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‘Hello and welcome to the Sexy Erotic Playhouse.’ The voice sensually whispered down the phone. ‘If you are over the age of eighteen, have the billpayers permission and are calling to have your fantasy fulfilled, press one now.’


‘Well look at you. I bet you can’t wait to get started.’ The lusty voice continued. ‘Before we commence, let’s work out what brought you to listen to my voice tonight. We’ll start with the topic of your lust.’ She paused, breathing seductively into the headpiece. ‘After all, we want all our customers to be fully satisfied.’

‘If you would like me to describe how I’d pleasure you with oral sex, press one. If you’d like me to describe getting you off with regular sex, press two. If you’re here for anal, press three. For bondage and a list of our special categories, press four.’


‘Well then stud, let me just get myself into position.’ She whispered into the phone, pausing for effect.

‘I think I best get down upon my knees, don’t you? Wow, look at the bulge in your pants. You must be getting so excited knowing how much I want you, to taste you. Mmmmm. I’ve wanted this for some time, but you always leave me begging. I hope you’re going to let me touch you tonight. I want you so bad. Will you let me?’

‘Let me run my hand over your pants. Oh my. It feels so hard and long. I didn’t realise you were carrying such a weapon. Let bakırköy escort me rub it for a bit. I hope It doesn’t hurt, it seems to be getting larger and pulling at your shorts. Maybe we should release it. What do you say?’

‘Let me slowly unbutton these pants. They are stretched so tight now. Ah, there we go. One button down. Let’s gently pull the zipper down. Can you feel my breath on your skin? I can’t wait to get you all to myself.’

‘It’s pushing against your underwear now, let my rub my hands around you. It’s even bigger than I thought. Hmmmmph. Your teasing me. I want it. Let’s just drop your underwear. Oh my. Wow. Look at this thing. It’s huge. I’m not sure I’ll fit it all in my mouth.’

‘Let me start at the tip. Oh, that tastes good. I’m going to just lick it slightly. I want to savour this. Let me run my hands down your shaft. Wow It’s so thick. Mmmmm.’

‘I’m going to touch your balls. They feel so tight. I think your oozing a little but don’t worry I like it. It tastes so good. I can’t wait for you to fill my mouth. Let me just have the head. Let me just part my lips ever so slightly so that you can get this big thick head in. Oh, I like that. Let me just lick and suck this bit for a while. I want to enjoy having you in my mouth.’

‘Can you feel my tongue? I’m going to just let it flicker over the tip of your cock. I love teasing you. You have teased me başakşehir escort for so long, hiding away, I knew I’d get you eventually. I knew you’d let me bow before you. Look me in the eyes as I nibble at the tip of you long, hard meat. Do you like seeing me on my knees? Do you like seeing your cock inch into my mouth? I want more. Let me have a good look at you.’

‘Wow, it’s so much bigger than I’ve ever had before. I’m going to run my tongue down the side of your shaft. Let me grip you in one hand. Oh, my fingers barley fit around you.’

‘I’m going to softly lick down the side of your shaft. Can you feel as I lick you? Can you feel my tongue as it inches along your length? You like that don’t you? It’s okay, I like it too. I think I want you back in my mouth. I can’t stand not having you between my lips.’

‘I’m going to hold the base of your cock while my lips get around you. It’s so big, I better open wide to fit you in. Can you feel my lips around your shaft? I’m going to push down deeper. I want your cock to fill my mouth. I want your cock to touch the back of my throat. Mmmmm. That’s it, push a little deeper, it’s okay, I want you too.’

‘Ooop. Oh, you made me choke a little. I’m not used to such a big cock. Keep your eyes on mine. I want to see your face as I take your all in. Push deeper into me, push deeper. Mmmmm. I love how you fill my mouth. It’s so full.’

‘I bebek escort want you to take control of me. Put your hand on the back of my head. Look at me. I want this. Put your hand in my hair, push your cock into my mouth. I’m going to take my hands away. Push in deeper. Ooop. Oh yes, harder. Ooop. Oh, I love it. I want that cock down my throat. Watch my throat bulge. Can you see it? Push it in deeper. I want my lips to touch your chest. I can take you all in. Harder. Deeper. Ooop. Mmmmm. Oh, keep going. Don’t stop now.’

‘Let me get my breath. You stretched my throat so good. Let me suckle on your balls. I want this to last a little longer. Let me put one testicle in my mouth while I stroke your cock. Oh, it feels good. I think I can get them both in. Mmmmm. Does it tickle a little? You like this, don’t you. Your cock is getting even harder. Now let’s get it back in my mouth. I need to taste you.’

‘Push it in deep. Don’t hold back now. I want you to fuck my face. Yes, that’s it, push it in deep. Ooop. Oh my. Mmmmm. I love it when your balls slap against my chin, I can feel them swelling. Let me play with them while you push your cock in deep. Oh, they are really starting to swell. I can feel them. Ooop. Oh. Ooop.’

‘Oh god. I want you to come for me. Come down my throat. Oh, I want this. I’ve been waiting for this for so long. Cum for me baby. I can feel your head bulging. You’re so close. I’m going to stick out my tongue a little. Please cum for me. Are you ready? I want it so bad. I want it all over my tongue. I want it all over my lips. I want to taste you down the back off my throat. I want it sooo bad. Cum for me, please. Cum for me. I want…’

Beep. Beep. Beep.


Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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