Denial Games Day 01

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I don’t post a lot of things here because posting isn’t a primary interest of mine, but I do like sharing stories with the rest of you, especially those of you who have similar tastes.

We still haven’t taken the big step of meeting up face-to-face with the German couple we’d been swapping stories with, but their website seems to still be going strong, so who knows what the future might hold?

After the last post (October!), we received several emails asking whether or not we were going to continue playing with orgasm denial. I have to admit I was on the fence, Suzi’s delightful when she cums, but what I’ve found out over the last few months is that she’s even more delightful when she gets just…that…close but no further.

Anyway, I promised I’d give an update on how things have been going, so I’d better get started.

First off, Suzi has only cum twice since January 1. It’s now mid-March, so that’s pretty significant – for us anyway. Things are still pretty intense sexually and I’m getting to be more and more a fan of this denial game. We’re having it on an average of three or four times a week, time permitting, and I spend a good amount of time going down on her. It gives me a much more direct measure of exactly when to speed up, when to slow down, and when to stop.

My favorite thing, though, is teasing her in public. Last weekend, for example. We started the day at around 8 a.m. with a light breakfast, then off to the shower. She’s been sleeping with her hands restricted (duct taped (!) to her thighs) and I always took special care in the morning to massage her wrists and forearms. We always use cellophane to keep the tape from chafing, but I still feel like I owe her a little bit of comfort in the mornings. Plus, I can keep an eye on her in the shower.

After a long shampoo and scalp massage, I soaped every inch of her – head to toe. The water was just-less-than-uncomfortably hot, she stood with her arms illegal bahis raised, hands clasped around the base of the shower-head. The hot water hit the back of her head and streamed down her body, I knew the sensation of those rivulets were doing their magic. At the same time, my hands were everywhere, the soap slick and bubbly underneath my fingers. I’d cup her breasts, massage them, scratch lightly at the nipples, listening to her breathing get quicker and quicker. As I made my way down her body, I’d push her feet just a bit wider apart so the water that ran down her back would find its way onto her inner thighs, then down her legs.

I rinsed my hands and then cupped them between her legs. The warm water pooled in my palm. I pressed it up into her crotch, fingers sliding between the lips, fingertip touching the stiff and engorged clitoris. I leaned into the shower, nibbled her ear a bit, worked my finger in circles between her legs. Her knees bent slightly and she leaned forward into my hand. I listened carefully to hear her breath, it was my best indicator of how close she was getting. Just before what I considered the point of no return, I withdrew my hand and reached for the soap. Suzi lowered her head, not speaking, just sucking the air in long and shuddering breaths.

I edged her two more times, then turned off the water and handed her a towel. She stepped out of the shower and I turned it back and showered myself. It felt incredible. I sniffed my fingers, then soaped them again to get rid of the residual scent.

The weather was average for this time of year and I had her dress in a skirt, stockings, heels, and one of my shirts. Underneath, she was wearing a pair of Lady Calston panties, I had the remote control in my pocket. Before we left the house, I edged her again just to make sure everything was in place.

We waited for the taxi to arrive, she standing at full attention at the front door, feet together, arms illegal bahis siteleri behind her back, mouth slightly open. I poured another glass of orange juice for myself and watched her from the kitchen. She just glowed with an air of erotic submission that made me want to head back into the bedroom and spend the day there. But, I had a mission and I intended to complete it.

Once or twice while waiting for the taxi, I walked up behind her and kissed her on the shoulder or the neck and felt he small shudder race through her body. I knew what was going on, she’d told me. Even this far into the game, over eight weeks and counting, her body still wasn’t convinced that the next touch wouldn’t lead to orgasm. She lay in bed with me about two weeks ago and confessed it. It made my hunger for this game that much stronger.

I would have thought she’d reach an equilibrium point and her craving would recede, but it seemed just the opposite. I’d read about something like this before. Operant conditioning. Evidently, an occasional but unpredictable payoff reinforces behavior much more strongly than a regular payoff. Her body knew that even if her mind didn’t want to.

We taxied to the center of town where I’d planned to put on the show. After paying the taxi driver, I found the coffee shop I was looking for. We crossed the street and entered. The two men were already there, sitting near the door, sipping espressos. Expensively dressed, which made sense to me. They’d each ‘donated’ $500 for this show and I could tell it hadn’t put a dent in either of their wallets.

I nodded slightly, not enough for Suzi to notice. She ordered and paid for two cappuccinos and we settled onto stools near the front window, a regular spot for us. I made small-talk for a while, observations about some of the passersby, the shops across the street. She sipped her coffee, talking casually as well. We were in the game but still felt informal and friendly.

While canlı bahis siteleri she was answering a question of mine about one of the cars that had gone by, I noticed her face freeze for just an instant, then a small smile play across her lips. Her voice went slightly soft and I knew the RC had been activated. I pointed at a man walking across the street, made a joke about his tie. She was quiet. I noticed her breathing had changed and her body tensed just a bit. After a few more minutes, she leaned forward a bit more, turned her head toward me. “It’s good,” she whispered. “I’m close…”

I smiled, then slowly placed my hands on the counter in front of me. I opened my right hand and showed her the RC. She looked at it, puzzled. The dial clearly pointed to OFF. She closed her eyes and shifted her body as the motor between her legs shifted from low into high. I leaned in closer to her and started whispering:

“I want you to turn around slowly in your chair…good, face the room…good, very good.” she looked out into the room, eyes widening. I could tell from the way her neck was flushed that she was close to an orgasm. Quietly I continued. “Open your legs.” She looked at me, but then turned back again, staring into the room. She spread her feet slightly. The skirt, which was just short of knee length, slid up a few inches. She looked at me again, this time, her nostrils slightly flared and her breath coming quicker. “How?”

I nodded at the two men who were sitting at the table nearest us. One of them, the younger of the two, probably mid-twenties, smiled and showed her the RC unit in his hand. “Having fun?” he asked out loud. Suzi turned toward me and smiled. With a slight tremble in her voice, she whispered “always your little toy, aren’t I?” I reached out and stroked her cheek. She leaned against me, turned her mouth up and kissed my hand. “Am I going to cum?” she whispered to me. I shook my head and she let out a tiny squeal.

We played with her for half an hour until finally the men either had enough or got bored. I’m not sure which, it didn’t matter. They took her to their car where she gave them both head, then we went back and finished our coffee.

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