Camping with Daughter Ch. 06

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Having a picnic lunch with one’s 18-year-old daughter is always very enjoyable, but doing it in the nude is a whole new experience. Add to this the fact that she’s a total fox, body beautiful, a flirt and a nymphomaniac, and we’re talking about a whole level of entertainment that few, if any, have ever attained.

Jennifer continued her soft tease all through our sandwiches and apples. She talked to me about school and friends, never even hinting anything sexual, but she kept doing things that kept my sexual tension close to a peak. For example, her eyes kept drifting to my erect cock, and then they would just stare. My attention would frequently be drawn to her hands as they would casually slide through her little tuft of blond pubic hair to comb it and pull on the strands. Sometimes she had an itch under her breast or on one of her pussy lips. My daughter needed to stretch a lot, too. My favorite tease occurred when she needed to tweak her nipple for some ungodly reason. It seemed to be necessary, and she was usually doing something else at the same time, like getting another apple slice or sipping her drink. This gave the appearance that it was completely a subconscious act. She would casually reach up, grab one nipple or the other between two fingers and squeeze and roll it for a few seconds before releasing it and leaving it stiff and swollen. This managed to keep me uncomfortably hard, which I’m sure was her intention. It was a slow boil for a good hour before we finally packed up and left.

“Okay, I’m ready to go to the pool and take a dip,” she said as she stuffed the backpack with our blanket. As was her way, she acted as if sticking her bare ass at me and exposing her most private treasures as she bent over wasn’t going to be noticed or have any affect. “I’m hot, and I need to wash myself off. I think I’m beginning to stink.”

‘How could such a perfect creature stink?’ I thought to myself, but as she said that, she looked down between her spread legs and sniffed. I knew to what she was referring, and I realized she was telling me that her recent orgasm had produced a fragrance that bothered her. My opinion, though, was that I would not have considered her “stinky.”

As we re-entered the wooded area, I asked her, “Honey, tell me how you became so uninhibited. It’s a wonderful character strength, although I’m not sure the world is ready for someone like you.”

“I don’t know,” she said thoughtfully. “It has never occurred to me to be inhibited, I guess. Mom has always encouraged me to be myself and not let others tell me how to be. She’s always been so supportive of me. Although TV and school told me that I should be modest and reserved, it just wasn’t in my nature. Fortunately, Mom was cool.”

She thought about it for another moment and then added, “I guess it started when I realized I liked being naked. I discovered that I was so much more comfortable than I was with clothes. Mom came home one day when I was watching the TV right after taking a shower. For some reason, it didn’t even occur to me that I should cover up when she arrived or even when she came into the room to say hello. Since she didn’t say anything at the time, it never crossed my mind that I needed to get dressed. She didn’t act surprised or offended, she just sat down beside me, and we talked for a while.

“It had to have been a good hour before I realized why her eyes kept drifting down over my body. When it hit her that I was aware of her distracted gaze, her attention would jerk back up to look me in the face. Suddenly I was embarrassed, and I used my hands to cover myself, but Mom was so cool about it. She acted kind of offended that I was modest in front of her. She actually got mad at me for blushing and told me that if I was more comfortable nude, then I should feel free to be nude whenever I wanted.”

“I kind of had a feeling she felt that way myself,” I said, “but I always thought she pranced around naked to get me worked up. She made no bones about telling me how much she enjoyed making love to me, and she knew how much I liked her body. I guess my ego got in the way of recognizing that she just liked being naked.”

“Well, I’m sure it was for both reasons,” Jen politely suggested. “Until she learned of my preference to be naked, she always walked around the house fully dressed after you left; at least as far as I know. It was probably for my benefit that she acted all conservative.”

“Could be,” I agreed. “We were both brought up with a lot of hangups about nudity and stuff.”

Jennifer continued, “Anyway, after that, I don’t think I ever spent more than a few minutes in the house with clothes on unless we had company. That’s when I started wearing more comfortable clothes in public, too. When I dress up, I prefer to wear things that are very loose and sheer, but for everyday clothes, I like things that cling like a second skin. Both make me feel sexy, and I can usually go anywhere in one of those two categories without offending anyone.”

I casino siteleri had to wonder just how ‘loose and sheer’ her dressy clothes were, and based on what I’d learned about her in just these few days, I doubt she ever wore a bra. My cock jerked once again at the thought of her going with friends to a nice restaurant in something very see-through.

“It wasn’t long after she gave me permission before I caught Mom nude, too,” my daughter went on. “The first time was actually kind of funny. I told her that I was going up to take a shower, but after I got the water running, I realized I needed a clean towel. On the way down to the laundry, I discovered Mom completely naked on the sofa in the living room playing with herself. I wouldn’t have said anything, but she saw me walk past and went into panic. That’s when it was my turn to calm her down.

“The next thing I knew, the two of us were sitting together on the couch naked, and she was trying to explain how she had to take care of herself every now and then because she really needed you. I completely understood and told her that I had to masturbate at least once a day, so she shouldn’t be embarrassed. Our whole relationship changed that day.

“After that, I found her naked a lot, and we often masturbated together.”

“You masturbated together?” I asked in shock. “With Sally?”

“Of course with Mom, who else?” Then Jennifer saw the look on my face and added, “What’s wrong with that?”

“Uh, I don’t know,” I replied, realizing there really shouldn’t be anything wrong with that. “I guess it kind of surprised me. You know that Sally and I had been married only nine months before you were born, and then my job and her taking care of you made our love-life rather mundane. We really didn’t talk about it that much, I guess, because my parents considered it inappropriate to ever discuss sex in any way.”

“Well, I think you and Mom should talk,” my daughter said. “I think you’ll find that she looks at sex much the way I do.”

Okay, that shocked me. “Are we talking about the same woman?” I knew she was a very sexual woman, and that was one of the things I liked about her, but I doubted she had the same open attitude as Jennifer. Of course that would explain where Jen got it, but I wondered if Sally knew just how far her daughter had taken her open attitude.

“Of course,” my little girl said. “I’m surprised you don’t know. You really do need to talk.”

“I guess we do,” I said with a little trepedation.

At that point, Jennifer told me that she’s made great friends and had lots of support ever since she started buying her own clothes and being herself.

“I realize that my style is a bit more open and flirty than many other girls, but people look up to me, and my friends respect me; all because I’ve gained a lot of confidence from being myself and not trying to be what society says I should be. Obviously, guys love the way I am, and they all give me a lot of encouragement, but a lot of girls do, too. They aspire to be as confident as I am.”

Before I could ask another question, she added, “I do have to say, there are some girls who don’t approve. I have learned that most of these people are so socially repressed that they consider me a total slut, but I’m not. How can I be a slut and a virgin at the same time? That doesn’t seem to change their opinion, though.”

She let me think on that for a moment and then added, “I know I’ve got a nice body and all, so guys never complain about me showing it off a little, but some girls get jealous of the attention I get. I’ve offered to help them get the same attention, but many get all funny and think I’m going to turn them into whores or something. I have had a few take me up on it, though. Every one of the girls who accept my suggestions improved their popularity and became much happier. I don’t know of a one that hasn’t seen a huge improvement in their social life and self-esteem.”

“Are you saying that a number of girls at your high school are dressing sexy, flirting and driving boys crazy?” I asked, picturing a half dozen sexy girls in school flirting with a hundred hormone-ravaged boys.

“Well, there are a few, but we all treat the boys with respect. Most of the girls don’t tease as much as I do, but they definitely keep their boyfriends happy,” she explained. “Most of them are still virgins like me, but a few have gone all the way. Where I’m not real picky, and I’ll flirt with any boy that treats me respectfully, most of the other girls restrict their games to their current boyfriend.”

“So you must be pretty popular with the girls you’ve helped,” I said. “I’m surprised all the girls aren’t taking your advice.”

“It’s not just the girls. I’ve helped a bunch of the boys, too,” my daughter said. “Mostly the boys needed wardrobe changes and a little ego boost, and it seems that just having me around in front of others takes care of the latter.”

“Being seen with a pretty girl can improve just slot oyna about any guy’s ego,” I replied.

“Well, sometimes it takes a little more than just hanging out in public,” she replied, “but in those cases, a kiss or two is often all it takes. Some need some lessons on how to please a girl. On occasion, though, it takes still more, but I’ve never had to do more than a hand-job and a lot of compliments to help a guy over his self-esteem problem. It’s amazing how much easier it is to improve a guy’s self-esteem problems than a girl’s.”

I couldn’t help but think about all the boys in my high school, and how they would have gone crazy to have someone as pretty as Jennifer even show an interest in them. To have her teach them how to please her or give them a hand-job would have made all the difference in the world for all of them. It wouldn’t have been getting relief; it would have been because a really pretty girl showed enough interest in them that she wanted them to be successful. Of course most of them would have immediately fallen in love with her, but she seemed confident enough to be able to handle that.

“You know that it is such a huge compliment to have you hard all the time,” my daughter said suddenly out of the blue. “I know I’m pretty, but to have my own father so aroused, it just makes me tingle all over. Your cock is always standing out so proudly around me, and it looks like it’s constantly on the verge of exploding.” I had to shrug because it always felt that way, too.

My daughter frequently made me feel good about being turned on. My whole life, society had me believing that I should hide my erection from others except for my wife in the privacy of our bedroom. Even then, many believe the lights should be turned off to hide our nudity from each other. On the contrary, Jennifer took great delight in seeing me fully aroused, complimenting me and my erection often. She never gave any indication that she didn’t appreciate it, it was offensive or that I should “put it away” in fear of embarrassing her. She was actually proud of the affect she had on me and wanted me to show off my arousal.

It also amazed me that she seemed to know more about my hard-ons than I did. Jennifer knew when it was especially hard or when I was distracted and it started to droop. She knew if something aroused me or didn’t within seconds of when it showed. A few times, when we were hiking and my mind managed to drift off of her gorgeous body or the stories she related, she would reach over and gently squeeze my cock or give it a couple of strokes. It would be back to rock-hard immediately. There were also times when she would have to move in some way that was especially erotic, and she would immediately notice the stiffening of my cock and exaggerate her movement or slow down so that I could enjoy the sight a little longer.

It wasn’t long before we were by the pool. Jennifer spread out the blanket and set up stuff to one side. Before we got our boots off, my daughter suddenly grabbed the toilet paper from the pack and ran off into the woods, indicating she had some business to take care of.

Watching her run downstream through the trees was almost comical if it weren’t so sexy. Her gorgeous, perfect, lithe form was so seductive, but the heavy hiking boots were almost distracting. It was amazing that this girl hadn’t lost her virginity already, but it made me proud that she had such great self-respect.

I went ahead and got into the small pond while I waited for my daughter. The water felt wonderful as I paddled around for a few minutes. It was just cool enough to refresh me from the hot sun, but warm enough that I didn’t feel shock or get cold even if I stopped moving. For a few minutes, I actually got to relax, and my erection went away completely.

It was a good while before I saw my little girl come running back. God, she had a lot of energy. She tossed the toilet paper into the pack, removed her hiking boots and grabbed something before running into the water. When the water was up to her thighs, she dove in and swam the remaining two dozen feet to me. I was impressed with how graceful she looked.

Coming up right in front of me, she brushed the water out of her face, directing her beautiful long, blond hair to hang down her back and said, “Oh! This is so fabulous! I can’t believe how good this feels.”

“Yes, it does, honey,” I replied, feeling things start to stir under the surface of the water again.

I couldn’t help it. My daughter is extremely pretty, and her happy, enthusiastic attitude, not to mention looking down at those magnificent, full breasts with stiff nipples, just turns me on. I knew it was wrong, somehow, but I wanted her more than I can explain.

“I brought the soap so we can wash each other,” she said, showing me the bar in her hand. “Let’s get up on the rock and use the falls like a shower.”

A shower with soap sounded great. We weren’t concerned about hurting the environment because REI had canlı casino siteleri supplied us with biologically friendly, detergent free soap that would not foam up or leave a soapy mess in the water. What did concern me was her comment that we would “wash each other.”

As soon as we were both standing on the rock, Jennifer started soaping her hands up and washing my chest. Since this soap didn’t lather, it took quite a bit of rubbing to get it so her hands slipped across my body like she wanted, but she was determined.

I have to admit, I was a bit uncomfortable because of my desire for my daughter, but with a little coaxing, I was finally able to start rubbing her down as well. I had barely started running my hands over her perfect skin before I was fully erect, but Jennifer paid little attention to it. Apparently she was getting used to seeing me hard.

In spite of my efforts to focus on just cleaning my daughter, I couldn’t help but enjoy the feel of her smooth, silky skin, the strong, firm muscles just a fraction of an inch below, and the amazingly perfect shape she had developed. Her body was warm to the touch, and there was a driving urge to make wild, passionate love to her, but I had to maintain control. I couldn’t forget that she was my daughter.

Feeling her small hands rubbing soap all over my body, massaging various muscles along the way, was also intoxicating. Jennifer made no effort to avoid intimate regions as she dug her fingers between my ass cheeks and cleaned my butt-hole like even I never did. She ran her hands all over and around my cock and balls, making sure not to masturbate me but rub me enough to make sure everything was clean.

Taking her lead and trying to clean without arousing, I also washed between her firm butt cheeks. Doing no more than I usually do on myself, I did not dig my finger inside her as much as I wanted to. I did let my fingers slip between her feminine lips as I rubbed down her young, virgin pussy. I figured that I’d been there before, so this wasn’t really an invasion or trespassing on turf never before realized. Even though I felt her stiff clit as my fingers brushed across it, she didn’t gasp, shudder or show any sense that it was arousing.

We sat on the rock and washed each other’s feet, which was also quite arousing to me. I tried to act like it was just a duty I was performing, but I’m sure the throbbing cock between my legs proved it wasn’t. Jennifer has such dainty, little feet, and her toes were just perfect. She had painted her toe nails with a bright pink that seemed to beg to be splattered with my seed. Imagining them brushing across my cock made it jerk, so I focused on cleaning between her toes and did math problems in my mind.

I could spend an hour going through every part of her body, telling how sexy it was to wash her perfect, flat stomach, on which the only blemish was a teardrop bellybutton, cleaning her fine pubic bush, rubbing soap over her firm breasts with the hardest nipples I think I’ve ever felt, but Jennifer seemed to be on a mission and almost rushing me through this mutual cleaning.

When we were all soaped up and about to step under the waterfall to rinse, Jennifer threw her arms around my neck, pressing her body against mine, and said, “Daddy, I love you so much! Please make me a woman. Make love to me right now!”

I was shocked. I just stood there with my lovely daughter pressed up against my chest and stared at her. My arms literally shook as I slowly wrapped them around her slim waist. “But, Jennifer, honey, that’s not right. Besides, I thought you wanted to wait for the right guy.”

“You are the right guy,” she said, her face barely an inch from mine. “I want a man who loves me, who will treat me with respect, who will not hurt me, and who I can count on for the rest of our lives. Tell me anyone that fits that better than you.”

Before I could answer, she pulled herself in tighter and put a lip-lock on me like only her mother had done so many years before. Her mouth literally pulled mine open, and her tongue drove between my teeth like she was desperate. I tried to control her passion, but she was not backing off. Maybe I didn’t try hard enough, but I was afraid that I might hurt her if I pushed her away with any more force.

If my cock could have gotten any harder, it probably would have exploded. My little girl was mashing her perfect flat and smooth stomach against me, trapping my erection between us, and her squirming around only enhanced my desire for her.

When she finally pulled her face from mine, she said, “Daddy, I’ve been thinking about this for a long time, and I won’t take no for an answer.” She pushed me onto my back, and I almost hurt myself as I fell down onto the rock. She took advantage of my being off balance for a moment and straddled my hips.

I reached up to push her off of me, but she quickly grabbed my wrists and put all her body weight on them to hold them against the rock below me. Sure, I could have overcome her, but there was something so sexy about being raped by my virgin daughter that I couldn’t muster the strength. My own desire for her kept me from being too forceful, and I’m sure my hormones made my brain go south.

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