Carla’s Wedding

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Editor’s note: this story contains scenes of incest or incest content.



My first story ever, titled Sherry, Shelly, Carla and Mom, was not as well received as I had hoped. I accurately described an old girlfriend and the sex we had in the first chapter, and people complained about the fact that I have an unusually large penis, and that Sherry had 36 DD tits.

The one complaint I took to heart, was that the premise of the story was my character knocking people up. Only not everyone got knocked up!

This story corrects that glaring deficiency.


Sherry’s little boy was just as cute as could be. And she was relieved. Two miscarriages had left her with little hope.

But now he was a healthy 3 month old, suckling at Sherry’s ample breast as she sat smiling on my couch.

“He’s wonderful, Sherry.” I said.

I was so happy for her. I knew this was what she had wanted more than anything.

“Ronnie, I have a favor to ask. A big favor.” she said, pulling a small package from her purse.

“I’d like you to take this DNA test. I’m almost certain he’s yours, but I just need to know for sure.”

I took the kit from her hand and nodded.

“No matter what it tells me, I promise you my husband will never know.”

She finished feeding our little boy and laid him in his carrier to sleep.

“Did you save any of that for me?”

“Of course I did, you weirdo!” she laughed and fed the rubbery nipple of her other breast in to my mouth. Sherry’s sweet milk began to flow.

The baby slept peacefully as the rest of our clothing fell to the floor.

“I think I’m fertile again.” she whispered in my ear as my big fat dick began to slide deep in to her silky wet vagina. Bare.

The test confirmed what we both already knew. Sherry, my sweet lover of many years, had given birth to my baby boy.


Zell and Carla sat at the kitchen table, planning Carla’s wedding.

Or rather Zell sat at the kitchen table planning Carla’s wedding.

It irritated Zell no end when Carla zoned out in to one of her daydreams when there was work to be done. Zell snapped her fingers twice.

“Snap out of it Carla”

Carla looked surprised, but thoughtful. “Sherry had a boy.”

Zell knew Sherry was my long term lover, but she hadn’t really been aware she was pregnant.

“Mom, don’t you think it’s kinda weird how all of Ronnie’s kids are boys?”

And Carla didn’t even know that both her oldest sister’s boys were mine too. She only knew of Shelly’s two and Sherry’s one, and that seemed like a lot.

“I want a boy.” she said and fell back in to her daydream.

“She wants a boy” Zell thought silently to herself. She’s just now 21 years old. She had no idea what it was like to want a boy.

Zell was 44 now. She knew. She knew what it was like to want a son, to burn inside for a son. But her time had passed. 4 kids, 4 girls.

Her husband seemed incapable of producing boys.

“Ronnie seems incapable of producing anything BUT boys.” She thought.

How depressing. Her tubal ligation just sealed her fate all the more. Her husband had been impotent for years now anyway.

A thought began to grow in Zell’s mind. About a minute later, that wonderful thought was fully formed.

The next morning, after her husband left for work, Zell picked up her phone and dialed the number she had looked up on the internet the night before.

“Yes, I’d like to make an appointment to see the doctor?”

“Yes ma’am,. We’ve had a cancellation this afternoon, would that work for you?”

“Yes, thank you very much.”

“Your name?”

“Griselda Jenkins”

“And what would you like to see the doctor about?”

“I’d like to have my tubal ligation reversed.”


8 AM is not a good time to knock on my door. I don’t wake up well, and you can bet if I’ve been in the shower at all, I haven’t been out long.

This morning at 8 AM I had just started to towel off when the knocking came. I thought I’d ignore it, but whoever it was was persistent.

I looked through the side window that had a view of my front porch.

Oh great. Carla. casino siteleri Without her mom.

I had fucked Carla a few times over the last couple of years.

She was a beautiful young woman, and had only gotten more beautiful.

But her mom and I were great friends, with benefits I might add, and we had a deal. Don’t fuck Carla unless her mom brings her over. Which she did every few months.

It’s not that I didn’t enjoy sex with Carla, quite the opposite. Carla was a fantastic fuck. She was hot, tight, and beautiful. She could swallow my entire dick with ease. And she could go for hours.

But she was a bit clingy, and I knew, as did her mom, that Carla had a burning desire to get pregnant.

I had actually been relieved to make a pact with her mother.

She knocked again. Louder.

Finally, I pulled the door open. Carla burst in to the room and snatched the towel off my waist.

“Fuck me!” she exclaimed and started to drag me to the bedroom.

“Hi Carla, nice to see you too, Where’s your mom?”

Carla knew the deal. And she knew I would honor it. She had tried this before.

“Mom’s planning my wedding. Since she isn’t too interested in what I think about it, I figured I’d just let her roll.”

I vaguely recalled hearing of her engagement, though I didn’t realize it was this soon.

“Look, I’m 21 now. I know you have a deal with mom. But I’m getting married Saturday to an annoying little twerp with a tiny dick. I need you to fuck my brains out every day this week.”

“Well if you don’t mind my asking, why are you marrying him then?”

It turns out she did mind my asking. I found out later that they had been dating off and on since Carla was an awkward, and not quite so pretty, teenager.

And his family had LOTS of money.

“That doesn’t matter. The only thing my getting married changes between me and you is I don’t need mom’s permission any more.”

I was weakening. She sensed it. She gently wrapped her arms around me and leaned against my naked body.

At 4 foot 11, the top of her head came up to just below my collar bones. I held her close for a minute, before she spoke again.

“The date is set so I’m fertile on our wedding night. I should ovulate tomorrow or the next day. I want to walk up the aisle with your sperm in my belly, not his.”

Her tiny hand encircled my rapidly stiffening shaft. I leaned down just as she reached up and our lips met. The kiss was hot and wet, as it always was.

She pulled away and took my hand, pulling me toward the bedroom.

I can clearly remember the first time the thick bulb of my penis entered her.

So tight, so wet, so velvety smooth.

All the times after that were the same, yet they were all unique.

This time I pushed the head against her opening and her inner labia snapped over my knob with a loud popping noise. Just like it always did.

And just like it always did, the thick base of my cock bulged, sometimes once, sometimes twice, but always releasing a thick glob of my rich potent sperm in to her firm flat belly.

This time, there were three. My sperm began to spread out inside the young bride to be. The restraints were off. This time I knew I would be getting her pregnant.

I lowered my weight on to her and felt her firm pointy breasts press in to my chest.

Still perky as ever, but 3 years after I had first seen them, they had expanded to a solid C cup. On a 4’11” inch woman, that looks huge!

Her taut firm ass had also expanded, from what I had thought was a perfect bubble in to what I KNEW was a perfect bubble.

And now her ankles were resting on my shoulders as my thick meaty rod plunged deep in to that succulent bubble.

“Such a beautiful bride she’ll be.” I thought as I worked my dick furiously in and out of her tight wet slit. I knew what waited at the bottom of her velvety hole. The last few inches of Carla’s vagina were capable of crushing the blood from the head of a man’s penis, if a man were well enough endowed to drive his dick in to that tight little body deep enough.

And I was plenty well endowed.

But I had to wait. Just a few seconds slot oyna in that tight velvety grip was enough to make me blow my load. And I hadn’t had nearly enough of this delicious young bride’s pussy yet.

Three hours later, I jammed the head of my cock deep in to the bottom of Carla’s vagina and savored the sensation of her velvet grip crushing my thick bulbous glans.

For the third time today, my long thick rod began to pulse and throb wildly.

Thick jets of my rich potent sperm splashed against the beautiful bride to be’s cervix and penetrated through to her womb.

“Mmmmmmmmm get me pregnant.” she moaned softly in my ear.


“I can’t make it this week, I’ve got to go in for a minor surgery. I’ll come around as soon as things settle down from the wedding.”

I was actually slightly relieved to hear it. I didn’t want to explain how her daughter had just about worn the skin off my dick.


Carla looked stunning in her wedding dress. No, stunning does not adequately describe it. It is said a woman looks her best on her wedding day, and Carla definitely looked her best.

Carla had a lot of natural beauty to begin with, and the groom’s family had more than enough money to hire the most skilled artisans to prepare every detail, Including Carla herself.

She had arrived at the church to prepare at 8 AM.

She’d have arrived sooner, but at 7:45 am, I was just beginning to ejaculate deep in to her fertile belly.

Such a beautiful ceremony. They had written their own vows, and even though I had long known that Carla wasn’t terribly articulate, they were very touching.

Her mother and sisters looked absolutely radiant in their exquisitely fitted gowns.

I almost cried when I saw Carla begin her walk up the aisle.

I knew her womb was teeming with my sperm.

I shouldn’t have hung around for the reception.

This was soooo wrong, but I couldn’t stop myself. Carla had led me to an isolated storage room off the back of the church.

She located an old chair and bent over it, throwing the back of her beautiful white dress up over her waist, exposing her taut smooth buttocks to me.

“Fuck me!” she whispered. I was already lining the head of my cock up on her tiny slit.

“Uhhhmmm” she moaned as I entered her.

It was oddly surreal, the bride bent over a chair, wedding dress hiked up over her back, thrusting my big fat dick smoothly in and out of her tight wet pussy while the groom drank and danced with the rest of the guests.

Quickly I felt my semen beginning to boil over.

“Hurry! Cum inside me!” she whispered harshly as the thick base of my rod began to bulge. I felt the first hot jet of my thick potent sperm burst from the head of my dick and splatter against her cervix.

I wondered how the groom would feel if he walked in and saw us now, my thick meaty cock pulsing and throbbing as I quietly blew my load deep inside his beautiful young bride.

I made a hasty exit, stopping only to say goodbye to Zell, and give Shelly a quick hug and a peck on the cheek.

Carla made sure he got drunk. Drunk enough to not notice her pussy was stretched and soaked with another man’s sperm. But not so drunk he couldn’t get it up.

When he stuck his pitiful little weenie in her that night, it took him all of a minute to blow his tiny wad.

He was already too late, Mere minutes after she had said “I do”, my thick juicy prick had packed her womb full of my rich potent sperm. Her egg had been bathed in it for hours. One had already penetrated. My baby was growing inside her.


When I opened the door, I could see Zell’s breasts were fully engorged. Tiny dots of moisture showed where her milk had begun to leak through her bra and shirt. It had been a very long time indeed since she had let me drink her sweet warm milk, and then only a little. She must have had something very special in mind for me today!

She took me in her arms and kissed me tenderly. We both fell easily in to the roles we had come to know so well.

“Mmmmmm mom.” I moaned in her ear as I reached up the back of her shirt and unsnapped her bra.

“That’s my canlı casino siteleri sweet boy” she moaned right back, lifting her shirt and bra over her head to let her firm G cup tits fall free. Milk had begun to drip from both nipples.

Mom pulled me down to the couch and put one of the throw pillows on her lap.

“Put your head right here sweet boy, it’s time for mommy to feed you.”

I did as a was told. She fed a nipple in to my mouth.

I began to suckle at her breast.

Warm sweet milk flowed in to my mouth as I eagerly drained her breasts of their heavy burden. I felt as if I had drunk enough of her milk to live for a week!

“Let’s go lay down son. Mommy has lots more surprises for you!”

Soon I was sinking my long thick rod deep in to mom’s belly.

It had been such a long, slow, romantic fuck with mom. Her big firm tits were pressing against my chest, her strong smooth arms and legs wrapped around my back. Mom was writhing beneath me, my penis fully embedded in her silky wet vagina, a thin film of sweat causing our bodies to slip and slide deliciously over one another.

Mom gently licked and kissed my ear.

“Mommy has a special treat for her baby boy today.” she said tenderly in to my ear.

“Remember Mommy had a little operation last month baby?”

I nodded my head and continued to thrust my big fat dick in to her warm wet pussy.

“Mommy had her tubes put back together, and now there’s an egg waiting in Mommy’s tummy for her sweet boy’s sperm.”

Instantly my cock became almost painfully hard. I very nearly blew my load right then. “Oh Mommy, Mommy are you sure you want me to shoot my sperm in you? What will Daddy say if I get you pregnant?”

Mom knew I was right on the edge, and how to send me over it. She reached down and began to lightly stroke my balls.

“Cum inside Mommy sweetie. Mommy’s egg is waiting for her baby boy’s sperm. Get Mommy pregnant.”

I realized that I had slammed my thick meaty rod in to her all the way and froze.

I felt the base of my cock throbbing. Rope after rope of my hot thick sperm burst from the slit in the head of my dick and splashed in to mom’s fertile belly.

“Mmmmmm shoot that sperm for me, that’s my sweet boy. Get mommy pregnant.”

I continued to pulse and throb deep inside mom’s belly, holding it in to make sure I packed my sperm in to her womb as deep as I could.



Three years later, and Zell’s baby boy was walking and talking. She was a busy woman these days!

Half the time she was also watching Carla’s twin boys while she and her husband went off some place or another.

“I feel so guilty that I can’t get by very often to take care of your needs.”

I told her not to worry too much about it, Sherry still came by every Thursday.

I didn’t tell her that Shelly and Carla had both been coming around a couple times a month each.

So while I’d have certainly loved more sex, I was getting more than most guys.

I had almost forgotten how to jerk off, if it came down to it, I’m sure it’s like riding a bike.

“But still, I feel bad. I know you have needs. Don’t worry though, Zell always has a plan!”

She definitely always had a plan. And a plan B to back up plan A. Zell was a very thorough woman. I was clearly intrigued.

“And what kind of a plan do you have?” I asked, trying hard not to look too eager. I didn’t fool her a bit.


“Well what!”

Zell laughed her merry little laugh, seeing how she had totally figured me out.

“My daughter Amy turned 18 today.”

Three months later, a little bulge was just beginning to show in Amy’s firm flat belly.


A note to commenters: I am well aware that enormous penises are extremely rare. I am further aware that the premise of my story is highly implausible, and that I’m not a terribly skilled writer.

As a new writer, constructive criticism is welcomed. Comments left below which address a specific deficiency, and suggest a possible solution, will be read and appreciated. People who simply do not like the subject matter are understood, and invited to select one of the many thousands of other stories available on this web site for their reading pleasure.

People who wish to post ad hominem attacks or non specific complaints will be ignored and their comments will be periodically purged.

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