College Roommates

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Elizabeth was just finishing unpacking her things when the most beautiful girl she had ever seen walked in the door. She was perfect. She was about 5’6” 36C and 115 lbs with gorgeous long dark hair, and legs that went on forever. She wore a short summer dress that complimented her tanned thighs and full breasts. Elizabeth just could not stop staring.

“What are you gawking at?” the girl demanded.

Elizabeth fumbled for words, and finally said, “I’m sorry. I am Elizabeth. Are you my new roommate?”

“Looks that way,” the girl stated. Then a (beautiful) fake smile spread across her lips. “I am Veronica, it’s a pleasure to meet you.”

“It’s nice to meet you too Veronica,” Elizabeth said eagerly.

“Call me Ronni,” she said with a glare, “I won’t answer to anything else.”

“Ok… well I didn’t pick a bed yet, so if you wanted to like flip a coin or something… you know so it would be fair and all…”

“I’m taking the top bunk.” Ronni said bluntly.

“Oh, well ok then… well I started to put my stuff in this closet, but if you want me to switch it so you can have the higher shelves I guess that would be ok…”

“Good, move it. I am going out, I’ll be back late. Sorry we didn’t have more time to ‘bond’.” And with that she left.

Elizabeth stood there in awe as she watched Ronni leave the room. She is awfully hot, she thought, but what a bitch! Ashamed that she didn’t stand up to Ronni, Elizabeth quickly removed the things she had unpacked and switched them to the lower shelves. She looked in the mirror at her plain appearance. She was pretty she guessed, but she had straight dirty blonde hair, with a pale complexion and the body of a 12 year old. She was terribly thin, and no matter what she ate she just couldn’t gain weight, plus her chest never grew past a 34B. She had had boyfriends, and plenty of guys tell her she was pretty, but never got the attention she was sure that Ronni got. Ronni was the kind of girl she always dreamed of being. Too bad she was such a bitch.

Elizabeth finished unpacking and looked up at the clock. It was about 11:00 and she decided she was hungry and wanted to get something to eat. Just as she was about to leave, Ronni walked in.

“I was just going to get something to eat,” Elizabeth said. “Do you want anything?”

“No,” Ronni said flatly, as she pushed past Elizabeth and climbed up on her bed.

“Well, I moved my stuff, so if you wanted to get started unpacking… there is plenty of room. I didn’t even use all of my space, so if you need to…” She trailed off when she realized Ronni had put on her headphones and was completely ignoring her. She turned and left the room; once again disappointed she didn’t stand up to Ronni, and went down to the vending machines to get something to eat.

When Elizabeth returned she found Ronni talking on the phone, her bags still unpacked. Elizabeth wanted to get good nights sleep so that she would be well rested for orientation the next morning.

“Are you going to be up late?” she asked. “Because I was hoping to go to bed early.”

Ronni held up a hand to as to silence her and continued her phone conversation. Elizabeth let out a sigh and gathered her toothbrush and other toiletries and headed to the bathroom. It was crowded and Elizabeth knew there was no way she could get a shower tonight, so she decided to brush her teeth and go back to her room.

When she returned Ronni was off the phone and putting on her coat.

“You are going out at this time of night?” Elizabeth asked.

“No, I just always put on my coat before I go to bed,” Ronni replied sarcastically.

Elizabeth rolled her eyes, and said, “Please try not too make too much noise when you come in. I am a light sleeper.”

“I’ll do my best,” Ronni said and gave Elizabeth another one of her fake smiles right before she slammed the door.

“Bitch!” Elizabeth exclaimed.

Elizabeth got undressed and got ready for bed. She put on and old tee shirt and some baggy boxer shorts and climbed into her bed. She lay in bed, angry at herself for not standing up for herself with Ronni, and angry with Ronni for being such a bitch. As she lay there thinking about Ronni, she began to think about how incredible Ronni’s body was and how she wished that she had a body like that.

Her fingers ran over her own B cup breasts as she pictured what Ronni’s tits might look like if they were bare. Soon she found herself picturing Ronni’s naked body, and how incredible it would be to get to see it. Elizabeth’s fingers moved lower down her body until she found her pussy. That was one part of her that wasn’t plain. Shaved totally bald, her already wet pussy lips were smooth and slick. She ran her fingers over her outer lips teasingly as she pictured herself caressing Ronni’s naked body. Elizabeth spread her pussy lips and slid one finger into her tight, aching pussy. She began to slide her finger in and out and used her thumb to tease her clit. While her left hand was busy on her pussy, her right hand was alternating between her nipples, pinching and tugging casino siteleri on them. She thought of running her fingers through Ronni’s long dark hair while she kissed her perfect lips and sucked on her tongue. The image of their naked bodies pressed tightly together was enough to drive Elizabeth over the edge. She began to pump her fingers into herself faster and faster and rubbed her clit furiously. Thoughts of making love to Ronni flashed through her mind as she arched her back and moaned wildly as her body exploded into a incredible orgasm that left her soaked in her juices. She brought her fingers to her mouth and sucked her cum off of them and rolled over on her side, contented, and drifted off to sleep.

The next morning Elizabeth woke up to her alarm going off at 6 am. She was surprised to see that Ronni’s bed was unmade, she hadn’t heard her come in the night before, and as late as it must have been she can’t imagine how Ronni could be up already. She let the thoughts go as she remembered her fantasies from the previous night. Her pussy grew wet as she thought of Ronni’s naked body again. A smile spread across her face as she said out loud to herself, “I have to have that girl.”

Elizabeth gathered up her toiletries and headed for the bathroom. To her surprise there were only 3 other girls in there. Everyone else must have taken showers the night before. Elizabeth placed her things on the sink and slipped out of her robe. She was totally nude aside from the thong sandals on her feet. She shivered as she walked into the steamy shower room. She could make out the figures of the three girls, but could not see their faces clearly. Two of the girls were on one side, showering right near each other and talking. There was another girl near the entrance of the showers. All Elizabeth could make out was her dark brown hair. Elizabeth turned on a shower a few away from the brunette and began to wash her body. She was just shampooing her hair when she heard the 2 girls turn off their showers and leave the room. The steam was clearing up and she glanced over and realized that the girl showering next to her had a great body. It took a few seconds but then she realized it was Ronni! Her pussy grew wet with excitement. Elizabeth just stood there watching Ronni’s soapy hands run over her sexy tan body. Ronni turned around to rinse off and Elizabeth could see the sexy heart tattoo she had in the middle of her back. It was all Elizabeth could do not to just reach over and grab those full tits. Ronni didn’t seem to notice Elizabeth at all, however. Elizabeth attempted to make herself heard over the noise from the water but Ronni either didn’t hear her or was ignoring her. As soon as she finished rinsing off Ronni turned off the shower and walked out the room. Disappointed, Elizabeth quickly finished washing her hair, turned off her shower and headed back to her room. She opened the door to find Ronni standing in front of her (now open, but still unpacked) suitcase wearing only a towel.

“Didn’t you hear me trying to get your attention in the shower?” Elizabeth asked.

“Yeah, I heard you. And I’d appreciate it if you didn’t talk to me when other people might hear it. It is bad enough people will know you’re my roommate,” Ronni said harshly.

Elizabeth was pissed. I can’t let that bitch talk to me like that, she thought. She figured she didn’t have anything to lose, Ronni couldn’t hate her any less, so she said, “Just what is so wrong with being my roommate?”

“Excuse me?” demanded Ronni; obviously shocked that Elizabeth had talked back to her. “Who do you think you are talking to?”

“Who do you think YOU are talking to? You only met me less than 24 hours ago and you have been nothing but a bitch to me! I haven’t done anything to you. You may be beautiful and you may have a great body but you aren’t anyone special, so stop acting like such a bitch.” Wow! Elizabeth could not believe she had it in her, and apparently neither could Ronni.

“Uh- well I um… I don’t have to explain myself to you! And I can be a bitch whenever I feel like being a bitch.”

“Well you sure are good at it.”

There was a long silence between the two half-naked girls as they just stared at each other, not sure what to say next.

“So you think I’m hot?” Ronni teased, though obviously flattered.

“Um, well no, I mean yeah… Well you know you are!”

“Haha, yeah, but I usually hear it from guys, not from girls! What are you like some kind of lesbian or something?”

“Oh no, nothing like that, I just noticed you were really good looking and have a great body. I mean yeah I’ve hooked up with girls a few times, but I love cocks!”

“I hear ya, me too. On the cock thing I mean. I have never been with a girl. Isn’t it really weird?”

“I thought it would be at first, but it turned out to be really cool. The first time I did it as a dare by one of my boyfriends, but after that, I was hooked.”

“Wow… I totally had you pegged as a goody-goody brain, most likely a virgin.”

“Well that just goes to show you… I am smart, slot oyna but not a goody-goody, and definitely not a virgin.”

“No, I guess not… so what kind of girl do you usually go for?”

“Thin, tan brunettes with really bitchy attitudes,” she said with a smile.

“Haha… I am sorry about being such a bitch. It just the way I am when I first meet people, I like to intimidate them.”

“Well you did a good job. You are just the kind of girl I like to fuck, I like to take control and put those bitches in their place.”

“Wow, you are a wild one.”

“That I am… would you like to see how wild I can be?”

“Whoa,” said Ronni as she took a step back, “I don’t know about all of that.”

“Trust me,” was all Elizabeth said.

“Um… well… I guess we could…”

“Shh!” Elizabeth interrupted. ‘From now on I do the talking. You only talk when I ask you a question, and you will only answer with “Yes Ma’am” or “No Ma’am”. Understand?

“Um, Yes”

“Yes what?”

“Yes I understand?”

Elizabeth took off her towel and slapped it against Ronni’s ass. “I think you mean, Yes Ma’am.”

“Right, Yes Ma’am.”

“Good, now I want you to take off that towel for me”

Elizabeth watched as Ronni dropped her towel and admired her gorgeous tits, flat stomach and neatly trimmed pussy.

“The first thing I want you to do is shave that pussy for me” said Elizabeth.

“But I…” Ronni started, and then quickly changed her mind when she saw Elizabeth grab her towel. “Yes Ma’am.”

“Good, go grab some shaving cream and a razor.”

Ronni did as she was told and returned with the supplies.

“Now pull that stool over here and sit on the edge of it, and spread your legs for me.”

“Yes Ma’am,” Ronni said.

Elizabeth was almost drooling looking at Ronni’s wet, spread pussy. She commanded Ronni to squirt some shaving cream into her hand and Elizabeth spread the cool cream all over Ronni’s hot pussy. Elizabeth commanded Ronni to shave her pussy.

“Well I’ve never shaved it all the way before and I…”

Ronni trailed off as she felt Elizabeth’s hand slap one of her tits.


“You know better than to try and talk to me… now I’ll only ask you once more. Shave your pussy for me,” she demanded.

“But I…”

Elizabeth pinched Ronni’s nipple and tugged on it hard. Ronni gave a little cry and simply looked at her helplessly. Growing frustrated, Elizabeth snatched the razor from Ronni’s hand and shaved her pussy with a few expert strokes.

“Now was that so hard?”

“No Ma’am” Ronni said and looked down.

Elizabeth threw a towel at her. “Clean yourself up. Do you think you can handle that?”

“Yes Ma’am” Ronni said quietly.

Ronni wiped her pussy clean and put the towel on the floor. Then she looked up at Elizabeth for her next command.

“Now, this is much better,” Elizabeth, said as she kneeled down in front of Ronni’s still spread pussy. She looked up at Ronni and pinched her nipples gently. Ronni moaned softly. Then Elizabeth shifted her focus onto Ronni’s nice bald cunt pussy. She leaned in close and inhaled Ronni’s scent. Even through the fresh smell the shaving cream had left, Elizabeth could smell Ronni’s sweet pussy. Elizabeth teasingly ran her index finger over Ronni’s outer pussy lips. Then she spread her lips with one hand and used the other to explore Ronni’s clit and the rest of her pussy. Ronni gasped each time Elizabeth’s finger ran over her clit. Elizabeth looked up at her and saw that Ronni was playing with her tits, squeezing her nipples and twisting them gently. Elizabeth gave Ronni’s clit a hard pinch.


“What the hell are you doing? Did I tell you you could touch yourself?!?”

“I’m sorry…”

Elizabeth slapped Ronni’s hands away from her tits. “Put your hands behind your back,” she demanded.

“Yes Ma’am.”

Elizabeth walked over to her bureau and pulled a pair of handcuffs out of the top drawer. Ronni looked frightened as Elizabeth approached her with the metal constraints.

“If you can’t control yourself I’ll just have to take control of you,” said Elizabeth as she slapped the cold metal rings around Ronni’s wrists.

“Now do you think we can go on?”

“Yes Ma’am,” Ronni said eagerly, excited to see what would happen next.

“Good. Now let’s get back to that sweet pussy of yours.”

Elizabeth knelt back down in front of Ronni and kissed gently up her thighs and all around her outer pussy lips. Ronni moaned in anticipation as Elizabeth traced her lips with her tongue. Elizabeth spread Ronni’s pussy lips once again and let her tongue slip inside. She explored Ronni’s clit and the rest of her wet pussy as she heard Ronni moan loudly. Ronni’s pussy was dripping now and Elizabeth easily slid a finger up inside of her. She sucked gently on Ronni’s clit as she pumped her finger in and out. Ronni was moaning wildly and thrust back up against Elizabeth’s finger. Elizabeth could hear Ronni’s breath become short and fast and felt her pussy tightening around canlı casino siteleri her finger. Sensing she was close to orgasm Elizabeth stopped and pulled her face away from Ronni’s beautiful cunt. Ronni cried out in disappointment and Elizabeth just looked at her with a teasing smile.

“Not yet. I want you to get down on your knees now.”

Ronni climbed to the floor, almost falling with her arms still restrained. Elizabeth sat on the stool and spread her soaked pussy in front of Ronni’s face.

“Make me cum,” she demanded.

Ronni approached Elizabeth’s pussy tentatively. Elizabeth spread her pussy lips with one hand and placed the other on the back of Ronni’s head impatiently. She pushed Ronni’s head down in between her legs forcefully and moaned as she felt Ronni’s hot breath on her cunt.

“Just do what you would like someone to do to you,” Elizabeth instructed.

Ronni flicked her tongue against Elizabeth’s clit and teasingly ran it in little circles all the way around. Elizabeth pulled Ronni’s head back.

“I do the teasing, not you. Fuck my cunt with your tongue.”

Ronni slid her tongue inside of Elizabeth’s hot, tight pussy and flicked it in and out. Elizabeth pushed Ronni’s face closer to her pussy and Ronni thrust her tongue all the way inside of her. Elizabeth moaned loudly and used one of her hands to play with her tits while she used the other to run her fingers through Ronni’s still damp hair.

“Oh god, that feels so good! Go faster! Make me cum bitch!”

Elizabeth let go of Ronni’s head. “Don’t stop,” she warned.

Ronni kept going and Elizabeth reached down and began to play with her clit while Ronni fucked her throbbing pussy. She began to thrust up to meet the movements of Ronni’s tongue and moaned loudly, as her whole body became stiff. She felt the waves of her orgasm flow through her as she shook and her pussy juices flowed out all over the stool and Ronni’s face.

“I made a mess all over your pretty little face,” Elizabeth said happily.

“Yes Ma’am.”

Elizabeth helped Ronni to her feet and kissed and licked her cum off of Ronni’s face. “I’ll bet you want to cum now don’t you?”

“Yes Ma’am,” Ronni said eagerly.

“Well not yet.”

Ronni sighed in disappointment.

“Don’t worry, we’re going to have fun,” Elizabeth assured her. “Now go kneel in front of the bed. “

Ronni obeyed, and Elizabeth came up behind her and blindfolded her. Ronni let out a gasp.

“Trust me,” Elizabeth said. She went over to her bureau and pulled out a dildo. It was about 8” long and nice and thick. Just how she licked them. Elizabeth knew Ronni’s cunt was soaked so she wouldn’t need and lube. Elizabeth went up behind Ronni and bent her over the bed. She slid the dildo down her back and down her spread pussy slit. The head slid in her awaiting pussy easily and Ronni let out a gasp as she felt the object slid into her. Elizabeth pumped the toy in and out a few times, sliding it in a little farther each time. Finally Elizabeth slid it all the way into Ronni’s cunt and Ronni began breathing fast and moaning loudly. The cock filled her tight pussy and she screamed with pleasure as she neared orgasm.

“Are you going to cum soon?” asked Elizabeth.


Elizabeth slapped her on the ass.

“Yes Ma’am!”

Elizabeth withdrew the dildo and smiled as she heard Ronni whimper.

“Damn you! Why won’t you let me cum?”

“Excuse me bitch?” Elizabeth slapped her on the ass and smacked her spread pussy. “You better watch how you talk to me, or you won’t be cumming at all. Understand?”

“Yes Ma’am,” she sobbed.

“Good, now get up.”

Ronni struggled to her feet, her pussy juice running down her thighs.

“Now I am going to take the hand cuffs off of you, can you behave yourself?”

“Yes Ma’am.”

Elizabeth took the restraints off of Ronni and told her to stay put. Elizabeth went over to the bureau and pulled out a black harness. She slipped it on Ronni and picked up the dildo off of the bed.

“Clean this off,” Elizabeth demanded.

Ronni sucked the dildo clean and Elizabeth attached it to the harness.

“Lay down on the bed,” she commanded.

Elizabeth straddled her and slid her wet pussy down onto the dildo. She began riding the toy, slowly at first and then began bouncing up and down on top of Ronni. She grabbed Ronni’s hands and placed them over her tits. Ronni began to squeeze and pinch Elizabeth’s nipples while Elizabeth rode the cock faster and faster. She was getting close to cumming and told Ronni she wanted to be fucked. She rolled over on her back and Ronni knelt in front of her. Elizabeth put her legs up on Ronni’s shoulders and ordered her to fuck her. Ronni pounded the cock into Elizabeth’s tight pussy and felt Elizabeth’s body begin to shake. She arched her back and lifted herself up off of the bed as she came all over the dildo and the bed. Elizabeth collapsed back on the bed and Ronni began to take the harness off. Elizabeth jumped up and slapped her across the ass.

“Leave that on!” she demanded. Elizabeth got down onto her knees and cleaned all of her cum off of the toy. She slipped the harness off of Ronni and put it on herself. “So I guess you’re ready to cum right about now, huh?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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