Come to Bed

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Bianca Norton looked at her boyfriend Kyle Dackers as he slept. He was a really beautiful youth. Only twenty years old and already on his way to a great life. He was a sophomore at Harvard University. He was the third member of his family to go there. His grandfather and his father had gone there. He was a member of the old boy’s network. Unlike many of the arrogant jerks and bitches who went to that school, Kyle was actually a decent human being. It’s part of the reason why she was so strongly attracted to him and decided that she had to have him.

Bianca remembered how they met. Kyle was running in the streets of Boston as part of his morning jog. He was shirtless. He was a gorgeous man. Standing six feet two inches tall and weighing exactly one hundred and eighty pounds. He had brown hair and light green eyes. He was an athletic young man and it showed, too. Kyle Dackers was an offensive lineman on the school’s football team. He was simply perfect. The one all the girls wanted. Bianca was no exception. She had come to the school from England. Like him, she was twenty years old and dedicated to achieving all that she could during her lifetime. Bianca Dixon was the daughter of British politician James Dixon. Her mother was a Swedish supermodel. Bianca Dixon came from good stock and it showed, too. She was a tall young woman with blonde hair and pale blue eyes. She stood six feet tall. She was an athlete as well. Bianca loved Soccer. It was her favorite sport. She used to play in high school. She stopped when high school ended. She came to America, applied to Harvard and got accepted. She made it to the school but didn’t get accepted to the Women’s Soccer team. She took that in stride. She became a spectator at all athletic events and that’s where she first noticed the handsome hunk named Kyle Dackers.

Once Bianca noticed Kyle, she decided that she had to have him. He was simply the most beautiful young man she had ever seen. Kyle was surrounded by female admirers but he didn’t seem to care. He was polite and all but he didn’t go out with anyone. She asked around. Kyle didn’t have a girlfriend. He was one of the best athletes at school and he had the chiseled good looks of a male model or a future Hollywood superstar. Yet he was single. For some time, that bothered her. One never knew. He could be playing for the other team. She decided to approach him. She did so at the gym where he usually worked out. One day, she gathered her courage and just walked up to him. They started talking and he took her phone number. Bianca went home ecstatic. They talked all the time. She kept waiting for him to ask her out but he didn’t. One day, she decided to ask him out. Ask him out she did. She took him to a restaurant and paid for everything. She thought this fine young man was worth the trouble.

They had dinner at a fine restaurant and he split the bill. He was actually very interesting to talk to. She waited for him to ask her but he didn’t. She decided to be blunt. She asked him if he had a girlfriend. He said casino oyna no. Not only did he say no but he actually told her that he was waiting for marriage. Bianca almost choked on her salad. He was what? She was very shocked! Was he joking? What man in this day and age would save himself for marriage? This was an idea that was archaic by the fifties! He had said so with a straight face. He looked her right in the eye when he told her. Bianca was surprised. Kyle looked at her, a strange and determined look on his handsome face. Bianca hadn’t believed him but she didn’t tell him that. He asked her if they could be friends and she accepted. Maybe this was a game. Maybe he was playing hard to get. Oh, well. She was gonna show him that two could play that game.

Over the next few months, Bianca dressed up in sexy attire and showed up everywhere that Kyle Dackers showed up. Basically, she stalked him. She was a woman on a mission. He wasn’t hard to find. She decided to become his buddy. It wasn’t hard. He was a really cool guy and a bit too trusting. She was very sly. She showed up when he was at football practice. She watched football games with him. She got to know his friends. She bought him stuff she knew he would like. She even used some of her contacts to get him an interview with an NFL scout. At first, Bianca only wanted to seduce Kyle. She thought he would be a great roll in the sheets. As she got to know him, she realized that there was a lot more to him than she originally thought. He was a really nice guy. He liked helping people. He was well-liked around the campus. He was generous to a fault. He was a perfect gentleman. They got really comfortable with each other. He told her about his life. He grew up in the town of Urbania, Ohio. She had grown in Wales. She didn’t have many friends. Her parents were tough and conservative. They also gave her corporal punishment. Something that still bothered her to this day. Kyle was always there to comfort her. His life hadn’t been a picnic either. He had to live up to the expectations of a tough and domineering father and an aloof mother. Kyle had come to Boston to get away from his family. He saw the city as his second chance.

Bianca realized that Kyle was great and she genuinely valued him as a friend. He respected and cared for her too. They went running around the city every morning. They watched movies together. They went to the theater. People noticed them. They went everywhere together. Many assumed they were a couple but Kyle insisted they were just friends. Whenever he said that, Bianca cringed inwardly. She had begun to fall in love with him. She really wanted to be his girlfriend. Unfortunately, even though he cared for her a lot, he couldn’t get away from his repressive religious background. He was a virgin at the age of twenty. Something as rare as a snowflake in the summer. Almost every night, Bianca went to bed thinking about Kyle. She wondered how he truly felt about her. Bianca would have given anything to read his mind. She had seduced slot oyna many men in her time. She was an expert. She had never met any man even remotely like Kyle. He couldn’t be tempted by the opposite sex. He was decent and nice but no one’s boy toy or whatever. He wasn’t a player. He respect others and respected himself. He was admired by all and wanted by many yet he belonged to no one. She wanted him so badly. She ached to be with him. He was the greatest specimen of masculinity that she had ever seen. The kind of man you simply didn’t see around anymore. Whoever it was who would finally steal his heart could count herself lucky. Bianca was beginning to seriously doubt that it was gonna be her.

One night, they were just hanging out. Just two friends together. The season was over. Finals were over. Kyle had decided not to go home to Ohio. He was staying in Boston. Bianca had decided to return to England for their brief vacation but changed her mind when she found out Kyle was staying in Boston. They had two weeks off for Christmas vacation. Neither of them would be going home for the holidays. Kyle was upset because he didn’t have a place to stay. The school actually kicked the students out of the dorms during Christmas break. Bianca innocently volunteered to have him stay with her. She lived in an apartment on the Back Bay. Her roommate was a chick who was at home for the holidays. Kyle brought his stuff to Bianca’s apartment. Bianca was not exactly neat. She was quite messy. She was cleaning up like crazy when Kyle arrived. She had barely finished. Kyle came up with his stuff. Two bags full of clothes and things of that nature.

When he stepped in, he found Bianca panting and sweating. She was tired from cleaning. She wore a sleeveless blue shirt and red boxers. The tomboy in her showed from time to time. Bianca greeted Kyle with a grin and welcomed him inside. He smiled at her. He made her nervous. He was looking so sexy in his navy blue shirt and black jeans. She couldn’t resist giving him a hug. He hugged her back. For a moment, their faces were really close together. Kyle took Bianca’s face in his hands and kissed her. She kissed him back. They stopped, panting. Kyle looked at her. Bianca smiled. She’d been wanting to kiss him for so long. She read the same intense need and desire in his eyes. He wanted her as badly as she wanted him. She had won and she didn’t even know it. He was coming to bed with her. Sh had won him over. He was gonna be her lover tonight. Smiling, she took his hand and led him into the bedroom.

Kyle sat on the bed and watched as Bianca began to strip. She took off her clothes slowly and grinned as Kyle stared at her sexy body. She got naked really quickly. Kyle stood and came to her. She laughed and pushed him down on the bed before getting on top of him. She kissed him, then licked his lips. She placed gentle kisses on his throat, his neck and then down on his chest. She listened to his quick breathing. He wanted her right then and there. She knew that it was canlı casino siteleri his first time and she wanted to make it last. She wanted to give him a night of lovemaking to remember. He was really getting excited. She kissed a path down to his chest and finally down to his groin. She looked at his erect cock and put her hand around it. It was quite long and thick. She looked at Kyle’s face as her hand moved up and down on his cock. Kyle moaned. Bianca grinned, then put his dick into her mouth. She sucked on his member. It felt warm and hard inside her mouth. She sucked him off, her head bobbing up and down. Kyle moaned and cried out in sheer pleasure. Bianca continued to suck him until he came in her mouth. She tasted his seed for the first time. The seed of the man she loved. She looked into Kyle’s face as he finally let go and was out of control. He came inside her mouth and had that wild, shocked and pleased look on his face. It was beautiful.

Bianca sucked Kyle until not a single drop of his cum remained. She licked him clean. Kyle looked at her and grinned. Bianca smiled back at him. Kyle seized her in his strong hands and placed her on top of him. He entered her with a firm thrust. Bianca looked at him. The man she loved was taking charge. He was in control and she yielded to him. He thrust into her. Looking into his face, she watched the play of different expressions and emotions on those handsome features of his as they made love for the first time. She felt his manhood deep inside her. Finally, they were one. She placed her hands on his broad shoulders and began to bounce up and down, impaling herself onto his member. They made love with all the passion they could muster. Kyle was particularly energetic. This was his first time making love. This was her first time making love to him. The two lovers continued to romp happily all over the place until exhaustion claimed them. They lay side by side, tired as hell and feeling great. Bianca looked at Kyle. He was smiling happily. He put his strong arm around her and gave her a peck on the cheek. Bianca smiled. Finally, she got to him. The man she loved. What a great man he was!

Kyle started to talk about how he felt. He had a lot to say after his first time. Bianca listened to him. She could never get tired of his voice. She couldn’t get enough of him, period. While he talked, her mind wandered. Her thoughts would probably have scared him. They could start to officially date and let the world know of their love for each other. He could get her a ring within a year. Or she would buy him a ring. She didn’t care. She wanted him to herself. They could have a long engagement or get married later. She smiled at the thought of what their kids would look like. He fell asleep in her embrace. She watched him sleep. She had never seen a better person. They would make quite a pair. She wouldn’t let anyone hurt him. If they did, she’d just kill them. She wanted to be his. She took his hand and put it to her lips. Gently, she caressed his dark brown hair. Her finger traced the line of his lips. Such a beautiful young man. Bianca knew at once that this was it for her. She was in love. She had fallen in love with Kyle Dackers just as she knew she would. Would their love survive? Only time would tell.

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