Careful What You Wish For: Day 01

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Alene is the brainchild of Neolime69. A 25-year-old futanari who uses magic to improve the sex life of everyone around her. She is the main character of “The New Life of Alene Raven.”

Suzie is a 33 y/o Futa of Dutch origin who has spent her whole adult life augmenting her cock. At a young age she was 45 cm long and far too big for penetrative sex. When one of her friends, as a joke, because she was sick of hearing her moan about her size, showed her some photos of that year’s Miss MegaCock pageant winner, Suzie became obsessed at a young age and decided she must become huge! Back then the 1 m 13 cm erect length of the winner, Woo Tung from S. Korea was an extraordinary size but over the years the technology advanced rapidly.

Suzie, through her parents being medical research scientists and her own studies won sponsorship from Hugon Pharmaceutical Industries. They were the first to develop a program which grew penile tissue without dangerous side effects, (however there are inconvenient ones, increase in bust size is the main one). Her second sponsor is ShwanzPro who were the first company to develop penis pumps and other apparatus that with the Hugon programs actually worked to produce positive results. She currently works part time for ShwanzPro as a promotion girl at exhibitions, (she still uses the custom pumps they made especially for her) and also part time for Hugon as a co-ordinator for R&D and production as well as occasional, limited product testing.

This story came to be after a long time. I (Neolime69) had the pleasure of working with Beibdnn on “Growing Pains” a few years ago. When I came back to writing Beibdnn offered we return to work together, I happily agreed, and we started cracking our brains. It was an old story that sparked the idea to create this story, we hope you enjoy it as much as we enjoyed creating it.


Day I

‘Another night wasted.’ Alene thought to herself as she took a sip from her drink. She wasn’t the kind of person you’d find at a bar but she felt like she needed a change of pace in her life, perhaps someone other than Nadia, Angie or Nicky. looking around she was a bit amazed no one came up to her. She focused on her breasts thinking, ‘Maybe another cup size will help.’

Susan Howard had been at the exhibition for 9 hours each day since it had opened on Tuesday. Now, at 18:00 the following Friday, at the close of the show, she was glad it was all over. It was the last day of a particularly difficult promotion. Ever since she had won the Miss MegaCock competition as an outside amateur and earned the nickname Suzie the Shlong, she had been in great demand.

She was a sight to behold. Naturally tall at 1 meter 73 cm, with long perfectly formed legs, she was slender but now, due to the programs she had used to get her up to her competition winning size, Suzie was very busty. Although her 87 cm underbust measurement was on the slender side for a tall woman, as a result of the final penile augmentation treatments her breasts had expanded from a full D cup to, in her opinion, a too large, H cup bosom, giving her an actual 108 cm bust measurement. Her tiny waist measured in at a mere 57 cm, then flaring out seductively from a very flat, but well defined tightly muscled stomach to 92 cm hips. With a perfectly formed, tight classically shaped butt the natural blonde would normally be in a happy mood. However, the show had finished on a bad note, as it had started and the whole time had been difficult. She had arranged to meet her two best friends, Jane and Phillipa before she left for the show and now she was hoping that their arrival tomorrow morning would change the mood of the last four days. After the disappointing reception she had received at the show, she wasn’t sure how she was going to spend the evening before they arrived.

‘Thank goodness that’s over!’ She thought, ‘Four days of unpleasant people making nasty comments is enough to drive anybody crazy. I need a drink! I do so wish Noodle and Princess could have been here this evening but at least they are arriving tomorrow and we can have a good time over the weekend!’

Suzie thought hopefully. Jane ‘the Noodle’ Watson and Phillipa ‘The Princess’ Phillips were Suzie’s two closest friends. They had been together since the age of eleven and had always kept in contact. They had supported Suzie through her bad times and also teased her mercilessly anytime she began to brag about her massive cock whenever they were out and about. Through the years however they had always looked out for her and when, at times, she had pushed too far with her augmentation they had been there to pull her through.

Suzie stumbled out of the big hall and walked determinedly into the first bar she saw. She was still wearing her costume from the ShwanzPro stand which didn’t attempt to hide any of her massive endowment. Normally she would have gone back to her hotel to change into something more elegant, but the fraught atmosphere of the stand made her decide to get a drink as soon as she stepped out of the venue. Once inside the dark confines of the casino oyna bar, she began to realize that maybe she had been a bit hasty in choosing the first bar she saw, especially in her costume. It was a dark cavern of a place and she was certain it was little more than a pick-up joint for those type of people who didn’t really care. Her costume was designed to show off as much of her huge 1 meter 45 cm flaccid cock as possible, without it being nude, fine for a stand in a show promoting Penis Pumps but maybe a bit brash in the outside world. She sighed as she sidled up to the bar, slid onto a seat and ordered something potent. As she sipped her drink she wondered how long it would be before the stares and comments started. Suzie swiveled on the stool, surreptitiously trying to look through the gloom to see who or rather what type of person was in the bar. She quickly decided to finish her drink and get back to the hotel as she realized this wasn’t the best bar she had ever been in.

Alene took a deep breath as she felt the fabric strain against her expanding chest, she was a J cup now. As she lifted her gaze to scan the crowd she noticed something new in the old, bleak room.

Suzie was wearing a tight halter type top in a stretchy fabric. It barely covered her breasts which were being pushed up and out in a specially made bra for the exhibition. The top would have been considered very feminine being lacy and made of an expensive black fabric but the way it was cut, showing off a lot of her cleavage and midriff made her look tarty. This was also magnified by her bra which was an underwired garment, expressly designed to push her already firm, oversized bosom even further up and out than normal. Her cleavage bulged out of it in a way that even Suzie felt over the top. She was proud of her slender figure and whilst she adored her oversized fuck pole she didn’t like her boobs being this big, Suzie felt they detracted from her shlong. In fact, her tiny waist accentuated both her penis and her boobs but Suzie was a Futa, officially the Hermaphrodite with the longest penis ever recorded and she didn’t appreciate her boobs drawing looks away from her 18 year struggle to augment her penis to the perfect size, length and shape it was now.

To complete the show outfit, Suzie was wearing thigh length boots and a pair of shorts so tiny that they could barely cover her apple sized balls. Which whilst snug in their tight scrotum sack were being pushed up and out forming a large bulge under the waistband. Helped by her cock as it entered the hem of the shorts after she had wound it twice around her waist. The last 20 cm of the shaft plus the overdeveloped, perfectly formed head poked out the stretched left leg of her shorts, running down the outside of her all too obvious scrotum and was tied behind the glans to the slender upper thigh of her left leg, just above where the patent leather boot ended by a fussy red bow. Her cock appeared to be almost naked because the sheer material of the sock it was in was so stretched by its size as to be almost transparent.

‘Time to go to work,’ Alene thought to herself as she finished her drink, stood up and started to walk towards the amazing woman. She wasn’t too drunk, her spells were working overtime to make sure of that. Alene wanted to impress the girl and made sure her whole body would reflect this. With each step she made sure her hips were swaying and her breasts jiggled.

Suzie felt like she needed a sympathetic ear. As she again looked around into the gloom of the bar she noticed an extraordinarily curvy young woman walking towards the bar. As she got closer Suzie noticed she was looking at her and still in exhibition hostess mode gave Alene a wide, dazzling smile.

‘Phew, she noticed me,’ Alene thought to herself, as she reached the girl, she decided to take the surefire approach, “Hi, I really like your look, my name’s Alene.” She said and moved her breasts mere inches away from Suzie’s.

Suzie’s dazzling smile became wider. She knew that she was being hit upon. Normally she was very cautious about being approached in bars in strange towns by strange people but the last few days at the exhibition had been very demoralizing. Suzie was very loyal to ShwantzPro, the sponsors of the stand.

It was they and Hugon industries who had given her the sponsorship and motivation over all those years to grow to her world beating size. She felt in need of some pleasant company and appreciated the younger woman’s compliment.

“Why THANK you sweetie! My name is Susan but please, call me Suzie. You look wonderful yourself!”

“Nice to meet you Suzie, Mind if I sit next to you?” Alene asked.

“Of course Alene! It would be a pleasure! Can I offer you a drink?” Alene looked at the barman, she knew she had to make a move, “Two apple martinis’ please.”

The barman nodded and started filling the glasses and serving them to Alene who handed one glass to Suzie with a smile, “One for me and one for you Suzie.” Suzie winked and took the proffered glass. She sipped daintily and felt the powerful cocktail slip slot oyna down easily. She looked up from her glass and whispered huskily. “Why Alene, I do believe you are trying to intoxicate me!”

She winked again, more broadly this time and shuffled on her stool, feeling her flaccid cock writhing gently as she did so. For the first time in days she began to feel wanted. She was warming to this sexy girl and hoped her massive member wouldn’t end their new acquaintance.

“Me? intoxicating you? heaven forbid.” Alene said in a coy voice, ” I just noticed we are very much alike, wouldn’t you agree?”

Suzie held Alene’s gaze for a few seconds and then let her eyes drop so as to look at her from close up. After a few moments she replied.

“Well, I can see some, uh, two similarities. I also reckon you to be like me down below, maybe not as, er, pronounced.” Suzie paused and reached forward to gently place her hand on Alene’s. ” I hope you don’t think I am being too forward, I have to admit that the last few days have been very tough and I feel I can talk to you.”

“Sure thing Suzie, what’s bothering you?” Alene asked.

Suzie sighed, thinking back over the last 96 hours. “Well Alene, you know there is a big show going on, just winding up actually, at the hall just up the road? I’m on one of the stands. Usually we get very positive results at shows like this, I’m a hostess at one of my sponsors gigs and usually we are well liked but this time it’s been virtually nonstop negative comments. Some of them very personal, even abusive! I have to admit that I’ve found the last few days very difficult and upsetting. I usually don’t drink, I have a strict diet and regime to follow, being uh, the biggest recorded means a lot of hard work to, er, function properly. But after the nasty people that have been to our stand, I need a drink and well, some pleasant company!”

“That’s such a shame Suzie, I’m really sorry to hear you went through that,” Alene appeared lost in thought for a moment, “But you seem to be like me, so why didn’t you use magic to fix things up?”

Suzie listened carefully and as Alene spoke a puzzled look came over her face. “Magic? I’m sorry honey I don’t understand. My uh, size, my physique is down to years of hard work and training. What do you mean by magic? Are you referring to something, er, a little out of bounds?”

“I mean magic Suzie, the thing that gave me those,” she pointed at her breasts, “I can see you have a giant cock, are you telling me you didn’t use magic to get that?”

Suzie looked at Alene closely. She wondered how old she really was. Despite her stunning attractiveness, she also appeared to be over confident and a little arrogant. Suzie thought a second and then replied.

“No Alene, there was no magic, if you mean magic as in I grew to this size overnight. To get this big took a long time, 30 thousand hours of effort and countless programs of growth hormones and treatments. This cock has 18 years of my life invested in it!” She paused, looking closely for a reaction, Alene simply looked at her and nodded, listening closely to what Suzie had to say.

After a short silence Alene spoke, “That’s a massive effort, and if I can be honest it looks like it paid off, how big are you?”

Suzie perked up at that question. She leant over and whispered in Alene’s ear. “Oh, Alene, flattery will get you everywhere! Okay I’m 1 meter 45 cm in length and nearly 9 centimeters in diameter flaccid and 2 meters and 60 centimeters long and just a smidgen over 13 cm in diameter erect. Not bad for someone who started out at a measly 45 cm long erect when she was young.”

Suzie moved back and waited for Alene’s reply. Alene looked surprised, the woman before her was a marvel in her eyes she got so far without magic and Alene couldn’t help but wonder what she could do with Suzie, “Amazing Suzie, I didn’t know you could do that without magic. Indulge me for a moment, does your wonder produce a proportional amount of cum or are you just for show?”

Suzie smiled. She leaned forward and this time took Alene’s hand and placed it on the shaft of her penis just above where it was tied to her lower thigh.

“Honey, I’m not a super producer volume wise but I can really spurt far. Including my huge 2 and a half plus meter length I can splash my seed against a wall 7 meters away! For a slender girl like me, that’s not something to be sniffed at. I’ve found that force tends to give a better orgasm for a partner than volume…”

Suzie whispered in her huskiest voice. She leaned back and took a sip of her drink, aware that Alene hadn’t tried to remove her hand from her fuck pole.

“So, it seems the human body does have its limits Suzie. you’ve been honest with me, you have shown me yours,” Alene pressed her hand against Suzie’s flesh pole. “Would you like me to show you mine? no strings attached…”

Suzie smiled warmly and leaning forward again, this time making sure her H cup bosom pressed firmly against the jutting bustline of Alene she whispered.

“Oh Alene, that is sadly SO true! The problem canlı casino siteleri for me is not that I cannot grow myself bigger, I can! The bigger I get, the more nerves I grow and the greater the pleasure is. No it’s that my heart would not be able to pump me to a full, stiff erection. So regrettably I have to remain as I am. It’s strenuous enough with all the workouts I have to do to keep my erections full and stiff, let alone to try to pump up even bigger. I mean, what use is a soft cock, no matter how big it is? Having said that, all these exercise programs keep my waist really slim!”

Suzie leant back for a second, pivoting herself on the stool so as to show Alene just how tiny her waist was. She stopped sideways on and pushed out her H cup bust. She knew even with her massive penis tied around her waist how tiny it was. It made her bust look bigger in the same way her massive cock made her midriff look smaller than it actually was. She watched carefully for Alene’s reaction hesitating for a second, not sure at precisely she was letting herself in for.

But the smell of Alene’s intoxicating scent, her large thrusting bust and her subtle, soft caressing of Suzie’s cock caused her to throw her reservations to the wind. Suzie turned on the stool to face Alene and leaned forward again.

“And as to you showing me yours, I think I would really enjoy that Alene sweetie.” Suzie whispered into the ear of the young, curvy, big boobed seductress.

Alene smiled devilishly, “Do you want to go to your place? or should we go to my hotel?”

Suzie smiled. “I’m a stranger here honey, I’m in a hotel too!”

Suzie smirked.

“However as I’m sponsored I have a suite in a 5 star hotel with a Jacuzzi. Maybe we should go back to my place…”

Alene waved for the bartender and paid the bill before using her phone to call for a cab, “You’re place it is love, let’s get a cab. They stop just outside.”

After a short wait the taxi arrived and they climbed in. It was a London style cab where the driver was partitioned off. After giving the driver the destination Suzie snuggled up close to Alene and turning towards her, placed her arms around her neck. Within seconds she had her lips pushed up against her new lover’s and was gently kissing her. She felt Alene’s super firm breasts pushing against hers. She could even feel her pert nipples through the heavy fabric of her bra. As Alene reacted by pulling her closer with one arm whilst caressing her slowly expanding cock she unhooked one arm and started caressing the bulge under Alene’s short dress. As she continued kissing, now becoming more passionate as they both explored each other’s mouths with their tongues, Suzie smiled inwardly to herself.

‘Such a cute little cock! Perfect for me! I’m so small down there because of my wonderful, massive penis I can’t even try to fit a normal size in there. This busty sweetie is going to be amazing!’

Suzie thought whimsically as she pulled away and placed her other hand over one of Alene’s full breasts, enjoying the firm yet soft resistance. She figured that Alene was fuller in the bust than she was, which excited her even more as she adored giving tittie fucks.

“Like them?” Alene teased, taking a deep breath and making her dress strain against her breasts, both girls could hear the fabric strain to hold the ocean of breasts. Suddenly a loud tearing sound both girls freeze as Alene’s breasts broke free from their cage. both girls started smiling

Suzie looked at the massive expanse of breast flesh. “How the hell did you squeeze those monsters into that top?” She cried breathlessly.

“I thought you were an H cup like me, but these puppies must be an M at least!”

Alene grinned, “I didn’t squeeze them in, I made them grow with magic once they were in the top, I did tell you about my magic, didn’t I?”

Suzie feasted her eyes and imagination at the waterfall of breast flesh tumbling down Alene’s torso. They started high up her chest, jutting provocatively out from under her chin, filling the space between them like two flesh coloured oversized beach balls. They were so big they rested on Alene’s thighs and the nipples reached out almost to her knees. The monster cocked futa felt her cock begin to swell as she placed both hands onto Alene’s impossibly huge bosom.

“Uh sweetie, don’t tease me anymore. I won’t be able to fit in the damn taxi if you do. It’s not long to the hotel now…”

Suzie pushed her face into Alene’s sublime cleavage, luxuriating at her soft, silky firmness. Meanwhile she felt Alene’s hands gently caressing her cock.

Alene took a deep breath and focused for a moment, “Go wild Suzie, you won’t outgrow the taxi.” she said and went back to touching her expanding cock.

Normally Suzie knew almost to the minute how long it would take her to get to her full 2.6 meter length. She required a lot of foreplay lasting anything up to 2 hours to get really stiff, but with Alene she felt herself pumping up much more quickly. She knew that she had to get to at least 2 meters before she started to get stiff and her cock began to raise off the floor but the way her flesh pole was straining against the ribbon tying it to her leg meant she was getting hard almost too soon. A thought momentarily flashed through her mind.

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