Close to the Heart Pt. 06

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Derek slid down, picking up speed, until hit the water with a splash.

Surfacing, he treaded water with his legs as he cleared his eyes and moved his wet hair from his face, before swimming back over to Leanne and hanging from her nipple ring, resting his legs.

“Again, Honey?” she checked.

Derek nodded. “Yeah. Are you sure you’re not bored? This can’t be very fun for you.”

Leanne smiled and grasped him from where he was hanging off of her piercing, moving him to sit on her shoulder. “I’m relaxing in the bath, Derek. I’ll bring you up as many times as you want.”

Derek leaned in and kissed the tip of her nose. “I appreciate that,” he confided, then with a shout scooted himself off to slide down the curve of her slippery breast, getting a fraction of a second of airtime before impacting the water.

Leanne watched him swim back to her with a content smile. Using her tits as waterslides, well… the thought had never occurred to her. She’d thought Derek would do it only once or twice, but he’d been sliding down her chest over and over for nearly twenty-five minutes, now.

She waited until she felt the tug of her piercing, and enjoyed the pull for a moment as Derek hung from it.

She scooped him again from the water, and held him close as she leaned forward to put more hot water into the tub. It was getting a little tepid.

She leaned back, and looked down at the man she was holding close to her heart. “I don’t get it, Honey. I don’t mind, don’t get me wrong, but I just don’t get why you’re liking this so much. Help me understand the appeal.”

Derek looked down for a bit. “When I was little, my parents used to take me to the Waterpark all the time. That one on 45th? Yeah, that one. We’d spend a Saturday there as a family at least once a month. When they died, I didn’t get to go anymore, and then I was an adult and not only do they not let adults on the slide, but a single grown man all by himself playing in the pool with children, well, that gets the cops called.”

Leanne nodded, absorbing the sad information. When the water was warm again, she turned off the faucet, smeared a new layer of bath oils on her breasts, and set Derek on her shoulder. He shot down her left boob with a ‘Yahoo!’, jumping off at the end to get even more airtime.

Leanne enjoyed the joy on his face as he swam back to her for another go. Her man was going to get to play on the slides as long as he damn well pleased, and that was that.


Leanne grasped the bars of her headboard tightly. Her ankles were secured to the footboard by a couple of Derek’s old neckties, but her hand restraints had to be symbolic. She had to be able to rescue him at a moment’s notice, just in case.

A long, fine chain was clipped to both of her piercings, and it draped down her belly, over her paunch, and she felt the tugs and pulls as Derek used the middle of the chain to pull himself in and out of her.

It was a stunning display of athleticism on his part. He’d achieved a very fluid rhythm, darting most of his body through her lips and into her grasping tunnel, then smoothly pulling himself out until his feet were barely inside of her, only to dart in again.

Leanne mewled. It was feeling so good, both the penetration that she wasn’t controlling, and the pulling of her nipples. It was also an entertaining game, trying to catch and hold his body with her vaginal muscles alone, but she never quite got a good enough grasp.

Feeling the buildup rise, the pressure build, Leanne cheated. Her hips rose from the bed, her large bottom lifting from the mattress, and she used gravity to help her catch her man.

That little instant more was all she needed to get a good grip, and her cunt rippled and undulated as she wetly came, trying to drag him inside. He held the chain firm, and she didn’t quite succeed in completely taking him in, but she had ahold of enough of his body to make it feel so, so good.

Derek scissor-kicked his legs as much as he was able against her clenching walls, for no other reason than that she’d admitted to him it made it better for her to feel him move.

She came down, and eased her pelvis back down to the bed, her pussy still randomly squeezing in aftershocks. She felt Derek slide out from her, now that he was able to escape her greedy cunt-hole, and then he was walking up her body toward her face.

His head, his hair, his gorgeous arms and pecs, they were dry. From his armpits down, however, he was coated in her glaze. Derek left wet footprints on her skin as he walked over the hill of her lower belly, down the inversion where her bellybutton lay, up the hill of her upper belly. Then he was marching across her sternum between her breasts to point a tiny accusing finger at her nose.

“You cheated,” he flatly scolded.

Leanne shifted her shoulders minutely, guiltily, and turned her head away from him a hair. “I did,” she admitted. “Was I a bad girl?”

“Very bad. Cheating is wrong, Leanne. Now you’re going to get punished.”

Derek casino oyna marched up to her face, until he was right against her nose. Then he swiped his hand down his abs, removing a swath of her leavings, and wiped it all off on the inside of her lower lip.

Leanne made a disgusted face as he turned around, marched back to the middle of her sternum, and sat facing her. She was forced to watch as he cleaned himself a little at a time by expident of moving it from his body to his mouth. One handful at a time.

Once, Leanne had wondered at some of the things that happened in porn, wondered how anyone could find some of it sexy. The one that always really bothered her was when the woman would get the guy’s cum all over her face, and act like she was enjoying the taste of it. How was that sexy?

Leanne understood now. Watching Derek enjoy the taste of her pussy, watching him eat her cum, it was a huge turn on. Her right hand began to loosen its grip.

Derek snapped his hand up to point at it, and she hurriedly reaffirmed her grip.

“Do you want more in your mouth, Leanne? Are you asking for more punishment? Because if one of your hands leave that headboard, I’m going to dip my legs in your mouth and make you lick it off.”

Leanne muttered, “Sorry, Sir.”

Derek stood and made an abrupt turn, walking up the hill of her left breast, then down to her nipple. She felt the pulling as he used the ring as a handle, and the sensations of his dick sliding inside the center divot, and the compression of her nipple as Derek fucked it.

It was as close to being dominated by a man who was only half a foot tall as they could manage, but it worked for them. Sometimes Leanne just needed for Derek to be the one in control.


“This was such a bad idea,” Leanne breathed.

She never should have told Derek about her danger-slut cunt-hole. She just didn’t want any secrets between them.

It was their three year anniversary of meeting each other, and Derek had remembered that she confessed that she had the strongest orgasm she’d ever experienced, when she was trying to get off of the freeway to save him from her murderous pussy.

So now she was driving down the freeway, her boyfriend’s legs in her too wet pussy, and he was working over her clit like he had something to prove.

Leanne reaffirmed her grip on the wheel and breathed deeply, but the exhale came out in a long, torturous moan.

She was determined to fight it. She’d let him work for awhile, tell him she was just too scared to get off, and strap him into one of his helmets at home.

At least, that was her plan.

Leanne wondered what was wrong with her that the fear elevated it all. Was it because of the adrenaline? If that was the case, riding a rollercoaster with him in his pussy-surviving apparatus was a much, much better idea.

She bit her lip, nearly hard enough to draw blood. Already she could feel the fear-sweat leaking from her pores. Her underarms and beneath her breasts felt very wet.

She tried to think unsexy thoughts, but she knew nothing about baseball. Derek dug his stupidly talented fingers beneath her clitoral hood, and Leanne lost it.

The sound that came from her throat scared her, a little. A sharp exhale nearly in the shape of a word, incredibly loud in the SUV. She fought it, but she was past the point of no return. Her toes curled as she strained to hold it back for any additional seconds that she could, and then she was squeezing.

She felt Derek slide into her hungry orifice, even as he scrambled to try and keep himself out. Leanne grit her teeth, delaying any more clenching, and succeeded for about a second and a half.

The delay made the next slurp incredibly satisfying. Was that it? Did she just need to hold back her Kegels as long as she could? They could do this at home. They should be doing this at home.

She could feel Derek bracing himself with his arms out to the sides, his limbs sinking into the plump, soft flesh of her pussy lips. It worked for a single pull, and Leanne screamed at how good it felt to pull him inside more on the next one, how good it felt as his feet kicked across her walls looking for a foothold that the slippery, spongy insides of her cunt denied him.

Leanne started looking for a way to get into the exit lane. This had gone on long enough. She spread her thighs apart as far as she could, slouched a little further down in her seat. She wiped the sweat from her forehead with a shaking palm.

Another exit went by that she was unable to get on. She couldn’t talk to him, to reassure him that she was ending this. He wouldn’t be able to hear her, and she wasn’t sure she could make intelligible sounds. She glanced at her groin, and she couldn’t even tell he was in there by sight alone.

Still, she fought every convulsion of her psychotic vagina. Another involuntary squeeze happened that she just couldn’t stop, and Derek’s arms were flailing between her lips.

Why did it have slot oyna to feel so good? A growing part of her wanted to just give in. Let her pussy do what it wants, pinch and pull her nipples through her blouse, and let the mother of all orgasms take her.

The feeling of Derek’s arms as they moved up and down her labia added stimulation she did not want or need right then. He’d accidentally bump her clit, so close to her opening, and when he pried apart her meat flaps to breath air it became a nearly insurmountable urge to pull him the rest of the way inside.

One little squeeze. That would be all it would take. One little squeeze, and she’d have Derek inside her all the way. She’d be able to feel every frantic movement, every struggle as he fought with his entire body to escape, but would only succeed in making it feel better for her.

Another exit went by, and she still couldn’t get in the right lane. Her turn signal had been on for minutes and minutes, yet no one was letting her in. Every exhale Leanne had came out in a pleading tone, and she was no longer able to control her breath. Her panting came rapidly as the oncoming explosion was nearing. She couldn’t hold it back for much longer.

“No!” she shouted, even as she felt that final convulsion happen that would kick off the chain reaction. Derek slipped all the way in, and her pussy quivered and squeezed, dragging him back until she could feel his feet on her cervix. He kept moving, his entire body wiggling and kicking and punching and clawing and…

None of it hurt her. None of it stopped the WMD of orgasms from continuing. Didn’t even slow it down. As a matter of fact, all that effort accomplished was to make Leanne involuntarily milk his body harder.

She still couldn’t get into the right lane! Her boyfriend was drowning in her pussy, and she couldn’t get him out!

The sheer wetness Leanne unleashed as she came and came in the endless orgasm quickly soaked through her panties, then through her pants, and began to soak into her seat. Unable to stop herself, she grasped one of her nipples, squeezing as hard as she could and almost trying to twist it off.

He’s going to die in there, Leanne despaired. He’s going to die because I can’t stop cumming.

She noticed his struggling become weaker. He didn’t wiggle as hard, didn’t strike her walls with as much force. Her cervical opening mouthed at his foot, and he didn’t pull it away. Leanne was still locked into her mighty orgasm, and was still moving far too fast on the freeway.

It was like Leanne’s cunt was sucking the life out of him to provide the energy to continue her mighty orgasm. She had to get him out before it was too late.

Still, she kept cumming. Her vaginal muscles were straining so hard on every pulse that it was beginning to be painful to Leanne. Her cream squeezed out in bursts that matched her rapid heartbeat.

Then she felt Derek go limp. He wasn’t fighting the churning as her pussy chewed its hard-won meal. Leanne hoped he was conserving his oxygen, but couldn’t rely on that. She had to do something extremely risky to save him.

She braced her knee against the steering wheel, and forced her clumsy fingers to get her slacks undone and the zipper down. Scream-panting as her orgasm continued unabated, Leanne forced her pants and underwear down her thighs and went in after her stupid boyfriend.

She fished with her fingers in her hole, fighting against the walls as they tried to close on her. She eventually got ahold of Derek’s arm, and tried to ease him out without breaking any bones in her grip.

She fought against herself to maneuver him free, and it took a long moment that stimulated her more from the friction, but she got him out. She saved him.

Derek began coughing the moment his head was out of her flooding tunnel, and she draped his dripping wet body over her bare thigh as he emptied his lungs of her fluid.

“You gonna live?”

Derek coughed some more. “Yeah. Yeah, I’ll live.”

“And your arm? Is your arm okay?”

Derek touched his forearm and winced. “Gonna bruise pretty bad, but I don’t think it’s broken… You sound pretty mad.”

Leanne glanced at him still draped over her thigh, and briefly considered spanking him. Instead she picked him up and slid his heavily lubricated body into his spot between her tits. “I am angry,” she admitted.

“Oh. I’m sorry?” he tried.

“I’m angry at myself for almost killing you. Again. Even though I knew better than to try this. I’m angry at you for talking me into letting you take this adventure. Even though you know my pussy tries to murder you every time she can. I’m angry that I had to use both of my hands to save you while driving a moving vehicle at eighty miles an hour and having a world-breaker of an orgasm at the same time. I’m angry that I’m going to have to pay a stranger to clean the pussy juice soaked into the upholstery. I’m angry that you’re soaked in my cum, and I have to smell that until we get home. Most of all, Derek, I’m angry canlı casino siteleri because I’m driving on the freeway with my pants halfway down and I’m Still. Fucking. Cumming.”

“Oh,” Derek stated dumbly. “That’s angry.”

Leanne agreed, “I’m angry enough that I’m considering making you try this again at home the next time I’m having my period.”

“Oh,” Derek stated dumbly one more time, and wisely kept his mouth shut afterward.

“I still love you madly, Derek, but I need you to not talk to me for awhile. Maybe you should reflect on how your sense of adventure almost made me kill you.”


Leanne woke to her alarm, and she carefully reached out and silenced it. She ran her hand down the side of her breast until her palm was on her nipple, then she sank her fingers into the soft flesh and peeled her top breast up, searching her bottom one for Derek’s form.

It wasn’t until she’d searched nearly the entirety of that boob that she remembered they were sleeping apart for now.

Derek was sure she was still angry at him, Leanne was fairly certain of that. The truth was that she’d forgiven him his share of the blame before they’d even gotten home.

Her own share, though… that was a different story.

She was the one with all the power. She tried very hard… very, very hard not to abuse her position over Derek, but she’d failed at protecting him. Had caused him an ugly injury because she did more thinking with her uterus than her brain.

She couldn’t stand the sight of his arm, with the big black bruises that matched the shape of her thumb and finger. Her guilt was all-consuming over that incident.

But it had been a week, and not only couldn’t she keep avoiding him, but she had to put this behind her. Get back to normal.

Most importantly, she had to stop Derek from thinking she was angry with him.

Had she given him those bruises in anger, she’d never, ever forgive herself. She knew that in her soul.

But how to mend that bridge? How to show him she was sorry for avoiding the sight of him as much as she could?

A gesture. Some kind of gesture.

Leanne rolled out of bed with a plan. It wasn’t a complex plan, but it was a plan.

The first thing she did was thoroughly brush her teeth, and gargle mouthwash. The next thing certainly wasn’t to put any clothing on her body.

She creeped into Derek’s workroom as silently as she could manage, and eased herself over to where his doll bed laid.

He looked so peaceful in sleep. Even younger than he normally did, and he normally looked pretty darn young. Leanne grasped his sheets and pulled them from his sleeping form.

His bruise made her cringe. It was still mostly black, but there were healing greens creeping in, too. She made the effort to put it out of her mind for now.

She heaved her breasts up and gently set them on his table, right next to his bed. Then came the difficult part.

Without waking him, she used both of her hands to carefully transfer his sleeping body to lie on top of the divide between her breasts, using her elbows to keep them pressed together.

He seemed to be in the right position, and hadn’t woke yet. Time for the next step.

Leanne leaned her head down, and licked his erection with the tip of her tongue. Just his dick. Then she did it again.

As far as Leanne knew, nothing said ‘I’m sorry’ like being woken up with a blowjob. Or at least as close of a blowjob as she could manage.

Derek woke up to find himself laying on the dip between Leanne’s enormous breasts, her giant face looming over him and her tongue determinedly working over his morning wood.

He didn’t know what to say, so he settled on “I love you,” and settled back into the soft warmth of her tits and enjoyed her attentions.

It didn’t take long before Derek was cumming, shooting his load all over his chest. With one lick up his torso, Leanne cleaned it off, and a second lick just to make sure.

Derek beckoned her face closer, and ran his hands over her cheekbones. “I’m sorry I ruined our anniversary.”

Leanne shook her head minutely. “No. I’m sorry. I’m not even mad about that, not any more. This all me, and my guilt over your arm.”

Derek lifted the bruised appendage and looked it over. “Okay, if you need forgiveness, then I forgive you. I’d rather deal with a bruise than drowning to death. It’s like that CPR class you took, remember? Chest compressions can break ribs. Those people would rather be alive with broken ribs than dead and without. Besides, my arm might look awful, but it’s really not as bad as it looks.”

“I miss you,” the giantess tearfully confessed.

“I’ve missed you too. Does this mean I’m out of the doghouse and we can sleep together again?”

Leanne opened her mouth to correct him about just why he was in his own bed, then just decided to let it go. “I’m looking forward to it. C’mon, Sweetie. What sounds good for breakfast?”


“Honey? There’s a package for you.”

Derek spun his chair away from his desk, and took a good look at the small cardboard box in Leanne’s hands. He took a deep breath, wiped his suddenly damp hands on his pants, and walked to the edge of his table.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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