Celeste and Dan

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I’ve known Celeste and Dan my whole life. We were neighbors and we went to school together, we did our homework together, played together in summers that stretched long into the year. I was Dan’s date to the prom, I was Celeste’s bridesmaid at their wedding. What I loved about our friendship was our intense intimacy. Although we live far apart now, whenever I pick up the phone and it’s them, we are reunited by our love cutting the space between us to nothing.

That intense intimacy grew from one hot summer in Louisiana. Our parents worked across Lake Ponchatrain in New Orleans and only got home in the early evening, leaving us to our imaginations. We played cops and robbers, cowgirls and Indian, and space explorers. Dan, tall and lean, with brilliant blue eyes, and short brown hair, seemed like a hero, a beautiful athlete to his two blonde admirers—Celeste, with her baby blues and pretty face, her Victorian figure and well developed bust, was shorter than me—at the time I was the same height as Dan, but thin, long legged and athletic. My eyes are green and always full of mischief.

Since Celeste’s mom was often away visiting her mom, we decided we would play the most at Celeste’s house. One time we played hospital. Dan and Celeste were the doctors. Dan wanted Celeste to be the nurse, but she wouldn’t have any of that. So, we agreed that I would be the patient and I had to arrive promptly after school on Friday for my ‘operation’ in Celeste’s bedroom. While Dan was already in love with Celeste, I decided to wear tight cutoffs that were difficult to unbutton, so my two ‘doctors’ wouldn’t get carried. Still, always the cocktease, I wore a black tanktop to show off how tiny my tummy was. While the three of us had never had sex together previously, we often flirted and touched. Things were about to change.

Dan casino oyna wasn’t there when I got to Celeste’s, but they had agreed to a ‘procedure.’ Celeste and I drank some wine coolers by her swimming pool. Celeste was wearing a blue and white checkered summer dress. She smoked a clove cigarette and she studied my figure—not quite an hourglass, more like a narrow tube that gets narrower then fans out around my breasts. I was drunk, and sheepishly agreed when Celeste told me, back in her room, to take off my clothes. I lay naked on her bed while she covered my legs and my breasts with large white bath towels, leaving only my midriff exposed. I laid there passively as she arranged my body, placing my arms on top of the towels.

Laying flat on my back, my tits normally block my view of everything but my pubic hair, but with the towel crossing my bust, I couldn’t see anything. So I stared at the ceiling or looked at Celeste as she came and went out of the room. She finally turned off the light when I said I was feeling sleepy. The sun was setting and peeking through the blinds and so Celeste came and placed another towel over my eyes and I soon drifted off…

I started to come to when I heard Celeste and Dan standing next to the bed. They sat down on either side of me and began to gently touch my belly. Celeste, I knew it was her because of her nails, traced a path along ribcage, and then down from there to my bellybutton. Their hands were soft and the massaging they gave my tummy lured back into a state just hovering over sleep. Dan was pressing his hand into my tummy.

“Let’s check her heartbeat,” Dan said.

“Okay, but let me do it,” Celeste seemed to be fiddling with something and then I felt cold metal against my skin. Celeste pressed the stethoscope against my chest, sliding slot oyna it under the towel until she found my heart.

She gasped when she found it. “I can hear her heartbeat!” Keeping the towel on my chest, she carefully guided Dan’s hand onto the device and passed the earpiece to him so he could listen. With his warm hand brushing against my cool breast, my pulse elevated and he listened, fascinated by his effect on my body. Celeste stroked my cheeks, I breathed harder, excited and a little nervous, and more so when his hand ‘accidentally’ brushed my erect nipple as his hand slid back down my to my tummy. I felt a delicious chill run down my body and pressed my legs together. The moisture that had been gathering at the juncture of my legs seemed to overflow at that moment. I wondered if I would have the strength to resist an escalation in Dan’s interest in me as a woman, if Celeste didn’t.

Now Celeste stroked my hair and massaged my scalp. Dan was pressing the stethoscope in different parts of my tummy and listening to see what he could hear. I could feel the weight of his ass on my legs.

“Kim, can you hear me?” Celeste almost whispered the question.

“ Yes, uh, doctor.”

“We have some standard questions to ask you. You must answer truthfully or your operation may not go well.” She was pressing down on my arms this point.

“Are you pregnant, that you know of?”

“Uh, no, doctor.”

“Are you sure?”

Dan chimed in, “I don’t hear a baby’s heartbeat!”

“Yes, doctor, I’m sure.”

“Why is that?”

“Well, I am a virgin.”

“When did you last have a period?”

“It ended about a week ago.”

By this time, Dan had exposed the upper part of my hips. His fingers, trembling a little, traced them and brushed past my mound. And then brushed it canlı casino siteleri again.

“Kim, are you ready for your exam?”

Still drunk, or at least determined to blame the alcohol later, I nodded my head. Celeste turned on a lamp and removed the towels around my legs. It was all so strange because I knew Celeste and Dan were going out, if not already fooling around—why was doing this?

I took the towel off of my head to watch her. She got two large teddy bears and placed them under my legs like stirrups. Then she got a big lamp and pulled up close. With anybody else I would have freaked—but we had done the “show me yours, I’ll show you mine” before, though it not such a clinical way.

Celeste gave Dan a guided tour of my pussy. She showed him both the outer and inner labia, showed him the hood and let him wiggle my clit.

“She is so wet,” Dan said. Then…nothing. I was expecting them to poke into my vagina, but instead there was silence. Then I heard the wet slapping of lips…they were kissing each other. I sat up just in time to watch Dan throw Celeste onto her back on the bed next to me, and jump on top of her.

Her skirt flopped up and Dan, slipping out of his pants in a second, began to make love to her. It was shocking, the smell, the squishy sound of his cherry red penis thrusting into Celeste’s vagina. She grabbed him by the ass and tried to sit up to see him in action, her mouth agape, her eyes locked on him. I lay there watching him, his chest muscles flexing and sweat pouring from his brow. I knew he was trying to impress me as he risked impregnating her. Then, without warning, a minute or two into their lovemaking, Dan’s face seemed struck by panic, his hips began to thrust spasmodically, and he let out a gasp and fell onto Celeste. They lay there kissing, he still on top of her, taking her hands away from his chest, she let them flop to her sides. They panted between kisses.

I didn’t know what to say.

Readers: Whaddayall think? Want another episode? Kind comments and suggestions are welcome.

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