Dinner and Dessert

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I walked down the flight of stairs and into the kitchen just in time to see Bobbi bent over taking the tray of Lasagna out of the oven. Even though I was completely satisfied from what had taken place not ten minutes earlier, I couldn’t take my eyes off her sweet round ass sticking out. I could see the outline of her French cut panties through the silk robe she was wearing. She turned around and placed the lasagna down on the table next to the salad bowl and loaf of Italian bread already there. It smelled and looked wonderful.

She asked if I was hungry and I replied. “Ravenous.” Bobbi laughed and said, “I mean for food.”

I laughed also and answered, “Oh yeah, that TOO.”

She asked me if I was enjoying the little surprise she had arranged and I told her it had been wonderful.

“By the way, where is that surprise?” she asked.

I told her Mary wanted to take a quick shower before dinner and would be down soon.

Bobbi poured me a glass of red wine from a jug that was sitting in the middle of the table. “Hubby’s private vintage. Not the best flavor but pretty darn potent,” she explained. I took a sip trying not to make a bad face but in all honesty it was a little vinegary. Luckily Mary came into the kitchen just in time so I didn’t have to rate the wine. She grabbed the jug and filled up a glass until it was almost overflowing and practically chugged it down.

Filling it again she exclaimed, “Let’s eat. I’m starving.”

Dinner was great. Bobbi wasn’t lying when she told me she was a great cook. The lasagna was incredible and the Caesar salad she prepared made even the best restaurants pale in comparison. She even baked the loaf of Italian bread herself. It must have been quite a sight, the three of us at the table, women in just their panties and robes and me in just boxers and a tee shirt.

As we ate the food and drank the wine, we made small talk with, of course, a lot of sexual innuendo. Mary even grabbed the loaf of bread and pretended that she was going to stuff it up herself, “to add a little flavor” as she put it. We laughed and laughed and the more we drank, the more we laughed.

As Bobbi got up to clear the table, Mary got up and said, “Bobbi, I’ll get the dishes. You just relax.”

Bobbi replied “Thanks. I’m going to go up and shower.” Then looking at me, with a bit of a laugh in her voice, she said, “YOU, stay here. I’m still sore from our last shower.”

Mary had drunk a little too much wine and by now was staggering a bit. In an effort to save the leftovers as well as the dinner plates from crashing on the floor, I told her to sit back down and I’d take care of them. She didn’t protest so I cleared the rest from the table, rinsed the plates and put them into the dishwasher.

When I was finished and turned around, there was Mary naked and spread eagle on the table. “So, are you gonna fuck me now?” she slurred.

“I don’t know, do you want me to?” I teased back.

“Stop teasing me and give me that big, thick cock,” she demanded.

I went over to the table, grabbed her legs and spread them even farther apart and began to rub my semi-erect penis on her slit, not entering, just teasing. Her clit was again very swollen and sticking out and she cooed as my cock slid over it. I took my cock in one hand and slapped it against her pussy. She grabbed a hold of it trying to force it inside, but I wouldn’t let her.

I could tell she was getting frustrated and then she reached down, took a hold of my balls and squeezed. “Give me it or I’ll rip them canlı bahis şirketleri off,” she said. I immediately rammed my cock into her and she let go of her grip. “Oh yeah, that’s much better baby,” she said.

Even though I wasn’t entirely hard yet, I was surprised how easily I was able to enter her. Her pussy was wet with her juices and took my entire shaft. As I slid in and out she begged for more. “Faster, harder, faster you bastard, give me more.”

Most women begged me for less as my thickness was usually painful for them. Not Mary, she couldn’t get enough.

My cock was now completely hard. Her fingers were toying with her clit and beads of sweat were running down her face from her hairline. She was bucking up and down on the table and turning her head from side to side. I reached my arms under her back and lifted her up from the table. She wrapped her arms around my neck, legs around my waist and was impaled on me. I grabbed her ass and lifted her up and rammed her back down time and time again.

“Shit yeah. That’s it. It’s all the way in now. I can feel it pressing in on me. Oh, that’s it,” she cried out.

Mary reached one hand down between us and madly started rubbing her clit. Then she yelled, “Don’t stop. Don’t stop. I’m cummmmmmiiinnning.” Her pussy was contracting on my cock. It seemed like an eternity until it stopped spasming.

She went a little limp as I placed her feet on the floor next to the table. Since I hadn’t released yet and feeling a bit selfish, I turned her around and forced her face down on the table. I took my cock and slammed it back in her pussy, this time from the back.

She perked up and said. “Yes. I love it from behind. Take me. Do anything you want. I’m your slut . . . Your bitch.”

I slapped her big ass with my palm as I pounded her from the rear.

She was loving every minute of it. I would pull almost all the way out then slam it back in slapping her ass harder each time. I was hammering her so hard the table was moving. I quickened my pace, in and out, in and out, faster and harder. I think she came again just before I did. Didn’t really matter much to me, as I pulled my cock out and let my cum cover her ass.

Mary was exhausted from this workout and just laid there bent over the table with my thick white juice oozing down into her crack. She barely moved as I slipped my boxers back on and made my way out of the kitchen to see what Bobbi was up to.

I climbed up stairs and heard a hair dryer on in the bathroom. I knocked on the door and heard Bobbi say, “Come on in, I’m just finishing up.”

I went in and she turned around. She looked gorgeous standing there like an angel, a bit of make up on, her hair done. “There, I’m all clean,” she said.

“I’m not. I’m gonna grab a quick shower. I’ve got Mary all over me,” I replied.

Bobbi asked me where Mary was and I explained that she was probably asleep on the table. “Too much to drink? Or did ya just wear her out?” she asked.

I just laughed and told her a little bit of both. She asked me if I had taken Mary in the ass and I told her I hadn’t. Bobbi, not really joking, told me she had hoped that I had, because she was still sore everywhere. If I had the urge to do THAT it would have to be with Mary because no way was I getting back in THERE.

I took a fast shower all the time thinking of Bobbi standing there looking absolutely gorgeous. I dried off quickly and made my way to the bedroom. There she was lying on the bed but with her head and shoulders propped up canlı kaçak iddaa on the pillow. She still had her silk robe on but it was open at the top exposing her beautiful breasts.

“I was just getting ready for you,” she said as she undid the sash around her robe and opened it up.

She was naked and between her legs was a fairly large flesh-colored dildo which she removed and placed on the floor. I laid down beside her, took her in my arms and explained to her that she didn’t have to do that. If she wanted me, I would be glad to oblige, but as she was still sore, if she just wanted to lie there and snuggle, that would be fine with me. Oh, how I wanted her and couldn’t believe what I was saying. She kissed me and almost crying, told me she appreciated my being so caring.

Bobbi said she got a little jealous of Mary getting my attention.

“I just want to pleasure you,” she said and began to bite my neck and nibble on my ear.

She took the back of her hand and ever so lightly rubbed it up and down my cock, barely touching it. It began to perk up again and I think Bobbi was relieved thinking I may have been completely spent from my little go around with Mary.

She sat up and opened up the drawer next to the bed, taking out a bottle of massaging oil. Putting some in her hands and rubbing them together, she proceeded to rub it on my chest. Her hands were soft and warm and she gave me a smile as she rubbed my nipples which were now erect. She massaged her way down my body stopping only to replenish the lotion. When she arrived at my penis, she poured the lotion directly on it, then with both hands wrapped together, began to stroke it. She was being very gentle, almost worshipping it. She leaned over and whispered to me that this was really turning her on and would I mind if she mounted me.

“Would I mind?” “Ummm . . . errr . . . well, no I wouldn’t mind at all,” I said.

She never stopped stroking until she was in position squatting over top of me. Then she guided the head of my cock into her pussy. She lowered herself down ever so slowly, remembering how it hurt the day before when she went down hard on it.

As the head penetrated her, she sighed then moaned a bit. I decided to just lay there and let her use me. I watched as she went a little bit lower each time. Her labia were stretched around my cock and pulled out as she rose up a little then pressed back down.

It took a while but I was finally most of the way inside her and now she was moving up and down faster with more urgency. She held the base of my penis in her one hand to stop it from penetrating any further and with her other hand, still oily, was madly fondling her breasts and pinching her nipples. My cock went in and out of her with a slurping sound as she would rise and then drop back down.

She threw her head back and started to scream, “That’s it, fuck me. I want to cum. I’m gonna cum.” I began to buck my hips upwards as she dropped down.

“Mmmmmmm, Oooohhh, Ahhhh, Oh God Yes,” she quietly murmured.

Just then she exploded and her cum was squirting out, running down my cock and over my balls. There was so much I thought she might have been peeing. This didn’t stop her as she just kept forcing herself down on me.

Without missing a beat, she lifted off, knelt beside me and with both hands was pumping my cock. “Come on baby, cum for me. I wanna see you cum on my tits, in my mouth, all over me.”

She was pumping furiously with the combination of oil and her juices making it very slippery. canlı kaçak bahis I looked up and told her I was close so she leaned forward and stroked even faster. I must not have had much left because when I came it didn’t shoot very far, a little made it to her breasts but mostly it just oozed out onto her hands. She rubbed it into her tits, then smiling, slowly put each finger in her mouth and licked my love off, one at a time.

She laid back down beside me, kissed my cheek and whispered, “Thank you.”

Soon we were fast asleep.

I woke up about 2:00 a.m. with Mary standing next to me whispering in my ear. “I see you’re still hard.”

Looking down I told her it was a piss hardon. She said she wanted to take care of it, so I got up and followed her to the bathroom. This time she went over to the shower, turning it on. Mary told me to join her that she didn’t want to mess up Bobbi’s bathroom. I climbed in. The sound and feel of the water made me need to pee even more. Mary took my cock, spread her legs apart and slipped me inside of her.

“Fuck me, then pee inside like you were cumming,” she insisted.

Soon I was doing exactly what she wanted, I couldn’t hold back as I was actually peeing in her pussy.

“It’s so warm. So nice. It’s filling me up,” she panted.

When I had emptied my bladder Mary rinsed herself off and told me she was really turned on and that I just had to “take care of her.” I told her I was tired and had nothing left but she insisted, so we made our way back to the bedroom.

Bobbi woke up asking what we were doing. I just said, “You don’t even want to know.”

But Mary blurted out, “He just peed IN me and now he’s gonna fuck me til I cum.

“Ewwww, Mary, that’s way sick,” Bobbi said, laughing.

At this point I really wasn’t interested in Mary, but when I looked to Bobbi, she just winked and indicated it was OK. Mary got on all fours and began to control the situation again.

“Bobbi, you lay down here with your head between my legs and lick his cock as it’s going in and out of me.”

Then she looked my way. “Honey, ya know I want it doggy style.”

I took a little more oil and rubbed it from her ass to her clit then proceeded to enter her from behind. She took every inch of my cock.

Just as she was ordered, Bobbi was licking my cock as I pulled back and slowly slid myself back in. Once in a while she would nibble on Mary’s clit. Mary was loving every second of it, talking dirty, telling me to fuck her, that she was a dog, a slut, etc. I put my already lubricated middle finger in her ass and began to slip it in and out.

“Mmmmm, ahhhhh, right there, oooohhhh, yeah like that, give me that thick cock,” Mary was yelling.

Then without warning I pulled out of her pussy and rammed my cock hard into her ass. I forced my way in roughly and she screamed. Bobbi was sucking on Mary’s engorged clit and then grabbed the flesh-colored dildo and slid it into her soaking wet cunt.

I could feel the dildo rubbing against me as I slammed in and out of Mary’s ass. She was screaming that it hurt but not to stop. Bobbi was working the dildo the opposite of what I was doing. As I pulled back, she pressed it in and vice versa. Mary was breathing hard and each time I slammed in she would let out a grunt. I started to cum and this pushed Mary over the edge.

She screamed again, “Ooooooohhh myyyy, Oh, Oh, Oh. Oh God. Now, now. Yesssss. Fill my ass with your cum. I’m cummmming toooooo.”

Once again, Mary had cum hard.

As I pulled my cock from her ass I noticed a little blood mixed with my cum trickling out of her asshole and down her inner thigh. Mary collapsed on the bed. I rolled over, put my arms around Bobbi and we all finally settled in to sleep the rest of the night.

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