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You see her across a crowded room. She’s not hard to spot because her smile could light up the darkest of places. She’s wearing a short black cocktail dress that hugs her curves and shows off just enough of her ample breasts to make you imagine how nice it would be to bury your face in them. She’s chatting and laughing and seems to have the attention of all those around her.

You are also talking with guests but the voices are muffled while you live in the daydream of taking her to bed and giving her a night to remember.

You watch as she breaks away from her friendly conversations and walks over to the bar. You see an opportunity and walk over to join her.

You’ve had the pleasure of working with her for a while but work has limited your interactions to flirty emails and text messages. Now you have your chance to spend a little social time with her and you plan to make it count.

She recognizes you as you walk up to her and she smiles warmly and greets you with a hug. Her body feels incredible against yours and you instantly feel the rise of your cock in your jeans. How can something so innocent fill you with such desire? You buy her a drink and then ask if she’d like to go for a walk down by the beach. She immediately agrees and you discreetly leave the event.

On your way down to the beach you admit to the not-so-innocent feelings you have for her and you are excited when she tells you she feels the same. That’s all it takes and you start looking for a private place to sneak a kiss. Around the corner there is a small private courtyard and you lead her to it. Making sure no one is around you push ataköy escort her up against the wall of the building and kiss her. It’s slow and soft at first but she has made it clear that she wants more. With one hand you pin her wrists against the wall above her head and use the other to venture down the front of her dress and the kisses get stronger and more intense. There is no way to disguise you desire for her as you press your hard on against her pelvis and you are rewarded with an equal push against you.

She breaks free from your grip and moves her hands up under your shirt to feel your bare chest. Her touch is amazing and you want to feel those hands all over your body. She is almost reading your mind as she moves to the waist of your pants and unbuttons your pants and pulls down the zipper. You are so hard the tip of your cock is showing above your boxer briefs. She takes her thumb and gently swirls around the pre-cum that has formed at the tip and you fear you could just explode right now. But she’s not finished. She slides down your body to her knees and pulls down your boxers to expose your massive hard on. Every sensation is heightened as you anticipate what is about to happen. She looks up at you and gives you a little smile before takes you into her mouth. It is magical! So warm and wet and the way she uses her tongue to lick up and down your shaft and make circles around your head is enough to send you over the edge. You wrap your hands in her hair so you can get a better view of her sucking your cock and you start to move your hips back and forth to meet her every motion. She starts ataköy eve gelen escort going faster and you can’t help but moan and close your eyes and enjoy the build-up that will be released. You didn’t think you could get any harder than you are right now and you doubt that you have ever been this hard in the past. This girl just instinctively knows how you like it and she is not going to stop until you are completely satisfied. Faster and faster she goes and you can feel yourself ready to explode and with one final thrust you hold your cock steady in her mouth and let go.

In spite of giving her every last drop of you, you are still hard and you want to return the favor by pleasing here every way you can. The courtyard, however, will not due. You button up your jeans and take her by the hand, leading her to your hotel room. Your hands are still unsteady from what has already happened that you fumble with the key card trying to quickly open the door.

You are barely inside the room before you start kissing her deeply and passionately and she is returning the kisses with equal passion and wanting.

You grab the hem of her dress and pull it off over her head. She is wearing a black lace bra and matching panties and looks good enough to eat (which is the plan). You unhook her bra and throw it on the bed. You then take each breast into your mouth licking and nipping each nipple until they are hard while you move your hand down the front of her panties and slip a finger into her pussy. Oh god she is so hot and wet and you once again feel your cock getting hard. She moves ataköy grup yapan escort away from you to lay back on the bed and you remove her panties to give you better access. She spreads her legs for you and you eagerly take advantage and start licking her clit. She tastes sweet and you love the way she moans when you suck gently on her. You want to please her and you can tell she is enjoying it as she moves her hips up and down to meet your mouth. You start to lick and suck a little harder and faster now and her hips are in sync. Her moans are getting more frequent and louder and you know she’s close, she tells you she’s going to come and you gently place your tongue on her clit and keep still so you can feel every muscle contraction. Her whole body moves with the orgasm and it is a turn-on to see a woman enjoy herself in this way. But you are not finished, you quickly stand and remove your clothing revealing without a doubt that you are ready to feel her from the inside. You position yourself on top of her with your arms extended so you can thrust your hard cock deep inside her. She inhales deeply as you enter her hard. She is hot, wet and tight and there is no stopping you. You move in and out of her harder and faster and you are both moaning with pleasure and anticipation. You can feel her cum around you but you are certainly not going to stop, you want to feel her cum again and keep going. She is enjoying the motion and meets your every thrust and then she tells you she wants you to come with her. You are so ready to explode and as soon as she says “now” you give one final thrust and cum deep inside her. You both can feel the contractions of each other and it is a sensation your will never forget.

You dip down to give her a gentle kiss and move to lay beside her. She lays her head on your shoulder and you both start to drift off to sleep. You have one final thought before blackness and that is the next morning………… the shower.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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