Christie’s Homeless Friend Pt. 06

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He smiles softly, “That said, with my former physique, death won’t come easy. You two might wear yourselves out before I’m unable to handle you anymore.”

“I’ve worn you out before. I can do it again hun,” she replies smiling back, resting on both her arms that are leaning on his shoulder.

“Then do it. Why wait?”

“Because you don’t have your former physique yet, silly!”

“Yeah, but I can still handle you two one at a time just fine, so…..”

“So enjoy us while we’re gentle on you.”

He gets tied up in thought from her words and is therefore unable to respond right away.

“There’s no need to be in a hurry to get back to your old self,” she adds, “there’s plenty we can do to you while you recover that I’m sure you’ll enjoy.” All she gets out of him is a bashful smile, leaving her with a slight feeling of pride, and making her own smile grow again. “Come on, get your stuff. Our lady will be expecting us soon.”

“Yeah? For what?”

“I dunno. She didn’t say.”

Brian catches a slight twinkle in her eye as she turns away, and along with her subtle grin, he suspects she’s up to something.

By comparison to their shopping venture, Cindy remains fairly quiet through the check-out line and for most of the car ride back to their place, except towards the end when she asks him why he’s looking at her weird.

He inquires about what she’s up to, only to get nowhere with it. Cindy knows practically no details about what Christie has in mind, so keeping the secret of the celebration is easy for her, and makes her uninformed responses to his questions legitimate.

The two stumble through the door with his bags, and are greeted by Christie who’s sitting on a stool by the counter, still in her lovely outfit from earlier, but has her heels kicked off.

“Well hello handsome!” Christie beams as she sees Brian for the first time with his cleaned up look. Not two seconds after he sets his stuff on the loveseat across the room from her, she turns towards him while still sitting on the stool and tosses a set of keys in his direction. “Catch!”

Catching them mid-air before otherwise hitting him in the chest, this set consists of a single normal key, and a key fob. Brian glances at them long enough to see what they are, but their details don’t sink in right away.

“What’s this?”

Sliding off the stool and making her way over to him, “Look at them,” she tells him with a smile.

He takes a closer look at the fob, letting its characteristics sink in. He looks over in disbelief to Cindy, who is smiling back happily surprised, then to Christie as his hand starts to tremble.

“Is this……?” he gets half way through his question as his throat starts to tense up.

“Your repossessed car returned to you? Yes,” she says finishing his inquiry, closing the gap between them.

He doesn’t know how to react at this point, and certainly can’t speak!

Holding up the single key in the set, she informs him “since they changed the locks, this is the key to your house.”

Cindy gasps in shock, her hands covering the lower part of her face; seemingly what he would be doing if he could move! This news has him frozen solid in place!

After a seemingly long pause and no response, Christie checks him by tapping him softly on the cheek. “You alright sweetie?”

He pulls her into a lip-locking embrace in an instant! It almost catches her off guard as her initial reaction is a high-pitched moan, but she soon wraps her arms around his neck and keeps it going. His hold starts to loosen as the trembling sensation from his hands moves throughout his body. Once Christie lets her hold go, he sinks to his knees on the floor, losing himself in tears.

Christie kneels down with him, getting caught up in emotions and sharing happy tears of her own as she holds him close again. Cindy joins them, giving her lady a sweet peck on the forehead, then leans her head against his. Several minutes go by before anyone says a word.

“How did you get his stuff back? I thought you went there for our loan,” Cindy asks Christie.

Brian lifts his head up, curious to hear Christie’s response.

“I did. Our friend Amber is who I spoke to about our business and I asked her if she knew anything about what happened to him. She didn’t know as the bank kept that stuff confidential, but together, we were able to pull some strings and get his keys back today!” Looking to him, “She says ‘Hi’ by the way.” Brian smiles softly. Christie continues, “You had ridiculously small balances hun, so it was no problem to pay them off for you!”

The look he gives her along with a heavy sigh of relief speaks volumes as he rests his head back against her shoulder.

“They’ll mail us the paperwork like the deed to the house and title to the car, but once those get here, they’re yours sweetie,” she tells him with a kiss to his temple.

“That’s amazing news!” Cindy cheers on his behalf, “Gah! I’m so happy for you!” shaking him with encouragement.

Christie then tells Cindy, “As for our part, casino oyna I told you we’re celebrating…. because we got approved!” Cindy squeals in joy, jumping up and around the room!

“Approved for what?” Brian asks.

“Our construction project! We’ll be building our new home from the ground up!” Cindy exclaims as she continues bouncing about in joy.

“What? Just you two?”

Christie giggles in her usual sweet tone, “No silly, we’ll have our team come help us with it too!” She looks up at Cindy as she comes to a pause next to them, then looks back at him, “Oh and another thing….. you want a job?”

Brian’s eyes shoot open in shock! “Say what?”

“A job, you want one?”

“Uuhhmmm… doing what?”

“Well, we kinda need someone around to make sure our house gets made properly,” Christie says as she leans against him, kissing him softly on the lips, “what do ya say? You wanna be that ‘someone’?”

Brian blinks hard in stunned silence, but eventually speaks up, “uh, yeah, sure!”

Christie smiles big, “Great! When you get better, you’ll start as our site supervisor!”

“Oh my! Angel you’re genius!” Cindy acknowledges, “There really is no better person to test our custom floor plans with!”

“Oh? Why’s that?” Brian asks as he’s still in shock from receiving his keys and is a little slow with catching details.

“Because,” Christie says as she adjusts her position on him, “they were designed with walking on you in mind,” pushing him off balance and back onto the floor, landing with her hands pinning his chest and straddling him at the waist, “or whoever else happens to be around to step on at the time.”

Moving up beside him at chest level, Cindy points out “Sounds like a good enough reason as any to celebrate tonight, wouldn’t you say?” tapping him on the shoulder with the toe of her shoe.

“I think so!” Christie says, looking up at her briefly, then back down at Brian.

“Yeah. Sounds good to me,” he replies.

“Well try not to sound too excited Mister,” Christie playfully teases.

“What. I’m not over getting these back,” holding up his keys in his defense, “that, and all this news is coming at me kinda quick, so you’ll have to forgive me for being a little slow.”

“No worries sweetie, it’s not something we haven’t forgiven you for already.”

“So I’ve heard.”

Christie gets a surprised look on her pretty face, but in a moments time she already knows what he’s talking about thanks to her gift, picking up on the conversation him and Cindy had in the bathroom. It makes her blush a little when she gets several flashed moments of them frolicking about while in it. “Seems you two had quite the time in the tub, yes?” looking back up at Cindy who is blushing as well at this point.

“You said have fun,” she replies in an adorable, pouty tone, “so I did,” nibbling softly on her lower lip.

“Mm, indeed.” Christie slowly stands back up over Brian, one foot on either side of him, as more flashes come to her about their outing. “I also said that you’d owe me big for what I left you with, and I very much plan on holding you to it,” she purrs as she presses herself up against Cindy, going after her lower lip with her own. At the same time, she keeps Brian in his place by softly sliding the top of her left foot across his abdomen, pausing towards the middle, and resting it back on only the toes.

The kiss smolders Cindy to the point where her knees get weak, but since Christie wants to tease her for the time being, she simply lets her fall back into the loveseat that’s currently behind her, allowing Cindy to catch her breath again.

“We’ll get to that later though,” winking at her. “As for you,” looking to Brian, “what’s all this hear-say about wanting me to use shoes already?”

“I thought you were having issues with your perception,” he asks as he’s fairly certain that Cindy hasn’t mention anything about that discussion to her yet.

“And I thought you were having trouble walking,” Christie shoots back as her toes gently wiggle about on his gut as though she were putting out a cigarette.

“I was, but she walked on my back a bit, and set some muscles right, and it helped me to keep up.”

“Yeah I know, I told her to do it.”

“Oh. Well thank you.”

“You’re welcome.”

“And I want to be what you two are used to again. You two used to walk on me all the time in your shoes, so I asked her why she didn’t when she had the chance, and-“

“Your physique worries her. A reasonable concern for sure.”

“Yeah.” Reaching one hand out to each girl’s legs, “You two have done so much for me already, I feel a little suffering under shoes is a fair start to showing you my gratitude, and I know that I do fine under one of you at a time, so why not.”

“Sweetie, there’s no rush to show us your gratitude,” she says as she steps onto his chest. “Like she said, you should enjoy us while we’re being gentle with you.”

“I may be thinner than usual, but I’ll be fine.”

Cindy speaks up, “how do we know you won’t slot oyna faint on us, or have problems with your legs again?”

“Yeah Ms. Smarty Britches, how do we know that?” Brian says to Christie, knowing she’ll figure it out shortly once she puts her mind to it.

Christie smiles softly back at both of them as she gently walks in place on him, first on his chest, then moves onto his stomach. Along with enjoying herself with him under her feet, she is also examining him — more through her gift rather than feeling any problems physically. A few minutes back and forth on his torso and she knows everything she needs to know as far as his physical ailments go, but because she’s invested in how he feels under her, she keeps those details to herself for a bit.

Moving down onto his waist, she starts working her toes into the spaces between the buttons on his shirt, doing exactly what Cindy was testing out with it earlier, popping each one loose starting from his stomach and working up. Her balance is as impeccable as it’s always been while resting on one foot as the other pops a button.

Brian starts feeling flushed in the face as Christie’s nyloned feet press against his skin. Since the shock of his keys has subsided and he has no other distractions at the moment, he can finally take in her beauty in the manner that he’s most used to and it melts him all over.

Christie caresses his face softly with her toes, letting him inhale their scent and apply loving kisses to her soles as she switches feet. Cindy pops off her shoes and rubs her feet on him also as he’s still within her reach — both aimed for his waist and stomach since her lady is occupying his upper body.

“There’s good news and bad news about your condition, which do you want to hear first?” Christie says.

Brian looks to Cindy briefly, then back up at Christie, “um, good?”

“Good news is, everything that happened to you is a result of not being able to eat on a regular basis, and is therefore not permanent or disabling.”

“And the bad news?”

“Bad news is you will only be allowed to eat bits and pieces at our dinner celebration tonight.”


“Because you’ve eaten so little that your system isn’t used to bigger portions right now,” she says as she turns and pokes his abs with her toes. “Instead of getting severe cramps from the soup like normal people, you fainted.”

“And what about his legs?” Cindy says.

“That was from not eating as well. You remember how funny it was to see him walk when we relieved him before?” Christie tells her, referring to before their trip, “he had energy then, but could barely walk straight for several minutes.”

“Oh yeah, that’s right!”

“Well now, no energy for days and therefore no use of his legs, temporarily of course.”

Brian breathes a sigh of relief, “So worth it though!”

The ladies giggle together as their feet play with him — Christie’s playfulness enhanced by light hops on his stomach.

“We just have to watch your portions for a while to avoid any more fainting.”

The thought of fainting over getting cramps puzzles Cindy, “So why didn’t he get cramps?”

“Unique body chemistry, and from being under…. magic feet, I believe is what you called them?” Christie replies, smiling down at him.

“Among other things, yeah.”

“As much as we walked on him in roughly three years’ time did him a few favors,” she tells Cindy.

“Just another thing I have to be thankful for,” Brian says.

Christie steps back onto his chest, resting high enough up to allow her toes to reach his cheeks and wiggle gently against them. It is greatly rewarding to her to see him melt from her touch. The way he kisses her toes when given the chance is all the confirmation she needs to know how thankful he is. She gets caught up in the moment, nibbling her lip as she goes back to caressing his face with her foot.

She keeps it up until he’s almost about to fall asleep from being so relaxed, then stirs him back up, “so, you still want me to use shoes?”

It takes him a moment to let reality sink in again. “If you want to, I’m ready for them.”

“Mm, alright. I’ll be back,” she says as she turns around and walks down his body, then out of the room.

Cindy leans over, “how did she feel? Anything hurt?”

“Of course not. She felt amazing! She always does.” He brings her foot up and gives it a kiss before getting up onto his knees and putting himself at eye level with her. “If what she says about what I eat is true, then it shouldn’t be long before both of you can get on together again.”

“I can’t wait~” she purrs.

They smile at each other with their foreheads resting against one another.

“She got you pretty good with that kiss, taking you off your feet and all.”

“She’s an amazing kisser. It’s one thing I’ve always loved about her,” she says melting into him from the thought alone.

“Same goes for you as far as I’m concerned,” softly pressing his lips against hers.

She smiles and kisses him back; trying canlı casino siteleri to replicate the way Christie kissed her. Although she doesn’t feel like she did it the same way, it still has the same effect on him as he gets slightly winded and falls against her when she releases her hold.

“How was that?” she whispers in his ear.

As soon as the tingling sensation wears off, he answers “Amazing~”

A pair of hands run through his hair as his ear is lovingly nibbled. He is lifted from his resting position with eyes still closed, thinking its Cindy moving him, but the direction of the fingers don’t match up with where she’s sitting. Suddenly he is pulled back by his shoulders and falls to the floor.

“Making me have to work now to keep you on the floor,” Christie teases, “that’s new,” smiling down at him as she rests her shoed foot on his chest. “What do you think?” inquiring about them.

Taking a second to get his bearings straight, “that has to be the quickest wardrobe change you’ve ever done.”

“I meant about the shoes ya goof.”

“Umm, what about them?” he says glancing at the back of her shoe, only being able to tell that she’s wearing flats at the moment.

“Not too rough, are they?”

“They’re fine.”

“Oh good. They’re new, but I had them made with a custom tread, just for you,” she says lifting her foot into his view to show the bottom.

“Hearts?” He smiles up at her then kisses the tread and guides her foot back onto his chest, “I couldn’t think of a better tread to be under.”

Flattered by his gesture, Christie smiles sweetly as she steps onto him again — her shoes gripping his skin more than normal flats would. A few paces back and forth on him and she can already see marks being left behind on his skin.

“Aww! How cute are those little hearts on him?” Christie points out to Cindy.

“Oh my gosh, very!”

The ladies become greatly amused by the tread pattern being left behind as Christie slows her pace to allow the marks to be more prominent. Brian simply smiles along with their good time as he can’t see much from his angle.

Christie’s time with the shoes on is rather short compared to what both of them have done barefoot so far, but it’s long enough to make Brian’s point valid about being able to tolerate them in his condition.

She comes to a pause on his chest again, “would you like to go see the location we’ve picked out for our future home?”

“Sounds good to me, but since I can get back into my house again, can we swing by there first?”


The three are ready to go for the most part. Christie changes her shoes again though as her heart-treaded flats are special and she doesn’t want to mess them up. Cindy puts hers back on, and Brian buttons his shirt back up.

The car ride has a mixed atmosphere as the ladies sing along with the radio, keeping their spirits high, but Brian remains quiet in the back seat from anticipation.

“You alright back there?” Christie says eyeing him through the rear view mirror.

“Yeah,” he replies gazing out the window.

The girls share a look with each other, knowing there’s more on his mind than he’s letting on. Christie purposely keeps her gift from snooping around this time in order to allow this to be more his moment than all of theirs.

They pull up in front of his yard that legitimately looks like it hasn’t been touched in months. He makes his way to the door, and takes a deep breath before sticking the key in. Since it’s not his original key, he struggles with the changed lock a bit before making his way inside.

Everything has a fine layer of dust on it. The power has been shut off for a while, so there is a stale scent in the air. The clocks on the microwave and the stove are off, and any of the ones that run on batteries are either dead or close to it as the times are all messed up. It makes the place feel like it’s not his own even though all his stuff is still there.

The ladies keep their distance, but follow him inside. As Brian looks around in his old room, they see pictures scattered throughout the place featuring the three of them together, pictures they remember taking, but never knew he had framed. Most of the images were of them outside, but the closer to his room they get, the more personal the pictures get as well.

“When you two left, I got frames for all of them,” Brian says returning from his room, handing Christie a picture with the two of them leaning against him. “I thought about taking them with me when I was kicked out, but since I didn’t really have anywhere to go, I figured they’d be better preserved staying here and out of the elements. When I found out later that the locks were changed, that’s when it felt like everything had really been taken from me, because I couldn’t come in to see these anymore.”

The girls get a little choked up over his story and his efforts to preserve their friendship, leaning into him the same way they are in the photo.

“This is the only friendship I’ve had that I’ve never had any regrets about, so I made it a point to keep you two around in spirit when you couldn’t be here in person. Looks like in a strange, twisted way, that effort has come back full circle — with you helping me to get this place back and all.”

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