Daddy’s “Straight” Friend

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All characters are over 18, consenting adults, and this story is fictional.


It was a regular Sunday afternoon, I was trussed up as Daddy’s gimp for the day. My arms behind my back, ropes going from the tops of my arms and working through an intricate design all the way down to my wrists. My hands are locked in both bondage mitts and clipped together. I’m wearing a rubber cock sucker hood – you know, the kind with the mouth and chin cut out, but a locking penis gag sits in my mouth. Gimp’s mouth should always be occupied by something.

I’m kneeling next to his chair, half bent over, the collar locked around my neck has a D – Ring on it, and from that are two thin ropes leading down to my cock and balls, tied tightly around them hoisting them up, sitting up straight would pull them just too much. There’s also a leash from the D-Ring that is draped over Daddy’s arm of the chair.

Daddy would reach over and grab my cock, stroke it slightly, push out a little more precum into the glass sitting below my cock collecting the puddle. He’d also push the button on the remote which would turn on the vibrating butt plug I was wearing.

There was a sudden urgent knocking on the door, “are you expecting anyone boy?”

I shook my head no because I wasn’t.

He went to the door, and I could hear the conversation.

“Oh, hey Nate, what’s up?” Daddy said.

“Hey John, I’m sorry to burst in on you like this, but I really need you to look over some work stuff for me please. You have an eye for details and I need this project to work in my favor, do you have a few minutes?” Nate rambled on for a minute or two.

John held the door, looked back at me, “Um, well, I’ve kind of got my boy in a very compromising position right now, can I look at this later?”

Nate insisted, “please John, your boy doesn’t bother me, I really need to finish this last component today.”

“Okay then, you were warned, come on in.”

He grabbed the tablet from Nate’s hands and walked back to his chair, Nate closed the door, turned around and stopped in his tracks at the gimp’s position, “holy shit dude, you weren’t kidding!”

“Told you so, now sit down and let me look at this,” Daddy commanded.

Nate sat on the couch near me, but his eyes never left me. He looked me up and down, while Daddy mumbled occasionally and made corrections. I knelt as I should, the vibrations in my ass getting to be a lot, causing more drips into the glass.

There were tiny eye holes in the rubber hood, so I could see Nate as he reached down and began to “adjust” his cock, which was creating a bulge in his pants. He starting illegal bahis shifting around and you could tell he was getting uncomfortable.

“Does he like that,” Nate asked?

I nodded yes, and Daddy laughed, “yes, he loves it. Do you see that glass down there? That’s been sitting beneath him for about an hour now.”

“Jesus dude, that’s nearly a third full. Goodness that’s hot! It’s been so long since I’ve been with anyone. Work has been nearly killing any social life I could be having, and I’m so horny I may just cum right here looking at him.”

“Nate,” Daddy looked up, “I thought you were straight. Why are you eyeballing my boy?”

“Well, I am, but look, a hole is a hole, male or female. He’s hooded so from behind I can just imagine he’s a woman I’d like to pound and release some tension,” he responded.

“So, what? Are you asking to fuck my boy?”

“Um, I mean, no, or, erm, yes? I don’t know. I’m just so stressed out and seeing him all tied up like that makes me hard as a rock,” as he shifted in his seat some more.

Daddy set the tablet down on the table, and leaned over to me, “what do you think boy? You think you’d be okay if Nate here used your boy hole?”

I just nodded yes. No ability to use words, and I trusted Daddy completely. If he was okay with it, so was I.

“Okay Nate, sure, you can use him for a quick fuck. He loves having his hole stuffed, and as long as you’re wearing a condom, which you will, he’ll be just as content,” Daddy got up and retrieved a condom.

He threw it on Nate’s lap, “Make sure you use LOTS of lube, it’s not a pussy, so it doesn’t have natural lube, and when you pull that plug out, make sure you do it gently. It’s not a lawnmower string. He loves dirty talk and a good pounding, so have at it, just know that if he makes the right noise, you’re done, his safe noise is three loud grunts quickly and he has to thump his feet against the floor, so pay close attention to that. If he does that, you need to stop and pull out – gently.”

“Um, okay, wow, where do I take him”, like do I use him on the bed? Or the couch? I’m definitely new to this one here,” Nate stammered.

“Just bend him over the coffee table, he’ll like it that way. I’m going to sit here and look over this work and watch you fuck him. I like watching.”

Daddy tossed the leash to Nate, who caught it, unsure of what to do with it, Daddy leaned over to me, “be a good boy.”

I sort of shuffled my knees in the direction of Nate, he got it so he tugged on the leash. I positioned myself in front of him, with my back to him. He stood up, dropped his pants and underwear, he put the condom on, and knelt behind me, he got close to my ear, illegal bahis siteleri “I’m going to wreck this hole, and I’m going to make it my little bitch hole, now bend over bitch.”

He pushed me down on to the coffee table and squirted a healthy amount of lube on his cock, and as he pulled the plug out gently, my hole pulsated at him.

“Fuck John, this hole just winked at me!” He exclaimed.

“Yeah, that’s because he needs it filled, now gently ease in, then have your way,” Daddy replied without looking up.

Nate scooted forward, and positioned the head of his cock against my hole, then pushing it forwards, sliding all the way into the base, a loud grunt and moan escaping his mouth. With one hand on my shoulder and the other on my hip, he began to slowly thrust his cock inside me.

“Damn this hole is so wet, and tight. Fuck, I’m not going to last long here. You like that you little bitch? LIke getting plowed from behind like the dirty slut you are?”

I didn’t have a response, except to tighten my sphincter muscles around his cock. He felt good inside me. Not the same as Daddy’s cock, but still enjoyable.

His thrusting became more and more intense, “you need to add lube Nate,” came Daddy’s voice.

Nate stopped, squirted some lube on his cock, and shoved it back inside me, a grunt escaping my throat. He grabbed the ropes on my back, and really drove himself home inside me. His cock pushing in and out of my hole, and soon his shuddering, grunting, and quaking begins as he cums in the condom, releasing all that energy into an orgasm.

When he was done, he fell back against the couch, and out of me. I knew better, so I just laid right where I was, and Daddy instructed, “now put the plug back in Nate.”

Nate gently pushed the vibrating plug back into my hole until it was secure, Daddy hit the remote and the intense feeling returns.

“Oh my god, that was fantastic John. Thank you so much,” Nate exclaimed as he sat up on the couch.

“Boy, don’t forget your manners, here Nate, he has something to tell you. Unlock the gag and remove it,” as he tossed the keys to Nate.

Nate removed the gag from my head, my mouth now open, ” Thank you Sir for using my boy hole. I hope you are satisfied with me Sir. I live to please cocks with my boy holes.”

“Um, yeah, you’re welcome? It was good for me too, where do I discard this condom?”

Daddy held up a little trash can that always sits next to him, and Nate tossed it into it quickly.

“Boy, you’re not done,” Daddy commanded.

“Sir, may I please clean your cock off? It is proper manners for a boy to clean up after his messes, and since your cock is covered in cum, canlı bahis siteleri may I please clean it off with my mouth?” I asked clearly.

“Um, that won’t be necessary,” Nate says.

“Nate, you just fucked him, let him use his mouth, you’ll enjoy it, I promise,” Daddy declared.

“Um, okay then, I guess have at it, boy,” the words falling from his mouth, sounding as strangely as I’m sure it felt for him to say it.

I dove down onto his crotch, found his semi soft cock, and sucked on it, using my tongue to swirl around the head, gathering up all the bits of cum that are left over. I can feel him start to harden more, so I dropped it and went to the base, licking around it and getting all the mess from the top of his balls, using my tongue delicately.

“Oh my god, that feels amazing!”

“I told you, he likes doing that,” Daddy claims.

I then took his head once more in my mouth, and dove all the way down to the base, and swirled my tongue around it, and his cock getting hard once more, and the soft moans coming from Nate’s mouth are all the motivation I needed.

“What’s he doing? Oh my god, I’m hard again, what the hell,” Nate exclaimed?

“He’s going to get you off again, it’s a special talent he has, such a talented cock sucker, just close your eyes, and lie back and enjoy it, he’ll keep going until you tell him to stop or until you’ve cum in his mouth.”

“Okay,” he said, and tilted his head back, closing his eyes.

Soon his thighs began to shake as I bob up and down on his cock, taking all seven inches, swallowing as he reaches the back of my throat, until suddenly he puts both hands on the back of head, pushing and holding me down to the base, unleashing a second load of cum into my throat, to which I swallow of course.

His body slumps back into the couch after his orgasm, and I clean and suck the cum until it’s just a glistening soft cock.

I sat up straight – ish, “Thank you Sir for letting me clean your cock and for feeding me your cum.”

“No, thank you, that was fantastic!”

Daddy got up, and pushed the gag back into my mouth and replaced the lock, and handed the tablet to Nate.

“There, all done, it looks good, I made some notes here and there, now, if you wouldn’t mind, I’d like to take a piss, and my boy here needs to get into the shower for that. Put your pants back on and I’ll see you later.”

Nate stood up, put his clothes back on, and headed towards the door. I waited patiently for Daddy as he escorted him back to the door. Once there, Nate stopped and turned around, “Look John, I may be straight, but that was fantastic, do you mind if maybe I swing by again sometime and do that again?”

“Straight huh? Yeah, if my boy’s okay with it, and I’m okay with it, sure. Now get out of here before I take you in the shower and piss on your naked body.”

With that he shut the door and turned back to me, I knew where we were going next.

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