Class Reunion

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The familiar colors of Jody’s high school decorated the outside of the envelope, and that’s what caught her eye. As she walked back up the driveway towards her house, the statuesque brunette shoved the bills and junk mail under her arm and peeled open the envelope. Inside, she found a congratulatory letter that a major reunion was about to happen, and all of the alumni could vote on what they wanted to do. A list of choices accompanied the letter, and Jody sat down to ponder what she’d like to do. Some of the choices seemed silly, turning the reunion into a family vacation, but several of them had promise. After selecting a couple, she decided that a talk with her husband Graham would be the best thing, that way they could pick out next year’s vacation idea at the same time. Besides, several of the choices would make great destinations, perhaps they’d be able to extend their stay beyond the reunion. Between the two of them, they chose the Cruise option and sent in the reply card.

They got their confirmation a few weeks later, and neither one of them could have been more happy. The alumni association had tallied the votes, and a Cruise holiday would be it. Jody and Graham had never been on a cruise before, and they were both looking forward to it. Several months before they could go however, they received quite a shock. After not feeling well for several days, Jody visited the doctor and discovered that she was pregnant! While the young couple was overjoyed at the news, they wondered if this would hinder their vacation plans. They thought about it for a few days, and Jody consulted her doctor. She reassured her, saying that as long as her pregnancy progressed without any major complications, and as long as Jody promised not to do anything overly strenuous, then the trip would be fine. Excited by the news, Jody hurried home and continued her planning.

The time before the cruise seemed to rush on by, and before they knew it, Jody and Graham were on their way. Ever since hearing about the reunion, the anticipation was building, mostly for Jody. She hadn’t met Graham until later in life, and she wanted to see lots of old school friends again. Additionally, there was always the possibility that she might run into an old boyfriend or two, but neither one of them minded. They were happily married now, and even if they did run into someone who had a past with Jody, it was just that, a past. Besides, such an encounter might even be good for a few laughs. The only potential disappointment for Jody was that she wouldn’t be able to show off the killer body she had painstakingly maintained through the years. While she would always have her height, keeping her body fit had always been a battle.

Normally, she was quite successful at it, but in her condition she was giving in a bit. Jody’s legs were as long and shapely as ever, but the tight buns that they’d always led up to wasn’t quite as firm as it used to be. She wasn’t huge, or fat by any stretch of the imagination, rather Jody was giving in to her pregnancy. That meant her belly was swollen as well, for she only had a few more months to go. While she bemoaned the slight increase behind her, there was nothing she could do about the changes her body was undergoing. On the plus side, Jody had never enjoyed having her breasts as full and heavy as they were. It allowed her to show off a little more cleavage, and she was sure that Graham was enjoying her changed body as well. In fact, she had jokingly suggested that she dye her hair a different color as well, so that he could really fantasize about cheating on her. That was a joke that they shared quite often, but neither one of them ever dreamed about straying from their marriage.

The cruise ship that they would be on was fairly new and very well appointed. Jody and Graham made their way to their cabin to drop off their luggage and change into something more comfortable. The reunion itself would officially start later that evening, when the ship was out at sea. Before that time, Jody had the good fortune to run into several of her friends, and they spent most of the afternoon together, lounging out by the pool and catching up on old times. As they lay out there, Jody thought she saw some of the guys she had gone to school with too, eyeing the girls up, just as they had back then. In a way, she was a little self conscious of her appearance, for her swimsuit was designed more for support than to be revealing. Additionally, one of her friends was still drop dead gorgeous and wearing a very revealing bikini. Jody had one on too, primarily to show off her newfound cleavage, but there was no hiding her swollen belly. Still, she thought (and hoped) that despite that, the rest of her body would still be worth checking out. Those thoughts were still occupying her mind that evening, as she and Graham showered and got dressed. Jody even went so far as to ask her husband if he still found her attractive, and the answer was a resounding ‘yes’. In fact, his reaction to that question, and the pose she struck to show him what she had very nearly made them miss dinner. While there were whispered promises of relief for Graham’s own ‘condition’ casino oyna later, it was still rather difficult for him to finish zipping up his pants.

Like any other cruise, the dinner was wonderful and plentiful. Jody was able to reacquaint herself with several old friends, and they spend the majority of the evening laughing and giggling together as they once had. Graham stayed with her briefly, then like so many other spouses, he left his wife’s side to circulate around the room and meet new people. Along the way, he struck up a casual conversation with a fellow named Jim at the bar. It was during the course of this little chat that the topic of who was with who came up, and Jim smiled when he heard Jody’s name.

He admitted to Graham that he was one of Jody’s infamous ex-boyfriends, and they shared a laugh at that. Perhaps because of each man’s status in Jody’s life, they got along quite well, and it was clear to both that a friendship might be fast forming. In such company, Graham’s evening progressed rapidly, and soon both men noticed that the crowd was thinning. They decided together that it would be a great opportunity for Jody to finally catch up with an ex, and they left the bar in search of her. Jim was quite anxious to see the girl he had once dated all grown up, and Graham was relieved that at least one of his wife’s formers wasn’t the scum bag that he had mentally made them all out to be.

Together the two men made their way back towards the table where Graham had last seen Jody. Sure he hadn’t been by her side most of the night, but she had been reminiscing with her girlfriends, and he didn’t want to intrude. After he had been sitting with her for awhile, she had told him to go mingle, wouldn’t she be surprised now to see who he was with! The only trouble was, Jody wasn’t there. In fact, none of the girls he had left her with were present, but Graham spied several handbags and things that looked vaguely familiar. While he and Jim were pondering what to do, and where to go next, one of Jody’s friends came over and tapped Graham on the shoulder. “You’re Graham, right? Jody’s husband?” she asked.

“Yes, I am, and I’m looking for her. Do you know where she wandered off to?”

“I think she met up with another friend of hers, and they went outside so that she could get some air,” was the helpful reply. With that, Jody’s friend picked up her purse and disappeared into the crowd, but both Graham and Jim followed her sexy little ass as she wiggled away.

Both men kind of caught each other looking, and they shared a laugh. As they headed back outside in search of Jody, Jim explained that the girl that they had just spoken to had to have been one of the hottest lays in school. Her body certainly lent credence to that remark. Graham chuckled at the remark, somewhat relived that Jim didn’t say Jody had been. After all, he didn’t know just how far her relationship with the guy had gone, for when Jody mentioned who they might be running into he had only been paying casual attention to her. Because he had that thought in mind, Graham didn’t notice the smile on Jim’s face as he remembered the times he’d spent in Jody’s company, and he even felt a slight twinge of jealousy directed at Graham, for he knew that guy got to enjoy Jody all the time.

As soon as they stepped out onto the deck, Graham spotted his wife. She was a good way down the side of the ship, walking in company with someone he didn’t recognize. Jim couldn’t be sure who it was either, and they approached the couple from behind. Graham thought nothing of the mysterious stranger, and Jim’s eyes were focused squarely on Jody’s behind. While he thought she had let herself go a bit, he was still impressed at her lasting beauty. The dress she was in did end well above the knee, and those lovely legs were still quite appealing. She and her companion turned as her husband approached, and they smiled in greeting.

While they were a bit startled to see that Graham had brought along someone else Jody knew, she was overjoyed to see him again too. After a few minutes of getting to know you chat, the foursome decided that they might all be more comfortable inside. Initially, they thought about camping out in one of the ship’s lounges, but the idea of all that smoke didn’t appeal to Jody. Jim’s cabin was out, although it was nearby, his wife hadn’t been feeling well, she had even skipped the dinner to lay down and get some rest. That had been the reason he had been unescorted that evening. Jody’s companion, a man named Barry, who was also an old boyfriend was recently divorced, and traveling alone. They all decided to head to his cabin, but halfway there they all came to the realization that his quarters would be a tight squeeze. By default then, the four made their way back to Jody and Graham’s room.

Even though many years had passed, it was a great time for Jody and her friends from long ago. Even Graham couldn’t complain too much about spending time with her old boyfriends. Sure, he would rather be sitting and talking to some of the ladies who had maintained their girlish looks, but for the most part they were all involved. Besides, he slot oyna was happily married to Jody, and would never dream of betraying her in that way. Jody was his wife now, and these guys knew it. Sharing a few laughs about good times shared wasn’t going to hurt anything, and he liked the fact that these two still thought she was quite a catch. He certainly did.

The night flew by as the conversation between them took on a life of it’s own, wandering and weaving through the events of their lives. During this time, Graham discovered that these two guys indeed had shared some very intimate moments with his then future wife, but good sport that he was, he took it all in stride. It wasn’t as if Jody had been a virgin when they had met after all, and there were quite a few young ladies in his own past as well. The turn the conversation had taken to get to this point had been a sharp one, and there was no going back. They all unknowingly let their friendly chat grow racier and racier, as only close friends can. If there was any sexual innuendo, or even flirtatious banter, no one seemed to mind. The proverbial genie was out of the bottle now, and what happened next was almost inevitable.

Jim mentioned to Barry the hot beauty that had given them directions on where to find him and Jody earlier, and that earned a contented smile from Barry. He knew the filly they were talking about, had known her well in fact. Jody wasn’t oblivious to the fact that some of her friends had built up a bit of a reputation, and when she saw that Graham was following along, she knew someone had filled him in. At first, Barry jokingly said he should go seek her out, and find out if she was still up to her old tricks, bringing a laugh to all. Graham snickered too, wondering how any girl with that kind of reputation could have made it through school without turning up pregnant.

That comment drew even more chuckles as Jim and Barry shared a look, then turned to Jody. She had a somewhat shocked expression on her face when she saw them looking at her, and now Graham quizzed her with a look as well. For a brief moment, she gauged where all of this talk had gone, and then she threw caution to the wind. “Actually, there is a way, and sweetie you know it’s one I’m good at,” she offered. Grins grew wider on her old friends’ faces as Jody shot each of them a coy look before turning back to her husband. All of the hot talk that they had shared was really getting to her, and she thought she saw Graham smile and nod as she leaned over towards Jim and lowered her head towards his lap.

By mutual consent, neither Jody nor Graham had ever gone into any real detail about their past histories. Sure, they had shared cursory information on who they’d been intimate with, but Jody had always taken that to mean guys who’d actually fucked her. Therefore, she’d never mentioned guys like Jim or Barry before, at least not to her husband. Still, as she unzipped Jim’s pants and reached inside for him, Graham had to know that it wasn’t for the first time.

Although his wife lay sleeping a few cabins away, Jim did nothing to stop Jody, instead letting himself lean back against the headrest as he felt those wonderful lips wrapping themselves around his cock for the first time in years. Jody slid down off her seat as she bobbed her head up and down in Jim’s lap. Slowly, skillfully she crawled down onto the floor between his knees as she sucked, using the long slow strokes of her mouth that she’d perfected years before. Graham was the end beneficiary of all her experience at sucking cock, but as he would soon learn, it all started with Jim. Barry eyed Jody up eagerly as well, his cock swelled in is pants almost as rapidly as Jim’s was in Jody’s hot mouth. He too remembered the luxurious feel of the willowy brunette’s exquisite mouth on his most sensitive parts.

Barry’s eyes shot up to her husband. He didn’t seem like he’d be interfering in this, in fact, Barry could see Jody’s husband was as enraptured by the scene before him as he was. That was to say nothing at all of Jim, who’s eyes rolled up into their sockets as Jody’s hand started stroking him as well. She paused for a moment to sweep her hair back past her shoulders, giving each man a better look as she slid Jim’s erect cock deep into her mouth once again. At first, no one had moved as they all watched her giving him that wonderful blow job, but Graham would be the first.

His pregnant wife’s actions shocked him, but he vaguely recalled fantasizing with her about this before. Little had he expected her to carry out, but for Graham, her choice of men seemed relatively safe. He had gotten along well with Jim, and in the brief time after he’d met Barry, that guy seemed to be pretty decent as well. Graham pondered his next move for a moment, wondering just how far he wanted all of this to go. Watching Jody sucking Jim’s cock helped him make his mind up, and he rose up off the bed and made his way down to where she was kneeling. Jim and Barry watched him closely, to see what he was up to next. They were heartened to see Graham’s hand pushing Jody’s skirt up as he grabbed her ass before starting to undo her top.

Jody canlı casino siteleri kept sucking on Jim’s cock as Graham worked, not even pausing as she felt her blouse slipping away. She did twist around a bit so that her husband could pull her arms free from her sleeves, but her mouth never left Jim’s throbbing cock. He was close now, she could feel it and taste his sticky sweet pre cum as she sucked him hard, just the way he liked it. Graham’s hands were still working on her, and she felt the clasp of her bra snapping open. With her breasts free, Jody did rise up off of Jim, only for a moment to give him a look at her gorgeous naked top, but she was still stroking him to keep him going. Jody’s skin was a creamy white, pure and unblemished. There seemed to be the beginnings of some faint stretch marks around her swollen belly, but it was her chest that commanded all the attention.

Everyone’s eyes bulged out at the sight of those tits, full and round like they’d never been before. Jody’s nipples stuck out noticeably from her dark aureole, and she had a slight jiggle to her. Other than that, her breasts were just as perky as they’d ever been. Barry got the best loot at them in the brief instant that she was upright, and his eyes followed her down again as she returned to Jim’s blow job. As soon as her mouth touched his swollen purple head, Jim stood up out of his seat, forcing Jody down even more. Even Graham stood back out of the way as Jim thrust his cock through Jody’s hands into her waiting mouth. Her eyes gazed upwards at his when Jim’s hand replaced hers on his slick cock. With a few savage strokes, Jim was cumming, and cumming hard. His cock was still inside Jody’s mouth when he first came, shooting his load all over her tongue and down her throat. She gagged slightly at the force of it all pouring into her, and was unable to follow Jim’s movements as he pulled back from her. He had done so on purpose, of course, showering Jody’s face with the rest of his cum. Sticky globs of his semen splattered across her lips and cheeks, and some of it ran down her face to drip onto her tits. Jody didn’t care. Jim’s cock had felt so good in her mouth, and the lasting taste of his cum made her crave even more. Just as he finished cumming on her, she kissed and sucked his cock one last time, savoring his cum on her tongue before she turned to Barry.

He had the advantage of already being hard when Jody unzipped his pants. She smiled her appreciation at him before wrapping her lips around the head of his cock, then sliding it into her mouth. Barry was still seated, and Jody crawled over to be closer to him. Her buns wiggled seductively as she crept up to him. He immediately reached out his hands to caress those gorgeous tits of hers, pinching her nipples and squeezing her gently. That drew a moan from her, but didn’t stop Jody from what she wanted. Barry’s cock was sliding deep into her mouth, past her lips, over her tongue and down her throat each time she sucked. Jody kept her tongue drawing all over Barry’s shaft and head, teasing the opening in his swollen head with her tongue. She could already taste his pre cum, but Jody wanted more.

Much to Barry’s eventual delight, she slowed down while sucking him, forcing his cock to last longer. It helped that Graham interrupted again, this time unzipping the back of Jody’s skirt and peeling it off of her. This left her clad only in panties, panties that had a very wet crotch by now! These, he left in place, but Jody did rise up off of Barry’s cock (and her knees) so that Graham could get the skirt completely out of the way. This was Barry’s chance, and he took it. All night he’d been ogling Jody’s fine breasts, and now they were his for the taking. Before Jody was able to resume sucking, Barry pressed forward, forgetting that she was already a bit off balance and nearly toppling her. Luckily, he managed to catch her, and pressed her back against the bed. Jim and Graham watched as Barry worked his cock between Jody’s tits, wrapping them around his slick shaft. She sensed what he wanted and smiled, squeezing her shoulders together in order to deepen the valley between her breasts. Jody was also squeezing Barry’s cock tight, and she started to rub him as well. As best she could, Jody leaned into him, forming a deep soft valley with her cleavage for Barry to fuck.

He’d always been on to grab or suck her tits, and what he was doing now was positively heaven. His hips thrust his cock forward, stroking his shaft between those lovely breasts, then pulling out almost all the way before sliding forward again. Jody’s belly hindered him a little, but the sight of the pregnant beauty with a cock sliding in and out of her tits was something to behold. Jim couldn’t tear his eyes from it, and Graham’s cock grew stiff and hard in his pants as well. He couldn’t wait for his wife to finish Barry of so that it could be his turn. Now she was nodding her head downward, catching the tip of Barry’s cock as it rose from her tits with each and every thrust. When Jody didn’t have his cock head gracing her lips, she ran her tongue out seductively, licking down at him and running it over her lips in gleeful anticipation. Barry’s thrusts between Jody’s tits grew faster and faster, she knew he was ready. Her tongue slid over her lips once again, then she pursed and parted them, waiting for Barry to cum.

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