Desperate Nights

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Desperate nights…

As requested, this little story is a follow up to ‘Desperate times…’.

All characters are over the age of 18.

Thanks for taking the time to read.

Let me know what you think.

I appreciate your feedback!


I’ve always been a light sleeper. The softest sounds would easily wake me up in the middle of the night and I’d lie awake for hours listening to raindrops falling, cats hissing or the ticking of the clock. Since the start of the lockdown sleepless nights had been occurring more often and this night was no different.

I’d been lying awake for a few hours, tossing and turning while thoughts about what had happened between Nathan and me kept going back and forth in my mind. The way our evening ended in a simultaneous jerk-off session had caught me off guard. It was the first time I’d let another guy touch me like that. It was fair to say I’d been confused on how to feel about it. One moment I was disgusted by how easily I’d lost myself in the moment and the next I felt my cock growing hard at the memory of Nathan’s fingers touching it. I thought of how his firm grip had brought me to orgasm so easily. The thing that had me wondering the most though was whether or not I wanted more of it.

After turning over for what felt like the hundredth time I decided to get up and take the age-old advice my mum would give me. Drink some milk. I wasn’t sure it would make a difference, but it surely wouldn’t do any harm to stretch my legs. Hopefully it would settle my mind a bit and calm down my racing thoughts. I got up and grabbed a pair of sweatpants to put on before heading over to the kitchen.

Making my way downstairs I made sure to be as silent as possible and I decided not to turn on the light so I wouldn’t wake up my housemate. To be fair, the light was hardly needed. I could find my way around the house with my eyes closed even after a night of heavy drinking. The kitchen was, of course, empty and quiet except for the humming sound of the fridge. The drying rack on the kitchen counter was filled with washed mugs and glasses.

I picked up a small coffee mug and walked to the fridge with it. I opened the door and squinted my eyes as the bright light illuminated half the kitchen. The milk carton was heavy and full, so I put the mug down before opening it to pour me a refreshing drink. I closed the fridge and suddenly the kitchen was dark again. My eyes needed a minute to adjust to the sudden darkness but surely enough, I found my mug without any trouble. Just when I was about to pick it up and bring it to my mouth, the whole kitchen was illuminated by one flick of a switch. The sudden flash of light surprised me and as I turned around, I knocked over my drink. Cold milk splashed down the front of my sweatpants, immediately soaking the thick fabric.

“Fuck!” I gasped in shock as I stared at the grinning face of Nathan.

“Sorry bro, didn’t know you were here doing…” he said as his face showed confusion. “What are you actually doing?

I felt myself lost for words and started stuttering, “I eh… I…the milk…”

“Of course…milk,” Nathan replied with a knowing look in his eyes. “Aren’t you a little too old to be having wet dreams?”

He chuckled as he walked up to the counter and reached around me to open the fridge.

“Shut up,” I awkwardly murmured while stepping away. I looked for a kitchen towel to mop up the mess I made. By the time I had found a rag to use, Nathan had finished pouring himself a drink. Leaning against the kitchen counter he stared at me casino siteleri while I tried to dry the milk stain on my sweats.

“Perhaps you need to rub a little harder?”

His teasing only made me angry and I threw the rag towards Nathan. He dodged the cloth and resumed his position against the counter while taking a sip of his drink.

“I mean it…Rub it harder.”

I looked up at Nathan, expecting to see a teasing grin on his face. But instead he seemed serious as he repeated the words.

“Rub it harder…”

It sounded like a demand but it didn’t make me feel uncomfortable. Instead it caused the same rush of excitement that had caught me off guard once before. Looking at his face I felt something stirring in my pants. Even though the milk stained fabric was cold against my skin, my erection started to grow.

“Don’t tell me you don’t like the idea…” Nathan teased, as he winked at me and casually rubbed his own crotch.

Since our shared jerk-off adventure I had been wondering what it felt like to touch his cock. The veiny length had impressed me and made me more curious than I was willing to admit. The idea of another play session with my housemate aroused me immensely and I obeyed his request by rubbing more firmly over the milky stain.

Nathan seemed to approve of this and slowly nodded his head while a smile started to form on his face. He watched me for a while, not saying a word and just casually playing with his hidden member. Even though it was still tucked away in his pants, the way he was leaning back against the kitchen counter made the growing bulge clearly visible. Seeing his erection fuelled my own excitement and I felt bold enough to grip my full balls and squeeze them as a tease for both mine and Nathan’s pleasure.

After a few minutes of us rubbing ourselves, Nathan found it time to pull down his pants and free his hardness. His cock was just as veiny and big as I remembered it. The way it throbbed showed that I wasn’t the only one enjoying our late-night encounter. I decided to follow suit and also pulled down my sweatpants.

“Take it off all the way?” Nathan asked, while nodding his head towards my knees where my pants were hanging. Though the words sounded like a question, in my head it felt like another order that I had to carry out. I pulled them further down and stepped out of my sweats, leaving me butt-naked in front of Nathan. I grew fully erect as he kept staring at me and playing around with his cock. My eyes travelled down and felt my cock reacting to the sight of Nathan’s hand wrapped around his shaft.

Another few minutes of silence passed while we both stroked our penises. Suddenly Nathan broke the silence as he looked me straight in the eye, “Want to give me a hand this time?”

I hesitated, felt myself blushing at the question and shrugged my shoulders nervously. At the same time, I felt like screaming “Yes!” so I could finally wrap my fingers around his cock.

“It’s just returning the favour from the other day, right?”

Torn between lust and embarrassment I stepped forward towards Nathan. He placed both his hands on the kitchen counter and leaned further back. His hardness was standing up proud and pointing straight at me. Keeping one hand on my own erection I worked up the guts to reach out my other hand to meet his.

A soft moan was Nathan’s response to my fingers wrapping around his cock. He bit his bottom lip and looked at my face as I slowly started jerking both of us. I wasn’t sure who’s cock was firmer or throbbing harder, but I loved the feeling of two aroused dicks under slot oyna my touch. I must have had a bright red face when Nathan reassured me, “You’re doing a great job…feels good, man.”

I kept stroking, not daring to make any comments. A drop of precum was glistening on the tip of Nathan’s cock. Seeing it turned me on more and more and my cock jumped in my hand. Just as I had done to myself many times, I started circling my thumb over the head of his hardness, spreading the sticky liquid.

“Ooooh, fuck…” Nathan moaned as he let his head fall back.

“You like that, don’t you?”

Before I knew what I was saying, the words were out of my mouth. But Nathan didn’t look at me, nor did he seem to mind my sudden bravery.

“Yes… Keep going!” he gasped, while his knuckles turned white from gripping the kitchen counter.

The way he reacted to my stroking aroused me greatly. My hand wrapped around his penis made him moan and gasp non-stop. Seeing my housemate squirm and writhe was enough to make the precum drip from my own cock.

“Harder…faster!” Nathan moaned.

So I jerked him faster, gripping the throbbing member tightly. I was no longer concerned about my own pleasure and now used both hands to play with the big cock in front of me. Cupping the full balls, squeezing them while my other hand kept moving up and down the shaft.

I felt myself blushing as a new thought popped into my head. What would it be like to suck a cock? Would Nathan let me do that? More importantly: Was I courageous enough to try it? Biting my lip while looking up at my housemate, I considered how he would react to my mouth on his hardness. What if he thought it weird getting sucked by a guy? Then again, Nathan was the one that initiated the shared wank from the other night.

I decided to take the gamble and took a deep breath as I kneeled down. Nathan gasped and looked at me, his eyes wide in surprise. I hesitated for a moment as my eyes travelled down to my hand cupping his full balls.

“What are you doing?”

“I eh…I-“

“Where you planning on sucking me off?”

“What?! Of course not… I’m not g-“

“You can if you want to…” Nathan interrupted.

He was looking down at me and I could swear I saw something close to lust in his eyes. I realised how much he wanted it when he spoke again.

“Go on… Put it in your mouth, if you want to…”

“Nathan, I eh…”

“Promise I won’t tell!”

I nodded my head, realising this was the perfect opportunity to satisfy my curiosity. It seemed best to act on my instincts and take advantage of this situation before Nathan changed his mind. Opening my mouth, I leaned forward and placed my lips on the tip of his cock. I closed my eyes to focus on the new sensations but also in an attempt to block out the idea of what my housemate and I were doing was weird.

Pushing my tongue forward, I took his cock deeper in my mouth. Nathan’s moans felt like a reward to my daring move and I only wanted to hear more of those. I knew what I liked and tried my best to do exactly that to get him to climax. Sucking and licking his shaft, feeling how veiny and hard it was. The fact that his hardness was a reaction to my actions got me extremely aroused and I struggled to think.

I had one hand on his hip and my other was still playing around with his full balls. Soon enough my hand slipped towards his ass and I squeezed it teasingly while pulling his cock deeper into my mouth. As so many guys, I have always been a fan of sloppy blowjobs and I couldn’t resist making some slurping sounds while coating canlı casino siteleri his cock with my saliva.

“Oh fuck, man…” Nathan moaned and gasped, “You can suck me off like that anytime!”

I opened my eyes at his words, pulling back as I directed my gaze up at his face. Suddenly realising what was happening, I felt my cheeks blushing bright red.

“Shit, no!” he immediately said, putting his hand on my shoulder to keep me from moving further away. I froze and hesitated for a moment. I looked up at Nathan who stared back at me, his cheeks bright red from exertion. Or was it shame as well?

We stayed like that for a few moments. Nathan leaning back against the kitchen counter, his hand resting on my shoulder. Me on my knees with my hand wrapped around the base of my housemate’s throbbing member. Neither of us said anything but the thoughts in my mind were racing once again. I felt conflicted and wasn’t sure whether I should continue or pull back and act like all of this never happened.

It was Nathan that made the decision for us as he placed his hand on mine. He calmly guided my hand up and down his cock again. As we stroked him together, he whispered through gritted teeth, “I’m sorry man, so close I just need to finish!”

I nodded my head and tightened my grip more. Of course he wanted to finish. I would want the same if I was standing in the kitchen with an aching hardon and my pants hanging around my ankles. He was my housemate that needed help and I was the one simply lending a hand…literally. With that notion in mind I kept stroking and twisting my hand up and down Nathan’s shaft.

He immediately started gasping and moaning in response and I knew he was getting close. So I decided to quiet my thoughts and do the thing I had been thinking about before. I leaned in closer, opened my mouth and started sucking the tip of his hardness.

“Oh fuck, yes!”

The words of approval made me less shy and I started sucking harder on the first dick I ever tasted. More moaning and gasping was the result and soon enough my head was bobbing up and down Nathan’s hard cock. My tongue pushed up against the underside of the shaft. His hips moved and I felt him slipping deeper in my mouth. I was fully aware of every veiny inch rubbing back and forth between my lips.

Nathan started grunting, signalling me that he was about to ejaculate. For a moment I panicked. He wasn’t going to finish in my mouth, was he? Was I supposed to swallow his seed if he did? But before I could even wander about how his cum would feel or taste Nathan pushed my head back. His cock left my sucking mouth with a popping sound and a big load of warm sperm shot out on my chest.

“I…I- Oh man…” he moaned with a sigh.

It was almost as if he was apologizing for the spurts of semen landing on my chest. I kept my hand still around the base as his cock jerked and throbbed under my touch. Watching the last drops dripping from the head I let go and looked up at my housemate while his cum slowly dribbled down my body. We stared at each other for a moment, not saying anything, both processing what just had happened.

As I felt Nathan’s cock slowly softening, I let go of him. He stepped away and looked at me while awkwardly running a hand through his hair.

“So…eh…I guess you should get that cleaned up,” he stuttered, suddenly nervous.

“Yeah, I should.”

I noticed how all of a sudden HE was the one feeling shy about the situation instead of myself. While his seed slowly dripped and dried on my chest, I watched him walk to the door. Before he opened it, he looked at me, his eyes not really meeting my gaze, and mumbled.

“Hope you can get some more sleep…and thanks.”

And with that he left the kitchen to return to his bedroom, leaving me kneeling on the kitchen floor.

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