Circumcised Adventure

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All persons in this story are 18 years of age or more.

In college, I used to hang out with a small group of friends from high school. One of the girls, Julianne, I used to date for a few months. It was never that serious, and we stayed friends afterwards. Before, during and after we dated, I regularly spent time at her house, as most of our group of high school friends. Julianne’s family was the kind of family with the door to their home always open. You would meet a large gallery of relatives and friends of Julianne’s parents all the time.

Julianne’s mother, Louise, had a sister, Christine, about ten years her junior, who was incidentally a biology teacher at our college, and who through the years like us also hung out at Julianne’s house very often; probably because she had no family of her own – not counting the occasional boyfriends. Julianne and I talked with her all the time. She was fun and easy going, and – I must admit – I found her quite attractive and sexy. Not at all a super model or anything, but she was just very natural and easy to get a long and have a laugh with. Of course, Julianne and I also sometimes asked her some of the more embarrassing questions that young people could ask a biology teacher. In those cases, she was very understanding and interested and answered very sincerely.

Anyways, I was born in Germany, when my dad was stationed there with the US army. We moved back to Pennsylvania when I was nearly two years old or so, so it’s not like I remember that much from staying in Europe. Nevertheless, as we lived abroad when I was born, this meant that I was not circumcised. For some reason, this began to bother me as I was approaching my twenties, since this put me apart from almost all my peers. Who was more natural to ask about this than Christine?

I managed to find a moment, where I was alone with her. It was on the patio one Saturday afternoon that summer, and Julianne had gone inside Joanie, one of the other girls from our high school group, to show her some new shoes or whatnot that she had found at the mall that morning. This was long after Julianne and I had stopped dating. I asked Christine – as casually as a young man could ask a question like that to a woman about 15 years his senior – what she thought of circumcision.

“Like from the woman’s perspective or what do you mean?” she asked with a laugh. I told her the facts and that I was considering having the procedure performed. We managed to talk a little, sincerely, before Julianne and Joanie came back outside, but we picked the conversation up again over the phone later in the evening. She explained that she was not a doctor (but she struck me as quite knowledgeable in the matter all the same). It was not exactly an uncomplicated procedure on adults but if you wanted to have it done, and you knew what you were going into, it was no different from having your ears corrected. I thought about it for a few weeks but then decided to have it done. I decided to tell Christine about it, and thanked her for her advice, but didn’t tell other friends or my family.

New toy

It took a week or two after the operation before my penis was healed. I found the result beautiful and I was very happy I had done it. My penis was not small. And now ironically it seemed bigger despite having a piece removed. I gather it had to do with the constant showing of the head. I developed a strange fascination with my new, circumcised member. I liked to lie in bed naked looking at my penis swelling up and stretching upwards, the head gently pulsating and glistening. Afterwards, I would masturbate like crazy.

Later I had the chance to mention it again to Christine. The new semester had started, and I was now in her biology class along with Julianne and some of the others from the high school gang. I bumped into Christine in the cafeteria in the afternoon. I thanked her again for her advice and told her I was very happy with my decision. I wanted to tell her too that I was also very happy with the result, but I thought better of it. But then she went ahead and asked me whether I was happy with the outcome. I was stunned, but she laughed and said that I must have had a specific result in mind for doing it, and whether I had succeeded or not? I don’t know what I answered, but my embarrassment must have shown, because she went on in a teasing manner. Then she leaned towards me and whispered very sensually into my ear: “I want you to show it to me!”. I almost dropped my coffee, but there was no mistaking what she had said. My dick was now stirring in my jeans. Very casually and quickly, she brushed her hand across the hard bulge in my pants as she said aloud “See you in my office in five”.

I casino siteleri don’t remember how I got to her office, but by then I my cock was now fully erect and almost poking out above the waistline of my jeans. I guess I didn’t have time to consider whether it was all a cruel joke, but then again I knew her and liked her.

She sat behind her desk facing the door when I came in. Her office was at the fourth floor facing the river and no one could look directly in from the outside. “Lock the door behind you and strip!” she said, and I obeyed. My cock was now pointing out into the room. “Strip all of it,” she said referring to my shirt and socks. I did so. She rose and came towards me.

She kneeled and looked closely at my new dick, fully erect, head bare, quivering with excitement and beginning to drool. “It surely is beautiful,” she said. Without asking, she held out her hand and let her index finger slide along the length of my shaft, causing my cock to jolt a little. She then used the tip of her finger to draw a thread of precum from the head of my cock and into the air above it. “It looks happy,” she smiled up to me. “It looks like your procedure was a success, young man.” I agreed and smiled happily back at her. “You don’t mind me being so forward?” she asked. “It’s just that I have this passionate interest in cocks,” she laughed. “Have you shown it to anyone else alredy?” she asked. “Or am I the first?” I told her it was his premiere.

While making conversation she had begun to masturbate me gently. She used her fingers only to move the (remaining) skin of my penis gently up and down the length of my shaft. Precum now covered the entire head of my cock, ran down the shaft, and wet her fingers. Without talking, looking only at my cocking, she slowly increased the pace. She had formed a ring with her thumb and index finger and now encircled the naked head of my cock going up and down, up and down using the precum as lubricant.

This was too much. Before long, my knees shivered and I shot my load upwards and onto her hand. “Wow, what a fountain.” she said, obviously pleased with me, and herself. She rose and stepped back to her desk where she picked up a couple of tissues from a box and wiped her hands. “Very good,” she said and handed me some tissues too. “This shouldn’t change our professional relationship, but I would like to continue this as often as possible. You have a very beautiful cock, and I am not at all done examining him. He also needs the attention, having now finally been freed” She smiled and laughed very warmly at me, as I cleaned up and closed my jeans. Outside her office again, I almost couldn’t believe what had happened.

Short intermezzo

A few days passed, and I had met Christine in class and both of us were now at Julianne’s place together with Julianne, without her showing any sign of any change in our relationship. She smiled and laughed with all of us, as she had always done, and I almost thought that the wonderful experience in her office was something I had imagined.

At some point, Julianne had to leave to meet a friend at the mall, and was running late. I decided to go home, which would leave Christine alone in the house. But first, I had to go to the bathroom. As I locked the bathroom door behind me, I heard the front door slam as Julianne left. Immediately, there was a knock on the door, and there was Christine with a big smile on her face. “Finally alone for a goddam moment,” she said. “I could hardly wait to see him again,” she laughed as she pointed to the already growing bulge in my pants. “But, I have a small favor to ask of you,” she continued.

She told me to undress in the bathroom and wait for a moment, which I did of course, as she went to fetch something. She returned with a pair of scissors and a razor. “Listen, I am really impressed by the size of your cock and the pinkness of its head. But I would love to see it even more bare than. I’m sure it will look even more awesome and, well, even bigger.” My cock had already risen up and was now pointing out into the room towards Christine the head as pink and shiny as ever. She told me to lean against the tiled wall with the feet apart so that she would have an unobstructed access to my cock and balls that she was now about to shave.

First, she cut with the scissors a few large lumps of pubic hair from around the base of my cock and threw the hair in the toilet. Then she wet her hands, rubbed the bar of soap between her hands and began to soap up my cock and balls with long sensual strokes as she looked up at me, smiling. This only made me harder and I began to drip precum on the tiled floor.

Then she began shaving me with the razor. She used tiny movements slot oyna to make sure she caught all the remaining hair from the base of my cock shaft, on the balls and around the base of my cock. As she progressed, the gliding razor moved more and more smoothly over my skin and my genitals and scrotum were increasingly bare and naked under the streaks of white soap foam.

Then she motioned me to turn around and to bend over so that she could soap up my anus and shave that too! This was surprisingly sensual as well. My cock was still standing up, but was cooling a bit from the water and soap. It seemed she was even more meticulous in shaving my anus than she had been shaving my cock and balls. She even explored my anus a little bit with her pinkie while she was shaving.

At last, she turned me back around, splashed a bit of warm water all over to clean off the soap and loose hair and then patted me dry with a towel. “WOW,” she exclaimed, admiring the result. I did too. A long pink pole of meat now stuck out and the tickling sensation of the shaving and the air on the moistness made it grow and look bigger than ever. This truly underlined the new circumcised character of my dick. Everything was pink and glistening and the head was oozing precum like crazy. With a finger she followed the contours of my now completely smooth dick from the balls hanging freely in their naked pink sack of skin up along the smooth shaft and ended up resting on the tip of the bulging cock head. Like the other day, she drew a long thread of precum from the head of my cock with her finger. She then put it into her mouth and visibly savored it. She did this again a few more times all the while complementing my beautiful cock and balls with “Uh”s and “Ah”s. She also found a mirror to let me inspect my anus, now also completely hairless and pink.

Suddenly, I realized that I was now standing naked in my ex-girlfriend’s bathroom with her sexy aunt, who was now kneeling before me and beginning to kiss my cock greedily, obviously still very fascinated with the size and feel of it, almost as much as I was myself. This was too good to be true.

Releasing my cock from her hands, she now stuck out her tongue and gently licked my balls, first one, then the other, gently balancing each of them at the tip of her tongue. She then licked along the length of my throbbing shaft, and then circled the by now almost visibly throbbing head of my cock. This she continued for a while, alternating between the long licks and the circling. Meanwhile she held her hands at the back of my thighs so that she could control my movements to meet her licks. She was looking up at me, smiling, while making the most sensual, slurping noises.

This was heaven. I felt like every inch of my cock, not least its head, was dripping with saliva and precum and I was now approaching an explosion very fast. When it happened, she instantly swallowed the length of my cock so quickly that I didn’t even notice until I felt her warm sucking mouth around the base of my cock, and her playful tongue trying to cup my balls from above. I shot my warm semen deep into her throat and almost collapsed on top of her. I had just been blown by the sister of the lady of the house in the most incredible way.

When I came to my senses, she had already locked herself out and left me to clean up myself and recover before leaving the bathroom as well. Again, after this, nothing in Christine’s behaviour revealed that she had swallowed what felt like a coffee mug’s worth of my cum.


There were more incidents like these over the following months, each one more exiting and sexy than the previous ones. I kept my cock and balls as cleanly shaven as Christine had done, and sometimes she helped out with the shaving. But my favorite incidents developed over the course of a few weeks with a number of written tests to prepare us for the biology exams.

The tests took place in the regular classroom under the supervision of Christine. I had always sat in front of the class, at the first row of tables standing directly up against the teacher’s desk, and I did so at these tests as well. The tables were rows stretching all the way from left to right of the room. The classroom was designed like an auditorium with each row of tables elevated a bit from the row in front of it, so that everybody could look down to the teacher and the blackboard without having to look into the back of the heads of the guys or girls in front. This also meant that no one else could see what happened under my table.

The first time we had this kind of test, I was thinking only about the course, and my fooling around with Christine was not exactly at the top of my mind, even if I always canlı casino siteleri sneaked a peek at her, whenever I had the chance. Ten minutes into the exam, however, I felt Christines probing foot on my crotch. I was sitting right in front of her, and the tables were not that wide, so she could easily reach her pantyhosed foot onto my dick. She moved her foot slowly, caressing, along the length of my penis, which was facing downward, and which instantly began to stiffen. My naked cock head began pressing towards my boxers and the fabric of the pants, as she continued to rub it with her foot. I looked up at her, and she was putting on a great show, frowning and bent over some text or other, vigorously highlighting sentences and making remarks in the margin. She could have fooled me, had she not placed her foot between my legs rubbing my dick in the most provocative manner. The rubbing with her feet on my cock continued all the way through to the end of the test, but it was never enough to get me off. After the test, I had to sit a little and pretend to look up something to give my cock sufficient time to relax. I then went to the nearest restroom and masturbated realeasing the biggest load of cumin the shortest time, I could remember.

In all the subsequent tests, the same happened, and I began not to wear boxers underneath my pants. This significantly increased my pleasure from Christines foot massage, but it was still not enough to get me off without having to masturbate afterwards. Christine noticed that I had dropped the boxers, and she in turn became more playful as well. Afterwards, she generally didn’t wear pantyhose, which allowed her toes more freedom of movement, and she could almost masturbate me through the pants by jamming two toes into the fabric on each side of my cock or cock head and moving them slowly up and down. But it still didn’t result in ejaculation.

At one point, I was so horny that I threw caution to the wind, and after having seated myself at my usual space, I casually managed to unbutton my pants under the cover of the table. After the test had started, a few minutes passed, and then I felt Christine’s foot probing between my legs. When she touched my exposed uncircumcised cock head with her naked toes, she froze. Then, to my disappointment, she retracted her foot.

A few seconds after, she dropped a stack of papers to the floor, made to look like an accident. “Sorry ’bout that, class,” she apologized, and then went on her knees to pick up the mess. While she was down there, I couldn’t see what she was doing, but I am pretty sure she ogled my dick, which was now free of my pants and pointing out into the open air under my table. I even imagined I felt her blowing a wet juicy kiss towards my pink cock and balls.

She returned to her seat with her papers in an uneven stack, and again poured over her make-believe academic reading. I almost immediately felt her foot caressing my bare dick under the table again, her bare toes against my naked and smoothly shaven cock. She began to pump my cock lengthwise quite determined, obviously intent on making me cum then and there. Although at intervals, she released the shaft from the firm grip of her toes, and moved her toes under my cleanly shaven ball sack and lifted each balls gently one after the other, the motion planting itself upwards along the shaft and to the head, which was beginning to stir. Her toes were long and slender, and she was extremely agile with them. She was in fact almost giving me a very expert hand job with her foot.

I was no match for her skills at all. Soon, I came very close to exploding, when suddenly she stopped. As soon as I was back from the edge, she started over again. This was torture, even if it was the most exquisite and arousing kind. Finally, she pushed me over the edge by systematically pumping and pumping along the length of my cock and each time rubbing at the most sensitive rim of my cock head, newly circumcised. She actually managed to keep me going after having pushed me over the edge, sustaining the intense pleasure for a couple of seconds after I felt I was coming, so that when I finally did, it was like a sudden burst of a very concentrated climax.

How I managed to hide this from the rest of the class, I honestly don’t know, but I think I faked a sneeze or coughed. This also masked what I am sure would have been the noticeable sound of a large wad of my sperm landing on the floor under my table and Christines table. Her foot must also have been covered with my cum. I noticed she afterwards reached down pretending to scratch an itch on her foot under the table, and afterwards almost unnoticeably putting her finger up to her lips, no doubt having a taste of my sperm plastered all over her foot and the floor.

After a while, I managed to close my pants and wipe away the worst cum stains from my pants, so that I could leave after the test was over without revealing what had happened.

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