Can’t Lose Football Bet Pt. 01

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I consider myself to be a Dallas girl even though I was born in Indiana. I moved to Dallas when I was 5 and have been a Dallas Cowboys fan ever since. My husband John however is from Pennsylvania and is a Philadelphia Eagles fan. We agree on almost everything except football, where we keep a very strong rivalry alive by making more and more outrageous bets, the most recent of which got me started on a whole new chapter of my life.

We have the biggest TV on the block and my husband’s two best friends, who also happen to be the husbands of my best friends, come over to watch every Sunday. Their wives prefer to shop so it is usually just me and the boys.

I have to say, I don’t mind hanging out with the guys because, frankly, I think they are pretty hot. They are all well-built and work out just enough to stay toned. James the smallest of the three at six feet even, has short hair and a well-muscled chest and a really cute butt. My husband is slightly taller but also well-muscled and very handsome. Avery is the biggest at six foot, five and about 250 pounds and looks like he could play professional football. According to his wife, he is big everywhere; really big.

Me, I’m five feet, five inches tall and 118 pounds with thick brunette hair with auburn highlights that hangs to the middle of my back. My husband calls it “stripper length”. My most outstanding feature is probably my 34DD chest. Second, but only slightly is my heart-shaped ass which my husband says always makes his heart beat faster.

This particular week it was the Cowboys v. their arch rival, the Philadelphia Eagles and the “Boys” were winning 21 to 17. Our bet was that if I win, John either gives me a manicure and pedicure once a week for the next month or pays for them for the next three months. If the Cowboys lose, I prepare and serve snacks and drinks for my hubby and his buddies for the next three Friday night poker games. The catch was that I had to wear whatever costume they picked. I was a little skeptical about the costume part but John knows I am a bit of an exhibitionist and that he could push the limits a little and I would still be OK with it as long as my friends didn’t find out.

I thought I was going to get my pampered prize right up to the last second when the cowboys threw an interception and the Eagles ended up winning 24 to 21. By the time my husband and his Eagle loving friends stopped gloating and realized that I not only lost the game but also our bet I was already drowning my sorrows with a shot of tequila…or two.

They too had more than a few beers and once they realized that I was going to have to serve them next Friday night and they got to pick what I would wear, it started getting interesting. All of the sudden it turned into a shouting match as they each threw out suggestions of the clothes they had seen me in including some of my more daring mini-skirts and low cut tops. Then James came up with an idea that they all immediately agreed on. My husband said he would take care of the outfit.

Week 1

I had all week to think about how I was going to handle Friday night and I have to admit I was getting very excited. I told you I have some exhibitionist tendencies and I like to flirt, particularly with these guys. I was fantasizing all week about what it was going to be like.

By 5:00pm on Friday night, John had still not given me the outfit they all agreed on which with a typical male’s imagination, they chose a French maid costume. John had gotten off work a little early and came home with a big rectangular box. On the box was a logo for Christina’s Costumes, a local costume shop where we had rented costumes for Halloween in the past. Before John would let me see it, he told me to take a nice bath and shave my legs. He doesn’t need me to shave anything else since he decreed, and I agreed, that I would go “Brazilian”, the term for completely bare in the pubic area.

I haven’t had a hair down there in over a year and I love it. It makes me feel sexy all the time and since I’m not one to wear underwear either, I’m always feeling partially exposed and very aroused just from walking around.

John also had a pink bag which meant he had been to Victoria’s Secret, a store where he loves to shop for me. I am certainly not complaining but tonight I was starting to get a little apprehensive so I asked John to mix me up some liquid courage in the form of a martini which he gladly did.

When I finished my bath I had to admit, I looked good and smelled good. On our bed was the outfit, all laid out neatly across the bedspread. The first thing that caught my eye was a corset, the kind that laces up the back with garters attached. Sheer stockings with seems were next to the corset and at the top of the bed, the maid’s costume. As I ran my fingers over the dress, I heard a cough behind me. John had been watching me check out the outfit. He came up behind me and put his arms around me, whispering in illegal bahis my ear, “What do you think?” Before I could answer, I felt his hand slide down my belly and his fingers went right to my pussy which was already wet with anticipation. “I guess I know the answer,” is all he said. I told him I would need help with the corset but then he would have to leave.

I had to loosen the laces to slide the corset over my ass and hips, the stiff supports giving way little as it came over my curves. Once in place, I expected a little more coverage on my breasts but the way it was designed, the supports lifted my breasts and held them out like they were on custom made, curved display shelves. The satin and lace material came only to the underside of my nipples which were growing harder by the second. My tits were completely exposed and on display. John began pulling the laces of the corset tighter, forcing my waist to become impossibly small and if possible, making my tits look even bigger. When he was done pulling it as tight as he could get it, I felt completely restrained and totally on display. I drank my martini down in big gulps knowing this was going to be a very interesting night.

I had a hard time getting John to leave the room. He was just staring at me and I swear he was drooling. I also noticed that there was a well formed bulge in his pants. After he left, I reached for the stockings and spent five minutes just hooking them up and adjusting the seams. They made my legs feel incredibly smooth and sexy. I realized just then that I hadn’t put panties on. I spied a wisp of white lace on the bed and realized that my loving husband had purchased what appeared to be the world’s smallest lace g-string. I was not going to unhook the garters from my stockings and risk screwing up the seams and for a moment, I contemplated not wearing the tiny g-string at all. I decided to go ahead and pull it on over the garters, knowing if I really wanted to give a show later, I could easily peel it off.

Next, I picked up the maid costume and unzipped the back. It was black satin with white lace trim around the neckline and had a white ruffled skirt which stuck out from under the black satin of the top skirt. A black sash was sewn to each side of the waist and hung from the back where it was to be tied in a bow. As I looked at the dress it appeared to be way too small and for a second I was afraid and disappointed that it might not fit. As I pulled it over my hips it slid easily onto my waist and up over my shoulders. The slightly puffy sleeves were meant to slide down off my shoulders and onto my arms, leaving a very low neckline. It was so low that no matter how hard I tugged and pulled, I could not get the neckline more than a half inch above the pink of my areolas. The entire top-half of my breasts were exposed. I couldn’t help but stare in the mirror at how my tits were bare and displayed, making them easily look like they were ready to fall out of the dress at any moment. When I finally gave up on trying to adjust the top, I noticed that the hem of the skirt was as high as the neckline was low. The bottom of the dress was so short it barely covered my pussy. The straps were easily visible, attached to the tops of the silk stockings. I turned around and realized that my little bubble ass pulled the hem up even higher, partially exposing the bottom of my ass cheeks. Bending over even slightly would expose my entire ass of which none of the g-string was covering. I leaned forward and with my legs spread only slightly I could clearly see the tiny patch of white lace barely covering my pussy.

I was starting to have second thoughts and was thinking about how to back out of the bet but at the same time, I could feel my pussy starting to dampen the tiny g-string with anticipation. Just then, I heard a low whistle and saw John standing in the doorway again. I began to stammer, “I can’t …” but he cut me off abruptly and said “You were the loser, you have to”. I don’t know where it came from because I am not typically what you would call a submissive, maybe it was the outfit, but I replied, “Yes sir” and John smiled. He also brought me another martini which I desperately needed. He tied the sash in the back, creating a bustle which accentuated my ass even more and then left again. I looked around and didn’t see any shoes so I thought John had at least allowed me to pick those.

I returned to the bathroom and finished putting on my make-up then went into the closet to pick out shoes. I found a pair of black pumps with a 3″, thick heel. They were comfortable but I couldn’t resist a pair of black patent leather pumps with 5″ stiletto heels I wore to a black tie party last year. They made my legs look impossibly long and were perfect with this outfit.

My second martini didn’t go down quite as fast as the first, but almost. It was nearly time for our guests to arrive and it dawned on me that it wasn’t going to be only John and his illegal bahis siteleri two pals but they typically found two other guys to play on Fridays. The combination of the outfit, the alcohol, knowing I was going to be exposing myself to three hot guys, and the prospect of doing it in front of two unknown guys, had my juices flowing.

I downed the last of my second martini, applied a fresh coat of lip gloss and walked out of the bedroom. Our house is big but it is very open and there is only a short hallway between our bedroom and the great-room which is open and visible from every other room on the first floor. As soon as I rounded the corner, I was met with wolf whistles from my husband and Avery, the only ones there at that point. I did a little curtsy and continued on as though were a normal every day thing. I was still trying to be a bit careful walking in the 5″ heels.

Both guys already had a beer so I went over and started to gather up the chips and snacks I had purchased earlier. When the doorbell rang, neither of the guys moved to open the door so I went to welcome our guest, whomever he may be. I did notice that both Avery and John watched me all the way to the door.

The guy at the door was Chris; a friend of James’ from across town that I had met at a party on one occasion, coming up behind him was James. Chris is a handsome guy with short hair and a goatee. The one outstanding feature on Chris is the deep blue of his eyes. I remembered his wife was a gorgeous blonde that was a personal trainer. I remembered jokingly telling John that if I ever switched teams, I’d play on hers.

Right behind Chris, shaking hands with James was Jason. He must have been parking the car. Jason I remembered was a friend, or he worked with Chris. Either way, he too was pretty good looking. He was tall and thin with rugged features. I held the door and let them into the house. They were all just kind of staring at me, not knowing what to say. John had come up behind me and said “Guys, this is Fifi, she is going to be taking care of us tonight”. I instinctively elbowed him and he laughed. He then told Chris and Jason how I lost the bet. He also told them if they needed anything, to just ask Fifi and I would get it.

It wasn’t long before they were all sitting around the table, ready to play. Now, these guys are not high stakes players. They all trade in their $50.00 for stack of chips and then they are all focus on poker. For the next few hours they were drinking beer and playing cards and eating the snacks I brought. There was always an uncomfortable pause when I would bring a beer and lean over the table to hand it to one of the guys. They would just stare at my tits, waiting for them to fall completely out of the top of my dress. But then they would go back to playing. My husband ran his hand up the back of my leg if I was next to him and once Avery pinched my bare ass cheek when I leaned over next to him, but other than that, I was getting bored.

Around 10:00pm I was getting tired and I could see some of the guys, including my husband were running low on poker chips. John called “Fifi” and I got off the stool I was sitting on and walked over to him. I was expecting another drink order but as I came over next to him he put his hand on the back of my knee and then ran his fingers up the inside of my thigh and made a few circles. He motioned for me to come closer with his other hand like he wanted to whisper something. As I bent down putting my ear near his lips, I felt his hand run all the way up my thigh and lightly across the lace of my tiny panties. He whispered in my ear that he wanted me to go into the bedroom and take my panties off and bring them back to him.

What the hell, it was the most exciting thing I’d done all night. I had been thinking about what might happen all night and I had enjoyed showing off for the guys. I liked the way they looked at my big tits and my bare ass when I would lean over the table but I wanted more. Feeling the cool air on my bare pussy got me going again.

I folded the tiny g-string into the palm of my hand where it fit easily, hidden when I closed my fingers around it. I walked back to the table and leaned down, putting my slightly damp panties into the shirt pocket of my husband. I felt his hand on my leg again, this time he went straight up my thigh and right to my pussy. He looked up and smiled at me as he ran his fingers along the slit of my swollen pussy. I could feel the juices starting to flow again, covering his fingers with a light coating of my juices. It was John’s turn to bet and as he pulled his hand from between my legs, I reached for it and pulled it to my lips. His fingers smelled like my pussy and I kissed his fingers. I felt a wave of warmth shoot outward from my pelvis.

I stood there and watched as he said, “I’ll see your dollar” and reached into his shirt pocket and pulled out my panties, throwing them onto the table saying, canlı bahis siteleri “and I’ll raise you some slightly used panties.” Everyone including me just froze and then one by one, they all turned to look at me. I must have turned bright red but all I could do was shrug my shoulders and smile. I smiled all right, both embarrassed and incredibly aroused knowing that every man in the room now knew that I wasn’t wearing anything under the maid’s dress that barely covered my pussy and ass.

I watched as four guys folded and my husband collected the pot, probably for the first time all night. I could feel the eyes of every one of them following me everywhere I went. I made sure to give them just enough of a view when I bent over to get beer from the fridge to keep them interested.

At 11:00pm, Chris looked at his watch and swore. He had to go home and Jason, who came with him, got a sour look on his face. It was pretty clear they didn’t want to go but they begrudgingly got up to leave. I didn’t want them to go either but I gave them each a really good hug and a kiss on the cheek as they backed out the front door.

With Chris and Jason gone, the poker game was over and the two remaining guests were trying to figure out something to do so they wouldn’t have to go home. I offered the idea of drinking a shot. After all, these guys weren’t driving, they lived next door. Their wives had gone to dinner and a late movie so they weren’t going to be home for another two hours.

All the guys agreed to a shot and John pulled out four shot glasses and a bottle of vodka from the freezer. I had been sipping a martini all night, just keeping the buzz from my earlier martinis. The shot of straight vodka went right to my head. The guys all cracked open another beer but I poured myself another shot and was getting to the point where I was going from buzzed to really tipsy. The guys moved from the table to the great room and sat in the soft leather chairs and sofa. I brought my glass in and sat on the arm of the chair John was sitting in, being only a little careful to keep my legs together, which just barely kept my pussy from being completely exposed to Avery and James.

John was rubbing my back as the last sip of vodka went down the back of my throat. No sooner did my glass leave my lips than John put his hand on my shoulder and pulled me backwards into his lap. As my legs flew up in the air John kissed me, long and deep. A few seconds into the kiss I realized that my skirt was up around my waist, allowing a full view of my bare pussy and ass to the other two guys. I started to try to push my skirt down but John held my arms tightly as he kissed me. After what seemed like 3 minutes he released me and I slid into his lap and sat up facing away from him. I tried to elbow him but he wrapped me up in his arms again.

I struggled a little but every time I did, John would tickle me, making me squirm. Then I felt his hand on the zipper of my dress and he started to pull it down. I felt like I should stop him but for whatever reason, I just didn’t care. The zipper went down my back and the dress started sliding down my breasts. The low neckline barely covered my nipples and as I looked down, I could see the pink of my areolas come into view. The dress didn’t fall off completely, hanging on my erect nipples. The half cups of the corset held my breasts pushed up and out obscenely. I reached up and held the dress at my nipples. I heard Avery say “come on, show us your tits!” He was quickly joined by James as they began to chant. I pulled the top down quickly exposing my rock hard nipples and then quickly pulled it up again. The guys all let out an “Ahhhh” and I just began giggling. John reached up and pulled the top down leaving my tits exposed, sitting atop the corset. Looking down, they looked enormous. I made a half-hearted attempt to pull the top back up but honestly, at that point I didn’t care.

I stood up in front of John’s chair with the top of the dress down at my waist. John jerked the dress over my hips and let it fall to my ankles. I reached down with both hands to cover my exposed pussy. John grabbed my waist and pulled me back down into his lap. As my feet left the floor, I felt the dress slip over one foot leaving the dress hanging on the toe of my other shoe. The other guys cheered as I sat virtually naked in my husband’s lap. He hooked his knees under my legs and began to push my legs apart. I started to protest but John reached up and grabbed a thick handful of my hair and turned my head to kiss him again. He smashed his lips against my mouth. He kissed me roughly, still holding the back of my head, and then pulled away saying “Come on baby; show the boys how pretty your pussy looks.” He forced my legs further apart and then reached down and ran his fingers over my pussy. He kissed me again and I began to melt, forgetting all about the other guys who were no doubt looking at my bare pussy. I felt John slide one finger and then another inside my dripping twat. He started sliding them in and out, spreading his fingers slightly to stretch my tight cunt. I was excited beyond belief with my husband’s fingers pumping my pussy and his two best friends watching me.

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