Cabin by the Lake

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Colin’s erect rod bent forward, the line from it became tight. He fought to pull the rod back. I watched as he battled with the reel to pull the fish in. It wasn’t a hard battle. There was a commotion in the water, the fish tried to fight back but Colin eventually reeled the Largemouth Bass to the shore. He lifted the fish out of the water and like a champion fishermen he held the fish above his head. It was the fourth fish he caught that afternoon, the third that was large enough to keep. He smiled proudly.

“It’s only safe to eat one fish a month.” I said sarcastically without looking up from my book. ” Throw that one back.”

“What?” My boyfriend’s smile disappeared as he lowered the fish.

“There’s too much mercury to eat more than one a month.”

“Are you serious?”

“I’m just worried about your health.” I said as I put down my book. “I learned about it back in my college environmental science class. Because of the air pollution from factories and coal burning power plants it’s only safe to have one fish a month from any waters anywhere in this state.”

“What happens if you eat more than one?”

“I fell asleep during that part of the lecture but I think you die almost instantly of mercury poisoning.”

“Shit,” He dropped the fish back into the water with a splash.

“I was joking.” I started to laugh. “I have no clue what happens if you eat more than one.”

“Very funny.” He put on a fake smile then turned away from me.

“Come here.” I started to feel guilty, I had never been very good at being mean.

“Why? Are there any other rules you want to tell me to ruin my day.”

“Yeah, you’re probably suppose to have a fishing license.” I said sarcastically. “If you get caught without one, I think you get a five hundred dollar fine.”

He put the fishing pole down and started to look around as he walked away from it. “Don’t let them catch me.” He answered sarcastically.

“I won’t.”

“Promise?” He continued to pretend to look for the police as he walked over to where I was laying down. He fell to his knees in front of me then sat down next to me.

“I promise.”

“What’s been wrong this weekend?” Suddenly he was serious. I knew he wanted to have the talk. I had been trying to avoid the conversation for three days.


“Then what was last night about?”

“It was just too hot.” I wanted to tell him what was really wrong but there was only one person who would really understand.

“What about the past few days?”

“This place just brings back some memories.”

“It’s horrible that they’re going to build one of those chain resorts on this lake. It’s going to ruin it.”

“I really hope my parents don’t sell to the developer but in a few years this lake might not even be recognizable.”

“Your parents should take the money.”

“Maybe, I just don’t want the developers to win. There’s so many other places why did they have to come here?”

“Because it’s so beautiful.” I sat up and we both looked towards the center of the lake. The water was a light blue, almost matching the color of the sky. The lake was in a small green valley. Besides a boat on the other end of the water, there was no other signs of humans.

“Yeah, but it’s my lake. I just can’t imagine having this retreat anymore.”

“You said, you haven’t been here in three years. What will you miss?”

“Just because I haven’t been here in three years doesn’t mean, I don’t love it here.”

“I’m not saying you don’t. I’m saying you’ll find other places.”

“Not like this place. I grew up here and now it feels like my childhood is being taken away. This is where I had my first kiss. My first real heart break. My family spent every summer here until my parents separated. When they were fighting me and my brother would escape to here until they were done fighting.”

“I know this place will never be replaceable but someday you’ll find your own place like this.”

But he didn’t casino siteleri know. He would never know. He wouldn’t understand the truth. The first time my parents really argued, my brother Paul and I drove here. We didn’t have anywhere else to stay. It was too painful to stay at home and listen to our parents screaming. But there was another reason we went here that night. We both knew it but didn’t say anything.

We broke into our parent’s liquor cabinet and attempted to finish a bottle of vodka. It was the first time I ever drunk anything more than a few beers and the only thing I was able to finish off, was myself. I fell onto my parent’s bed with the room spinning. Paul helped me into the bed. He leaned his face close enough that I could smell liquor on his breath, I closed my eyes and hoped he would kiss me but instead he tucked me into the bed.

I woke up the next morning with a headache but I smiled when I rolled over to find Paul sleeping in his clothes on the other side of the bed. My jeans and t-shirt were still on. I half wished I had woken up naked but was glad we hadn’t done anything when I was too drunk.

I quietly slipped out of bed, but after I poured a large glass of water and found the aspirin I climbed back under the covers. I planned on falling back to sleep but I couldn’t help myself. I couldn’t resist the attraction to Paul. I felt like it was my one and only chance. I slid to his side of the bed, watching him sleep for a few minutes. He looked so peaceful, the only movement was air flowing in and out of his lips. I moved closer until I could feel his warm breath on me. Without thinking of the consequences I kissed his lips.

His lips responded to mine, lightly pushing back. Then he stopped his eyes opened and he jumped away from me. It didn’t stop me, I crawled on top of him. I kissed him again. He kissed me back this time. His arms wrapped around me, pulling me closer to his warm body.

I realized what we were doing but we had gone too far to stop now. His kiss warmed my body. Everything felt so right and so good but at the same time everything felt wrong. I knew I shouldn’t but I couldn’t stop myself.

I wanted more than just kisses. I felt myself become excited. I felt his erection grow solid against my waist. I grinded against, wanting more than what we could do with clothes on.

I took my t-shirt off and expected him to attack my breasts like my previous lovers had done. Instead he kept his arms on my waist and with his eyes admired my breasts. I unhooked my bra and let it fall on to his stomach. I took his hands in mine and brought them to my chest. Lightly, he cupped them and gently squeezed. He sat up to kiss my breasts. His lips on my nipples felt amazing. He alternated between breasts, kissing, licking, sucking and a little nibbling.

He released his mouth from my chest, only when I started to unzip my jeans. As I took off my jeans, then panties he quickly removed his clothes.

Naked, I sat on top of him again. His hard cock pressing against my naked skin, inches away from my cunt. I looked down at him, admiring his body. He worked out regularly but wasn’t bound by muscles. He was thin, with small but well defined muscles. He didn’t have a six pack but his stomach was flat and hairless. He trimmed his pubic hair, that surprised me.

He held on to my waist as I raised my body over his cock. I had been anticipating this for months. As our parents had grown apart, we had grown closer. Spending more and more time together. I didn’t realize my feelings for him until one evening when our parents were fighting, we locked ourselves into my room trying ignore everything. We almost kissed that night but didn’t. I had tried to forget about that night but I couldn’t.

His hands guided his cock between my legs. I felt the tip on my pussy’s lips and I almost lost control right there. I lowered myself slowly on to him. His head entered me. Slowly the rest, until he was entirely inside of me. He filled me completely.

For slot oyna a moment, we were motionless. His cock deep inside of me. I gripped his shoulders and started to rise my body slowly. Slowly, I fell back on to him. I closed my eyes and moaned.

I wanted to savor every moment. I took my time riding his cock. Sex had never felt like this before.

After several minutes and without thinking, my pace naturally started to increase. I was no longer riding him slowly. I was now starting to fuck him quicker and quicker. The only sound was our breathing and the noises of two bodies together as one. The sound became louder and louder.

“I’m going to cum,” he warned.

I almost stopped but continued at a slow pace, cautiously moving up and down him. I didn’t want him to cum yet.

With him deep inside of me, I came to a complete stop and leaned down to kiss him. My tits pressed against chest.

I sat back up on my knees and smiled. I was ready. Each thrust my pace increased until the bed started to shake.

Inside of me, his cock made something stir, I started to feel my orgasm coming on. I was pleasantly shocked. I’ve had several orgasms before from oral sex but never from just sex. I started to moan loudly. I squeezed tightly on his arms. I started to sweat. I couldn’t control my breathing. I went up and down his cock as quick as my body could.

“I want you to cum,” I looked down at him.

He looked deep into my eyes, I stared into his blue ones. I saw something I had never seen before from him. A few more thrusts, I crossed the edge. My orgasm shock me from the inside.

I felt his cock throbbing inside of me. Matching my own orgasm, his cock exploded cum deep inside me.

With his cock still inside, I collapsed onto him. My head, rested next to his. My mouth next to his ear. I nibbled on it, I couldn’t move any other part of my body.

Paul had succeeded in making me hot again and I hadn’t even talked to him in three years. I lightly brushed the crotch of my bikini and felt the dampness. Colin didn’t notice, he was still looking across the lake.

I sat up and wrapped my arms around Colin. I pressed my tits against him. I nibbled on his ear. “I’m sorry for the way I’ve acted recently.”

A few moments he said, “I understand.”

“I’m glad.” I kissed his neck. The day dream had left me wanting more.

He turned around and we kissed. I imagined his lips, were Paul’s.

Colin’s body pushed me on to my back. His hands aggressively cupped my breasts and massaged them.

“Let’s go inside?” I whispered.

“What’s wrong with here?”

I looked around. There were no boats near us on the lake, at least none close enough to see us. Besides the lake, the cabin was surrounded by acres and acres of forest.

His kisses became stronger, his tongue started to explore my mouth. His hands pushed the nylon fabric of my bikini away from my breasts. His mouth attacked my breasts. He sucked and bit them. I tried to imagine it was Paul’s mouth but their techniques were too different.

One hand held my breast in his mouth, the other slid down my stomach, then across my bikini. It came to a rest between my legs. He slipped his fingers underneath the elastic band of my bikini and rubbed my already excited lips. His touch drove me wild.

I started to fiercely kiss him back. He understood it to be a green light for his fingers to penetrate me. I didn’t stop him. I didn’t want to stop him. His fingers played me, finding my pleasure spots as finger fucked me. It felt excellent but I needed more. I didn’t have to say anything, he read my body. His mouth followed his fingers across my stomach. He took time giving soft kisses across my stomach. His head continued down until I could fell him breathing on my pussy. He removed his fingers from me and replaced them with his tongue. A lot of men say they love going down on a woman, but Colin was the first I believed. Each time he ate me out, he brought me more pleasure.

Paul canlı casino siteleri never went down on me, I don’t know why and I never asked. I didn’t need to ask. His cock alone brought me more pleasure than any tongue. He was the only guy that could bring me to an orgasm from just fucking.

Colin’s tongue flicked between my lips, making me moan. He teased my clit, brushing against it, driving me crazy until he finally focused his tongue on it. My body started to warm, I started to sweat and within a few minutes I began to overheat. It wasn’t from the sun. I was about to explode. I grabbed the back of his head, pulling him closer to my clit. I moaned loudly, “I’m about …”

“Wait.” He sat up, his mouth glistened with my juices.

“I want you.”

He took off his shirt revealing his very sexy body. His body was very similar to Paul’s, almost too similar. It wasn’t a coincidence. I unzipped his khaki shorts and he wiggled out of the shorts, then his boxers. His hard cock pointed at me. He moved in between my legs, pushing them further apart as he came closer to me. His cock was on the long side, size never mattered to me before him. Paul’s was more on the average size but it had always been all that I needed.

There was nothing gentle or slow about it. He wasn’t that kind of lover. He forced his cock into my lips. He thrust deep into me.

“You’re wet.”

“I know.” I smiled as I thought about Paul.

“I mean, you’re really wet.”

“Shut up.”

“No, it’s a good thing.”

“Just fuck me.”

I held on to his back and it started. He used all his body to fuck me. He used all his strength to go deep inside of me every time.

He pushed deep inside of me and we both looked at each other and smiled. He pulled back, almost out of me then thrust deeper into me. It felt good, amazingly good but it wasn’t going to bring me to an orgasm. He wasn’t Paul.

I stared up at the blue sky. It was one of those days when there wasn’t a cloud in the sky. I imagined it was Paul on top of me, deep inside of me, fucking me like he used to. Just thinking about it made me moan out loud again. I would do anything to have that cock inside of me again.

Paul could fuck for hours. Colin was good for fifteen minutes, maybe thirty minutes a few times. Paul kept me in bed all day then all night long. We’d cum more times than we could count. We’d stop only when we had to, when neither of us could move anymore.

Colin fucked me as hard as I could. He fucked me as fast as he could but it was like he wasn’t even there. All I could think about was Paul. I wanted Paul just one more time. I wanted his cock to fill me. I wanted his cock to pleasure me. Just thinking about it turned me on even more.

I stopped just lying on my back, Imaging Paul on top of me, I started to fuck Colin back. I pushed back against his thrusts. I imagined it was Paul. It brought Colin to life. We started to move together.

We had never fucked like that before. He grunted and moaned. I had never heard him like that before.

I tried to speak but I couldn’t. My body was out of my control.

My body shook with each of his thrusts. I couldn’t control myself. It was Colin physically fucking me but it was Paul mentally bring me to my orgasm. My pussy tightened on him. I started to orgasm.

“I’m almost there.” Colin said breaking me out of my dream. I pulled him tight with my legs. Several quick thrusts later he came, he exploded deep inside of me. His orgasm wasn’t life shattering but I think we were both satisfied for the moment. He rolled off of me, and fell on to his back, staring up at the sky.

After that weekend, I never went back to the cabin by the lake again. It was time to let go of my childhood. I was twenty-five it was time to start being an adult. It was time to forget about Paul.

A few months later, my parent’s gave in to the developers. They sold the cabin and split the money. I didn’t want to imagine what it would be like as a resort. I hope to find my own place some day if the developers haven’t destroyed all the wilderness. I hope to find someone to share it with. I dumped Colin a few weeks after a weekend at the cabin. He’s a great guy, but he wasn’t my guy.

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