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Big Tits

“Celeste?” I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. I work the late shift, and a guy I work with invited me to a “wild party.” He said that he was going to have some bimbo there to fuck anyone who wanted to fuck her. I don’t generally like parties, and I had no thought of fucking this bimbo, but I was bored. It was two in the morning, and my wife was visiting her sister, so no reason to go home to an empty house. With nothing better to do, I thought I would drop by, see who was there from work and maybe have a beer or two before I went home. When I got there the party was already going full bore. There were people on the porch drinking, dancing, smoking dope. There were several couples on the side porch that looked like they were having sex standing up, the woman leaning against the rail, with the guy on top of her, but it was too dark to tell for certain. I sure as hell wasn’t going to go closer to confirm what I thought I saw. I was surprised however, to see women there at all. I recognized several of them from work. There especially seemed to be a lot of the mailroom and warehouse chics: young, big titted, sexy, wild girls. I thought that maybe Dave had gotten one of them to volunteer for fuck-hole duty. Most of these girls were pretty wild, but I hadn’t expected any women to be there except the bimbo. I got the impression it was going to be like a stag party. When Dave met me at the door, I asked him about it.
“Oh, everyone of them wanted to come when they heard I would have this chic here. They have all been in there at least once getting their pussies’ eaten out. The rest of the guys were getting kind of pissed, because the girls were hogging all the time. Of course when they volunteered to suck off the guys while waiting, then things started calming down. Well at least the guys weren’t angry anymore. After that It got pretty wild around here for a while; people were fucking all over the place. Hey, you want to meet the bimbo, no ones gone in there in a while, she’s probably getting bored.
“Oh man, I don’t think so,” I said.
“Come on man, she’s really nice looking. Just the type you like: short, slender with really perky nipples. A beautiful little brunette piece of ass; I can’t believe I got her to do this for a hundred. You don’t have to fuck her, just say hi,” Dave said as he pulled me towards the door, acting like he had a new car and wanted to show it off.
“OK, OK, I’ll take a looked, just quite dragging me.”
Dave let go of my arm since we were at the door anyway. I gave a brief knock to warn her someone was coming in, and then I opened the door and walked in. I couldn’t believe my eyes. It was my wife’s cousin, who also happened to be married to a guy I use to hang out with. Celeste. I had always had the hots for her. Dave was right about her being my type. I had wanted to fuck her since the first time I saw her. Unfortunately by that time I was already married. I had dreamed about what she looked like naked, dreamed about how it would feel to fuck her in her tight little asshole while I yanked off. Now here she was: legs spread wide, cum dripping out her cunt and ass. Her body had a sweaty shine. That beautiful mane of reddish brown hair was hanging down her chest, tickling a hard as a rock nipple. Her shaved pussy, with puffy purplish lips were splayed open for my inspection. It seemed to take a while, but I finally brought my gaze up to her face. I could see a mixture of shame and fear in those huge beautify greenish-brown eyes, and her large full pouty lips were trembling.
“Bill,” she stuttered, looking about like she was ready to cry. “Please don’t tell Rick.”
“Why not.” I responded. Trying to make me voice as hard as I could.
“I’ll do anything you asked,” she whispered. “Anything.” “What ever you want, just don’t tell.”
“From what I see, I could have had that anyway. Haven’t you just finished fucking and sucking everyone here, anyway that they wanted it?” I said, as I took a step closer to her. Dave had already closed the door behind me when I first walked in, he was to drunk to realize that something other than what he had expected was happening. She started to close her legs and cover up. “Don’t,” I told her. She stopped, letting go of the sheet, and letting her legs fall back open. I put a knee down on the bed between her legs. My cock was already painfully hard, and had started sticking out the top of my pants. I said as I reached my hand down to stroke her inner thigh, “You’ll do anything alright: anything, anytime, from now on, not just tonight. Do you understand me you worthless little cunt?” She nodded her head up and down, biting her lower lip. She still looked afraid, but she also had a new look in her eyes. Excitement. I turned around, leaned back towards the door and locked it. I didn’t want anyone disturbing my new sex slave and me. I stood and took a step back from the bed.
“Get up and come here,” I commanded her like I would a dog. She obediently did as she was told. She had no choice but to press her naked body up against me, because there was only just enough room for her feet between the bed and me. The top of her head was below my chin. She had to tilt her head way up to look at me. I reached down with my hands and roughly grabbed a fist full of hair with each hand and pulling her onto her tiptoes. I smashed my mouth down on to her mouth, trying to bruise those big full lips as I dug my tongue down into her mouth. She seemed to melt into me, offering no resistance; I knew that she wanted this as much as I did. My cock was painfully swollen, pushing casino oyna against my jeans, it needed release, and I wanted nothing more than to thrust it in to this little bitch before me. I pulled down hard on her hair, slamming her to her knees.
“Unbutton my pants,” I ordered her. With no hesitation she quickly unbuttoned my pants, not waiting to undo each button, but pulling the material, so that each one slipped out of its hole.
“Take my pants off,” I told her as I kicked off my sandals, and let go of her hair. She pulled my pants down around my ankles; I lifted each leg in turn, so she could get my pants off. When she was done, she looked back up at me, but my now released cock slapped down on her face.
“Put your hands behind your back,” I ordered her ”open you mouth and stick out your tongue as far as you can. “ She did as instructed. I popped her between the eyes with my cock, she giggled.
“You think my cock is funny,” I said in fake anger.
“Oh no master, I love your cock. It is beautiful, and so very big.” There is nothing a guy likes to hear, more than a beautiful woman tell him that he has a big cock. Of course she was not lying in my case. My cock wasn’t the biggest cock in the world, but it was a good ten inches in length, and disproportionately thick.
“Good,” I said, ”Because tonight you are going to worship it, and show me how much you love it. Now open that cock sucking mouth of yours, stick out your tongue, and shut the fuck up.” She did as she was told. I pushed the head of my cock passed her lips. She could barely get her mouth open wide enough for me. After the head of my cock was in her mouth, I grabbed her hair again and then began to push my dick further into her mouth until it hit the back of her throat. She started gagging as I pushed harder, but she managed to keep her tongue out. I could feel my dick push against the opening of her throat. I moved my hips back and forth, trying to work my cock further into her throat. An inch then two slipped down her throat. She was gagging in earnest now, but I didn’t stop. She had already taken a good eight inches, but I was determined that my new toy would take it all. I wanted to feel her tongue licking my balls, and have her little pert nose smashed into my pubic bone. Every time she gagged, I slipped my dick further down her throat. She must have had some experience with being gag fucked since she didn’t try to close her mouth or remove her hands from her back. I was far enough in that she could just touch my balls with her tongue. I got a better grip on her hair, and rammed my hips forward, driving the rest of my length down her throat. I held her like that, with my dick completely in her, her face smashed up against me, for several minutes. She coughed, and gagged violently at first, but began to taper off after a couple minutes. After three minutes of holding my cock still, she quit coughing. I pulled out about an inch, and then pushed back in, she only gagged slightly this time. I repeated this a number of times until she was able to take it without gagging. How she was getting enough air to breath, I didn’t know. But somehow she was still able to breath at least to some degree. I could hear the air going in and out of her nose. I started using longer strokes, pulling out about half the length of my cock, and smoothly going back in. I could feel the corded bands that circled her throat as the top of my dick overfilled her mouth and arched down inside of her. Those bands that felt like a boa constrictor every time she cough. Watching my cock slide in and out of her pretty little girl mouth. I was so horny by this time; I thought I was going to explode. Somehow I manage to not blow my load. I tightened my grip on her hair and started really fucking her face hard. She was gagging on and off, but not enough for me to stop or slow down. With my hands holding on to her hair, I rammed my cock down her throat again and again. I was pounding her mouth just like it was her pussy; pulling her face into me as I pile-drove my hips forward. I was past the point of return. I felt my balls pull up, as hot cum flowed down the length of my cock, and spurted down her throat. I had planned to pull out and cum all over her face, but I was too caught up in my orgasm. It felt like I kept pumping out cum for at least a minute. As my orgasm died down, I pulled my dick out enough so that the head was all that was left in her mouth. She began to suck what cum was left out of my dick like a starving baby sucking on its mother’s tit. After letting her suck for a little longer, I pulled my cock out of her mouth and let it lay on her upturned face. I said,
“Damn Celeste your one great little cock sucking whore.”
“I really like sucking your cock,” she breathed, “I must have cum four times while you were throat fucking me.” She licked the length of the underside of my dick, popped it back into her mouth, and then used her hand to slap her face with it.
“You can throat fuck me like that anytime you want. I could barely breath; it felt so good, feeling like I was being killed by you dick. Are you going to let me get you hard again so you can give me a good fucking up my ass. I’ve never had one this wide up my butt before. I bet it will hurt me really bad. Don’t you want to hurt me Bill?” she said as she continued to kiss and lick my cock, batting her eyelashes as she looked up at me: twisting her ass back and forth like a little girl that couldn’t stay still. I could feel that the situation was getting out of my control.
“So you like a little pain with your sex, do you?”
“Um slot oyna hum.” She hummed around my cock, which was back in her mouth.
“Or maybe a lot of pain,” I said, as I pulled her away from my cock and slapped her hard across her face, knocking her onto the bed. Instead of crying or yelling at me, like I thought she would, she got on her stomach and crawled off of the bed, and started licking my feet.
“Hurt me master,” she said in a whisper, “Rip me apart with your big cock.”
I could already feel my cock start to rise again. She quickly licked her way up to my balls and started sucking on them. Then she turned herself halfway around, spread open my ass cheeks, and dove her tongue right at my asshole.
I had only had one girlfriend before who liked to give rim jobs, and it was nothing like this. She would only lick around the outside of my anus. Celeste was trying to fuck her tongue as far in my ass as she could get it. I bent slightly forward and spread my ass cheeks with my hands to give her better access. She quickly moved her hands down to my legs, and began thrusting her whole head into my butt, trying to stick as much tongue up my ass as she could. With her tongue fucking my asshole, my cock quickly got rock hard again. The sensation was unbelievable. Here was this beautiful little girl-woman, trying to desperately ram as much of her tongue up my ass, as though her life depended on it. It made me so horny, I had to get my cock inside this little slut. I was past the point where I had a choice, I needed to fuck this bitch hard, and I needed it now.
“Get on the bed slut, on you belly, with your hands behind your back, and your ass in the air.” She quickly complied. “God, what a perfect little tight ass,” I thought to myself. I quickly moved up behind her, aiming my dick for her cum filled pussy. It slid in easy, then got tighter as the deeper I went. One hard thrust and my cock was completely buried in her cunt.
“Yes,” she hissed, “I need your cock in me.”
I stroked it in and out of her a few times, burying it to the hilt each time. Then I pulled it out and aimed for her asshole. Spread you ass cheeks I said. She reached her hands back and spread herself open for me. Although my cock was slick from all the cum and cunt juice on it, it did not slid easily into her butt. I had to press hard until the head popped into her rectum. Once the head was in, the rest soon followed. I had to pull back a little and thrust in hard, and I sank a little bit deeper into her ass each time, until she was completely impaled on my cock.
“How does that feel cunt, does that hurt?” I could see her face in the dresser mirror. She had tears running down her cheeks, and she was gasping for breath.
“Oh yes master,” she barely managed to croak out,” No one has every stretched me this wide before.” I slammed my hand down on her ass.
“Finger fuck your pussy bitch.” I commanded. She moved her right hand off of her ass cheek and jammed her fingers into her cunt.
“That’s it,” I said, “Stick your hand all the up your pussy.” I could feel her hand moving against my dick.
“Ah, Ooh,” she moaned, half in pain, half in pleasure.
“That’s it,” I said, “Fist that pussy hard.” She had her hand and three inches of her arm passed her wrist buried in her cunt.
“Now bitch, use your other hand to slap your clit, and I want to hear it.” She now had both of her hands beneath her, and was whacking the hell out of her clit. With each slap to her clit, she would arch her back, and her head would snap back. I grabbed a fistful of her beautiful thick mane, and pulled hard, making her keep her back arched down.
“Ooh, ooh, ooh,” she moaned, with little cries each time she inhaled. I pulled my cock nearly all the way out, then using her hair like a rope, I used it to pull her towards me as I slammed all ten inches of my fat cock, deep into her shit hole.
“Ooh-Ah-God,” she cried.
“Does that hurt bitch,” I said as I slapped my hand down hard on her ass.
“Oh yes master,” it hurts wonderfully. She said as she continue to fist herself and slap her clit.
“Fist yourself harder bitch. I want to feel you hitting bottom on your cunt hole.”
“Uh, ah ugh,” she groaned as she slammed her fist as deep into her pussy as it would good. “Ooooooh,” she moaned, “It hurts master, it hurts too much. Please don’t make me hurt myself so much. Please, oh, please.”
“Shut up you worthless fuck hole,” I said, raising my voice to almost a yell. “You deserve to be hurt for being such as useless slit.” I slapped my hand down harder. I was starting to lose it, pounding my cock into her ass as hard as I could. I was no longer standing on the floor. I had stepped up onto the bed and put my feet on each side of her knees. I had her hair twisted around my hand tightly several times and was using it to pull my whole body into her. I pounded my cock into her abused asshole in hard quick jackhammer strokes. Then every few seconds I would pull my cock all the way out of her ass, grip it with my other hand, and plunge it all the back down her ass tube. She had started making a moaning-hissing sound,
“Yesss, Yesss,” drawing the word out for several seconds. I looked up to see her face in the mirror, contorted in extreme pain/pleasure. The veins were sticking out on her forehead; her face was deeply flushed.
“Yeeeeeeeaaaassss,” she screamed, slamming her fist deep into her cunt, slapping her clit as hard as she could with her other hand, just as I slammed my cock all the way down into her and started shooting more cum into her butt, than I had every shot in my canlı casino siteleri life. It felt like I was pumping gallons of cum into her ass: again and again my cock spasmed, firing and recoiling. As it finally began to taper off, I felt an electric shock shoot up my spine and I shook and trembled all over. Underneath me Celeste was shaking like a huge vibrator, her breath coming in short little intakes of air. Her sleek tanned body was covered with a layer of sweat. I still had her head pulled back, with her hair still wrapped around my hand. I could feel my knees and legs giving out beneath me, but I wasn’t ready to let my cock slid out of her ass just yet. I gave one more thrust, pushing my still hard cock in as far in as I could. I heard Celeste breath go out of her, as a, “Whouff” sound escaped her mouth, as she continued to vibrate beneath me. Even using her hair to support me, I could stay up no longer. I let my right knee slowly buckle, as I slid off of her body towards the bed, my softening dick pulling out of her asshole. As I lay on my back, Celeste stayed on her knees, her ass still pointing into the air, and her head buried in a pillow now that I had released her hair. She was still trembling from her own orgasm, her breathing ragged, coming out in short gasps. I lightly stroked my hand down her sweat covered back. She trembled more and a sigh came out of her mouth. Slowly her breathing returned to normal, as I continued to run my hand up and down her back, circling her ass-cheek , and down the back of her thigh, then back up the side of her body. She finally removed her hand from inside her swollen and battered pussy. She let her arm fall underneath her body, as her ass slowly dropped out of the air: her stomach resting on the bed. I moved my hand down to her ass, and gave it a gentle squeeze, then resting my arm on her, I let my fingers graze across her inner thigh, and was rewarded with more sighs and trembles.
I felt so relaxed, as though someone had injected me with Valium. I was just starting to doze off, when I felt Celeste turn over and put her head on my chest, brushing it with small kisses. I heard her whisper,
“May I clean you Master?” I said,
“Sure,” not really thinking what she had asked. I felt her move down to my dick, still covered with butt and pussy juices, and all the cum that had been pumped into her ass by me and all the other guys that night. I came hard awake as she took my cock into her mouth and gentle began to suck and lick it: cleaning and swallowing all the intermingled juices from her night of sex. When she was finished, she laid her head back on my chest for a few moments, then got up and went to the bathroom. I heard the shower come on as I dozed, then the sound of her brushing her teeth, followed by the blow dryer. I looked up to see her standing in the doorway, looking as though she were ready to go out for a night on the town. I had never seen a more beautiful, erotic, sexy woman as she looked at that moment. My eyes wandered over her small, firm, tight little body; down to her muscular legs, then following the curve of her ass and back, up to her upwardly pointing breast, finally up to her perfect face with those big pouty lips, framed by her mane of reddish brown hair. She had a Mona Lisa smile on her face as she said,
“Master, I am washed. Would you like me to wash you before we go?”
“Sure I said,” not knowing what she had in mind this time either. But I wasn’t in for another tongue bath. She brought a bowel full of water and a washrag, and proceeded to bath me as I lay in bed. She then toweled me dry, picked up my clothes and helped me into them. I unlocked the door, and offered her my arm, which she took. Laying her head on my upper arm with a sigh as we walked through and out of the house. People were scattered all around, most were unconscious, except for two girls who were lying on the couch, completely naked, in a sixty-nine position, eating each other out. I felt a slight tingle in my body while I briefly watched them, but my dick lay completely unmoving between my legs. I heard Celeste muffle a giggle as she pressed her face into my arm. As we walked out the front door, there was a very drunk co-worker of mine sitting in a chair, smoking a cigarette. He looked up with bleary eyes, and focused on Celeste.
“Hey aren’t you the whore? Why don’t you suck me off before you go? I’ve got fifty bucks here,” he said pointing to his pocket. I felt Celeste tighten up against my body. I knew, if I wanted, I could command her to suck his dick. She was now my total slave and would do whatever I requested, if for no other reason for fear that I would tell Rick about what she had done. But she had given herself willingly into my command, because she wanted to: me not telling Rick was only the excuse. She was mine now, because she had freely chosen to be mine. At some point in the evening I had began to fall in love with this petite girl-woman who took such pleasure in serving me. I could have had her suck the guy off and keep the money for myself. God knew I needed it. But besides the fact that I did not like the idea now of sharing her with another man, I knew I would be betraying her commitment to me.
I said to the guy, “Hey Sam, she’s done with that for tonight.” I looked down at her face as she looked up at me, looking more like a trusting little child than a full-grown woman. Still looking into her eyes I said,
“In fact, she’s done with that forever.” A big smile spread across her face as I said those words, she gazed into my eyes for a few seconds more, then snuggled her head down into my arm.
“Let’s go home,” I said, as I took my arm from her grasp and put it around her, pulling her protectively to me.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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