Chastity Ch. 04 of 04

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Rina was rather hesitant to pick up the phone from the unknown caller but after a number of persistent rings she had no choice but to pick it up anyway.

“Hello.” she whispered.

“Is that Mohammad’s whore?” a rough voice almost barked at her. She did not reply.

“We know that you are carrying that bastard’s child.” Again she kept quiet.

“Look, you slut, if you do not abort that child, then we will come and rip it out of your belly.”

“His father will certainly not allow that happen.” At last she found her voice.

“That bastard might try to protect his bastard, but do you think he will let you go after you deliver.” Rina was stunned at this new thought! She had been looking forward to her escape.

“He will slit your throat once he gets what he wants .. “

“So what should I do?”

“Abort that bastard in your belly and run for your life.”

“Nooooooo …” screamed Rina but the line had got disconnected by then.

Rik who had been listening in on the conversation was just as stunned as his mother. They simply did not know what to do next? Should they call Mohammad? Should they flee? Should they simply ignore the call? The various options kept dancing around them. Finally, Rina decided that it would be best to call up and inform Mohammad.

Mohammad threw a tantrum and cursed her roundly. “How on earth does anyone get to know about our child, you bitch?” he thundered, coolly forgetting that drunken orgy that he had had in the recent past where his tongue had been rather slippery. Another whore with whom he had been trying out his Tiger Penis had put two and two together to get a hazy picture of the situation and had passed this on to Mohammad’s brother and arch rival, Akbar, who had his eyes on the Mohammad’s crime business in the city.

But after all that tongue lashing, Mohammad felt a pang of remorse or perhaps it was his concern for who he believed was his child. He agreed to pick Rina right away and bring her into the protection of his secret love nest.

Rina arrived at Garden Reach in just the clothes that she had been wearing – denim jeans, and a light jacket that she had thrown over the tight T-shirt to hide her big breasts that were otherwise too evident! In her duffel bag, she had barely managed to stuff in a single salwar-kameez suit and a box of cosmetics plus the pill for her morning sickness that the doctor had prescribed.

The moment she stepped into the house, Rina realised that the picnic was over. The atmosphere was tense and Mohammad was in no mood for any kind of fun and frolic. Instead he was making calls to his henchmen trying to figure out who all knew what about their movements.

“Can you call in some of your friends to protect us?” Rina asked.

“In this business, no one is your friend except these that we have in the cupboard!” He pulled out the guns giving one to Buddhu and keeping the two heavy revolvers for himself.

“What about mine?” Rina asked.

“You can think you can tackle a thug? Murder someone in cold blood?” Mohammad joked.

“Better to have it, than not.” Rina persisted.

“Ok, take that little Glock that you have already learnt to use,” tossing it to her. Then they sat down and switched on the TV.

They came for Rik just as he was returning from college. He had barely got off the bus on the main road and was just about to turn into their alley when a Maruti Omni — a favourite with kidnappers because of the sliding doors — braked next to him. Before he could realise anything , a burly man got out, grabbed him by his hand and collar, pushed him into the back seat and jumped in behind him. It could not have taken more than 30 seconds and before anyone on the road, and there was hardly anyone who had noticed the abduction, could raise an alarm, the car sped away. Rik tried to resist but with two big men sitting on him and his face pressed hard against the floor there was little that he could do!

The car sped through the city and came to stop inside an abandoned warehouse on the banks of the Hooghly river. Rik was pulled out the car and before he knew anything he was on the ground and hard blows and kicks were raining on him. Finally, after he had been softened up, the leader of the gang started asking him questions.

“Where is that whore Rina?”

“Sir, I don’t know.”

“You don’t know where your mother is, you mother-fucker.” Another tight slap landed on his cheek.

“He is with Mohammad.”

“And where are they?”

“Believe me, I don’t know.”

The hammering continued as Rik desperately tried to protect his mother’s location even though he knew it from Google Maps!

“Boss, we need to up the stakes …”

“Ok, get Rahim here.” Rik’s insides froze. If they knew Rahim then they would know much more and that would place his mother at even greater risk from both parties. But what could he do?

He watched in horror as the old locksmith was dragged into the room and thrown on the floor.

“We know that he opened that chastity belt for your mother.”

“Which means we also know that her child belongs to someone else.”

“Pardon me, Rik bhai,” illegal bahis cried the locksmith, “if only I had kept quiet in the bar …” but his voice was choked off with a kick on his face.

“You see that we know all. Just tell us where that whore is.”

“I don’t know, please,” begged Rik.

“Then we will kill you, just as we kill this skunk,” and before Rik could blink an eye, the gangster had pumped a single bullet into the locksmiths’s head, killing him instantly. Rik was shocked beyond words by this terrible brutality that happened in front him.

“Now you see … that we mean business. Will you or will you not tell us where your mother is”

Rik realised that resistance was futile. If he did not talk, they would kill him just as they had killed Rahim and even that might not save his mother.

“Ok, this is the address where Mohammad and my mother are …” and told them about the house in Garden Reach.

“Good, now if you want to live, get the fuck out of this city and don’t ever show your face here.” The thugs jumped into the car and sped away.

What should he do? Rik wondered. Obviously he should warn his mother but then he was stuck here with a dead man and he could get involved with this murder as well. First things is do not leave tracks, physical or digital. He could see Rahim’s cellphone lying on the ground and he used his handkerchief to pick it and dialled on the phone that Mohammad had given to his mother. Rapidly he explained all that had happened and told her that he was planning to flee the city.

“Ok, meet me at Santragachi,” whispered Rina, mentioning a small but extremely busy railway station, and cut the line.

Rik carefully cleaned Rahim’s phone of his fingerprints and quickly left the warehouse, heading back to their flat to collect a few belongings.

Back in Garden Reach, Rina warned Mohammad, “Boss, I think your brother is on his way here.”

“How do you know?” he asked and Rina quickly told him about the incident but cleverly left out the locksmith connection. “They beat the information out of him.”

“How did he know about this address?”

“I told him about the power station and the river so he must have given them a general idea,” Rina was deliberately vague, “But I am so worried about the poor boy.” She changed the topic. “I hope he is not too badly injured.”

“Ok, time to call in my troops.” Mohammad muttered to himself and started making phone calls.

“I hope they reach this building before your brother does.”

But that was not to be!

Armed with the precise information that Rik had provided, Akbar and his two henchmen hit their hideout within the next hour itself, when Mohammad’s reinforcements were still a couple of miles away.

After breaking down the front door with a well placed explosive bomb, the first thug charged in and was immediately killed by a lethal burst of fire from Buddhu. But Buddhu did not last long either as Akbar and his henchman let loose a literal firehose of bullets that cut him down in no time. Within the house it was room to room fighting as Mohammad and Rina dodged the attackers and finally managed to barricade themselves into one room while Akbar and his thug held the door.

“Quickly,” Mohammad told Rina, “we must go the roof.” He climbed out of the window and without waiting for Rina, ran along the cornice jumped onto the terrace. Rina shoved the Glock into her jacket and followed her albeit slowly. Akbar and his man had also reached the terrace and this is where Rina realised what a terrific fighter Mohammad was. Not only did he reach the roof a second earlier but in that split second, both his guns were out and blazing, one from each hand and the two men were cut down before they could get off another shot! Akbar was still alive but his man seemed dead, but Mohammad was taking no chances. With both guns drawn he walked closer to where the two men had fallen.

“You son of a bitch, Akbar, now I will kill you.” Thundered Mohammad.

“But let me tell you one thing before I die,” Akbar knew he had no escape, and yet he wanted to inflict that last damage.

“What? You mother-fucker?”

“If you think that you have a son,” he croaked, “then you are wrong.”

“What do you mean?”

“Your fancy chastity belt was opened by Rahim the locksmith and that whore is carrying someone else’s child. You are as impotent as a mule.”

“Noooooo …” screamed Mohammad and emptied the bullets of his revolver into his brother .. and then he turned around.

Rina was standing behind him, her left hand gripping the wrist of the right which held the Glock pointing, just as Mohammad had taught her, straight at his heart.

“You bitch, you betrayed me .. You will die.” Mohammad pressed the triggers of both his guns but there were no bullets left in any one of them.

“Live and let die!” whispered Rina to herself and pulled the trigger on her gun, once, twice and then as Mohammad fell on the ground, cooly walked across, stooped over him and put a third bullet through his head.


The Santragchi Digha EMU local illegal bahis siteleri of the South Eastern Railway had departed on time and now, at around a quarter to ten in the night, it was approaching Digha. Not being a weekend, there were not too many people going to the popular sea-side resort, near Calcutta but nevertheless there were quite a few people in the compartment and so neither Rik, nor Rina could speak much even though they had so much to talk about!

Rina had reached Santragachi first, after crossing the river through the tunnel but daylight was fading in the early November evening. She thought of calling Rik to find out where he was but decided against using the phone — after all, who knows which phone was being tracked. After hanging around on the platform for a while she had ducked into the ladies toilet, not so much as to pee but more to catch her breath after that dash through the tunnel, then down the rope into the garden, out of the gates that were closing at dusk and then the long walk to the station. A tall girl in a jeans and T-shirt with a backpack on her back and a duffel back in her hand would have stood out in the crowd but she had managed to mingle with a group of college girls who had fortuitously come to the garden for some academic project. But once in the station, she was sticking out like a sore thumb.

So in the privacy of the toilet, she had changed into the traditional salwar-kameez suit with the pallu tied around her head and almost covering her face but none could have guessed that stuck into her pajama’s or rather in her panties was a lethal Glock pistol that she might have to use again if required. When she emerged with the bag on her shoulder she seemed no different from the hundreds of people who were passing through the station. It was almost six o’clock when she spied Rik crossing the tracks and walked along the platform so that their passed crossed. He too was looking out for her and they quickly made eye contact before going to stand in front of the tea stall. Each ordered a cup of tea separately but as they stood sipping it Rina whispered, “Mohammad is dead, so is Akbar.”

“What next?”

“There is a train for Digha leaving at 6:15. We will board it at the last minute. Keep separate and watch out for people following us.”

Rina placed the backpack on the ground and Rik, after scanning for anyone who might be watching them, picked it and slung it on his shoulder. Then they separated again, one standing at a book stall while the other sat on a bench. Both of them were looking out for suspicious strangers but fortunately there was no such person on the platform or the station — everyone seemed to be a genuine passenger, trying to head his or her own way.

Just as the train was about to start, the two of them edged up to the train and as it started to pull out, first Rina and then Rik got boarded in two different compartments. They moved along the train, pushing through the crowd, passing through the vestibule connectors watching for anyone who may have been following them but fortunately, there was none. Finally, they found an empty compartment and sat down facing each other — so that each could watch the other’s back.

It was an hour to Panskura where the train reversed itself, left the main track and took the spur that brought them to Digha. Most of the local commuters had disembarked at intermediate stations and only a handful of locals plus a few tourists were left when the train finally entered Digha. It was the last train of the day and most of the shops in the station were closed but there were a few rickshaws still waiting for the casual tourist. Rik and Rina had a quick dinner of noodles and and egg roll each at one shop that was still open and then hired a rickshaw.

The rickshaw puller took one look at them and decided that they must be illicit lovers looking for quiet tryst with adultery!

“Do you have a booking in any hotel?”

“No, can you help us find one.”

“Near the beach? Or …”

“A little in the interior, please, a little private.” Now he was sure of his guess. Family types always preferred the beach. He started pedalling furiously towards the hotel that would give him the maximum commission for bringing in a tourist in this off-season.

“Ma,” Rik whispered, “we will need an identity proof to check into a hotel. Police regulations.”

Rina took the backpack and rifled through its contents. Then he pulled out a Drivers License in the name of one G Choubey and gave it to Rik. “Use that.”

“What about you?”

“In hotels like these, women are simply identified as Ms so-and-so, they would not bother,” she whispered.

“Where did you get this?”

“And here is the cash.” She handed over two Rs 500 notes to Rik. “Without which they would not let us check-in.”

Rina had stayed in such hotels in the past and was familiar with the way they operate. She hung back in the lobby as Rik went, paid in advance for two nights and checked themselves in.

They got a tiny room on the third floor but it had cable TV, an attached bath and a large bed with clean, white sheets and pillows. There was canlı bahis siteleri a verandah that opened out towards a grove of cashew trees and in the distance, they could hear the crash of the surf on the beach. Rik was dying to ask his mother about all that happened but she kept up the pretense of being his lover, which in a sense she was! by holding his hands and smiling coyly all the time. Finally, when the door was closed behind them did she finally drop her guard.

But not quite.

“The room boy will come in a minute with drinking water. Ask for a mosquito repellent and then see if he can get a bottle of rum and some nuts and chips.

That did not prove too difficult and very soon the boy returned with a bottle of Old Monk XXX and two bottles of Pepsi.

“Now you must tell me all that happened.” Rik could not bear the suspense any longer and Rina finally told him about the fight at Mohammad’s house and how she had finally killed the thug and escaped through the tunnel.

“But how did you get that driver’s license and the cash?”

“Actually Mohammad had assembled all this into a getaway kit. He knew that if he had to flee, he would need not only guns but also these little things without which it is difficult to be on the run. He was a pretty well organised fellow.”

“So you had the time to look through all this!”

“I was in hurry, but I thought that a little time spent in looking through the almirah would help. In any case, I had picked up the spent cartridges from my pistol … had learnt it from Mohammad, not to leave them lying around for police to check.”

“Let me see that pistol of yours.”

“But first let us switch on the TV and see what the news has to say about us.”

Sure enough, their incident was all over the TV channels but fortunately none of them mentioned anything about a missing or mystery woman! All channels were reporting that a gangland war had broken out in Garden Reach and five well known criminals were killed, most probably by each other. Five mugshots were moving across the frame.

“Hey that is Mohammad and Buddhu.” exclaimed Rina.

“And that is Akbar and his two cronies,” added Rik.

“This means that anybody who knows either of us by sight is dead! Great!” exclaimed Rina.

“Unfortunately, so is Rahim, the one who freed you.”

“He would have been alive if had kept his mouth shut. We should not have given him all that cash. It turned his head.”

“But this calls for some celebration.”

“First I need to take a bath.”

“You alone? Of the two of us …” grinned Rik.

“Ok, young man.”

It was a tiny bathroom but the geyser was effective and the water was hot. Mother and son stood under the shower and then soaped each other with great abandon. Rina stroked her son’s penis while Rik squeezed his mother’s breasts and both of them ran their fingers up and down each others butt crack, while the warm water drained away all the dirt, grime and tiredness from their highly refreshed bodies. Then they dried themselves and stood facing each other, naked as the the day they were born and at peace with each other.

“We do not have clothes to sleep in.”

“We hardly have any clothes, so we might as well get into bed like this itself.”

“But first pour me some of the Old Monk. I am dying for a drink.”

“But even before that let me take a look at the Glock pistol of yours.”

“Careful, make sure that the safety cock is on. It will be difficult to explain another shoot out here.”

All three of them, the mother and the son and the deadly Glock pistol got into bed together and Rina made Rik tell her all that had happened at home while Rina in turn recounted, once again, the murderous fight that she had participated in, in Garden Reach.

“So that little practice with that pistol really paid off — it saved your life and here we are.”

“But that pistol taught me something else as well, something that is a little more naughty.” She grinned.


“A gun in your hand is a great boost to your confidence, your ego .. and if I may so, one’s pleasure.”

“I don’t get you.” Even though he thought he knew what she was referring to.

“I don’t know about men, but for me it was the ultimate aphrodisiac.”

“You were turned on by the gun?”

“I got an an orgasm with even a wimp like Mohammad, while we were fucking under the stars, in the Botanical Gardens.”

“So let me fuck you once again, right now.”

“I was waiting for you to say so, while you were jabbering and talking all this while.”

In a moment the room exploded with feverish excitement! Both of them were already naked and Rik pounced on his mother and pressed her on her back on the bed. Rina coo-ed with pleasure, took the gun in her hands and started to rub the cold steel of the barrel against her pubic mound. Rik was by now rock hard and he roughly pushed the gun away and pressed his penis against her cunt. Rina’s vagina was already moist and Rik pressed into her with hardly any resistance. Then he started to pump his prick into his mother’s body as she started to moan gently and stiffened her body in pleasure. Rina’s eyes were closed, her mouth was open in a silent scream and the gun in her hand was clenched tight. It was as if the pistol was being shoved into her cunt and the mere thought sent waves of pleasure rippling across her body.

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