Dark Paths Ch. 10

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Teen (18+)



So here we are, finally at the end of our little adventure in San Francisco with vampires and smut and heavy SM a-plenty. It’s been hard work and contentious, it’s also been a lot of fun to write and work on and we hope that those of you who’ve got this far have enjoyed the journey. After the gore and exhaustion of the last chapter we wanted to spoil you this time, so the epilogue is a lovely bit of fluff that made us laugh our (real and proverbial) socks off while we were working on it. We hope that you enjoy it as much as Bellora & I enjoyed our first collaborative experience creating it.

In fact we enjoyed it so much that there are murmurs about a potential sequel… now wouldn’t that be nice?

Remember smut lovers, we worked our fingers to the bone to knock this story out so please ask if you want to copy or reproduce it in any way as our lawyers get paid in blood and they always win!

xx Sadie & Bellora


Sometime during the night Xavier had stretched out. He woke in the morning slightly disorientated, it took a moment for him to remember where he was. Turning his head he saw Rayne was still there, and still sleeping. Xavier smiled, thinking he’d give him a nice wake up call. Very carefully Xav pulled the sheet covering his hips down. His lover was semi-hard already in his sleep. Sliding down a little lower Xavier breathed warmly over Rayne’s hip and brushed his lips feather-light up the length of his shaft. His tongue was hot and wet as he licked over the silky smooth head.

The singer was sprawled loosely on his back, head turned a little towards Xav, lips slightly parted. He was completely lifeless and quite cold to the touch since he and Xavier had slipped apart into their own spaces during the night.

Xavier’s heart gave an instinctive lurch. It was more than a little disconcerting to find your lover lying next to you, dead – er, undead, he quickly reminded himself – first thing in the morning. Xav could imagine a shrink having a field day with this and he firmly pushed away all sorts of weird and disturbingly unwelcome thoughts of necrophilia that tried to assert themselves in his head. He slid his hand up Rayne’s smooth, cool chest and tried to ignore the fact that he couldn’t feel a heartbeat under his palm. He tried to convince the little hairs standing on end at the back of his neck that Rayne was not really dead, it just seemed that way. Xav resisted the urge to give him a shake. After all, he was trying to wake him pleasantly, but if the vampire didn’t open his eyes and say something soon it was going to be hard not to flip out.

Rayne made a little growling noise deep in his throat, the first sign of any kind of life he had exhibited since Xavier woke, but it was encouraging at least. His long eyelashes flickered and his fingers crept to Xav’s hand, moving it lower again.

” ‘s better,” he commented hoarsely.

Xavier grinned, feeling a slight flush of relief, and a bigger flush of heat. He cupped those lovely, heavy balls in his warm hand, rolling them lightly as his mouth closed over the head of Rayne’s cock. The soft sound of appreciation from above encouraged him, as if he needed it. He swirled his tongue around, getting Rayne nice and wet and paying particular attention to all the sensitive spots he knew so well by now. Xavier groaned softly in his throat as he took him down a little at a time until he had his nose buried in soft flesh at the hairless base of his lover’s erection.

“Well… you’re feeling brighter this morning!” Rayne exhaled softly, stroking one hand down through Xavier’s untidy blond hair and easing his hips up off the mattress in time with the younger man’s slowly nodding head. After a few delicious moments of this he reached across with the other hand, patting Xav’s thigh. “Scoot this end up here, sweetheart,” he invited. “Let me ‘ave a taste of you while you’re doing that.”

Xav was more than happy to comply with that request! He swivelled around without even taking his mouth off Rayne’s dick. His tongue licked down the length of Rayne’s curving shaft to his balls. Gently he pulled one of the soft, heavy orbs into his mouth and then the other.

The vampire shivered with pleasure, sliding beneath Xavier as he moved around on the bed, returning the favour with a passion. His cool lips kissed and caressed the young man’s hot, heavy balls and his pierced tongue worked on the ultra sensitive miracle inch between his clenching scrotum and still-tender arsehole. He could tell, even without the empathic link he seemed to have with the boy, that Elian Iannopoulos had not kissed him here last night. Rayne concentrated on making up for that. His tongue worked in slow circles around the flexing ring of muscle. Xav was still a little loose after the rough treatment Steffen had dished out just a few hours ago and his lover was gentle with him now.

Rayne rolled onto his side so that türkçe altyazılı porno they both had more freedom of movement. He thrust a little more urgently in Xavier’s accommodating mouth, his hand gently pumping Xav’s throbbing cock as he resumed his steady rimming of the boy’s raw, pink rectum.

So damn good… Xavier lifted one leg and put his foot on the headboard, spreading nicely for Rayne. He relaxed his throat, letting Rayne thrust into him deeper, his own hips matched each of Rayne’s strokes. The vampire’s clever little tongue was both arousing and soothing. A sensual morning sixty-nine was exactly what the doctor ordered. Xav wanted to stay in bed all day.

Almost the moment he thought it, there was a gentle tap on the patio door from the courtyard. Xavier lifted his head as the door slid open enough for Rayne’s handsome and somewhat slightly scary sire to stick his head inside. He surveyed the tangle of limbs on the bed impassively and said; “Don’t get too comfortable in there. Mersen’s booked us on a flight out of here at 10.30 and the boy still needs to get a passport.” He didn’t linger, but he left the door open halfway so they wouldn’t just ignore him and go back to what they were doing.

Rayne slumped back into the rumpled bedding with a little groan of dismay, shaking his head slowly.

“I fuckin’ hate it when he does that!” he snarled softly in a tone of voice that suggested this was not the first time his mentor had spoiled his fun on purpose. “Bollocks to him! It’s only ten past six!”

He curled around Xavier again, this time spooning up to him and kissing the back of his neck affectionately.

They had lots of time. If the flight was at 10:30 they could get there at 9:30-ish, it only took about an hour to get to the airport. They didn’t have to leave for a while yet.

Xavier relaxed back into Rayne and he stretched his neck in a long line when the vampire continued to nuzzle him there.

“Breakfast?” he offered sweetly, and then moaned when Rayne’s teeth nicked his skin. He felt slim, cool fingers wrap around his cock as he sucked and licked at the shallow wound. Xavier rolled his hips back, pressing his firm bubble butt into Rayne’s crotch invitingly.

“Uhh…yeah…” He shivered as Rayne nicked him again, his hips moving in time with his stroking fist. His mate pressed his cock head up firmly between Xavier’s cheeks this time, thrusting steadily in rhythm with the younger man, yet without entering him.

This time the knock came from the inner door, and Clay didn’t wait for an invite either before sticking his head in.

“Are you ready yet?”

“Almost there…” Xavier panted breathlessly, and groaned his disappointment when Rayne stopped pressing against him with a long, low moan of frustration.

“We nearly were, before you stuck your fuckin’ great big oar in!” he grumbled huskily.

“I need to take Xavier’s picture.” Clay said unrepentantly.

Xavier knelt up on the bed at once with his knees spread wide and struck a pose with one hand behind his head and the other wrapped around his prick. “So take it.”

Clay chuckled appreciatively, looking him up and down with a shameless smile, clearly unfazed by the boy’s rampant exhibitionism.

“I see you’re feeling better already, tiger!” he remarked, winking at Xav. “Actually it’s for your passport, and whilst I think certain customs guys would actually get off on that shot, they’re gonna need a booth picture, head and shoulders only. But when we get to Napoli you can strike all the poses you want for me, honey. Sorry guys, I’m under orders,” he added with a little shrug of apology for Rayne, who was still glaring at him venomously.

When he retreated to let them dress, the little Vampire coiled around Xavier whispering; “There’s room for two in one of those fuckin’ photo booths, yeah? And we’re gonna have to wait a few minutes for it to develop. No point in wasting time, is there?”

“I’m sure it’ll take at least ten… fifteen minutes to get the right picture.” Xavier grinned and kissed Rayne, but this time they got up before yet another one of their friends came to interrupt.

Xav ended up in borrowed clothes again, the ones he’d left on the bathroom floor weren’t fit to wear. Clay went with them down to the lobby where they had one of those idiot booths conveniently located for travellers. Xavier actually got two decent pictures that could be used before things got interesting.

In the third picture his eyes were a little more dilated and his lips were parted. The next his head was tipped back, a very pleasurable look on his face. The next showed his arms wrapped around Rayne’s back, fingers buried in the singer’s tousled hair. The next involved considerably less clothing and the one after that was just a tangle of limbs and various body parts as they writhed on the tiny seat together.

Clay was suddenly talking to someone just outside the booth and then Dominic tugged xnxx aside the curtain. Five or six strips of photos were in the drop slot and Rayne and Xavier were pressed up against the wall of the booth entwined around each other, still joined at the mouth and all points downward.

“I’m going to need Xavier to come with me to get this done.” Dom somehow managed to look impassive in the face of the semi-nude contortions of his two young friends. (Although he had pocketed at least two of the photo strips as evidence, or possibly even blackmail!)

Rayne made a little whining noise like some machinery that had gotten stuck somewhere. He extracted one hand and held it up with all digits except the middle one curled into a tight fist.

“No I will not give you a minute,” Dominic responded, completely undeterred. “Hand him over, darling. Unless of course you’d prefer to leave him behind when we fly out of here?”

Rayne’s lips parted softly and wetly from Xavier’s mouth and he exchanged a long, wordless look with the younger man, then sighed impatiently and tugged up his pants. Xavier was not capable of coherent thought at the moment, much less getting anything done. He was so goddamn horny and the tightness of the borrowed jeans he had on didn’t do anything to hide the sizeable bulge he sported.


Dominic had arranged a meeting with a friend of a friend of someone’s brother in the consulate, who was not best pleased at being called before 6am on a Saturday morning to arrange emergency travel documents for some Limey Aristo’s ‘long lost nephew from the sticks’! Although the fellow seemed to cheer up a little when he clapped eyes on Xavier. He could not take his eyes off the boy for most of their meeting.

“Thank you old chap,” Dominic beamed effusively at him once he had fast-tracked all the paperwork and had his office rustle up a passport for the bemused young man sitting beside Lord Warren. “You’ve been an absolute sport.”

“Not at all,” the consular dogsbody responded with a glazed smile. “Now I’ve met your… uh… nephew, I can see why you’re in such a damned hurry to get him home to be… uh… to England.”

In the taxi on the way back to the hotel, Dominic passed Xavier his small, dark red, European passport and flashed a knowing smile at him. “Well, that was a piece of cake! I knew the minute he set eyes on you that the old queen would be putty in our hands. And you didn’t even have to suck his cock, which is always a bonus! We might even have time for a bite to eat before we hit the road, darling.”

Xavier was not entirely sure if he was joking.


Back at the hotel, Rayne had packed and been in to see Paddy (who was feeling much brighter after a few litres of saline, some strapping for his ribs and a decent night’s rest). Now he was splayed on the bed trying not to listen to the howls of lustful enthusiasm coming from his sire’s room across the courtyard as Chavez continued to entertain the older vampire.

When Dominic and Xavier returned they came in carrying a couple bags each of bagels and donuts, and a couple of purloined carafes of coffee. The moment Dom mentioned food Xavier had remembered that the last time he’d eaten was almost two days ago. Stuffing himself with carbohydrates and caffeine before they had to leave for the airport sounded like the perfect plan. They laid the spread out on the table and Xavier immediately confiscated a Boston cream and a blueberry bagel before pouring a steaming cup of coffee to wash it down. He was just licking the chocolate from his fingers and looking suggestively at Rayne, thinking they might be able to sneak back into the bedroom for a few minutes when they were informed that their pre-booked limo had arrived.

Ten minutes later, all eight of them piled into the back of the car, the driver threw their luggage in the trunk and they were on their way, with something of the feel of a school excursion in the air. Xavier settled into the seat, kicked back comfortably and watched out the window. Rayne had reclined next to him, conveniently forgetting his temporary fit of pique that his lover had abandoned him for the apparently more seductive lure of the patisserie counter. He had his earphones in and his eyes closed, though he kept his hand running lightly up and down Xavier’s back in time to some tune only he could hear.

“Where are we going again?” Xav asked. He’d forgotten already. Last night, he thought, PJ had said but he couldn’t remember.

“Bella Italia!” Chavez declared with a grin. “You ever been to Italy, hon? It’s a gassa!” He was virtually dancing in his seat in spite of the fact that he must have been up for virtually the whole night riding Jabez Everman’s cock.

Xavier had a few crude remarks he’d wanted to tease Chavez with but he’d kept them to himself, mainly because Jabez intimidated the hell out of him, and that was such a rarity he wasn’t sure how to deal with it.

“Nope!” he answered simply. He’d never been out of California, porno izle actually but Chavez didn’t need to know that.

Under the circumstances he was not exactly as thrilled by the prospect as he might have been. He was going primarily because if he stayed, alone, he had a feeling it would only be a matter of time before Elian Iannopoulos paid him a visit. It felt like he was running, and that didn’t sit well with him. Of course, the big consolation was that he’d have more time with Rayne. He shied away from thinking much beyond that. It was an extended vacation with an uncertain future.

The airport was a fucking nightmare; long lines and way too many damned people. Xavier was usually pretty laid back but the combination of annoying crowds, too much caffeine and being thwarted not once, not twice, but three times already this morning in the quest for a badly needed orgasm had him edgy and irritable. Of course, picking up on Rayne’s mood was not helping.

As soon as they got their boarding passes and were settled in at the gate to wait, Xavier slipped off to the men’s room. He was captured en-route by a small, hungry English vampire that plainly had more than just blood on his mind.

“Do you really need to go that badly?” Rayne asked under his breath, the first thing he had said directly to Xavier since they were dragged out of the photo-booth earlier in the morning. “Only I have a better idea.”

He linked his arm through Xavier’s and steered him across the busy concourse and down a side passage, into a doorway with a discreet little sign above it indicating that it was a chapel of some kind.

“Trust me,” Rayne whispered, noting his expression. “They’re always deserted. The last thing anyone wants to do before they get into a metal tube that might crash and kill them all is get closer to God, yeah? They’ll be close enough afterwards… or not!”

He snickered almost nervously and nudged the younger man through the door into a soothing, mint-green room with comfortable chairs and a couple of vases of flowers. It was empty just as he had promised and Rayne had him up against the wall even before the door swung to behind them, his hands groping for Xavier’s fly buttons as his mouth took possession of the boy’s lips again. He kissed Xav like it was the last thing he would ever do and he needed to make the most of every nano-second.

Xavier was just as eager; his fingers just as quick to get Rayne’s fly undone. He thrust his tongue into Rayne’s mouth and moaned when the vampire pushed him back up against the wall aggressively. His warm hand was in Rayne’s pants, stroking along his stiffening prick. Rayne’s lips moved to his neck and Xavier kissed along the outer curve of his ear, tracing it with the tip of his tongue. He was so hard already it was almost painful.

“I want to come so bad,” he murmured huskily.

Rayne’s lips traced the line of his lower jaw back to the lobe of his ear and dropped to his neck and his collarbone. His hands were pressing up beneath Xavier’s top, stroking the firm planes of his abdomen and chest with one hand and the delicious curves of his arse with the other.

“Turn around,” he exhaled ravenously, moving smoothly to his knees and touching his lips to Xavier’s hot, twitching shaft so that his mate was in turmoil over where he wanted to be kissed (and licked and sucked) next. Rayne solved the problem neatly by wrapping his lips around the young man’s throbbing cock head and suckling tenderly on it whilst his fingers pumped urgently on Xavier’s aching shaft and jolting balls.

Xavier’s legs were splayed, his pants around his knees, his fingers sunk into Rayne’s hair where he caressed him. “Oh, fuck…” he breathed. His hips began to move slowly. “God you give good head.” Fantastic- wonderful- mind- blowing- want- you- to- fuck- me- until- I- can’t- walk- straight head

, he added silently.

Rayne let his lips slide to the very tip of Xav’s cock, sweeping it seductively with the little stud in his tongue before he whispered the words again. “Turn around!”

Xavier shivered with lust at the cooling touch of that breath on his wet cock-head. This time he turned, pressing his burning face against the cold, green wall whilst Rayne’s fingers gripped his hips and buttocks and the singer’s clever tongue did the most wonderful things between them, licking and probing at his ring; resuming where he had been interrupted this morning on the bed. He kissed Xav hungrily there, working the wetness of his mouth over the sweet little orifice that already tasted less raw and sore after the tenderness he had lavished on it earlier.

He rose to his feet, spitting into his palm a couple of times and rubbing the moisture over the throbbing glans of his own eager shaft.

“Sweet Christ!” Rayne breathed, nuzzling up eagerly against the nape of Xavier’s neck and tasting the heat of his flesh again. “Gonna screw you so fuckin’ hard, Xav! Jesus, I want you!”

He pressed up against the young blond, slowly sliding himself into the boy’s sweet, hot passage, feeling that tight chute finally embrace him as he rubbed himself full length over Xavier’s delicious, half-naked body. His arms pulled tight around the boy and for a moment he drowned in the pleasure of being inside him.

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