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“It ain’t over till it’s over.” – Yogi Berra

Sharon said she wanted to meet so we could have “closure.”

I had no idea what there was left to accomplish after we had already met four times to get “closure.” No matter how many times we met, I would never get closure. I agreed just to be near her again, but I loathed myself and my love for her. So far, every time I walked into that restaurant, I went in full of self-righteous indignation, but as soon I saw her, it vanished. By the time we finished talking, I was seriously considering having her back in my life. I was one sick puppy.

Many guys wouldn’t think she was all that special. She was a mousy little thing that stood 5’2″, weight proportional to height, brown hair and eyes, and B cup flat. As a couple, I was the better-looking one. At least my sister certainly thought I was dating below my potential, with so many eligible women available. How did I know that? I heard her say so.

Once, while by my parents for a visit, I walked into the kitchen during the middle of a conversation between my sister and my mom. I overheard my sister tell my mother how much better I could do than mousy little Sharon. The sound of my presence informed them I had heard what had been said. With that, they looked up with guilty smiles and hushed up.

Self-consciously, I smiled back at them both and said, “I don’t know about that, Sis. I do know Sharon’s the only woman I’ve met so far who understands me. The stupid things I do at times she puts up with. She gets me. When we talk, we are on the same page. I don’t know…I feel a connection with her. When we are together, I feel good about it. I think I’m in love with her and am going to ask her to marry me.”

I was close to my family, but I wasn’t the type of guy that shared the personal stuff in my head with his mother or sister. But that day turned out to be one of those weird family moments were sharing some deep personal feelings with two of the most important women in my life totally blew their mind.

During my little admission, my mother and sister were silently communicating back and forth with the slightest of eye movements. My mother was glancing between my sister and me with the very slightest of smiles and a twinkle in her eyes but didn’t say a word. My sister was checking both my mother and me out.

Looking at mom, my sister’s expression was something that looked like a bad impression of a smirk on an embarrassed little girl.

When I finished playing, “true confessions,” I shrugged my shoulders, turned to my mother, and said, “Do we have anymore meatloaf?”

Anyway, all this just gives you a picture of where I was at and the opinions of my family before there was any need for any of this ‘closure’.

How did it get to that point? The short and sweet of it was after almost 2 years together as a couple moving in the direction of marriage, I caught Sharon kissing some guy while she was drunk enjoying a “girls’ night out.”

Honestly, it was just by chance. I got off work early, and a couple of guys said let’s go out for a beer. It was Friday evening, Sharon was out and about with her friends, so I figured why not. We went to this place I had never been before, and as soon as my eyes became accustomed to the dark, I saw them. It was some guy I’d never seen before and Sharon standing face to face near a set of tables pushed together with 15 or 20 people around. She had a drink in her hand as did he. He was leaning down, saying something to her, and she was hanging on to every word like it was the most damn amazing thing she’d ever heard. But that’s not what sent me over the top.

For a moment neither spoke only looking into each other’s eyes and smiling. I guess Sharon’s smile was all the motivation her workmate needed. He placed his drink on the table, put his arms around her and pulled her close, and kissed her. Much to my chagrin, Sharon closed her eyes and kissed him back. This was the point at which I lost my mind.

I was so out of control at that sight; I could have strangled her to death right then. Then the involuntary voice in my head said to assure me, “It’s fine. She’s dead now, so just walk.” So much for the voice of reason.

But I wasn’t in the mood for any lucid, rational thought. Fuck this.

And then darkness fell.

Not a good place for any man to be in. Ever. Anger so hot, it destroys the perceptions surrounding them. The place. The people. The event. Gone.

Anger that demands action with no thought of consequences and that action is justice in pain perceived.

Before that notion was complete, I was walking briskly over to confront her cheating ass. Sharon was going to have a girl’s night out to remember.

Some of her friends who knew me knew and observed the whole interaction began shouting to get Sharon’s attention, but my drunken soon to be ex-girlfriend was too busy exchanging spit to notice until one of her friends shoved her shoulder breaking their embrace and pointed illegal bahis in my direction.

They both turned to my direction to see what was up when the light bulb went on. By the time I reached them, she was still in his arms, but their expressions were a mask of pure panic as I saw Sharon say, “My boyfriend…”.

I couldn’t think straight, I couldn’t see straight, and I was so blinded with rage that I was ready to make war. I wanted blood, guts, and veins in my teeth war. By the time I was standing right next to them. A couple of her girlfriends had moved between us, and all her workmates were waiting to see what I was going to do. I paused a moment to look at everyone and hadn’t realized the friends I came in with were standing behind me.

My friend Brad who knew Sharon was my longtime girlfriend put his hand gently on my shoulder and became the voice of reason, “Jesus Christ Dave, don’t do it, man. You’ll go to jail tonight and lose your fucking security clearance.” Then he looked with disgust at Sharon, “She’s not worth your job.”

Next thing I knew my other friend Sam was standing by my other side, “Dave man, seriously, let’s get the fuck outta here…” I briefly swiveled my head back and forth or between my two friends. The concerned sympathy in their faces hurt. These two good friends of mine were trying to save me from doing something stupid.

When I looked around it appeared as if everyone in the pub was waiting for the show to begin. I let out a deep breath and with it some of the pain. Enough to allow me to see the situation getting out of hand, but I had the control. Looking down at Sharon, the answer to the equation became clear. Cut bait.

The guy had no clue what was going to happen next, but he wisely backed away from Sharon. I moved next to him and put a heavy hand on his shoulder. I wasn’t pissed at him. He was just a prop now.

When he turned to face me, I spoke like one friend to another loud enough for all to hear, “Careful man, not sure I’d go down on her junk, who knows what STD she has this week. At least wear protection. For safety sake…you know…just a heads up.”

Sharon was terrified. Mixed with that were some drunken despair, confusion, and shock. Not a pretty picture. Still, with a firm grip on her boyfriend’s shoulder, I said, “I was with this cow here for almost 2 years until today. Steady. Well, she’s all yours now. Good luck, buddy.”

Turning to Sharon, I shook my head, then looked into her face, and flatly said, “Sharon…fuck you bitch. Don’t come to the apartment tonight. Tomorrow you’ll find all your shit in bags by the dumpster. “

Looking at her and thumbing to her new boyfriend I suggested, “Maybe this guy can help you with your things. ”

Then looking at the boyfriend, I winked, “Hey man, help her move, and she’ll fuck you. She’s easy like that.”

Looking at them both, there was nothing left to say, I looked at the floor and shook my head in disgust. As I turned to go, I left her with a final thought, “Fuck you and die Sharon. Never fucking contact me again!”

That was how I ended it.

It was perfect. Perfect except for one small fact. That fact being that Sharon was not co-operating with my brilliant, “Fuck you and die” exit strategy.

Sharon’s girlfriends reacted differently to tonight’s entertainment. Some rolled their eyes; others giggled, a few were laughing out loud, and one of the older managers from her office sort of winced at the entire performance of his staff before ordering another double. As long as there was no trouble, it was better to turn a blind eye to these young kids joining the workforce and their boyfriend nonsense.

A more mature woman who worked with Sharon took charge by pulling the slightly smashed Sharon aside and away from the center of attraction, took her drink away, and look Sharon over to make sure she was presentable. She was kind but not sympathetic to Sharon’s stupid behavior in front of those in management. She even got my cell phone number from Sharon and called me to tell me what happened that night and explain Sharon’s behavior.

Basically, the long and short of it was Sharon kissed a guy from work after drinking too much.

Sharon and I both worked for different branches of the Federal Government, which prided themselves on their “code of conduct.” Any behavior that could be considered embarrassing to the individual could be considered embarrassing to these Agencies.

Making a spectacle of oneself at one of these, “after-work-get-togethers” was professional suicide. One of the women later told Sharon privately she may have hurt her professional work reputation that night with some of the managers attending.

Of course, Sharon and her new boyfriend wouldn’t lose their jobs. It was worse. Both would just remain at the same level forever, never to get a chance to advance their career. The only way around that was to request an internal transfer to another office. In another city.

And after illegal bahis siteleri my tough-guy performance in the bar telling Sharon not to come to the apartment that night, she did exactly what women fucking do. She didn’t listen and came home. Didn’t she recognize how dangerous I could be?

Okay, I’m 5’11” and about 195 lbs. Solid and not afraid to take a punch. I was 7 inches taller and almost 100 lbs. heavier than her. I was sitting on the couch stewing with a beer in my hand watching a blank TV screen when I heard her use her key, open the front door, and came in.

I couldn’t believe it. Who did she think she was?

This pathetic excuse for a woman had me so twisted up inside I was ready to kill her. I would have fed her to sharks if I could have. I felt like pushing her out a plane at 20,000 feet. I felt like pouring a can of gasoline on her and then lighting her on fire. She must have been insane.

Looking at her, I was disgusted with myself. What was a matter with me? Everything I wanted from a woman was in that little mouse of a girl. What was this wretched diminutive nothing I fell in love with doing here? She was standing with her back to the door she had just closed and was now facing me with a troubled look and hands behind her back.

I told her with as much control as I could, “Just leave…”

Do you know what that bitch did? She took 3 steps towards me.

“G-d dammit Sharon, I’m not kidding…get the hell out of here now!”

Never taking her sad, hurt little girl’s eyes off of me, she slowly took 3 measured steps closer.

I thought I was going to blow a fuse! This was total disrespect. This woman didn’t know me at all. I couldn’t help myself and said some things. I was so angry with her I couldn’t speak properly.

“What the fuck are you doing here? Go on. Get out, I told you not to come back here. You get the fuck out of our apartment right now! I’m warning you… you piece of cheating… no good nothing… you’re a bad woman who would never make a proper wife!”

Next thing, Sharon was standing by me. What in the fuck was her problem? I couldn’t tell you. Things just went weird from there.

Never taking her eyes off of mine, Sharon reached out with her hand and gently placed her right index finger on my forearm arm. Then without a word and with a humbled expression, she started to move her index finger gently and slowly, back and forth across my forearm.

I felt like jumping up and punching that bitch right in her face. This woman had no idea how dangerous a man like I could be. She didn’t know me at all.

She leaned in, bent down, and calmly softly spoke in my ear, “I’m going to sit in your lap now.”

Still keeping eye contact, she moved forward in front of me. Her eyes fell while she studied my lap a moment. And then like some kitty-cat, she curled up into my lap, and then gently wrapped her arms around my neck moving slightly until she was comfortable just right.

I could not figure out what had just happened. Damn it! I am the man in this house. I told her to leave. I’m bigger and stronger than her. She should be afraid. Couldn’t she see how much danger she was in? Or at least potentially in…

Damn her to hell! She felt so small and fragile with her arms wrapped around my neck. Her hair smelled of some women’s fragrant shampoo conditioner stuff that was giving me a hard-on and all of a sudden; I wanted to hurt her. I wanted to hold her down and rape her every way I could.

She must have felt my erection pressing against her through my pants because she got up and stood in front of me. Never changing that lost expression in her eyes, she started taking off her clothes, tossing them aside without a care. When she was completely nude, she paused a moment to allow me to see her nakedness, and then she slowly twisted herself into a curl back into my lap.

Touching her body was always a turn on for me. Touching her body without her clothes on was intoxicating. The closeness, the heat, the smell… it was taking a drug.

The witch finally spoke, “I’m sorry what I did tonight. I belong to you, okay? No one else. I mean that.”

“Didn’t look that way tonight…” Just that thought of seeing her kiss that guy tonight ruined any sex thing I had going on, and I felt like tossing her ass off my lap on to the floor. “Fuck you, Sharon; this isn’t working for me. Just get up and get your cheating AIDS-infected ass out here. Please…damn it…just go…away.”

Sharon pulled herself closer to me with her arms wrapped now tightly around my neck and breathed in my ear, “Well, that’s not going to happen tonight. Deal with it. I’m not leaving you like this.”

This woman had no respect for me, most likely a whore, and average at best. What did she think? Her pussy was made out of gold. And with the thought of her pussy, I wanted to touch it. Suddenly I wanted to feel my finger in her, and I did.

And she let me. What a fucking whore. Sharon opened canlı bahis siteleri herself up willing and let me use her. I loved touching her and watching her respond. When I felt her become moist, I brought my finger back and inhaled her scent. She watched my face without any expression, then took my hand and gently brought it between her legs again.

With that, I wrapped my arms around her and lifted her with me in my arms as I stood. I turned around and gently seated her down, facing me. I needed to suck her off, and she knew it too. I needed to make use of her body. We were good like that as a couple. All it took was a look from me, and she was ready to go.

Seriously. Any time or any place. Even if she had something else to do, she would give herself to me like that. It was magic. It was also the reason I wanted to kill her. She was mine. I hadn’t put a ring on it yet, but she was mine.

But after tonight? That was too much. I went from wanting to go down on her to throw her out of the apartment on her ass. I backed up and said, “Sharon, go away. I am so hurt and angry with you now…you piece of shit don’t you see I am trying so hard to control my anger here…please if you ever had any feelings for me at all…go to your boyfriend from work and die.”

With that, she spread her legs even wider, she curled her index finger, inviting me over and said, “You are the only man that has ever touched me. Ever. Can you say the same? Tonight, I drank too much, Dave. This guy at work said a lot of nice things no one else besides you have ever said. I know I’m not beautiful, but he said I was. He said I looked “hot” tonight. You’re the only man beside him that ever said that to me. I know it was his bullshit, but I wanted to hear it. I want men to think I’m attractive…”

Oh shit, then the tears came. “Dave, I don’t even know why we are together as a couple. You could do better than me, you know, right? You have no idea how lucky I feel that you allowed me in your life. You’re the best thing that ever happened to me. I even overheard my girlfriends speaking when they didn’t know I was listening said, “Can you believe Sharon’s boyfriend? What is he doing with her? ”

Then looking down at her naked self, “Those words hurt, but I know it true. Who would want me anyway besides you?”

At that, she completely broke down in front of me. I had never seen her like this before. Every bit of anger in me froze. It didn’t go away. It just went someplace else in my head to be reviewed at a later date. No matter how angry I was at the moment, I hated to see her like this. Broken. Crying. Didn’t the silly little bitch know I loved her just the way she was? With that, I did what I wanted to do anyway.

I got down on my knees and made love to her with my mouth. I loved making out with her pussy. Also, her ass. I loved licking her ass. Okay, I’m freaky like that. When I stood up, she didn’t waste time. Sharon stood and without a word stripped me of my clothes and then pushed me to sit where she had been and climbed on top.

I was already hard and never taking her eyes off of mine, Sharon climbed on and said, “Don’t move. I just want to feel you inside me.” So, there we were. Eye to eye, not moving, connected. I couldn’t help myself and wanted the friction, but she begged no. “No, please, I want to feel full like this forever.” I suppose it was a woman thing, but I didn’t move.

She bent down and start sucking on my neck, hard, marking me, and when she stopped, she pleaded her case, “Please don’t leave me because I kissed that guy. I was drinking, and he made me feel attractive, and I let him kiss me. You don’t understand because you’re so handsome Davey and I’m so plain. When you think I don’t notice, I’ve seen you looking at other women at times.

Worse, I also see other women look at you. I can see it in their faces they would take you from me if they could. The idea that you would leave me for another woman has me recently always in a state of panic. I was going out of my mind. It got so bad I finally went to my doctor, and she prescribed some anxiety medication I’ve been taking for a couple of weeks. I didn’t say anything because I was afraid you would leave me. After tonight I wouldn’t blame you if you did.

That idiot from work tonight was saying so many nice things about how beautiful I was…things you say but…I feel so unattractive sometimes…I know it was wrong, but I let him kiss me…because…I was stupid. When I saw you, I was so ashamed of myself. Don’t hate me and please don’t leave me for being stupid tonight. I would die without you because I love you with all my heart.”

Didn’t this silly bitch know me at all? I wanted to share the rest of my life with her. She was my dream girl and I wanted to lay pearls at her feet. What was I going to do now? Get some closure. So, we fucked until sunrise and then fucked some more.

That was 4 days ago. We were still living together in the same apartment, sharing the same expenses, and living our lives the same as before. Except every evening I come home she wants closure.


I want to give a shout out and thanks to ‘luedon’ for taking the time to review, give insightful comments and edit this story of mine.

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