Daddy’s Girl Ch. 02

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Madeline stooped down to grab her clothing from on the floor. She looked around for her lace g-strings. Not seeing them, she gathered her silks, blew Steven one last kiss, and walked out to the dividing hallway. She stopped to re-dress herself before making her way to her suites.

Steven sat back in the lazy-boy and grinned. His cock was dripping wet and slick with cum. Their cum. He searched around for the bottle of wine and the joint. He eyed her mangled panties under the sofa, and the lost joint. Damn, no lighter. He reached for the bottle on the side table and took a swig of his Chianti. Pulling the bottle down, he spotted a forgotten pack of matches on the floor by the Lazy-Boy. Jack pot. Literally. He reached down and grabbed his boxers and the pack of matches in one snatch. This day was an emotional roller coaster. What else could happen today? He chortled as he struck a match and puffed on Madeline’s joint. Holding the hit in, he stretched back and enjoyed the solitude.

When Madeline entered her suites through the garden terrace doors, she noticed her room had been serviced. She called out for Charlie. Her return call came from the bathroom. Madeline made her way to the large showering rooms and began stripping from her silks. She placed them in her dry cleaning hamper and made her way to the shower. The black slate room had a waterfall and bench in one corner and a seven head sprayer in the other. The large window front served as a screen for the shower and fourth wall for the sauna. She turned the waterfall on and called for Charlie once again. Charlie peeked her head out from the linen closet and called out, again. “In the closets, Maddi. I’m getting your soaps, oils and bath sheet ready.”

Charlie was about Madeline’s age, only a year older. Her mother was one of the first women that Steven and Emily had hired on their staff once they purchased the house. Emily thought Charlie would be a wonderful playmate for her Madeline. They played in the gardens and kitchens as young girls. When Madeline started at St. Katherine’s, so did Charlie. Having her mother’s outgoing personality and great looks, Madeline made friends quickly. Charlie, however, was less fortunate and more shy. Regardless, Madeline would drag her friend to countless parties, cotillions, and other social gatherings that only “the elite group” were invited to. Charlie hated attending those things, and but was grateful for Madeline’s friendship and generosity, and didn’t want to disappoint her only friend. As they grew older, she was more then an friend to Madeline, she was Madeline’s confidante. All her secrets, her desires, her hopes, dreams, and fears. Charlie knew more about Madeline than both her parents and their superiors at school, and certainly more than those two psychotic bimbos, Adele and Briana. They shared so many magical memories together. They were closer than sisters. When Emily took to being sick, Charlie was the only staff member allowed in Madeline’s suites. Now, she works strictly for Madeline. She loves spoiling her friend with little treats on her pillows, or new, exotic bath salts and perfumed oils. Charlie was grabbing the newest of her oils along with Madeline’s bath sheet, when Madeline walked up behind her and squeezed. Almost spilling the decanter, she set down her armload and turned around to a now naked Madeline. Charlie didn’t know what to expect. Madeline was ecstatic. “Slow down, Maddi!” Charlie cooed. “Now tell me what’s going on.”

Madeline knelled on the bench in front of her vanity, a devilish look twinkled in her eye. “Join me!”

“What?!” a shy Charlie asked

“Join me in the shower” she said “like we used to when we were younger.”

“But we were younger then, and didn’t know better. We are older know, and know it’s inappropriate.” Charlie said smiling.

“Yes, but it’s so fun, and we had our best conversations in the shower. PLEASE” whined the excited Madeline.

“What could be this important, that it requires a shower conversation?” giggled Charlie, untying her uniform.

“I’ll tell you while you wash my hair.” said Madeline excitedly.

“Fine, let me get the Bronner’s and bath sheets, and I’ll be right in.” Charlie finished undressing and grabbed the armload of oils, Bronner’s and bath sheets from the closet.

“Yay!” Squealed Madeline, jumping into her shower, a naked Charlie following closely behind, shutting the large glass door .

Madeline made her way to the waterfall shower and began wetting her hair, letting the water run over her body. Charlie came up behind Madeline with the soaps and oils. Setting them on the bench along the wall, casino siteleri she shakes the bottle of Bronner’s and pours a generous amount into her palm, smoothing it through Madeline’s hair. Madeline leaned back into Charlie’s hands and moaned. “Mmmmm, that feels so good…. Just a little harder…. yeah…. Oh, ohhhh your hands are magical to my nerves, Charlie.”

This brought a giggle out of the shy Charlie. “Now Maddi, you promised to fill me in on what has you so excited.”

“Not yet, I’m enjoying what you’re doing. It gives me a rush.” Pulling Charlie under the waterfall, she watches as the soft golden curls are saturated with water and lay in waves on side of her cherub face. So beautiful, this soft angel before her, so tempting are her tender lips. As if pulled by some unforeseen force, Madeline draws Charlie in for a kiss. Teasing her at first, licking at her, brushing against them softly, working her nerves to a quiet frenzy, nuzzling her under the waterfall, and finally taking her close, and passionately fulfilled the kiss with tantric charged touches to the soft folds of her inner thighs. Charlie quivers, and a deep moan escapes her throat, feeding Madeline the response she wanted. Charlie deepens the kiss wrapping her arms around Madeline’s supple body. She grabs Madeline’s thick ass cheek and squeezes, lifting and pulling her closer, sliding her thigh in to spread Madeline’s legs across hers. She feels Madeline’s hot box on her leg and grinds it up and down, rubbing her already swollen clit to an orgasmic furry. The water drenches them both as Charlie slides Madeline down the wall, to the bench. Madeline grabs the bottle of Bronner’s, breaking the kiss, she smiles. “My turn.”

Charlie blushes as she watches the playful Madeline fill her palms with the soft fluid and begins to gently rub it into her scalp. Charlie slides further down to the floor, spreads Maddi’s legs open, and tastes her soft feminine. Madeline leans back against the wall and massages Charlies’ head with the soap while Charlie massages her clit with her tongue. What a great trade-off.

Charlie could see Madeline’s pussy was swollen and red. She could smell the sex on her when walked into the bathrooms, but now that she had tasted it, she knew without being told. Maddi finally had her wish, she had Steven. A slight jealousy arose in her, from where, she had no clue. Where would she stand now, in Maddi’s life? She had Maddi’s attention for the time, and that was enough, for now. The rest would sort itself out, as her Mom would say. Thus, she returned her attention to Madeline’s swollen and delicate pussy laid out before her. Charlie teased the reddened lips with her own two lips, nibbling, sucking on them, licking the soft folds between. She let her tongue dive deep between Maddi’s round ass cheeks and licked around her rim, sucked her taint and felt the cum of Steven and Madeline’s love making gush into her awaiting mouth. Lapping the nectar of their love as if it were honey dripping from a hive, Charlie moaned. “You’ve been a bad little girl, Maddi, I can taste it on you.” Charlie sucked harder, her tongue diving deep into Madeline’s now split box, making Madeline shake with pleasure. She tasted new. Charlie wanted more.

“You like it?” purred Madeline. “It’s a new flavor called “Princess Love”, I thought you’d like a taste.”

“Oh my, YES!” growled Charlie as she continued her dive to the depths of pleasure. Madeline’s breath began to break up in short little spurts, becoming more labored. She rubbed Charlie’s head, keeping the hair from her face as the waterfall did it’s part to remove the soap from her scalp. Finally taking Maddi’s enlarged clit between her lips, she felt it throb to life. Slowly, she ran her tongue around the tip of the nub, licking her up and down, sucking on it sensually. Madeline’s pussy gushed. She felt the soft lips convulse. Keeping her lips wrapped around Maddi’s clit was a feat as she bucked wildly with orgasms. Charlie slid two slender fingers into the tight little cunt spiting at her. This grounded Madeline as she began to cum harder, squeezing Charlie’s fingers like Chinese finger cuffs. Charlie looked up at Madeline. She was in ecstasy. Her body was rigid and relaxed all at once. She was almost ready. Charlie used her free hand to pinch Maddi’s taunt nipples and squeeze her already- bruised breast. She finally started working her small finger into Madeline’s ass. Leaning in, she shoves her fingers deep into Madeline and sucks her clit ferociously bringing her best friend to a fevered pitch of torrential orgasms.

“Aaahhh, aaahhh, aahhhhhh, mmmhhhhmmmmmm….” Madeline rode Charlie’s slot oyna face like a PBR Champion. Her sounds of ecstasy came in squeaks between breaths barely allowed. The sounds muffled by the splash of falling water and thick walls.

Charlie softened her attack once the orgasms subsided. Fingers still firmly planted deep inside her friend’s holes, she uses slow, circular motions to relax Maddi, now. She unfolds her thumb, and begins rubbing her clit, using one hand to bring Maddi down from her tantric orgasms. This leaves her mouth to suck on Maddi’s nipples which have been sorely neglected in all their ecstasy. Maddi leans in to kiss Charlie, thanking her for the wave of bliss that she just rode. Charlie’s hand subsided, still squeezing the tight box that is Maddi’s pussy, she accepted the kiss and took it further, once again.

Madeline pulled her tired body from the bench and followed Charlie’s kiss to the floor. Charlie led Maddi over her body and moved her hands roughly across Madeline’s thick curves, squeezing, pulling, twisting, smacking. Madeline’s already indulged nerve endings were a buffet of erotic energy. Every sensation was warping through her body in cycles and cascading in waves, bringing her orgasms back in multitudes. Charlie knew how to play Madeline’s nerves like a well tuned harp, strike the right cord, and you find a sweet note. She could make her sing like a Soprano in a well fed orgasm. It was a delight to see Maddi floating above her in this state, all aglow as she was.

Before Charlie could slide from underneath Madeline’s slick body to continue her playing, Madeline placed her knee between Charlie’s legs, stopping her mid-slide. Maddi reached down to grab a handful of Charlie’s curly blonde snatch. Toying with her labias, she slid her three bottom fingers in as she pinched the clit between her remaining knuckle and thumb, and shook it. “Bring that pussy to me” Madeline demanded. Charlie obeyed, arching her back up and raising her bottom to meet Madeline’s mouth. She pulled Charlie’s slender bottom to the waterfall and let the water hit her clit, massaging the inside with her fingers. Sitting against the bench, she watched as Charlie rocked against her, filling herself with Maddi’s fingers and enjoying the strategic play of water on her clit. Charlie pulled her body from underneath the waterfall, and onto the bench behind her, spreading her thighs for Madeline to enjoy her blonde buffet.

“Mmmmhhmmm…. that’s it, let me have all that hot pussy.” Madeline greeted the pussy enthusiastically. Smoothing the fluff back from her clit, Maddi traced the lines and folds with her tongue. Twisting and teasing her way from the clit to the slit, she slurped and lapped at the tight little cunt before her. Pulling Charlie’s slit down tighter with one finger, the tiny head of her clit popped out, showing her excitement. Maddi wasted no time in tasting the bud. Sucking on it, flicking it, and running her tongue around it slowly. She slid a second finger in, keeping the tension, but allowing her to rub and massage her insides with soft circles. Her clit was beginning to enlarge and take shape, begging to be sucked like a cock. Maddi allowed her mouth to soften and suck on the nub sensually, kissing it passionately, as though it were a tongue returning the kiss.

She ran her hand up Charlie’s tiny torso to cup and squeeze her small but supple breast. Though they weren’t Maddi’s double D rack, but they were enough to fill Maddi’s hands, and certainly enough to admire and play with. Charlie arched her back once again, pushing Madeline’s fingers further into her body. She was starting to shake with her first orgasm. Maddi worked harder on her friend’s clit, sucking on it, twisting it between her lips, and lapping at it. “OOOHHHHHH, oohhhh, Maddi! Yeah, aahhhh! OH, FUCK YEAH, MADDI!”

Madeline adjusted her fingers by sliding her bottom two fingers out, and replacing it with her index finger. As Charlie comes down on Madeline’s hand again, Maddi completes the move by folding a finger onto her taint and rotating her pinky into Charlie’s asshole. “AHHHH, FUCK ME, YESSSS!” Maddi’s hand moves at an erratic rhythm as Charlie’s body convulses, clamping down on her fingers and pouring cum in spurts. “That’s it, cum for me. Let me see it. Show me you want it.” Madeline coaxes Charlie through her orgasm.

When Charlie collapses against the wall behind her, Madeline removes her hand, grabs Charlie’s trunk in both hands, and dives into the throbbing bush, rubbing her entire face in Charlie’s cum soaked box. Charlie’s body clenched at the sudden attack, and she braced for the coming wave of ecstasy canlı casino siteleri washing over her. Madeline’s tongue dove, swooshed, and lapped at the inner walls of her pussy, tasting all that Charlie had to give. “Mmmm… Hmm-mm” Maddi moaned her pleasure at the taste. Her sweet nectar beckoning her on. Maddi wished nothing more than to see her friend’s face contorted in pleasure right now. She could imagine half her blonde curls plastered with water and sweat, the rest frizzing to form a halo around her cherub face, accenting her innocent looks.

Nobody could look innocent in an orgasm like this. She sucked harder, pulling the cum from Charlie’s body, forcing it out in splashes as she rode out Charlie’s next orgasm with her. Madeline’s tongue caught her clit from the tip as her teeth slid across the top and bottom, trapping it, teasing it. She released the clit, and swallowed it whole, wrapping her lips around the hard clit and letting it throb against her tongue. Charlie felt her body completely unfold as she allowed herself to swim within the ecstasy of orgasms. Madeline’s eyes met hers across her stomach and she felt her breath stolen from her. Maddi released her hold on Charlie’s clit to capture her lips in a kiss for the last few moments of her rapture. Charlie grabbed Madeline by the head and held the kiss, tasting the juices that Maddi fed on. She broke the kiss and leaned back, laughing. “So, that’s what was so exciting.”

Madeline laughed with her, blushing. “Yes, well…” she trailed off.

Charlie could see the hurt look in her friend’s eyes, behind the smile. Changing the subject, she laughed again. “And I thought Candice reached you in time to spoil my surprise and told you about the new bath oil that came in today.”

“New oil?” Maddi chimed, brightening with the thought.

“Yep. I ordered it last week when you while you were in Mid-Terms. I figured it would help you relax, slough off all that stress from studying and such.” She reached the orange tinted glass decanter towards Maddi, lifting the lid. “It’s a new Moroccan scent, something sweet and spicy to recharge your nerves.”

Madeline inhaled the heady scent. Her eyes glowed again. “I LOVE IT! Thank you, Charlie! You always know exactly what I need, even before I do. You are truly amazing.”

“You should see the package Mom got in for the Kitchens. She ordered new herbs and spices when I ordered the oils.” She beamed with pride. “And, when we’re done I’ll show you a few other nameless treasures we found.”

“Well, let’s start with this deliciously scented oil, and work our way from there!” exclaimed the newly spirited Madeline. Turning off the waterfall, she sauntered over to the other side of the shower for the full body sprayers. The sauna kick on, as if telepathically and Maddi sat down on the long bench. Charlie gathered the oil and rubbing pads, and followed Madeline to the sprayer side. She began pouring the oil gently over Madeline’s body, rubbing it in with the pad in soft, circular motions. Her skin drank in the sweetly scented oils as she allowed her body to be worked over by Charlie’s expert hands, for the second time today. Maddi rolled onto her stomach and brought her arms under her head as Charlie went to work on her backside and legs. The exfoliating pad was next, followed by the buffing pad.

“All done!” exclaimed Charlie, as she tapped Maddi’s ass and flipped the shower heads on. Madeline’s body was as relaxed as her nerves when Charlie awoke her from her brief nodding off. She watched as Maddi stood up and circled around fully, allowing the shower to spray her entire body down. Charlie grabbed the smoothing tool and ran it along Maddi’s body to remove the excess oil and body dirt. Her body glowed with a healthy freshness that shined from within.

Turning off the shower heads, and walking towards the large glass door, Charlie grabs the towels and bath sheets. She snaps the sheet open then hands one of the towels to her friend. Maddi steps into the unfolded bath sheet and wraps up tight. She then wraps her hair as Charlie does the same. Both stepped out and onto the plush towel rug and sighed heavily and burst into peels of laughter. They hugged and separated: Maddi to her vanity and Charlie to dry off and re-dress. Charlie made quick work of putting her uniform on and French braiding her still- partially wet hair.

When she returned, she noticed Maddi had put on some light make-up. Pulling out the brushes, she went to work on Madeline’s mane. She smoothed the silken-ing agent through and began brushing from the bottom. Maddi closed her eyes and again, letting Charlie’s fingers work their magic her. Finally pulling the brush through, she pulled out the styling combs and went to work parting and curling sections. The sound of doors opening and closing brought them both out their reverie.

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