs apart and you slide your hand higher still. I feel the heat from your hand barely a breath away from my hot wet heat. Your pinky moves that last millimeter and stops just touching my now puffy outer lips. You can feel my wetness beginning to slide down those lips and you leave your hand there unmoving as we eat our salads. You look over at me and see that I’m flushed and almost panting. You can see how badly I want you to push past the outer lips. You smile wickedly and withdraw your hand completely. I look at you, my breathing hard and my skin flushed, and you smile at me again and kiss me, lingering longer this time, flicking your tongue over my lips quickly before you withdraw and continue eating as if nothing is wrong.

I decide that it’s time to tease you for a while so I slide my hand over your leg to find your cock hard and straining at your pants. I laugh under my breath and otele gelen escort look at you out of the corner of my eye, smiling. I lightly scratch my nails over your balls and squeeze lightly cupping your cock and balls. You cough choking on a sip of water and the waiter, there to remove our salad plates, asks you if you’re ok. You hold up you hand as if to say, “I’m fine.”

Our entrees arrive along with a bottle of bold red wine. We are both having the Filet Mignon medium rare with fluffy whipped potatoes and lightly steamed green beans. You taste the wine and nod to the waiter as your hand moves back to the apex of my legs resting there. I move your hand and shake my head now, motioning for you to continue eating. You pick up your knife and fork and begin to delicately slice into your steak when my hand tightens around your now swollen cock. I can feel you growing under my hand. You sensuously slide the bite of steak into your mouth and close your eyes chewing slowly.

To the other patrons of the restaurant you look to be enjoying your steak but I know that it’s my hand rhythmically massaging your cock through your trousers that causes you to close your eyes. The low purring moan that escapes causes a few pairs of eyes to look over, and causes my nipples to tighten to the aching point. I want to feel you purr on my skin.

I feel your balls beginning to draw up and so I withdraw my hand smiling. I begin to eat and for a few minutes we exchange polite chitchat on how the food is and “Isn’t the wine wonderful with this?”

As the plates are again cleared away, we move closer, pressing against one another and our hands are wandering again. I feel your hand nudging my thighs apart under the table to allow your fingers access to my now throbbing pussy. I lean over and kiss you deeply as your finger begins to part my lips. My now dripping wetness helps your finger to slide smoothly between my lips, moving up and down.

My hand slowly unzips your trousers and slides inside to find you also without underclothes of any kind. I slip my hand around your hard cock and begin to slide up and down slowly and loosely, feeling the softness of your skin and the hardness of your arousal. I rub my thumb over your head feeling the precum that has gathered there and using it to massage the tip. I turn my head to look at you, my face flushed, my eye lids heavy with wanting and my breathing stilted from the things that you are doing to my quivering cunt under the table.

I bring my hand to my mouth, and you watch me lick my thumb, like a cat licks cream, slowly and making sure to get every drop, tasting your precum. I smile again and lean over and whisper in your ear, “ Mmmmmm, you taste good.” At this your finger slides deeper into my folds and flicks at my opening, causing me to gasp audibly. Several people turn slightly towards the noise, which I cover up by laughing as if you had just delivered the punch line to a joke.

The dessert arrives and you ask the waiter if he would be so kind as to wrap it to go. He smiles and goes off to do just that. You turn to me and place one hand on my face and the other on my hip and pull my head to you. You kiss me again, this time I can feel all of your want and need in your kiss. You whisper against my lips telling me that you want me now. I lightly moan in response.

When the waiter comes back to the table you pay him for the meal with a generous tip and help me to my feet. The waiter smiles at us widely and it’s at that point that I realize that he knew exactly what we were doing. I smile back at him and wink. “Thank you.” I say in my most sultry voice.

You grab my hand and pull me out to the valet stand and your car is there, waiting for us to jump in. Off we go and I notice that we’re not headed home but out of town. We drive for about 30 min, talking about anything other than sex. We pull up to a cabin on a dirt road in the mountains set back about 50 yards from a lake. You tell me that you’re going to blindfold me and produce a strip of black satin which you tie around my eyes.

I hear you get out of the car and walk around. My door opens and your hand helps me out of the car. You lead me slowly towards the cabin and up 5 stairs and inside. I feel the door shut as well as hearing it. My other senses are beginning to come alive! You seat me on a wide overstuffed comfy chair and tell me to stay put. I hear you making noise and I begin to wonder what pendik escort you’re about to do to me. The anticipation is driving me mad and all I can think about is your body covering mine, feeling you stuff me and holding you to me as you groan your release.

“Alright, don’t move unless I tell you to.” The command such that I say nothing but slowly nod to show understanding.

You take my hand and draw me into a standing position. I feel your hands unzipping the back of my top and your lips kissing the now exposed skin. You slide my arms out of the top and I hear it drop. Next your hands slide my skirt off my hips and it too hits the floor. You help me step out of it and I am left standing in front of you in a black lace bra and garters, stockings and a black satin blindfold. You step back to drink in the sight of your lover, friend, partner and playmate standing in front of you, breasts heaving, blindfolded and awaiting your next move.

My breasts are trying to escape their lacy cage and you set them free with a flick of your wrist. The black lace drops to the floor and my breasts swing free and full. You moan and bury your face in them kissing and licking with wild abandon. I lift my hands to your head but when I touch you, you move out of my reach. Next I feel your hands undoing each stocking hook and slowly sliding each stocking down my leg and off. Next you remove the garter belt leaving me standing in nothing but a black satin blindfold, shaking from the combination of the chilly room that makes my nipples harden and the fact that I’m naked and totally in your power.

You move back to me and lead me to the bed. You help me slide up on the bed to the center. You lightly grasp my wrists and pull them over my head. I feel your breath as you move your mouth over one nipple and I arch and cry out as your mouth clamps down on that same nipple and you begin to suck. I cry out with wanting and I attempt to move my hands to your head, determined to touch you. You tighten your grip, my hands neatly trapped in yours. I hear some movement above my head and soon find myself unable to move my hands at all. I then realize that you have attached my hands to the bed. Your hands slide down my body and I arch against you, trying to feel you. You move away and I feel exposed and sexy.

I hear the ice before I feel it…. I know it’s coming. You grab an ice cube and put it in your mouth. Holding it between your back teeth, you take my nipples, one at a time, into your mouth. I gasp and arch again as I feel the combination of hot and cold surrounding my breast. “PLEASE.” I manage to get out. You know what I want. Moving the ice to the front of your mouth and holding it between your teeth, you begin to slide the ice along my breasts and torso, causing me to moan loudly. As you slide lower and lower on my stomach, I begin to tremble in anticipation. Your hands move to hold my hips still and you slide that evil ice cube lower still, till you are right at the top of my blond bush.

You spread one leg and I feel you attaching something to my ankle and then the other ankle. I am now tied with my legs spread, my dripping cunt on display for you to see. You grab a fresh ice cube and move closer to my hot wet snatch. I gasp, my hips rising off the bed, as the ice makes contact with my pussy lips. You slide it up and down and begin to push forward between my puffy swollen labia. Your finger moves to find my clit and begins to move in circles, making me cry out. “Oh God!” I gasp. I feel your finger replaced by the ice cube and the cold is shocking and arousing all at the same time. This time I feel your mouth replace the ice cube as you suck my clit into your mouth and begin to suck on it as your tongue flicks at the speed of light.

My whole body begins to tremble as I approach my peak. You suck and flick harder and my hips rise off the bed to grind into your mouth. As I teeter on the edge of my orgasm, you slide two fingers deep into my tight cunt and I scream as I begin to cum. I see stars behind my eyelids and I forget how to breathe. I begin to sob unable to control my emotions after being so skillfully manipulated into the best orgasm I could ever have hoped for.

As I continue to shake and sob, you release my ankles and hands and pull me to you, holding me close as I cry and cling to you. You slip the blindfold off and tilt my head up to kiss me deeply and sweetly. Your thumbs wipe away the tears that I can’t seem to control. rus escort I begin to kiss you harder, my tongue sweeping around your mouth, tasting myself mixed with your sweet mouth. “My turn” I whisper.

You smile and shake your head as if to say, “No, honey, tonight was about you.” But you know me better than that and you allow yourself to be flipped over and secured to the bed. I slide the blindfold in place and move off the bed, leaving you lying there quietly. I stand for a moment and admire your body. I move over to your toy bag that I now see lying on the floor, and I pull out a length of fine silk cloth. Walking quietly back to the bed, I throw the silk into the air so that it lands on you with a whisper of cloth and a butterfly kiss of sensation.

You draw in your breath at the feeling and begin to move slightly. I grab an end of the cloth and slowly pull it across your skin leaving a trail of goose bumps. This time you let out a soft moan as you exhale. I smile and moving to your side, I lean over you and begin to blow on your nipple, causing it to stand up and tighten. Leaning even closer, I flick out my tongue and lightly flick at the skin, wetting it just enough to heighten the senses. You moan and arch up towards me. I laugh, a low chesty laugh mixed with a moan of wanting as I look your whole body over and see your stiff cock standing at attention, straining to be noticed.

I slowly wrap my hand around your cock and squeeze, pulsing around you. I slowly begin to slide my hand up and down, varying the speed and the pressure, making sure to always keep contact with the ridge under your shaft. I moan out loud as I see the precum pearling at the top, begging for my lips to suck it all out. I lean over again, and in one swift motion, I take you deep into my mouth sucking you deep, moaning around your head in the back of my throat. You gasp and moan in the same space of time, coming out like a choking cough, your body arching like a bow. I suck you hard and fast for a full minute and I feel your balls growing tight and full in my hands.

Then I move away from you as suddenly as I had swallowed you, causing you to gasp and cry out, “NO!”

I climb on the bed and straddle you, you know what’s coming and the anticipation is driving you mad. “Do you want me?” I whisper against your lips. “Oh God yes!” you say pleading with your voice. I slide along your shaft with my wet dripping cunt lips. “Are you sure?” I ask. You thrust your hips up raising me off the bed with your hips. “What the hell do you think??” you say fighting to keep calm.

I laugh again and sigh and lean forward to take off the blindfold. I want you to watch as I take you. I turn around and leaning forward, I begin to slide myself down your cock. You can see my ass and you can see my pussy swallowing your cock. Your hands make fists but are still tied to the bed. Once I’m seated on you completely, I lean back feeling your cock head against my front wall, and I tighten my muscles around you. I can feel your body straining to move and your arms are shaking with the tension of wanting to be free. I lean back and unhook your hands and then lose all focus as you grab my hips and pull me down onto you hard.

You become a wild thing, scratching at my back and thrusting up into me hard. I gasp with each thrust as I feel your cock hit my center. I tighten around you and I begin to massage my clit hard and fast. Quickly the sensation builds and I begin to shake from the build up and the effort. You use my hips to pull me down onto you harder and harder. We both cry out with wanting, need, effort, and near release. “I LOVE YOU!” I scream at the top of my lungs as the damn breaks and I fall into ecstasy clenching around you faster than anything you’ve felt before. This sensation combined with my words of love being screamed out sends you over the edge too, crying out with release. You cum deep in me which triggers another orgasm for me. I begin to cry from the emotional release and the emotion I feel for you.

I collapse backwards onto your chest sobbing and you slowly slide out of me as you begin to soften. You slide me to the side of you and cradle me in your arms, making shushing noises, and telling me you love me over and over. I begin to shake from head to toe as my body realizes the amount of effort it has just put forth. As I begin to quiet, you kiss my forehead and sit up, pulling me with you as you do.

“Baby, I have something to say to you.” you begin.

I look at you confused and wary. You move to the bedside table and pull something out of the drawer.

Turning back to me you smile and say, “Marry me?”

I begin to cry harder as I say,” YES!”

I tackle you and smother you with kisses and we laugh…. Our life has only begun!

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