Couple’s New Toilet

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Alessio was a 18 years old boy, after finishing high school, he decided University was not for him and moved to London to look for a job.. He just moved from Italy actually, and he was looking forward to his new job in the UK. He was a nice looking guy, 5ft 10, fit (he was a very sporty guy, playing football and going to the gym every day), and the Latin look that many girls found enchanting.

This adventure in the UK was going to be great for him. After all, London is simply the dream, the city that never sleeps, for someone coming from the Italian province it was a real dream come true.

However, he was from a normal family, his parents were making a lot of sacrifices to make his older brother study, and damn, accommodation was so expensive compared to where he was coming from. Everything was so damn expensive. He was staying at his cousin’s place but he knew he couldn’t overstay his welcome there.

After 3 weeks of useless research he found an offer, a couple was renting out one room of their apartment in Chinatown, and they were only charging 400 pounds per month. He would be living with them, but that was the cheapest he could ever find in London. He decided to call and a man named Long replied, they decided to meet that same afternoon so he could see the room and eventually sign up for it.

Long and Fei were a Chinese couple, he was 32, 5ft10, nice looking. He was coming from a wealthy family and had inherited the family’s restaurant after he got married to her. She was a very good looking girl, 5ft 8, slim, long straight hair and lovely legs and feet, only things she didn’t like about herself were the “small” eyes and boobs. Men were always attracted to her though and she was lucky enough to marry a rich and good looking one.

Unfortunately though their luck had faded away as Long had a problem with gambles and he had a lost most of his parents’ money, as well as made a huge debt. The restaurant was not working so good either, as a lot of competition was there. To top things off, they were trying to have a baby, as relatives already started talking, for traditional Chinese families they were old already to have a baby and after 4 years of marriage it was time for them to have one.

To try and get some money she proposed to rent the free room in their apartment. They thought of Chinese students at the beginning, but Long felt it was better to rent out to a foreigner as he would lose his face to show other Chinese of his financial struggle. The price he set was low, but this was more a trial for him than a real thing, he wasn’t really comfortable doing this.

At 4 pm Alessio was in Chinatown, it took a while but he finally found the right building. He went upstairs and met with Long and Fei, he immediately noticed her and he thought how lucky he was to live with such a beautiful woman, even though her husband was right there too. The house was big enough to give him some privacy, and clean and tidy. He didn’t have to think too much and took it.

The day after he was already moving his stuff in his new room. Weeks passed and everything was good, a part of the fact that he could hear them have sex at night. He would then jerk off furiously as the thought of that stunning woman having sex just behind the wall was simply too much for him to take.

Fei on her side was quite worried about being heard, but they wanted a baby and were going at it every night, she was often disappointed though, as since they weren’t using a condom Long refused to go down on her even after she washed it, he said he wouldn’t lick where he emptied his balls. She loved oral sex, it was even better than being penetrated for her, but Long was never a big fan, and since they started going bareback he stopped completely.

Long on his side had a very dominant attitude in bed, he was raised in a traditional Chinese family, he thought the man of the family was the head, and the woman was there to serve. Being rich and good-looking he also never had to beg too much a girl. He was also proud of his 7 inches cock, and considered going down on woman useless and humiliating.

Anyway, as he was pounding his wife he came loud, not caring too much of being heard by Alessio, filling her up with cum. He was a very big cummer and always spurted a lot. Fei went to sleep after putting her panties back on, she couldn’t wash as she had to keep the cum inside to get pregnant, but was afraid of it spilling out so she put her panties back on.

The morning after Long went to the restaurant to open, while Fei woke up and went to the toilet to take a pee. Alessio was awake in his room and could hear the splash of her pee against the water, this was such a turn on. She felt the cum dripping down in the toilet and after she finished she wiped on her already cum soaked panties and left them in the damper. Then took a shower and went back to her room to get dressed.

Alessio went to the toilet right after her, his hard-on was killing him and he had to jerk off, when he was inside he found casino oyna the panties on the damper and picked them, he quickly took them close to his nose and smelled them, he could clearly smell the mix of Long’s cum and her piss and pussy juice.

He was not gay, and he knew there was another man’s cum in those panties, the smell was intoxicating, but he couldn’t help himself and licked the inside, then wrapped them around his 6.5 inches cock and jerked off furiously until he added his load.

He then put them back in the damper and took a shower himself. This situation repeated itself almost every morning, one day though Fei got back to the toilet ’cause she forgot her hair band… She found the damper open, and flushed, thinking Alessio must had seen her panties, she picked them to hid them deeper in the damper and felt the sticky cum on her hand, she then realised he not only saw them but had fun with them too…

Thinking of this younger European guy masturbating with her soiled panties was a huge turn-on for her, she had never been with a white guy, but people always said they were bigger and better lovers than Chinese men. Alessio was a hot guy too, with his muscled body and slightly tanned skin. She sat back on the toilet and fingered herself for a long time, but had not the courage to talk to Alessio. She just washed her panties and went on.

Day after day this situation would keep on going on, with her leaving her soiled panties and Alessio going in immediately after. She would then go back in and check to see if he did jerk off with them..

Alessio was not thinking she would notice, the panties were soiled with Long’s cum anyway and they would just be washed. Everyday the panties would be more and more wet though, he didn’t know Fei started to masturbate on them and try to soak them the more she could in Long’s cum as well as her own juices and piss.

Alessio would still lick them and then jerk off with them on his cock.

Fei couldn’t take it anymore, so one day, she entered the toilet hoping to find Alessio with his cock wrapped in her panties, what she found though was much more disturbing, Alessio had been licking her panties with his cock in his hand. She flushed red, those panties were soaked in urine and cum, yet this boy was licking them, she tried to ask him what the hell was he doing, but she was really shocked at what she saw.

Alessio on his side was also deep red, he wanted to die, he didn’t know what to reply, he had been caught licking her panties and he was not expecting it at all, for almost a month he managed to go on unnoticed (so he thought). He began to apologize, said it was the first time, to which Fei, back to her senses replied she knew it wasn’t. She asked him if he liked her soiled underwear so much, and started mocking him.

She was disappointed after all, she was expecting Alessio to have a huge tool, but it was actually smaller than Long’s. Alessio went on his knees apologetically and admitted he liked to lick were her sex had been, she then had an idea, if Long wasn’t going to lick her, maybe she had found the substitute, this guy after all didn’t seemed grossed from her pussy being full of cum, even if it was from another man. She told him she would forgive him, and not tell her husband, if he showed her some gratitude, and told him they would go to his room.

He immediately followed expecting some sex, but she told him to get his pants back on and keep clothed. She ordered him to lie on the floor, face up, and looked at him, she was standing right next to him, he was completely powerless, at her mercy, she could do anything now, she could actually stomp on him if she wanted too. She slowly removed her clothes, her shoes, until she was totally naked, watching him from above. He could also see her, her naked body, and his hard-on started hurting inside his pants.

All her dominant strake was now coming out strongly, after years she had to repress it and play the submissive wife to Long. After years in which she was just used to satisfy Long’s lust for rough sex night after night, she finally had the power. She couldn’t control herself. She placed her bare foot on Alessio’s face and said lick it, hearing her words just made her wet, feeling his tongue on her bare soles was so good, she decided she wanted to go further, she actually couldn’t stop herself.

She started putting her weight on that foot until she was standing on his face, he was under her feet, his face was crushed under her feet, under her weight. It was too much for her, she lowered herself on his face and ordered him to lick, while she started riding his face furiously, she came immediately.

But she kept on riding, she could feel her juices running wild, too bad she had taken a shower before, or she would have had Long’s cum too dripping in her new slave’s mouth. She was riding his face with all her might, using his nose to stimulate herself, she was dripping wet.

Alessio was liking it, he was used to give oral to his slot oyna partners, but had never been used like that, there was something in that situation, another man’s wife, a woman 10 years older than him, a woman from another country, another continent, riding his face so furiously, using him so shamelessly.

She approached her fourth orgasm, then she felt the urge to pee again, and she just peed, she thought it was wrong, she thought it was disgusting, but she couldn’t stop herself, she was like possessed.

It was not a lot, just a squirt of pee right in his mouth, Alessio was surprised, astonished, but he could just swallow it and cope with it, some of it squirted on his face too, and a bit on his shirt, resulting in a wet spot.

She finally stopped and moved herself on his chest, she was looking at his red face, all wet with her juices and pee, she then wiped herself clean on his shirt. She stayed there for a while, looking at him, feeling the power she had, then she collected her saliva in her mouth and spitted on his face.

She said “you are my slave” and then left. Alessio was left without a word, he couldn’t realize what just happened, he stayed there on the ground for a while, thinking about what had just happened, then he started masturbating until he came in his pants. He then went to the bathroom, and put his clothes in the washing machines, then took a shower.

The next days the two of them didn’t spoke, Fei was feeling incredibly guilty for the way she treated Alessio, she felt it was not right, he was so young, she was married, there was something wrong about what she did that day.

Yet she couldn’t help daydreaming about it, thinking about it while having sex with Long, and the result was always getting very aroused and wet. She decided she had to talk with Alessio, so she went into his room to apologize and ask what his thought about what happened that day was.

Alessio said he was very surprised such a sweet and innocent looking girl could be so harsh and dominant, but that although he never suspected he would like to be treated like that, it had been the most exciting experience of his life.

Fei was simply speechless, she was there apologetically, she thought about what she did, and she really felt a shit about it, but now he said he liked it? This boy sure was crazy, but after all, she loved it so much too…

She looked him in the eyes and told him: “Look Alex, I have to be honest I loved to use you like that, in fact I would love to do it every day, but it’s humiliating and not right to do to a person. Are you sure you like that? You are young, and I’m married, you’ll never be anything more than a slave for me, is it what you want?” Alessio could only nod and said yes.

He couldn’t shake what happened from his head and he just wanted it to happen again.

Fei wouldn’t lose time, that night, she made love to Long, surprisingly to him, she was so wet and horny. As every night he filled her up with his cum, and as every night she didn’t clean-up, but now she knew, that as soon as he was out the next morning she would have her personal Italian bidet to clean that mess up. She was so horny she couldn’t sleep, and before Long had to go, she just grab him for a morning fuck.

Long didn’t need to be asked twice and he filled her again with one of his big loads. Time 10 minutes and he was out.

She didn’t lose time, she rushed to Alessio’s room, naked, walked on his bed and stood on his chest suddenly, waking him up, as soon as she was over him she released her hand from her pussy letting Long’s cum drip on Alessio’s shirt, face and pillow, she then lowered herself and order him to clean-up her cumfilled cunt.

Alessio just woke up, he was not understanding anything but just obeyed, her pussy was so full of cum it was disgusting, he could feel the cum entering his mouth and could do nothing but swallow. He wasn’t gay but still the situation was so incredibly hot.

She was so horny she started straddling his face with all her weight on it, furiously riding it with all her might. She was making a mess and she knew it, she was full of cum, her husband big cock was in her pussy less than 15 minutes before, and now she was using this guy’s face to clean herself up.

She started cursing in Chinese, she started screaming to her slave to clean-up her husband cum and then it happened, she had the strongest orgasm of her life so far.. She started coming and she felt a huge amount of liquid spraying out of her pussy, was she squirting? It sure was a lot of juices adding to Long’s cum on this poor boy’s face. The bed was all wet too, not to mention his t-shirt.

It was so good to just be selfish and not to care about consequences, she normally hated to leave a wet spot on the bed, she hated so much to have to sleep on it, she was normally careful not to make a mess.

Now she could just focus on her pleasure, it wasn’t her bed, it wasn’t her clothes, he would have to clean all up or sleep on her canlı casino siteleri and Long’s juices.

She just sat back on his chest, panting, she was so spent, so when the first morning pee came out bursting she just let that flow, literally inundating the poor boy. She barked, drink it slave, as he tried to bring his mouth to it before his bed was too wet. It was so good to piss right after an orgasm, without having to go to the toilet.

She was in paradise. After a couple more minutes sitting there, she just got up, told the slave to clean everything up and went for a shower.

The days went on like that for a while, every time Long was not home she would use Alessio for all of her needs. His tongue was all she needed, she made him lick her feet for hours, she trampled and stomped on him, she pissed on his mouth and of course she made him give her oral. She even started watching TV while he licked her twat.

Her inhibitions were less and less, she started using him to lick her right after her gym sessions, having him lick her sweaty feet, cunt and ass was soo good. Yes her ass too, she didn’t consider him a human anymore, just an object to use.

On a couple of occasion she even farted in his mouth while he licked her, and she was figuring out how it would be to actually shit in his mouth. She was unable to go on though, this was too much!! She would however piss and spit in his mouth whenever she wanted to.

Things changed when Alessio found a job. He finally managed to get hired, just in time as his parent’s money were about to end. But this meant he had to wake up early and go to job even before Long left.

Fei was so frustrated, she got used to have his mouth clean her up after Long fucked her, she was used to piss on his mouth after he gave her a great orgasm, now she couldn’t just go back to the cold and lifeless toilet.

She entered Alessio’s room, she was furious, she wanted him to be there and take care of her mess. She wondered around for a while, then found herself opening his wardrobe.

She took one of his shirts, a nice one too, and just wiped her pussy on it, she did it again, then she took it to bed and completely clean herself up on it, she started to masturbate too, until she came hard on the shirt. She brought it to the toilet, took a pee and used it to clean her pussy up. Then she put it back in his wardrobe. This was for not being there for her.

When he came back and found his shirt, he got so hard, he wanked off on it and added his spurt. Fei then had a brilliant idea, she would keep a shirt of him in bed at night to have sex with Long on top of it.

This way she didn’t have to worry of wet spots on bed anymore.

That night Long didn’t even notice the shirt she was lying on top, he was so horny he just fucked her and filled her with his load, she just went to sleep, no need to put panties on, the shirt would be her sex rag. When he fucked her in the morning he noticed the shirt though, and when he asked she just said it was Alessio’s, she picked it without him noticing and would put back on the damper afterwards, after all he was paying a cheap rent and needed to pay in another way.

Long was actually aroused by it, he never thought of his wife doing something like that, she was always so nice and sweet. He thought about having sex on the boy’s shirt and was turned on, so he went deep inside her pussy and shot his cum, he then took out and wiped his cock on the shirt himself. This sent Fei over the edge, she came herself and wiped all over the shirt. After Long was out she went back in Alessio’s room and put the shirt back in the wardrobe. She then rode his pillow and came on it.

This new situation went on for a while. She and Long would fuck every night on a different shirt, making a mess all over it, she started saying to Long about her fantasy of being licked by Alessio while they had sex, of having sex on his face, of having him clean them up.

Long was also excited by what he thought being just his wife’s fantasies, so while they make a mess of his shirt, they talked in Chinese about him being right under their sexes.

Then one day, while they were having sex, she had her period coming, the red spot on the shirt was huge, and Long wiped his bloody cock on the shirt too. He was worried Alessio was going to find out, and they discussed about it.

It was then that Fei said Alessio already knew and was actually about them trashing his shirts.

Long was so horny he fucked her again, when they were over, the shirt was so stained it was no longer usable. They talked and decided they had to make the fantasy reality, they had to use Alessio.

The night after, when Alessio came back from work, they confronted him and told him he would be serving them. He was speechless, serving a man? This was not what he signed up for, but they didn’t give him the time to reply, they pushed him in his room, mad him lie on the floor and then they removed their clothes.

Fei didn’t lose time, she stood on his face with both her feet, while Long Kissed her, standing on Alessio’s face she was just as tall as Long, so kissing was much easier, Long placed his foot on Alessio’s chest too, and they went on kissing for a while.

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