Camping Trip

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I tossed and turned and couldn’t fall back to sleep. My gorgeous friend Holly and I were on a camping trip. Out of nowhere, Holly’s boyfriend Rick showed up and now it was the three of us.

Holly send most of her time making out with her boyfriend, while I tried to enjoy the sights and sounds of mother nature.

It got dark and cold quick and before you knew it, Holly, her boyfriend, and myself, were all sleeping under the same tent. Holly and I figured, we would share the same tent and we didn’t expect her boyfriend to arrive unannounced. That’s when things in the tent started to heat up.

While I’m lying here with my headphones on, I could still hear Holly moaning and crying, as her boyfriend Rick fucked her right beside me. They were covered by a sleeping bag and only their bare feet were showing at the end of the sleeping bag, rubbing and sliding over each other.

I could make out easily from the dent in the tent that Rick was on top of my best friend Holly and pounded her into the ground.

I tried to turn my CD player up louder but the batteries ended up dying, just as Holly reached her climax.

I finally thought I could get some sleep after she had reached her climax, but I was wrong. Suddenly, the sleeping bag ripped open and there for my eyes to see was Rick still thrusting his cock into my best friend. I couldn’t see his cock because it was buried deep within Holly’s nicely shaved cunt. But what I did saw was Holly’s enormous breasts, flopping and bouncing wildly from her chest.

I’ve seen Holly’s big boobs bare before but never getting bounced around like this. I was memorized by the two giant orbs of flesh hanging from Holly’s chest. Holly’s bra size was near an H cup. I was surprised that her short, small body was able to carry such obscene looking breasts. But none to less, I knew Rick enjoyed the sight of Holly’s massive melons brushing up against his body while he fucked her pussy. I too enjoyed the sight of her big tits flying in every direction.

I enjoyed watching them fuck so much, that my own panties became moist and I had to rub my clitoris. I used one hand to pinch and tweak the nipples to my C cup breasts thought my teddy. My other hand rubbed and pulled illegal bahis on my pussy walls.

I had lost control of myself and started moaning. I trashed my body, as my fingers drilled in and out of my pussy. I had completely forgotten about Holly and her boyfriend until I heard their moans and cries had gone quiet and I could only hear my own.

I looked over and too my surprise, Holly and her boyfriend were enjoying me pleasuring myself. My cheeks immediately became red and I was embarrassed.

“Beth?” spoke Holly.

“Yes Holly?” I asked slyly.

“Would you like to join us?” Holly asked.

I was at a lost for words when Holly asked me to join her and Rick. I’ve never been in a threesome before.

“I don’t know if I should,” I questioned.

Rick pulled his cock from my friend Holly and crawled over between my legs.

“I don’t bite unless you want me too,” Rick teased.

I smiled down at him, as he parted my long legs. I felt his hands grab the top of my soak panties and he pulled them down over my bare feet. My bald and moist pussy was bare for Holly’s boyfriend.

Rick immediately drilled his tongue deep within my wet cunt. I moaned and clutched the ground with my fists. Rick rested my legs on his muscular shoulders as he ate me.

Holly lied next to me, covered in sweat and still breathing hard from the fuck Rick gave her. She ran her hands through my hair and smiled at me. I smiled back and closed my eyes as Rick worked his magic tongue all over my snatch.

Before long, Rick closed his lips over my clitoris and sucked me into an orgasm. I came all over Rick’s face and he lapped up every bit of my cum that fell into his waiting mouth.

Rick kissed my tender thighs before sitting up. I looked down and saw his hard cock pointing straight at me. It was kind of big and really fat. He grabbed me by my thighs, closer to his crotch.

I lifted my teddy over my head and felt the cold air blowing on my nipples. My nipples harden and Rick took a handful of my C cups and began squeezing them. He ran his thumbs over my nipples repeatedly, before bending down and closing his lips upon one of my hard nipples.

Rick sucked my titties hard, as I felt illegal bahis siteleri his thick dick slapping against my thighs. I looked over with a lusty look in my eyes and saw Holly fondling her gigantic H cups. Her nipples were huge. They were the size of gumdrops.

“Would you like to suck my titties Beth?” Holly asked me.

I didn’t answer back because my hands had already cupped one of her large juicy melons and squeezed it into a cone shape. I inhaled the fat tit between my lips and sucked on it. My tongue abused her nipple while I sucked on her breast flesh.

I felt one of Holly’s hands rubbing at my swollen pussy. Rick still had his hold on my breasts and alternated from nipple to nipple. His mouth was bigger enough to fit a lot of my breast meat, as he sucked on them.

I sucked and fondle Holly’s huge titties. I lifted them up and kissed beneath them where they attached to her chest. I made sure I gave Holly’s tits the proper bath they deserved, as Rick did the same to mines.

After Rick finish sucking my tits, he grabbed his cock and slowly thrusted it between my pussy folds. My thighs were on top of his as he thrusted with hard force. His thrusting made my titties slap together like no man has ever done. I knew Rick enjoyed the sound of two wet tits slapping together, as he drilled into some good pussy.

Holly pulled her chest away from my face and sat her wet cunt upon my mouth. I’ve never eaten another girl’s pussy before, but as I tasted Holly’s pussy, I knew I’ve been missing something. I could taste Rick’s cum deep within the core of Holly’s pussy. My hands roamed all over her round ass and I even jiggled a finger inside her tiny asshole.

My eyes were still able to watch Holly’s massive jugs trash about while I ate her pussy. Her titanic hooters hung from her body like udders. My tits were flopping onto my sides and against the soles of Holly’s feet. Rick fucked me hard and thrusted non-stop even after my cries, moans, and pleads for him to slow down.

Rick pushed my legs up to where Holly wrapped them under her arms. I was in a cradle position with Holly still sitting on my face and my legs resting under her arms. Rick lifted himself up on his tippytoes canlı bahis siteleri and pounded his fat cock into my pussy. His sweaty balls banged against my ass like bongos.

I’ve never been fucked his hard and long before and it felt great.

I was released from the hold and Holly and I performed a 69. Holly ate my pussy while I ate hers. The both of us were moaning hard and Rick watched while he stroked his wet cock. Then Rick took the opportunity and slipped his cock back into my pussy. Holly continued to lick and suck my pussy while Rick thrusted his cock in and out. His balls smacked against Holly’s face and she loved it. She sucked on his bouncing balls, as he thrusted into me.

Rick moaned hard just like I was. My sweaty tits were sliding up and down Holly’s stomach, as her huge knockers pressed hard into my stomach. I couldn’t take the intensity of being fucked and eaten at the same time. My cum spilled from my cunt all over Holly’s face, Rick’s cock and balls, and down my own thighs.

Rick pulled his cock from my pussy and fed it to Holly. She sucked my cream right off his cock.

“Ohhhh girls! I’m so ready to cum,” moaned Rick.

Rick signal for Holly and I to get on all fours. Holly and I got on all fours, side by side each other. Rick thrusted his cock into Holly and pounded her cunt for a few minutes. He then alternated and pounded my already cum-drenched pussy for a few minutes.

Beads of sweat rolled down Rick’s face as he worked our pussies. While he didn’t thrust his cock in one pussy, his fingers did the thrusting for him.

Holly and I locked lips and sucked on each other tongues, while Rick had his way with our cunts.

Finally, Rick couldn’t continue any longer and stood in front of Holly and I with his cock aimed at our faces. Rick stroked his staff a few times and busted a massive nut into my face. He then busted one fat nut into Holly’s face. He alternated between Holly and I and sprayed his thick hot jizz on both our faces.

Holly and I swallowed some of Rick delicious cum after he drenched our faces. Then Holly and I took wrapped our lips on his cock and cleaned it off. Holly gave her boyfriend a full blowjob, while I sucked and fondle his cum-filled balls.

“Ohhhh GOD!” cried Rick.

Rick couldn’t contain himself and busted another large nut down Holly’s throat. She swallow every drip of Rick’s cum and I was lucky enough to lick up the small drips that leaked down to his balls.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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