Can I Take You Home?

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The house was packed with people when I entered. It was the same every Saturday night for the past 5 years. Every week I went to the same party with the same people and always met a new face. The parties had a reputation for getting hot and steamy. Perhaps that was why I made it a point to go every weekend.

There was never a shortage of pretty women and alcohol. Everyone left their cares, worries and inhibitions at the door. It was another realm here. A place to kick back, relax and enjoy the company of many types of people. This night began the same but soon showed a hidden agenda that excited me.

I saw her walk in alone. Her long flowing dark hair reached down to her well rounded breasts that peeked over her tight tank top. She smiled and laughed as she was introduced to everyone. I stood in the kitchen pouring another drink as she wisped by me whispering a soft hello as she continued through the crowd.

I smelled her faint perfume, nothing overpowering, just a subtle scent of floral. Her tight jeans hugged her well formed legs and met with a pair of black leather boots. The 3 inch soles lifted her to my eye level and I glanced into her honey colored rings with the gold flex as she glanced back at me. “Hi” was the only sound I could muster.

I have never seen her before that night, she was a new face. Hours passed and I didn’t approach her. We would exchange glances from time to time but nothing that indicated a real attraction towards me. I watched her mingle with the rest of the crowd and laugh when the moment called for it. By that time the alcohol had taken its effect and I sat relaxed, enjoying my buzz.

It surprised me when she approached. Just the simple notion that she made an effort to reach me was flattering. I never expected to hear the words that she whispered gently into my ear as she leaned forward in front of me.

“Can I take you home?” I felt her soft lips slightly graze my lobe.

I was enamored with her boldness. I bahis firmaları was also frozen with anxiety of what she had planned. Seconds passed before I could muster up the words to reply.

“Sure.” Was the best I could reply with.

Her reply came as more of a shock than her initial invite.

“Let me ask my husband.” She was so nonchalant.

“Ok.” I replied, still shocked.

She turned and entered the crowd again. I could only see through the people enough to see small glimpses of her talking with an older man. He stood a few inches taller than her. He was an average build with light brown hair that was slightly streaked with grey. She whispered in his ear and he peered towards me, looking me up and down admiring her choice. I saw him nod to her and she began to wedge her way back through the crowd.

She stood in front of me smiling as she reached out to me.

“He said it was ok.” She giggled. I took her hand and stood. We met her husband at the door and left the party. We walked to his truck as she pulled me excitedly behind her. I didn’t know what the night had in store for me but I was willing to find out.

It was a short drive to their house nestled among a group of trees off the main road. We entered the house and I was lead into the living room. I sat on the couch next to the stranger as she disappeared down the hall.

“Do you smoke?” He asked in a comforting tone.

“Yes I do.”

He pulled a small box from the drawer of his end table and opened it. He began rolling the green leaves into a perfect joint. He lit the end and took two large drags from it before passing to me. I followed suit and inhaled the harsh smoke.

Soon the combination of drug and alcoholic blurred my vision. I was completely calmed.

“She’s in the room waiting for you.” He informed me calmly as he pointed down the hall.

I didn’t reply, I stood and headed down the dark corridor to the only opened door. I peered inside to find her kaçak iddaa hovering above the bed. Her naked body was entangled in the straps of the swing hanging from the ceiling. She looked at me with wanting eyes as she opened her legs, showing me her wet and waiting crotch.

I slowly walked to her and began kissing the insides of her thighs. Her long legs quickly wrapped around my neck and settled onto my shoulders. Her sweet juices flowed gently down my tongue as she began to moan. I licked and sucked faster creating a gentle rocking of the swing. She leaned back and gave an orgasmic scream as her legs tightened and shook around my head.

I continued to lick the sweet cum from her throbbing lips as I unbuckled my belt and dropped my jeans to the floor. My hard cock was aching for her tight pussy to wrap around it. I sat up and positioned myself between her legs. Slowly I slid the tip of my cock between her soaking lips and entered her. The warm moist muscles of her pussy tightened around it and I began to thrust. Harder and harder I dug into her, listening as her moans, screams, and sighs heightened.

Abruptly we were interrupted by the snapping of the swing as it pulled from the ceiling and fell to the bed. She quickly laid me down and straddled my erection. Her soft ass bounced easily off my thighs as she rode me. Her hands dug into my chest as she quickly screamed in orgasm. She shook briefly before climbing further up my body and straddling my head. I could taste the combination of her juices and my cock as I sucked her clit gently. She rocked her body back and forth sliding her moist pussy against my face.

I was so preoccupied with her sweet taste that it took a moment to realize the warm stroking on my cock. The moist lips slid up and down as I felt the tongue gliding around the head. I heard her screaming above me as I continued sucking on her and finally realized it was not her mouth on my cock.

I opened my eyes to see her husbands mouth wrapped kaçak bahis tightly around my shaft. His hands cupped my testicles as he swallowed my hard cock deeply. The arousal was almost too much to handle and I had to concentrate on not Cumming. The air was filled with the sounds of her screams, his muffled moans, and my moans of satisfaction and acceptance. In my heightened arousal I didn’t care about his mouth being tightly affixed to my cock.

This continued for a few minutes longer until he released his suctioned grip on me and walked towards us. His hard cock was inches away as his wife dismounted and returned her pussy to my crotch. She slid me inside her and began to ride again as he offered his thick manhood to me. Without hesitation I wrapped my fingers around his shaft and slid his large head between my lips. His hardened flesh filled my mouth as I began bobbing my head. I heard him moaning in pleasure as she moaned louder with arousal.

I sucked and licked his cock faster and harder as she rode mine with flawless rhythm. Soon I felt his hard member jerk and pulsate as he released his warm cum into my cheeks. The sweet salty liquid glided down my throat. I released his cock from my captive hands and he returned to his wife as she continued agitating atop my wet dick. She lifted herself from it and began suckling from the tip. Her juices slid down my shaft as her husband caught it with his tongue. Together they shared my throbbing rod until it exploded in a fountain of cum. Their awaiting mouths caught what they could as they licked the rest from my crotch.

Once it was cleaned we sat in silence until she let out a maniacal giggle. She crawled up beside me and rested her head on my shoulder. Her fingers gently tangled in my chest hair as she whispered softly in my ear.

“Thank you.”

I didn’t respond. I laid motionless catching my breath as her husband made his way up the bed and settling beside her. I quickly drifted to sleep satisfied. The night’s events were exhausting yet euphoric. The next morning they drove me back to the house to drop me off. I never saw them again after that night, but the memory of our erotic rendezvous still haunts me.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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