Charity Graduates 5: The Prom

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Charity Jones here again.

We’ve finally come to the end of the high school road for my formerly younger self.

I’ll skip the witty banter and let’s finish this.

The final week of high school. Here it was.

A bunch of exams and lots of study time. The school became a ghost town to the students that did show up to bury their heads in books. I even went to school to study just to avoid the pleasures of the flesh that might befall me at home in the trailer park.

And then those were over.

Then it was Grad on that final Friday.

It seemed so surreal when the ceremony actually came. All the faces I knew, all the friends, all the acquaintances. I felt like I’d see them on school Monday, but I also knew I might not end up seeing none of them ever again.

The three of us; my tomboy best Friend Faith and busty goth pal Hope wanted to go up and flash the crowd when we got our diplomas. We even made sure we were stark naked under our gowns. In the end though, we couldn’t do it. We all knew without saying that we had to do this right.

Hope was, to no one’s surprise, the class Valedictorian. Yes, I was miss super popular class president and cheerleader captain. But Hope was a freaking rocket scientist mad genius under her oral fixation.

I cant remember what for the life of me what she said, just that it was reassuring. I was too busy reflecting on this moment. How proud I was of my friend. Of all my friends. How I was once an elite boarding school girl who wouldn’t dare talk to such freaks like her and Faith, but now I couldn’t imagine any other place on earth I’d rather be.

When it was all over and the applause died down we made our way through the crowd getting hugs and sad good byes by some people who weren’t coming to the prom tomorrow. Even Angie Brollet gave me a heartfelt hug. Six months she was a heartless bitch whom I hated with all my heart, now I was sad to see her go.

Momma was so proud of me she was crying. She had come in her Sunday nicest with Marcus and she just kept gushing all over me. Being the teen girl I was embarrassed but I later understood it all too well.

I was the first woman in our bloodline to graduate high school in three generations. Plus, I was going to university next year.

“ I just can’t believe I’ve helped raise such a perfect girl”, Momma gushed between tears.

“ I had the best example”, I hugged her back.

We didn’t party hearty that night as I had to go over final details for the following night.

Prom Night.

This was it. The last night of my being a high school girl. The night many women never get over, or never stop regretting.

It had to be perfect.

It was going to be an Arabian night. Partly my salute to our boys out fighting in Desert Storm. Some of them were barely older than me. Some of them never got a chance to pin a corsage to a girl. Most were just trying to make sure they didn’t come home in a bag.

With my crazy schedule I had passed on most of the final details to Faith and Hope during those last two weeks. And now it was all coming to fruition.

Momma spared no expense on my dress either. She spent two weeks wages peeling at the Zebra Club to pay for it. It was a source of pride for her that I was the only teenager in the county that was going to her prom in hand tailored designer dress.

It was stunning too.Thick red silks and a low cut bodice. Sleeveless with a white velvet inlay. Blue ermine cuts in the skirt. I was the sultry American flag. The gloves were darling too; laced up to the elbow in white leather.

Momma even gave me her golden heart locket that she wore all the time and gave it to me. Handing it down. Her Momma gave it to her when she was of age, and her Momma before her. Inside was the two of us. I still wear it to this day.

Marcus even bough me diamond earrings as my grad present. They were worth a fortune. I still have them and bring them out for fancy occasions over 20 years later.

Chet came and picked me for the prom. In a limo. His dad’s limo to boot.

God he was so handsome. A perfectly cut black tuxedo that filled showed the clear edges of his muscular frame. For the first time since that night in the car when he became my cuckold I actually wanted to fuck him. But I decided he had to still wait.

He pinned a lovely rose corsage delicately to me, his hands were shaking and my boobs were such a big target in the low cut dress I was just glad there wasn’t an impalement. Momma gushed some more and Marcus snapped some pictures of us together before scooting us out.

The limo driver was none other than George; Chet’s dad and my dom. He even wore the silly chaffeur cap.

“ Once around the park James, and no dawdling”, Chet said snobbishly snapping his fingers at his Dad.

I howled at this.

We played kissy face delicately while George drove us to the gym. Chet was so astounded at how stunning I was in my dress and hair done to the nines ( thanks to Patti, for punk rock lesbian she sure knew how to make a girl pretty) and couldn’t keep his eyes of my cleavage. He didn’t like the gloves, I was almost miffed, but he had his reasons as I would discover at the end of the night.

The school gym had been transformed. It was straight out of Ali Baba or Aladdin or any of the 1001 Nights, it was breath taking. Pinarets sweeping to the ceiling, wafting dune hills that seemed to be just in the distance but were merely back drop. Bells and wind chimes giving the touch of the exotic. The punch table was taken over by samovar’s serving punch. Full metal dinner trays with exotic meats and fruits.

Even the band was Persian. They played top 40 on regular equipment, then out came the sitars and flutes for traditional Arabian music

This must have cost a fortune. I didn’t remember authorizing any of this! It should have been cheesy cut outs, the ushers in tacky sheik costumes, and a bunch of shish kebabs. Where the hell did this come from?

I was quickly the belle of the ball. Everyone gushed over how beautiful I was and yes it went straight to my head. I was lost in a sea of lights and beauty.

But for me, the real prize were my best friends Faith and Hope

Faith was eternally single and Hope swore to never love another man again ( What a goth). I assumed they would be coming hen to tonight’s dance. They weren’t even going to come until I begged and pleaded for days and they finally broke down.

They came as each other’s date.

Hope was resplendent in all black with a matching low cut bodice like my own. Her hair was loose and wild to her shoulders and she wore a lace see through veil over her face in a tarty Arabian style.

Faith on the other hand…was in a tuxedo. Okay, at least the top of it was. She wore a tiny black skirt to match her sharp blazer and bow tie. Topped off with fishnets and black fuck me heels.

Faith was the “ boy” and Hope came in with her hand resting on the redheads arm. It was incredible and every head turned to them. They even slow danced with each other, Faith of course taking the lead. You have to remember this simply didn’t happen in Texas twenty years ago, this was going to be the talk of the town for months.

Despite all their bickering and fighting, despite how dynamically polar opposite they were of each other. They were the first ones to come running to defend the other. My frick and frack. My Abott and Costello. My sisters.

I eventually pulled away long enough to go gab with my two amigas.

“ You two are awesome”, I said giving them big hugs.

“ That’s to be expected with me”, Faith joked, “ Freak girl here has to work it”

“ Just because you have a fake cock doesn’t mean I’m going to put out at the end of the night”, Hope joked back to her date.

“ How the hell did we afford all this? Is the school closing down?”, I asked surpised

“ Yeah, we were meaning to talk to you about that, “ Faith said fidgeting

“ What do you mean?”, I said beginning to worry about that tell tale sign of Faith

“ You see, you kinda have to ummm…pay for it”, Faith said turning a bit red

“ WHAT?”, I barked loudly enough that heads turned.

Faith backed up as I curled my fists and advanced as she slunk away.

“ Little help here freaky!”, Faith implored Hope

Hope stepped up between us.

“ Not financially”, Hope said soothingly putting her hands on my shoulders.

“ Ohhhh on my back, that’s just fucking great”, I growled some more trying to keep my tone down.

“ It’s not that bad”, Faith tried assuring

“ Zip it Pippi Long-Stockings!” I snapped at her. She hated it when I called her that.

Which wasn’t really fair and I regretted it the moment it came out. Faith could dish it out but she couldn’t handle it from her friends, strangers yes , but not us. She was always incredibly deeply naturally tan despite eing a redhead, and her hair was more like Little Orphan Annie’s. She always thought she was descended from the Apaches and just caught all their genes in this lifetime.

“ I’m sorry”, I breathed out right away casino oyna the anger disappearing.

“ It’s cool, I kinda had that one coming”, she said giving me a hug.

Awesome chick.

‘ Alright, explain how this isn’t bad”, I said now fully calm, The dance went on behind us having lost their momentary interest.

“ Better yet, follow me”, Hope said beckoning in a fingerless gloved .

We exited the gym and wandered down the halls of the darkened school. It was always weird seeing this place at night. Like we were walking in another world, that this was the Twilight Zone reflection of a high school. No wonder so many horror movies are in high schools at night; it’s a different world.

We came to the boiler rooms and let ourselves inside. Old Tyrone lived in here in an apartment in the back. He had been here forever, farther back then anyone knew. It was a tiny place, two rooms; a bathroom and his living room/bedroom/kitchen. The only window being a small one in the bathroom.

We knocked on the door and heard him call out “ Come on in girls”

Old Tyrone was buck naked and squatting over the prone form of our Vice Principal. She was tied spread eagled and naked to his bed. Tyrone was shoving a truly massive dick in and out of her mouth. He was nearly Beeder kinda big. For an old coot he was pretty good shape if on the skinny side.

I had to admit, it had been a year since Old Tyrone had last shoved his dick down my throat in our “ detention” sessions with Vice Principal Gordon. I had always wondered what it would be like in my pussy.

“ Just in time ladies, I was getting bored with this silly cows piss poor blowjobs”, Tyron said pulling his dick out of her mouth and smacking her across the face with it a couple times.

Her reaction was incredible though, she kept trying to reach out with for it with her mouth. She had gone from being his Mistress to being his Bitch. It was pretty awesome.

“Faith, you go out and watch that door”, Tyrone told her

“ What? Theres nobody going to come”, Faith huff indignantly

“ Don’t you back talk me girl, you git out there on the double”, Tyrone said sternly

Faith huffed but relented” Fine, whatever”

I had never seen Faith back down so quickly. But I had also never seen Tyrone act like an overbearing adult to anyone either. He was just the sweet old man that lived at the school.

Tyrone came over and shook my hand and gave it a kiss. I kinda flushed at this. This old man was a treat. Even naked he was pretending to be courtly.

“ Miss Charity, I asked you here because I wanted to settle a matter of payment for tonight”, he said succinctly.

“ Oh don’t you worry Tyrone, I’ll gladly suck you and fuck you blind for how you’re treating the Dragon Lady”

All three of us laughed at this, and I began to unlace my gloves. That’s when Old Tyrone stopped me.

“ No no Miss Charity, I wanted you to know that digging that money out of my retirement fund was my way of paying you for all you’ve done.”

I looked at him curiously” For all I’ve done?”

“ Miss Charity, I’ve been at this school since it opened 45 years ago. I retire in 3 months. I have seen students come and students go. Your Momma went here and your Grandmomma went here, it fact she was the hottest piece I had for nearly 20 years.”

That should have been creepy, but based on my sex life it seemed almost predictable. So I laughed.

He continued.

“ I’ve been here through wars and integration, through protests and way too many Presidents. And it has always remained a rock in a storm. But there was also a meanness. An ugliness that stayed too”

We were rapt. This was the heart of the school.

“ My people. Coloured people. Always been treated like trash in this town. The anger. The figting…. The love lost”, he said looking away the door for moment.

“ I thought it was going to go on forever, and that mean old bitch on the bed to me was just living proof that it would always remain underneath despite what that cowboy in the White House says”.

He cleared his throat

“ Then you and your sisters here came along. Yes, sisters. It’s no coincidence that you three found each other. I’m not talking flesh and blood. The Lord made your Momma and Poppa give you the names to find each other in this small corner of His creation.”

He put his hands on my shoulders softly and looked me deep in the eye

“ And you girls have saved this town. I don’t say that lightly. When you walk down the street together you three are the image of harmony.I aint seen nothing like it. People that hate each other put aside their feuds around you girls. People are lost find comfort in your smiles. Black men and white men talk about you as you pass. Did you know there has not been one single white on black or black on white crime in this town since you three met?”

That was the strangest thing. There had been an editorial about how hate crime had all but evaporated for the last two years in our town. That was kinda spooky.

“ And you, Miss Charity. You have been the one that binded them. You got something in you girl. A light. Something that brings comfort. That brings happiness. And I aint just talking the sex. You bring out the best in everyone around you. You are called Charity, and your charity of heart spreads out to everyone around you”

He was tearing up at this point and his earnestness was making me feel like choking up a bit too.

“ And that’s why I paid for tonight outta my nest egg. That was my payment to you. Thank you girl, and God bless you!”

Old Tyrone then hugged me close and I was overwhelmed by his kindness. Everyone always told me how pretty I was, or how fun I was or how exciting I was. With the exception of my Momma and my sisters, I had never heard how “ good” I was .

I wiped back a tear as he stepped away. He then turned to Hope

“ Now you girl, I don’t get all this hooey dooey dressin up like a vampire shit you do. You are the gentlest creature I have seen in years. The sweetest and the kindest. Don’t you think for a second that Tyrone doesn’t know about those stray kittens you’ve been raising behind the shop classes. Who the heck did you think built them that cat home”

Hope actually turned red at being outed as a sweetheart.

“ Or how abouts when you went out and gave out all them blankets to the vets in the park come winter. Some of them are my friends. They still talk about the dark angel that brings them soup every night from November to December.And I see you when you go read to the burn victims from all them fancy books you got. You see the darkness in the world so you pretend to be dark too. But you listen here girl, you are a light! You give the weak, the hungry, the poor a reason to keep going”

He smiled at her as Hope seemed lost in what he was saying.

“ In short girl, “ Tyrone said putting his hand on her shoulder, “ you give them Hope.”

The goth girl was stunned too and sat down on a chair at the kitchen nook. This old man read us like a book and had turned to pages we had never read before.

“ You going to make Faith cry like this too?”, I tried joking past tears of joy

“ No, my words to her need to be private”, he said wistfully.

“ Okay fine, but you are so getting a blowjob for this” , I laughed

“ To hell with the blowjob, I’m fucking him silly”, Hope mumbled still reeling.

The three of us laughed at this.

“ Well, I aint gonna argue with a couple ladies” , Tyrone smiled as his cock began to grow again.

I knelt know lifting up my skirt so it wouldn’t get too dirty even on the carpet and Hope was beside me in a flash. She lifted her veil and just dived in. Even an epiphany wouldn’t stop an oral addict like her.

Hope and I sucked on the old black man’s huge cock in earnest. No, to say that would belittle it. We worshipped his phallus. He had made us feel 10 feet tall, so we returned the favour. Our tongues and mouths found every inch of his might beast. Hope would gag as she tried taking him down her throat, then I would do the same.

My make up was probably running from my eyes like a racoon at this point but I couldn’t give a shit. Sucking this huge dick was my complete world. I flicked out my tongue and juggled his heavy balls whilst Hope made sick gagging sounds as she tried shoving his cock down her throat.

“ Alright, screw this, we need to get fucked”, I said pulling away.

“ Me first”, Hope said jumping up and heading to the bed.

She crawled up onto the bed and straddled the Vice Principlas face and face the wall. She put her hands on it to steady herself. I walked over and flipped up her skirt. Like me, the tramp wasn’t wearing panties.

“ Lick it bitch, lube me up”. Hope instructed the Dragon Lady and squatted down on her face.

VP Gordon made gasping and slurping sounds as she obediently licked out Hopes cooze. The busty goth girl would grind into her face then move away for a second so that the VP could breathe then grind again. After a couple minutes she signalled she was ready.

Tyrone got up behind her steadily slot oyna and slipped his big dick into the girl a third his age. She groaned as his big meat penetrated her.

The Dragn Lady would flick her tongue up as Old Tyrone’s balls would slap against her face. Tyrone began to seriously deep dick Hope. Soon his balls were slapping heavily up against the teen girls ass. Gordon gave her best and flicked at her clit too while she could.

I was standing by watching, I pulled up my skirt and fingered my self as my gal pal got fucked silly. There was something really nasty and hot about seeing grampa and the school girl. In that way I took after Hope, she liked it the nastier the better. And so did I.

He fucked her for a good 15 minutes before he started groaning.Hope implored him to stop, she didn’t want any cum dripping onto her dress. Silly girl. Like the the gentleman he was, Tyrone slowed down and pulled out.

Hope staggered over to me still wobbly in the leg and tagged out with me.

I crawled up on the bed and assumed the same position. Tyrone was stroking his big dick and waiting for me to get lubed up by Vice Principal Gordon’s tongue. Instead I decided to take it a step further.

I actually pun around facing Tyrone and shoved my asshole in her face instead.

“ Eat it bitch!”, I commanded her.

She clearly did not want that. I had no intent on getting laid or anal tonight. So I hadn’t exactly prepared. Yeah, I had a big movement earlier ( yeah, you needed to know that) but I was definitely not fresh as a daisy. Gordon tried thrashing her head away.

“ I said eat it!!!!”, I barked and sat on her face.

And by sat on her face, I mean sat on her face. I put my body weight on her. She was twitching and struggling as she buried in my big round buttcheeks. I sat there for probably 20 seconds before I squatted up.

“ Eat it bitch, or I see if you can go 4 minutes”

That did it. I felt the Nazi Bitch’s tongue slip up into my ass . I love getting rimmed by girls, when I’m cleaned that is. Making the woman who made my life hell eat out my nasty ass was even better.

I had her tongue probe my shitter for a good4 or 5 minutes. She would gag and sputter but then I would start to lower my ass back onto her and she would comply. When I felt wet enough and loose enough, I turned around, still squatting on her face. This time she got my pussy.

Hope flipped up my dress and held it up. I tried getting traction against the wall, but my gloves were too slippery so I bit through the laces and yanked them off. Well there goes a hundred bucks. But getting fucked in the ass by a wise old man with a monster cock was worth the price of admission.

Tyrone spit on his dick and nasty bitch Hope spit on my asshole and we were off to the races. Tyrone pushed that fat thing in my backdoor ever so slowly. God it was huge. He just ept pushing and stretching me wide. I bit my lip to stop from whimpering.

Tyrone would spit on his dick for more lube and so would Hope, eventually I had half his dick up my ass and I didn’t think it would go any further. Luckily neither did her, so he just fucked my ass for all that he could get in at this point.

He started slow and built up a tempo. Every thrust seemed to stretch me wider and push me more into the bed. Good thing Gordon was there to lick my clit or I thought I might pass out. Soon Tyrone had a steady strong beat pounding into me half way. It was great.

There would be no more anal sex this weekend after this monster tore me apart but it was worth it. Combined with the clit licking and sucking, my nerves being stretched in my ass I was soon cumming up a storm.I whimpered through each one of them as this dirty old black man fucked my hit tight teen ass.

Tyrone fucked me silly for a good twenty minutes as I came two more times from his anal assulat. Soon he was grunting and groaning and trying to pick up the pace. He was going to blow soon.

“ No, no , wait”, I said being my turn not wanting to completely ruin my super-dress, “ pull out, pull out”

Tyrone sighed and slowly extricated himself from where he was lodged in me. Christ, it was like giving birth to an oak tree. Yup, my ass was ruined for the weekend, we’re talking serious stool softeners from the pharmacy ( you did want all the nasty details).

I laid down on side of Gordon and Hope followed suit on the other. I think the Nazi Bitch was just glad we weren’t suffocating her in cunt any more and made soft mewing sounds.

“ Cum on her faces”, Hope said getting the hint

“ And our tits” I said pulling the top down and letting the mighty bazonga sisters free.

Hope did the same and soon Tyrone was stroking his big meat in our trio of faces. We opened our mouths wide and wiggled our tongues. I squeezed my tits as he double fisted what had to be nearly a food of prime dark meat.

Tyrone let out a huge groan and white volleys of goo splashed across our faces. It was a big one too. Sputer after spurt came out and we waved across like a firehose. Most of what I got went on my cheek and chin and between my boobs. Hope got some in her mouth. Gordon got up her nose, in her mouth and in her eye.


Tyrone then fed his cock smelling of my nasty ass into the Dragon Lady’s mouth. He really shoved in and made her clean his dick up well. She was choking and glurking, but that just encourage her.

I got up and decided it should be time to back to the dance, we had been gone for just over half an hour at this point. I stuffed my slef in and tried straightening up. Hope wiped her cum off and licked my face clean. But the cum had already dribbled down my boobs and there was a cumstain resting between my cleavage.

“ They’ll think it’s sweat”, Hope assured me.

“ I hope so”, I going into his bathroom and looking in the mirror.

Yup. Racoon eyes. Smeared lipstick, mussed hair. A mess.

“ Fuck it”, I said

I washed the rest of my make up off my face in a few seconds since half of it was gone already, and took my hair out of its perfectly cifed braids and buns. There, now I looked like Texas girl. Wild ready, and boobs as big as the state. And Hope was right the stain wasn’t too bad.

I wandered back and Tyrone was zipping up and three a blanket over Gordon, who still had gobs of sticky cum clinging to her face. No clean up for her. Good.

“ Could you two send in Faith on your way out, I need to talk to her”, he said sitting down

“ umm okay” I said sharing a glance with Hope.

No sex or even a blowjob? That was odd.

But as we headed ot it struck me he never had his dick in Faith even once. During all our “ detentions” when it was Faith’s turn to get facefucked it was always Mr Ralston and not him. Weirder and weirder.

We went out into the hall outside the boiler room and Faith was smoking a joint leaning against the wall. Shit, nowadays we’d call her “ a chronic”

“ Took enough time” she grunted, “ thought you were going to be in there till dawn”

“ Smartass”, I said taking her joint, “ now go in, he wants to talk to you”

“ Talk to me?” Faith asked, “ Is that code for assfuck”

“ it was for me, but I don’t think so for you”, I joked, “ Now get in there

“ Yeah yeah” she said wandering into the boiler room.

Hope and I were out there a good half hour. Got a bit bored actually when we finished the joint in minutes. I was almost tempted to take off back to the dance, it would be getting close to declaring the Prom King and Queen and I wanted to see who won. Probably Angie Brollet. That bitch.

Just as I was about to give up Faith walked out.

She was crying and we ran to her.

“ Are you okay? Are you okay?” I asked worried

“ Don’t break on me Apache”, Hope pleaded

“I’m good, I’m good”, Faith said wiping a tear away.

“ Shit, you don’t look okay?”, Hope understated.

“ No seriously I’m good, actually, I’m fucking fantastic”, she said wiping a tear away. That was when I noticed she was smiling. Hell, she even laughed.

“ Yeah, he said something pretty intense stuff to us too, what did he tell you”

“ Oh my god, I don’t know how to say it”, she said looking up trying to calm down.

Faith was never like this. I had seen her breakdown maybe three times in the entire time I’ve known her. Yes, she’d cry softly with me alone at night when she snuck through my window after her drunk ass dad took the belt to her. But nothing like this. Never anything like this.

“ Well, what was it”, Hope inquired desperately.

Faith took a deep breath, wooshed it out of her.

“ Tyrone is…hmm…Tyrone…Tyrone is………………………my dad”

We just stood there staring blankly at her.

“ Did you just say…” I said breaking the silence.

“ Yeah, Old Man my father”

“ Holy shit”, Hope said stunned.

“ You’re telling me”, Faith laughed.

Then she laid it all out. The conversation was very awkward at first between Faith and Tyrone as the old man hummed and hawed until he just came out with it.

He told her the story or how he met this lovely canlı casino siteleri redheaded woman by the name of Margo who had come to town some twenty years back. She didn’t give a fuck about race, but her parents susre did. They met by accident one night and it was love at first sight.

It was a doomed romance from the start. She was barely 18 and he was pushing 45. Plus she was white and he was black. Texas was still reeling from the 60’s and it would take it till now to finally catch up with a black man being treated with respect. But that didn’t stop the love birds.

In just a few months she was pregnant with his child and couldn’t hide it anymore from her family. She was going to go to college all expenses paid if she just terminated the baby and never spoke of him again. Margo refused, she wanted to live the rest of her life with Tyrone even if he was just a janitor at a high school.

He couldn’t let her give up her life though, despite how much he loved her. And even with his strong baptist roots he implored her to get an abortion and forget a tired old man. She refused, she was going to be with him to the end

Then one night, Margo’s brothers and dad found Tyrone and beat him within inches of his life. They said they’d kill him if he ever put his “ nigger “ hands on their sister again. Margo found out and said she’d run away with him.

Tyrone knew there was no way they could ever be free, or how that child could grow up in anything but fear and a family lost from her.

So he broke up with Margo.

She still loved him and she loved him back, but they knew that could never be together.

Margo gave birth to a baby girl she called Faith in remberance of the faith that Tyrone gave her that the world could one day overcome its hatred and its bigotry and finally accept love.

She couldn’t raise a child alone and soon had to settle for a man that was willing to take “ broken goods” as her redneck family called her. That was Faith’s “ dad” she had known all her life.

Faith had that prematurely tan skin somehow getting more of her mothers traits than her dad. She had his curly hair that was for sure. Her Annie resembalnce when she didn’t mousse her hair making more sense now. She also had her dad’s ambling gait, his sailors mouth and his unflinching bravery.

The man who “raised” her always knew she wasn’t his daughter and only knew a black man was her father. So he hated all black men for taking what was his, because Margo never wanted another child. And when she passed he took his anger out on Faith, who fought back

Faith had always know Tyrone since she was a little girl, but he always thought of him as her mothers friend. He would often pick her up from school. Always sent her Christmas presents every year.

Hell she discovered he had been looking out for her ever since. He had connections all over town and always convinced the sheriff to look the other way when it came to her pot dealing and underage drinking.

When Faith’s mother had died from drinking herself to death over grief, Tyrone almost wanted to do the same. So he sold his family home and moved into the school just so he could buy the plot of land and the trailer she lived in. The rent Faith paid every month was simply his mortgage.

This kindly old man had been watching her from afar his entire life. Stopping fights, pulling favours, keeping a roof over her head and always being her secret santa and “ admirer” for gifts on her birthday and Christmas.

He had done more for her from the shadows then that drunken racist did for her his entire life.

Faith had rolled up another joint as she told this tale and we smoked it and finished it silence in the hall.

“ Wow, your dad”, was all I could say

“ I know right, fucking amazing” Faith just smiled

“So what are you going to do?”, Hope said rubbing the redheads shoulder.

“ I don’t know, I really don’t… but I think I want to get to know him”, Faith smiled

There was a peace to her now. She didn’t doubt a word of is story. She said Tyrone told her things about her life and her mother that only she knew. There was no doubt; he was her father.

“ What an amazing night”, I shook my head.

“ I hear that, Tittsy..and Char.. Theres just one more thing”, Faith said still softly smiling.

“ Whats that?”

Faith wrapped her arms around me and held me tonight and whispered in my ear, “ Thank you, thank you for being the best friend a redneck girl could ever have”

I cried like a baby when she told me this.

“ Come here freak girl, I didn’t make it this far without you either”, Faith said through tears or her own extending her arm to Hope

Hope ran up and joined our circle of joy and tears.

Best night ever.

Faith. Hope. And Charity.

Tyrone was right. This was no coincidence.

We eventually broke our hug and laughed and tried straightening up.

“ Shit, we better get back to the dance”, Faith said getting back into her tough chick routine

“ Yeah, Id hate to miss the opportunity to genuflect at Angie Brollet’s feet”, Hope snorted.

“ Fucking bitch”, was my retort.

We shared another laugh and walked arm and down the hall. Me flanked on either side by my sisters

“ Ya know, I think I’m gonna miss this place” Faith sighed as neared the gym.

The gym door flew open and our old pothead pixie friend Flower popped out in a tie died sundress.

“ Whoa, like there you are, freaky”, she said coming to a halt.

“ Yes Flower, we’re here”, I said smiling

“ Like you’ve gotta come now, they’re about to announce like the King of the School”

“ The Prom King , Flower” Hope said gently

“ Yeah, far out, that’s it”, she smiled

“ We’ll be right there, Flower”, I smiled trying to suppress a giggle

Flower flashed as the peace sign and went back in, after walking into the door first.

“ Ya know, I think I’m even going to miss her”, Faith chuckled.

“ Somehow I dont think that’s the last we’ve seen of her, “I said almost feeling a touch of foreshadowing.

“ Great, as if one pothead isn’t enough”, Hope quirked

“ Shut up freak girl”, Faith snarked back

“ Love you” the goth teased back.

We stepped in the gymnasium as the principal got ready to announce the Prom King

“ And the Class of 1990’s Prom King is…………..”, he looked dramatically at the paper, “ Chet Baker!!!!”

We all cheered at that. My babe was the King. Damn right he is! It wasn’t exactly a surprise, the trouncing of the Cowboys he led made him a shoe in. We still gave him screaming cheers!!!

Then one of the Persian band guys gave a drum roll

“ And the class of 1990’s Prom Queen is……………………. Charity Jones!!!!!!!!!!”

Faith and Hope went nuts jumping up and down on either side of me. They shook me so hard I nearly popped out of the bodice.

Faith shoved me forward to the stage. I was in a trance. This night was getting unreal.

A note that grounded me to reality was the crushed look on Angie Brollet’s face. That meant it was real

I smiled and walked up the stairs onto the stage. The tiara was put on my head . A big boquet of roses handed to me. Chet had to move my arms around to fit the sash over me. Fortunately it covered the cumstain.

Chet stepped up and said..I don’t know..something. I was still lost.

Faith and hope were screaming the entire time through getting great laughs from everyone. Then I was pushed up to the mike

There was the squeal of feedback, a deathly quiet.

Oh right. I’m supposed to say something.

“ Ummmm..thank you. Go Cougars”

What a stirring speech.

Faith and Hope loved it though. I even saw them kiss in the crowd. What nutbars.

The floor was cleared for our dance as the Prom King and Queen.

It was so magical. I felt like a princess.

Chet took one of my hands. My god, he was so handsome .

Then he snapped his finger. A boom mike came down on a wire from the rafters and settled between us. A spotlight also shown on us.

What the…?

That’s when Chet got to one knee.

Oh my god !Oh my god! Ohmygodohmygodohmygod!!!!

“ From the first day I met you two years ago on the field behind the school, I knew you were one of a kind..” Chet began


“ Your smile lit up my heart and I was lost in you in a heartbeat”


“ I was in love with you from the moment I saw you. You’ve been with me in all the good times and the bad times. With me in my defeats and our victories”


“ I’ve become a stronger person because of you. A better person. And I cant think of not spending the rest of my life without you”


Out came the ring from his pocket which he presented to me.

“ Charity Alexandra Jones……will you marry me”

My heart stopped

“ Yes, Chesterson William Baker, I will marry you”, I gasped out.

He slipped the ring on my finger.

The place went wild. Balloons dropped from the ceiling.The band began to play

Chet stood up and gave me one of the greatest kisses any girl ever had in the history of the world.




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