Camping at South Mountain Park

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This could have been in any one of several categories but chose Group Sex to summarize.


Bob Harris and Jake Stevens had been best friends since third grade. Bob stood six feet two, weighed one hundred eighty pounds and had dark brown hair cut in a flat top and brown eyes.

Jake was an inch shorter, weighed one hundred sixty pounds and had wavy black hair and blue eyes. They were both in great physical shape having practiced karate since grade school. They obviously excelled in the sport since championship trophies lined the mantels in both their homes.

Bob and Jake graduated from the local community college with associate degrees. Bob’s in Respiratory Therapy and Jake’s in Internet Technology. Both had jobs they loved and which paid well.

Prior to meeting Nancy Adams, who had been the first all the way sex partner for both of them, they had done some heavy petting but had never hit a home run. They had even experimented with each other on occasion.

Nancy was older, more experienced, had a dynamite body and her hobby was turning virgin boys into great lovers. She was proud of her graduates and didn’t hesitate to inform other girls about them. Therefore after completing her classes the guys were rarely at a loss for feminine companionship.

They dated lots of girls during high school but neither had formed any long term relationships.

South Mountain State Park, located in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia, is a great place for camping, swimming, fishing, hiking and relaxing during spring, summer and fall. The only negative is that the lake is mountain stream fed making the water bone chilling cold year round.

Bob and Jake knew the park well. They had explored every inch of it during many weekends and week long vacations spent there with their parents.

After getting their drivers licenses they often loaded Bob’s black GMC pickup and went there on their own.

Early in June, the summer after their first year of work, they decided to take a week of vacation and spend it at the park. They loaded their equipment including an 8 X 10 dome tent, tarp, stove, sleeping bags, air mattress and propane lantern.

Along the way they stopped at Amos’s general store near the park, to buy groceries, beer, flash light batteries and ice. They had known Amos, the owner, for years. Amos asked “are you guys headed to the park?” Jake said “yes, anything special going on there?” The Amos said “I heard there is a mama bear and two cubs in the area so don’t leave food or garbage where they can get at it.” The guys thanked him for the information and assured him they would be careful.

When they arrived the park was empty except for the caretaker and two other sets of campers. Later in the season, finding a camp site without a reservation would be almost impossible but this time of year reservations weren’t necessary.

They were happy to find number twelve, their favorite site, available. They liked it because it was reasonably close to the shower house and the stream feeding the lake ran six feet behind it. Using the stream to keep their beer and soft drinks cold left plenty of room in their cooler for food.

Bob backed his truck into the drive and in less than an hour everything was set up. The tent was pitched, the tarp was hung over the pick nick table, the air mattress was inflated and the sleeping bags were spread. They had also visited the water station and filled two five gallon polyethylene water carriers. Always need clean water for cooking and washing dishes. Now that their site was set up, they decided to take a tour of the park to see what the other campers were doing.

One site was occupied by a young couple with two children. The kids played with a Frisbee while mom and dad prepared lunch. The couple had a fairly large tent and there was a black minivan in the drive.

The other site was occupied by an older couple who were relaxing, sipping wine and reading. They must have liked the comforts of home since the site had a small travel trailer rather than a tent.

Jake and Bob waved to each group as they passed and the other campers acknowledged by waving back.

The rest of the park seemed normal. As usual, it was quiet. Small animals like squirrels, chipmunks and chameleons were scurrying about.

A few more people had arrived since Jake and Bob had gotten there. Some were fishing some relaxing on the beach and some were having picnics. This time of year the lake water was much too cold for swimming so the lake was empty. The trees had filled out with new leaves and wild flowers were in bloom.

After their tour the guys returned to their site, prepared sandwiches accompanied by chips and beer for lunch.

Jake said “hey man, want to take a hike?” “Sure, which trail?” Jake suggested the north and Bob said “that’s fine with me.” They stripped off their shorts, polo shirts and underwear, sprayed each other all over with insect repellent and put on swim suits and sneakers. Jake filled a illegal bahis back pack with energy bars, bottles of water and the can of insect repellent.

As was their custom, one hundred yards up the trail; they removed their swimsuits, stored them in the back pack and continued their hike in the nude. It was comfortable, naughty and there was always the excitement of possibly being caught. So far, they had been able to detect any other hikers and get off the trail quickly enough to not be seen.

It was a warm day without a cloud in the sky. The only sounds came from birds singing and the crunch of gravel under their feet.

At the highest point on the trail there was a wooden bench on which hikers could rest and view the valley below. They stopped there to rest, eat an energy bar and rehydrate with a bottle of water. Looking into a cleared field at the bottom of the mountain they watched a heard of deer graze.

While watching the deer, a friendly squirrel stopped by looking for a handout. It was apparently used to people and had found this spot to be good for an occasional treat. Bob tossed him a small crumb of his energy bar. The squirrel nibbled until it was gone. When he determined nothing else was coming his way, hopped off back into the woods.

Jake slid his left hand along Bob’s right thigh. Bob’s cock began to swell and Jake wrapped his fist around it. Bob reciprocated by taking Jake’s snake in his right hand.

They began slowly stroking each other and gradually increased the pace. It wasn’t long before moans of pleasure were followed by ropes of man juice squirting from both cocks into the woods.

Bob said “great way to start the week.” Jake said “absolutely, jacking off always feels good but it feels even better when someone else does it for you.”

As soon as they recovered they headed back down the trail toward camp.

Near camp they retrieved their swim trunks from the back pack and reluctantly dressed.

They arrived back at their camp site right at dusk and noticed two girls at the site next to theirs. They looked to be in their early twenties and were pulling equipment out of a white F150. They were both wearing short shorts and blouses.

Bob and Jake waved to the new comers and the girls waved back.

In no time the girls had their site all set up and began preparing supper.

The guys fired up their propane stove and drank a beer while frying hamburgers and heating up some baked beans. After eating and washing dishes they relaxed in lawn chairs, lit up cigars and consumed a few more beers.

Conversation drifted to prior sexual endeavors and sharing information about girls they had both known in a biblical way. Jake asked “did you ever fuck Sharon Anderson?”

Sharon was a cute five foot four inch, one hundred pound charmer. She had dark shoulder length red hair and the carpet matched the drapes. Her breasts measured 34B and their areolas and nipples were light pink. Her eyes were deep pools of blue and she had a tight little ass other girls would die for.

Bob said “yes and she gave me the best blow job of my life.” Jake said “I have to agree she did give great head and she wasn’t a bad fuck either. Her tight little pussy was always hot and wet.” Bob added “she loved to talk dirty during sex, saying things like give me all you’ve got and fuck my pussy with your big hard cock.”

Bob asked “did you notice her clit was larger than most girls?” Jake answered “yeah the tip of it looked like the head of a tiny cock and when you sucked on it while eating her she would make little squealing sounds.” Bob replied “I remember that and her pussy always smelled and tasted great.” They tapped their beer cans and said “here’s to sweet Sharon.”

It had been a long busy day. Bob asked “are you about ready to shower and hit the sack?” “Yeah, that sounds like a plan.”

They shed their swim suits, wrapped towels around their waists, grabbed soap and headed to the shower house. Once there they hung their towels over a stall door and entered.

The sound of girls giggling and bathing could be heard through the thin wall separating the men’s and women’s sides of the shower house. In only a few minutes they heard the door to the girls side slam as the girls headed back to their site.

Jake had the soap so he began washing Bob starting at his neck, working his way down his back, ass, legs and feet. He stood back up, reached around to Bob’s chest and worked his way down to his semi hard cock and soft low hanging balls. Soon both their cocks were fully erect. He asked Bob how all that felt and Bob answered “wonderful, I damn near shot off.”

Bob took the soap from Jake and duplicated what had been done for him. They then faced each other and rubbed their hard soapy cocks together. Bob said “man that feels so good.” Jake agreed.

They rinsed off and dried themselves, wrapped towels around their waists and headed back to their site.

Back at the site they turned off the propane lantern, illegal bahis siteleri climbed into their tent and settled down onto their double sleeping bag covered air mattress.

For a little while they gently stroked their finger tips over each others skin enough to stimulate but not tickle. Jake rolled Bob onto his back and slid down to where his lips were in line with Bob’s cock head. He licked the large, clear pearl of pre cum from its tip, savoring the sweet, salty flavor. He sucked on every inch of that beautiful six inch hunk of man meat. He flicked his tongue against the soft tissue and traced the pulsating vein from the base to just behind the bulbous head.

Jake heard Bob’s appreciative moans as he took the crown of his cock into his warm, wet mouth. Jake took four of Bob’s six inches into his mouth and began sucking and bobbing up and down on it.

Soon the unmistakable burning of an orgasm began to stir beneath Bob’s balls. He began gently pumping Jake’s face and said “I’m about to cum.”

Jake cupped Bob’s nuts in his hand, bobbed his head faster and began to hum. That did it. Bob’s cock pulsed and four gobs of hot man juice shot through his pencil size urethra and into Jake’s mouth.

When Bob finally relaxed and his cock began to soften Jake released it and crawled back up to his pillow.

Bob said “man you are almost as good as Sharon.” Jake said “I take that as a real compliment, I’m glad you enjoyed it.”

Bob slid down Jake’s body kissing and licking as he went. He found Jake’s balls and licked them while stroking the thick attached man meat. He licked his way up and down every side of Jake’s dick. Jake moaned softly which Bob took as an indication that he must be doing a good job.

Bob had always been a little jealous of his friend’s eight inch pecker. He engulfed half of it and pumped the other half with his hand. Gradually the remaining half slid down Bob’s throat. He wished Jake could deep throat but his gag reflex wouldn’t allow it.

After several minuets Jake breathlessly said “I’m almost there bro.” Bob began bobbing his head faster, cupped Jake’s soft, ferry balls in his palm and slipped his middle finger into Jake’s ass hole. When his finger began to wave back and forth across Jake’s prostate the explosion hit. Jake bucked like a bronco as rope after rope of creamy cum shot down Bob’s throat.

Bob pulled his finger out of Jake’s ass and allowed his softening cock to slip from his lips. He climbed back up to his pillow and asked Jake how he compared to Sharon. Jake said “in my opinion you are even better.” Bob smiled and said “I can’t believe that but thanks.”

Bob said “you know, as much as we love pussy it’s nice that we can take care of each other when none is available.” Jake said “that’s true but hopefully the pussy situation will change tomorrow.” Bob replied “you must mean with our next door neighbors.” Jake answered “yep” then turned on his side. Bob spooned him and in only a few seconds they were sound asleep.

Their neighbors had already turned in for the night. They lay on their bed locked in an embrace and kissed like lovers. Each girl fondled the others breasts, ass and pussy. One kissed her way down the others body. When she reached her friends pussy she turned around creating a sixty nine position.

They each expertly ate the other slowing and speeding up in a rhythm that would prolong their reaching orgasm. Each licked the puffy outer lips then sucked the thin inner lips. Tongues entered and departed soft, wet vaginas before expertly lapping at engorged pink clitorises. When the almost simultaneous big “O” hit, electric shock waves surged through their bodies and large goose bumps formed on their asses.

When their heart rate and breathing returned to normal they cuddled for a few minutes kissing and caressing. One said to the other “that was fun but with any luck tomorrow night we will be fucking those cute guys next door.” Her friend said “I hope you’re right.”

One spooned the other and they drifted off to sleep.

The guys woke around eight the next morning. They dressed, climbed out of their tent and headed to the shower house. They brushed their teeth, shaved and took a quick shower in anticipation of meeting the girls next door.

Back at their site they prepared oatmeal and coffee for breakfast. By the time they finished washing dishes they noticed the girls had prepared breakfast and were eating.

When it looked like the girls had finished eating the guys walked over to their site and introduced themselves. They learned the girls names were Joyce Franklin and Susan Carter. They were nurses from North Carolina and this was their first time visiting this camp ground.

Joyce stood five feet eight and weighed about one hundred twenty lovely pounds. Her hair was a very light brown but not quite blond and her eyes were hazel. Her hair was pulled into a pony tail whose tip hung a few inches below her shoulders. She sported what appeared to be the upper canlı bahis siteleri limit of a pair of “A” cup breasts. She must have been bra-less since her nipples were clearly creating little tents against her thin light pink blouse.

Susan was shorter at five foot four and weighed about one hundred pounds. Her dark brown hair was cut in a pixie style and her brown eyes sparkled. Her breasts were larger than Joyce’s. They looked to be a full “B” cup and she too appeared to not care for the restraint of a bra.

The girls were genuinely happy to find their neighbors to be good looking young guys. Joyce asked how long they planned to be at the park. Jake spoke up and answered “all week, how about you?” Susan said “that’s great, we plan to be here all week as well. With a devilish grin she said we should be able to get to know each other pretty well in that length of time.” Bob smiling back at her replied “that would be very nice.”

It was a beautiful day. There were only a few wispy clouds in the sky, nothing threatening rain. The temperature hovered around 78 degrees which was quite warm for this time of year and the 6 mile per hour breeze felt wonderful.

Bob asked if they had done a lot of camping. Joyce said “yes, we love trying new places. The last one was a naturalist camp ground. Have you guys ever been to one of those?” Jake said “no but it sounds interesting. As a matter of fact we usually hike au naturel when we are here in the off season like now.”

Susan asked “really, have you ever been caught?” Bob answered “not so far but we came close a couple of times.” The girls laughed and Joyce said “that must have been exciting.” Susan agreed and Jake said “that’s part of the attraction.”

Jake said “we are planning to hike the South trail after lunch. Would you like to join us?” In unison and without hesitation, they said “yes.” Jake said “we generally just wear our swim suits and sneakers. That way there isn’t much to take off and if company arrives, cover up is quick.”

Joyce said “that sounds like a plan.”

Susan said “I don’t mean to be nosey but are you two a couple?” Bob spoke up and answered “no we are just best friends and have been since third grade, how about you and Joyce?” Susan said “we aren’t a couple but we too are best friends.”

With a sly smile she said “and we have been known to satisfy each others needs when necessary.” Jake glanced at Bob and said “it is nice when best friends can do that for each other.”

They agreed to have lunch together with the guys supplying hot dogs and beer. The girls would bring chips and potato salad.

After lunch they dressed in swim suits for their hike. Joyce wore a pink flowered standard bikini. Susan was a little more daring in her yellow sting number. As soon as clean up was completed Bob grabbed the back pack and they headed to the south trail entrance.

When they passed the other two occupied sites the family was not around. The older people were again sipping wine and reading.

Just like always, after a hundred yards or so, swim suits were removed and stored in the back pack. Jake asked the girls if they had put insect repellent on their previously swim suit covered areas. Joyce said “no, we didn’t think of that.” Jake pulled his can out of the back pack, had the girls spin around and sprayed each girl’s newly uncovered areas. Joyce and Susan thanked him and the group started up the trail.

Susan and Joyce looked at each other and smiled broadly after getting their first look at the guy’s packages. The warm temperature had the guy’s balls hanging low and swinging in cadence with their flaccid cocks. Susan whispered to Joyce “I plan to have some of that.” Joyce asked “which one?” Susan answered “both.”

The guys practically drooled at the sight of the girl’s charming attributes. Their first impressions from last evening proved correct as to the size and shape of the girl’s breasts. Joyce’s areolas were pink and the size of a quarter with eraser size nipples. Susan had light brown, puffy areolas the size of a sliver dollar and nipples as large as the tip of her pinky finger.

There didn’t appear to be an ounce of fat on either one of them. Joyce’s curly pubic hair was the standard “V” shape. Susan’s fur was straighter and she had trimmed it into a wide landing strip.

The group climbed the trail with the guys following the girls. Watching those cute tight asses jiggling up and down made it hard for the guys to keep from getting erections. Jake did math problems in his head and Bob pictured his 70 year old high school English teacher in the nude.

Suddenly Joyce heard voices, froze in her tracks and grabbed Susan’s arm to stop her. She turned toward the guys with a startled expression on her face. Jake quickly herded everyone off the trail and behind some thick bushes. Just as they reached their hiding place the young family came strolling down the trail.

It was the children Joyce had heard. They were laughing and chatting away about everything they had seen along the way. They skipped along with their parents following close behind.

Apparently they had started their hike early and were returning to the camp. They passed by without even looking in the direction of the naughty nudists.

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