Cleaner On The Menu

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It was another Wednesday like any other. Today was my day off, a study day from sixth form, not that I’d do much. I got up out of bed to an empty house and walked naked to the bathroom to take my morning trip. I finished up and turned to look in the mirror. I looked at my cock; it was looking rather big this morning for some reason. I gently stroked it from base to tip making it slightly hard. I decided I’d start the day with a little ‘how’s your father’ so I headed back to my bedroom. I got under my covers and started to picture the scene. My cock was soon rock hard and I was pumping it for all I was worth.

Down stairs Melissa (our cleaning lady) had let her self in. Melissa is about 40 years old with dark eyes and long brown hair. She’s a little on the plump side with a curvy figure. She looks a little old in the face but at the same time looks sexy. She has one of the nicest pair of breasts I’ve ever seen on a woman her age. I would hazard a guess at them being around the 40 g mark. When she cleans the house she usually wears a pair of flip-flops, some leggings and a fairly tight t-shirt.

I hadn’t heard Melissa come in so I carried on going for it. My cock was making a big tent in the duvet as I moved my hand up and down the long thick shaft. Melissa must have heard something because she came up stairs. I heard her walking down the landing and it quickly clicked that today was cleaning day. I stopped what I was doing and tried to hide my big cock under the thin sheets. Melissa came through the door and looked over to my bed.

‘Sorry, I didn’t think anybody was in’ Melissa said taking one last look at me under the sheets she walked out again. I decided at that point that I may as well put some undies on and go and make a cup of tea. I went down güvenilir bahis stair and there was Mel in the Kitchen making a cup of tea. ‘I thought you might like one’ Mel said. I noticed her looking down my body and my still half swollen cock under my thin boxer shorts. I told Mel I was going to take a quick shower and then start my revision.

I got in the shower and started the water. I started to soap myself all over paying particular attention to my hanging cock. I noticed that the door had slipped open slightly. Through the crack I could just make out the figure of Mel. I started the show and soap my long cock until it was hard. I then let the water wash all the traces of soap off my body. The door quietly slipped shut and so I got out and towelled myself off. I went about my business getting dressed and starting my revision.

It was my rooms turn for cleaning. Mel walked in looking a little flushed. I noticed I could see her nipples through the material of her t-shirt and realised that she wasn’t wearing a bra anymore. I watched as her heaving chest swayed with every step. I’m not sure what came over me but seeing those swaying breasts and round bum made me extremely aroused. I looked Mel up and down, seeing her in a totally different light. Her large nipples, firm bum and shapely figure even her painted toes.

My cock started to get really hard and I couldn’t control it. Mel took one look at my problem and started polishing the worktop I was sat at. I looked at Mel and saw the fire in her eyes. With that she stopped cleaning and reached for my crotch. She pulled furiously at my shorts and eventually pulled my rock solid, bigger then ever cock out into the open. I watch her breasts sway furiously as she freed my member. Without any word of warning türkçe bahis she slid her hot mouth down onto my shaft. She started at the top, wetting the end and slowly moved further down. My cock was stretching her mouth wide open and when it got to about 4 inch’s she couldn’t go down any further.

Mel then slid off my cock and leaned back to remove her t-shirt. Her breasts released from the thin material and bounced to their normal position. She returned to my cock, licking and sucking furiously. She massaged my balls with one hand and started a rhythm with the other on my thick cock. My balls were extra heavy and soon started to twitch in her hand. I told her to stop but she told me she wanted the first lot of cum in her mouth. With that I soon started to cum hard down her throat. My cum wouldn’t stop and Mel was loving it. After the fifth heavy spurt I started to subside. Mel kept sucking and licking at my cock.

My cock soon got hard again but this time it was Mel’s turn. We both stood up and stripped off. I noticed a big moist patch between Mel’s leg and realised she wasn’t wearing any panties. We moved over to the bed and assumed the 69 position. Mel furiously worked my cock from every angle. I sampled her pussy with my finger before moving in with my tongue. Mel was so wet and kept getting wetter and wetter. She warned me she was going to cum but I didn’t expect what happened. As Mel came a generous amount of thick white pussy juice. At that point Mel finished with my hard cock and turned around to face me. She prepared my cock by smearing it with her cum juice and slowly moved my cock into position.

My large cock gently stretches Mel’s pussy to the limit as she lowered herself onto my member. Mel soon got every last inch into her and started güvenilir bahis siteleri to pump faster and faster. Her whole body wiggled with every thrust. Her large nipples were hard as rock and she thrust them into my face to suck. I could feel Mel’s wetness running down my cock and over my balls. Mel’s pussy began to contract as she started to cum for the second time. The grip around my cock was so strong I could barely thrust. Mel slowly subsided and I felt her warm cum dripping out of her pussy down my cock. The feeling made me start to cum. I held back as long as I could each second building up more pressure until the barrier broke. My cum burst out like an explosion into Mel’s hot pussy. The pressure on my cock kept me cumming and cumming inside Mel. I thought it would never stop but eventually we both collapsed.

We both relaxed for a while and then got dressed so Mel would have time to finish cleaning the house.

End of part one… what happens next you decide.

We both slept for a short time, letting our bodies recover. I awoke to Melissa dusting my room wearing only a short summer dress. She told me she’d found it in my sisters room, that explained the size of it. The dress was so small I could see the bottom of her bum and it barely covered her huge breasts. Almost instantly my cock started to harden again. Mel put the duster down and moved over to a chair. She knelt on the chair and supported herself on the back in an almost doggy position. This caused her dress to ride up her back exposing her glistening pussy. Her hips were nicely rounded enough to grab onto as I approached her. My cock stood horizontally as I approached. I gently let the straps on the dress fall down her shoulders so I could reach around and massage her heavy breasts. I felt Mel’s hand move around and position my cock at the entrance of her pussy. With a slight thrust my cock was again wrapped in her hot juicy pussy. I kept thrusting further and further into her pussy until my whole cock was in.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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