CLUB SEX – The 25yo

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CLUB SEX – The 25yo

There’s a very special private club around, it’d meetings take place in a very secret place. It takes a lot to gain membership. You have to either have a lot of money AND a friend in the club OR you have to take part in the ceremonies for at least a year. Also you have to be willing to be a participant on the sidelines once things get going. Basically it starts out as a sex show, then turns into an all out orgy, while the show is still going. It’s always 1 show a night; it’s always a female at the center of attention. The age of the female always varies. They’ve gone old as 60 and as young as 10. The people in the audience are of the ages of 20 and up. The members are of all shapes and sizes. Ranging (for women) from the slim fashion model of 20yo and up. To the 400lb 20yo and up. Ranging (for men) to the well-built muscled 20yo and up. To 300lb 20yo and up. There are at least 40 – 60 members from all over. They get together once a month
There are always at least 30 members at each meeting.

We all meet at a specified place, from there we get onto a bus with blacked out windows and a kind of a wall in the front of the bus. The bus is pretty well sound proofed, so no one as any idea where the meeting hall is. There are about 12 buses each one holds 10 people comfortably, and each bus looks different.
It makes it so they can use a different mix of buses each time. The place we meet is always different for each meeting. That way people who get kicked out or chose to stop going can’t tell anyone where they were.

Basically the club has a team that goes out selects about 4 females; they watch them for a couple of weeks, learning their routines. When the always pick at least 4. So if something happens and they can’t get the first one they go to the next and so on. There are even a several more back-ups from previous times in case those 4 fall through. Anyway they have never had a bad show.
There are also guards around in case someone gets out of hand.

The basic rules are:

men, have to wear tuxedo’s, women have to wear elegant dresses.
(Not that it matters, it all comes off anyway, usually)

NO interfering with the show if you do your dealt with severally.

NO fighting of any kind, if you do, you get kicked out and lose membership.
This is supposed to be a place to enjoy yourself so do so.

The platform where the show is held is in the center of the room, and people sit around so everyone has a different view. There are all kind of things to lower form the ceiling. A little bed and there are all kinds of objects for helping. Dildos. Hand cuffs, whips, etc.

It starts with picking up the girl, once they get her in the “pick-up” van she gets blindfolded and gagged.
They get her to the prep room, where she gets in a sort of hypnosis. She gets so she’s at a peak of sexual turn-on. Every little touch brings her to a higher arousal, Most of the time it works, and when it doesn’t the woman gets it whether she wants it or not (Rape). The club has a very good hypnotist and the shows usually go great.

Tonight’s show was a 25yo very beautiful, long blond hair, a DD breast size, perfect little ass with long shapely legs.


They brought her out in her trance like state and wearing a long black robe. There were about 6 women bring her out all very good looking and nude. They run their hands all over her body caressing her everywhere. Then they slowly remove the robe, kissing and licking her neck, cheeks, back while the robe moves lower. You can hear her start to moan, and see the look on her face. That’s when one of the girls moves up to kiss her. You can see their lips meet, and it’s obvious the kiss is returned. It’s one of those deep kisses; you can tell their feeling each other’s tongue. When one girl finishes the kiss another moves up to trade places. The robe keeps getting lower and lower. Their sucking and licking her huge breasts all over, going to the nipples then moving on. The Star is really starting to get into it, she’s moaning louder and louder. The robe finally drops to the floor, and one of the girls moves right in. Burying her face right in the star’s pussy. You can tell by the reaction she giving a mouthful. You can see the back of her head moving like crazy.

The star (I might as well nickname her that) is moving her hips against the girls mouth. That’s when one of the girls gets behind her and starts tonguing her ass. It was now, one kissing her, one on each her breast while they themselves were rubbing there naked pussy’s against her leg, one on her knees in front licking furiously at Star’s pussy, one behind her on her knees licking and sucking her ass, and one behind her standing caressing Star’s back and kissing the back of neck. About every few minutes the girls would switch places with each other.

Star was starting to scream as the waves of pleasure, she broke away from the kiss, “OOHHHHHHHHH, UNNNNNNHHHHH, OH MY GOD, AAAHHHHHHNNNNNNNNNNNN” Star was bucking her hips back and forth against the invading tongues. Her orgasm hit like a tidal wave and lasted for several minutes. She must have gone through several mini-orgasms the way her body was moving. “OH GOD IT FEELS SO GOOD, UNNNNHHHHH OHHHHHHHHHH, OH YEAH, YEAH, ON MY GOD, AHHHHHHHHHH” Her head was way back here eyes clenched shut. Her whole body was moving in spasms. She kept screaming until she passed out. The 6 girls caught her before she fell and brought her over to the bed and laid her down on her back.

This was only the beginning, I had a wicked hard-on by now that was straining so hard against my pants it hurt. I looked around, by now several people were in various states of arousal. Most just masturbating. Many women casino şirketleri had their dress up and were playing with themselves and rubbing their breasts through their tops, while many men had pulled out their own tools and were jerking like crazy. I didn’t want to be left behind, so I followed suit. No sooner had I got my cock out then one woman came over and said “it’s about time, I’ve been eyeing you ever since you sat down.

The woman was in her fifty’s but she still had one hell of a figure. Her tit’s were huge probably more than a DDD. She didn’t waste any time, She pulled her top down exposing her beautiful breasts, lifted her dress up and sat right down on my cock, She may have been old but she sure had a tight pussy, I could feel her pussy tighten up and massage my cock as she started to ride me. My hands and mouth went right for her tits. I couldn’t get enough of them. She must have liked it because she cam right away, I could feel her orgasm around my cock. She didn’t stop for a second just kept moaning “OH that feels so good, I can’t believe I came already” with that she picked up the pace, I could feel my own orgasm building up, and quickly. She could also feel it, “OH, Yeah baby cum for me I can feel your cock swelling, cum for me, cum deep In my pussy, I’m going to cum with you baby, OH yeah” with that I unloaded, she felt to damn good. I came in an explosion, blasting her insides; I could feel her pussy tighten around my cock as her orgasm hit at the same time. “OH, OH YES BABY YES I CAN FEEL YOUR HOT CUM IN ME, I LOVE THE FEELING OF YOU CUMMING INSIDE ME, OHHHHHHHHHHHHH”

She leaned down and gave me a deep kiss letting her tongue move against mine. She said “thank you, that felt wonderful. She then got up and moved back to where she was originally sitting.

I looked around; a few others were doing what I had just done but not many. So I turned my attention back to the stage.

The action had started again, there as a guy on knees in front of Star, going to town on her pussy. You could see the back of his head moving all around as he had his tongue buried in soaking pussy. Star was moaning and moving her hips up to meet his thrusting tongue. She had her hands on his head pulling him into her, as moans of pleasure escaped her lips. I could hear her moaning louder and louder; she started begging him to fuck her over and over. “Oh, Oh, God Your Tongue Feels So Good, Uuuunhhhh, ohhhhhh, Yeah, I Want Your Cock, Please, FUCK ME, HOLY SHIT, FUCK ME”. With that he moved up with is cock in his hand. He had about 8” and was very thick. You could see her eyes get wide when she saw how thick it was.

He slowly inserted the tip, moving in and out going in deeper and deeper so she could adjust to his size. It wasn’t long before he was all the in and started moving faster and faster. Star was starting to get into it. She had brought her hands up behind his back pulling him into her. She was really moving her head back and forth now screaming louder and louder as her orgasm approached. You could see her hips thrusting up to meet his. “UHHHNNNNNN, OHHHHHHH, UUNNHHHHHHH, AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH”. She came again almost as powerful as the 1st one. When she finally came down the guy slowly got up and walked out. Star was just lying there; you could see her breathing heavy as those beautiful tits were rising up and down. It was quite a show, but I knew it was going to get better, it always did.

I look around again; people were in various states. Most were either naked now, mostly naked (dresses pulled with tops down, pants pulled down with shirts unbuttoned) or getting naked. I watch one lady (she was probably in her 40s and about 400lbs) in fascination as she pulled her nylons and panties off. Then she moved her dress right off so she was completely nude. She had huge set of tits unlike any I’d seen before that laid across her stomach. She pulled her legs up so she could start masturbating, The looked real sexy, I personally love women of all shape and sizes young and old, so I was really enjoying the scene.

I saw this other woman must have been in her mid 20s, she was pretty thin not much for tits, which looked great on her. She had one beautiful ass though, it was perfectly shaped. I watched her as she stood up to remove her dress. She bent down to pick it up and move it out of the way, when she bent over I got a perfect view. I could almost feel my tongue buried in her ass, or feel myself gripping her ass as sucked on her sweet pussy.

These two girls were going at it in a 69 position. There was a guy sucking on a transvestite’s cock, who I thought looked pretty hot also. People were positioning themselves all over the place. One girl was looked in her low 20s, was blowing a guy in his 60s. The sounds of sex were everywhere.

The action on the stage was resuming again. Star had a short little rest before she was being moved. Five guys came all of them naked, and sporting good size hard-on’s. There were a couple of 10” and the rest were around 8”. All of them were pretty thick to. The 5 guys surrounded her, when 7 girls came out. one got on her knees in front of Star going right to Star’s pussy with her tongue. Another got behind Star going right to her ass. The other 5 girls went to each guy, go on their knees, and went right for their cocks making sure they stayed good and hard.

One of the guys with a 10” moved over and laid on the bed. Star came over and straddled the guy, slowly going down on his cock inch by inch as it buried deeper into her pussy. When he was all the in, the 10” guy came over got behind her and slowly started to penetrate her hot ass. He moved in slowly, letting her get used to his size. When he was all the in he slowly started pumping in and.

Once the two guys were going at it in her, the other 3 positioned themselves around her. One in her mouth, and one for each hand. Star casino firmaları was really going at it

On the floor it was an all out orgy as people were watching the show, and each other. The woman, who just fucked me, had another woman who was around 30 eating out her pussy. The older lady was really moaning while grabbing the head of the younger one and pulling her in to her pussy. There was a another threesome going on, one women was on her back with another woman on all fours with her faced buried in the first in pussy licking and sucking the one on all fours had a guy behind her slamming his cock in and out like a dog in heat. It was like a little train. The one on her back was moving her body all around, I could tell she was cumming, she thrust her hips up into the other girl’s face almost screaming.

The lady that was big, was laying on her back, some guy had his face buried between her legs while another guy had his cock in her face moving it between her lips as massaged her huge tits. The large was moving her hips into the guy’s face; she was obviously getting ready to have an orgasm.

It was then that the skinny girl with the hot ass, came up to me, climbed the chair I was in and buried her pussy right in her in my face. I just grabbed her ass pulling her more in to my face as I buried my tongue deep in her pussy. She was loving it, running her fingers through my hair; Her eyes were closed as she was enjoying the sensations. I loved the feel of her tight ass in my hands, I starting rubbing down the crack of her ass. Running my fingers across her rear hole. She really liked that as she then turned around and shoved her ass against my tongue. “mmmm, oh you do that so well, I love the feeling of your tongue, ohhhhhhh, oh yeah, oh god yes, I want to feel your hard cock deep in my ass, I want feel you cum inside me.” With that she moved away from my face, and slowly sat down, guiding my cock to her tight ass.

I could feel her ass gripping my cock as she went down further and further. She finally got it all the way in, then moved half way up and held there. I took it as a cue and started moving it in out in nice fucking motion; I couldn’t believe how tight she felt. I reached up with one hand and started rubbing her tits, they were kind of small but her nipples were very sensitive, They felt great in my palm. It was then that another woman came up and put her face right up to this ones, and they shared a deep kiss. I could there was a lot of tongue action. The other woman started licking and sucking down across this one’s neck, between her tits, taking time with each nipple before going down to her pussy. As she buried her tongue I could feel this one tighten up, as her ass was spasming around my cock.

“Oh MY GOD YES, I’m cumming, oh yeah, OH GOD yes” Hearing her and feeling her, drove me over the edge, I buried my cock to the hilt as sprayed the inside of her ass, over and over. She got up and moved to the girl who just ate her out, and they started kissing heavy again running their hands all over each other’s body.

I looked back on stage and I could see them really going at it, The girl look as though she’s had a few orgasms and as on her way to more. You could hear her loud moans around the cock in her mouth. They were really giving her a treat.

When I looked around the room I noticed the shemale looking right at me. There was some girl sucking her cock, with a guy beneath her fucking her ass like there was no tomorrow. The scene really turned me on, I could feel my cock start to twitch, I walked over her (him) placing my half-hard cock in front of her. She looked up at me smiled and took my cock into her mouth. It took about 5 seconds for me to rock hard again. I couldn’t believe it, after cumming twice already I’m usually spent. This one knew how to suck; it was the best I’d ever had. She was really getting into it, she had a way of tightening her mouth for max effect at the same time running her tongue all around it.

I looked up and saw that the big woman was really enjoying her self, one guy had just cum in her mouth, I could see him taking his deflating cock out of her mouth, another guy was fucking her huge tits and another guy shoving his cock in her pussy. The guy fucking her tits was now starting to cum. I watched in fascination as her whole body moved as the guy was fucking her. You could see her fat moving back and forth adding to the scene. She was moaning pretty loud herself, driving her hip up against his thrusts. The guy that was fucking her tits had cum all over them and was getting off her. She was rubbing the cum all over self like a lotion, it seemed to turn her on a lot.

The girl (guy) that was sucking my cock was getting really loud. She started thrusting her hips driving her deep in the other girl’s mouth. At the same time the guy beneath her slammed is cock in her ass as far as it would go. I could tell they were both cumming, by the way her body was jerking like the life was being sucked out. When her orgasm subsided she my cock out of her mouth saying “I can tell there someone else you really want to fuck, go get her, we’ll have another chance some other time, but thank you, your cock tasted so sweet”. I leaned down and gave her a deep kiss, feeling that wonderful against mine was wonderful.

I looked back at the large woman, I could see her saying something to guy but I couldn’t quite hear what. The guy all of a sudden got up and moved to her tits, I could see her shaking no, but he wasn’t listening.
He placed his cock between her beautiful tits and started cumming just like the last guy had done. The guy got up totally spent. The woman looked over at me saw how hard I was; she almost had this pleading look.
I didn’t waste any time. I moved right over between her legs, I was about to go down on her, when I heard her say. “Fuck me, I want your cock now, güvenilir casino I need to feel your cock deep inside me” with that I put cock right at the tip of her pussy, then slammed in as far as I could go. It was obvious she was on the verge of a huge orgasm, the other guy left her like that. As soon as I was jamming my cock in and out, she started moaning and rubbing her huge tits. She was rubbing the cum from the last guy all over her tits like she did before. I couldn’t keep my eyes off her body as slammed into her. There was a huge ripple effect that went through her whole body. I loved the way her tits bounced back and forth.

It was then she went over the edge screaming “OHHHHHHH, OH YES, MMMMMM, I’M CUMMING, OH I WANT TO FEEL YOU CUM IN ME NO, PLEASE OH OOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHH GOD, I’M CUMMMMING, I’M CUMMMMING”. With that I blasted my load, I could feel her pussy tightening around my cock as wave after wave of pleasure hit her, I just kept pumping, while I unloaded deep inside her. I could tell she really loved the feeling of me blasting all over her insides “YES THAT’S IT, YES I CAN FEEL YOU CUMMING, OH GOD THAT OOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHHUUUNNNNHHHHHHH”

I moved up on top of her feeling her body against, damn those huge breasts felt good against me. I gave her a long deep kiss; she moved her hand to my head holding me there, not wanting to let go. I finally moved off her and laid next to her as, we watched the action on stage.

Star was starting to wear down, but I could tell she was determined to finish. The guys around her started to cum. First the two in back of her, they jammed their cocks deep inside while you could them convulsing, this drove Star to yet another orgasm. The 3 guys around in front of her, all came at the same time. The one she was giving head to, tighten his whole body as he drove cum loads into her mouth, she just swallowed as much as she could, the other 2 came all over her arm, face and down the sides of her chest. This drove her over the edge again pulling her back getting one last scream in before passing out.

You could hear moaning all over the place, women screaming as they hit their own orgasm. Men at the same time, were doing the same thing. People in all sorts of varied positions. I watched 2 women in a 69 position, going crazy as their bodies rubbed against each, grind their hips into one another enjoying what looked like multiple orgasms. There was another girl with 2 guys fucking her in each of her holes, making a great sandwich. I happen to notice one old lady, god she must have been in he 80s. She had a much younger girl between her legs licking and sucking away. When her orgasm she grabbed the younger girl by the hair pulling her in like her old life depended on it.

Watching the final part of the show and feeling this woman behind me as she rested her breasts against my back, drove me to yet another hard on. The woman behind (I found out her name was Kim the first name I’d heard all night), “mmmmm, your hard again, I’d love to feel that deep in my ass” I just looked her with huge grin “That sounds like a great idea”

She got up on all fours, I got behind her and as she moved her ass up I buried my face, and tongue against her unused hole. As I was bending over licking and sucking, I felt someone hands on hips, then a tongue in my own ass. I was ready to come up yet, so I enjoyed the sensation. I couldn’t believe how good it felt. The big girl was grinding her ass into my face; I kept thrusting my tongue deeper into her ass. I did have a little problem breathing so I just kept coming up for air. When I couldn’t wait anymore. The tongue in my ass made my cock ache, I finally moved and looked behind me.

The shemale was behind me just smiling when I looked at her. I could see she hard herself, I already knew what was coming. I didn’t care; watching everyone else had me to horny to give a fuck. I moved my cock to the Kim’s ass and placed it at the entrance. At first I slowly entered her, pushing part way, pulling back, a little deeper then I pulled back, It was then that I slammed it in as far as it would go. Kim was really enjoying the feel of my cock in her. As I was holding it there feeling the sensation of her tight ass, the one behind me moved up placed the head of “her” cock against my ass slowly started to enter, it hurt a little but I didn’t say anything, when she got the head of her cock just inside, she thrust forward driving it in as deep as it would go. At first all I felt was pain, but as I got used to the feeling, I started to enjoy it. She held her cock in place knowing I was pinned just letting me get used to the feeling.

She started slowly fucking me, at the same time I started doing the same Kim. It wasn’t to long before the girl behind me didn’t have to move, I would drive my ass up along her dick as I pulled out of Kim, and then as I drove into Kim, it come back out. The feeling of having something inside me was great. I could feel it up the inside of my cock, at same time I was feeling Kim’s ass gripping my cock, as I was moving in and out. I could hear Kim “OH god it’s been so long, you feel so good, your going to make me cum, I love having my ass fucked, ohhhhh, oohhhHHHHHH, FUCK ME HARDER, I’M GOING TO CUM”

I was the actually the first to cum, I was moving faster feeling both sensations. I couldn’t take it anymore I started cumming, moving my cock in and so as not end the feeling in my ass. Kim was the next to go. Screaming louder then before “OH I’M CUMMIG, HOLY SHIT I’M CUMMING, YES OH GOD YES
AHHHHHHHNNNNNNNNhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh” Just as Kim’s orgasm as subsiding, I could feel the cock in my ass start to swell, A few seconds latter she had her cock deep in me ass she was cumming. I couldn’t believe how good it felt. This may have been my first time with a shemale, but it wouldn’t be my last. I guess I could say the same thing for large woman, I’d never been with someone as big as her, but I’d knew I’d be doing it again.

As usual it was another awesome night at the club. I can hardly wait till we meet again.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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