Bus Stop Rendezvous

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Standing at the bus stop, she could feel the sweat sliding down between her firm breasts. The tiny droplets sent shivers throughout her slender, curvaceous body.

“Not now. Not here,” she said aloud. The wetness between her thighs began to grow more and more slippery. Just in time, the bus turned the corner coming towards her.

As she got on the bus, she saw him; the cold blast from the air conditioner crystallizing the sweat covering her body. Her skin tightened with chill bumps. She didn’t mind though, it was quite refreshing compared to the blazing heat outside.

She noticed him looking at her as she moved, hips swaying, down the aisle. Her face heated up as he admired her. She averted her eyes down to the floor and realized that down was not a good idea. She caught sight of her nipples; they had hardened into that of small pieces of sweet, hard candy under her tank top.

“Fuck the shyness,” she said audibly to herself. Raising her head up high, she tossed her hair back over her shoulder with a flip of her hand. He winked at her. Her body flushed with heat. She sighed with the realization of a full body blush, in public.

She thought about just taking the first available seat, however deciding to take the open seat next to him. They both smiled at the other as she sat down. Might as well play off the public embarrassment as having not had happened.

“Damn. Still wet,” she lustily mumbled. Out of the corner of her eye, she could tell that he had heard for his smile widened and his eyes glittered with excitement. She was pleased.

“I’ve seen you on the bus before, do you live around this area?” He tried to not make it sound like some lame pick-up line or just small talk.

She jumped. She wasn’t expecting him to say anything so quick but her smile showed that she was glad that he did. “Yes I do, just up the route a bit.”

“I had been wondering how near to me you might live,” he said more to himself than her but she listened to his every word. She didn’t mind what he had said, she was happy that he wanted to know.

“I guess we’ll find out soon enough.” She leaned over him and pulled the cord, “But right now, let’s get off of this bus.”

She grabbed for his hand and pulled him out of the seat. He didn’t hesitate and followed her out of the back door onto the scalding pavement sidewalk. The heat breathed around them as they walked silently down the sidewalk, hand in hand. She hadn’t let go of his hand when they had gotten off of the bus and he didn’t release hers either. They both basked in the other’s closeness.

As they turned down a small alley and walked on, he became more puzzled. “Where are we going?” He didn’t stop walking when he questioned her, but continued on at her side.

“Just a bit further.” She grinned and led on past a few more backyards surrounded by chain link fences until she came upon a taller wooden fence. She winked at him and unlatched the gate before swinging it open. He smiled and followed her through the gate opening onto the side of a building.

They went up a wooden staircase to a second story garage apartment. At the top she pulled a fuzzy key-ring from the blue messenger bag that hung at her side. He hadn’t noticed before, but the strap from the bag pulled her shirt tight across her breasts. He could feel his penis throbbing with the anticipation of what might be awaiting him on the other side of that door.

A normal looking door key emerged from the fuzziness as she raised it to the lock mechanism. Letting casino siteleri out a soft breath, she inserted the key into the lock, the tumblers clicking into place. Her other hand on the doorknob, she turned both key and knob at the same time and the door shifted open. Entering into the darkened room and she actually seemed to disappear into the shadows; a light blazed to life at the far side of the room silhouetting her figure.

He spoke as he walked through the door. “You know, I’ve noticed you on the bus for quite some time now and have always been compelled to watch you; from the moment you get on the bus to the moment it pulls away from the curb and speeds away, leaving you behind. Everything about you has intrigued me. I have sought out as much as I could about you short of following you everywhere you went. I want to make you mine.”

She grinned rather slyly, “I know. I’ve done the same; but enough talk. It’s time for some action.”

She walked towards him, moving with every voluptuous inch of her being. Every curve sliding ever so gracefully beneath tight fit clothing that accentuated her body. Delicate footsteps that brought her closer, legs crossing in front of the other, the sway of her hips; it was mesmerizing. Every time he saw her move was like the first time all over again.

He cradled her against his body and held her tightly. Her hands snaked under his t-shirt and up his rising and falling chest. He closed his eyes as she ran her hands over him and his breathing quickened. She could feel the gooseflesh creep over his skin. His nipples tighten and sprang to life through his shirt.

Noticing this new force, her fingertips skated around his nipples until each one was found between thumb and forefinger of each hand. She lightly pinched each one in turn. He gasped at this new sensation as his enjoyment sealed eyes shot open in shock, then returning to being lazily closed.

Moving up his chest, her hands glided around his neck and began to pull him down to her. She kissed him with a fever she hadn’t ever felt before, becoming sloppy wet in lower places. She felt a tickle as a small line of her juices slid down the smoothness of her inner thigh.

She moaned softly as he clutched her tighter. He lifted her up and she wrapped her cream colored legs around his muscular waist. He walked over to the bed, that he had eyed behind her, and released his grip on her letting her fall. The expanse between them grew as she bounced downwards onto the plush bedspread. He mirrored himself over her body. Before following down to her level, he reached to remove her clothing. Her nipples were erect from the excitement and, like beacons, called through her shirt for him to come forward.

Sitting back on his heels, straddling one of her legs, he raised her arms and slid her shirt up. As the shirt pealed away, it revealed her alabaster skin. He ran his hands around her breasts and down her sides across her stomach. He felt the shiver beneath his hand as it convulsed through her body.

The shirt pulled past her chin and exposed her luscious mouth. He pushed his tongue past her teeth and massaged the inside of her mouth as his fingertips traced their way down her flesh to the front of her shorts. Finding their mark, he began to pull and yank at the button that held them closed.

She could feel his masculinity throb against her knee as she heaved with anticipation. The waiting had gotten to them. Before he could get her shorts undone, she ripped off his shirt and proceeded slot oyna to free the pulsating beast within. Her own beast was growling up in frenzy as well; he knew it, he could feel it just under her skin.

In a flash, as her shorts flew across the room, she was released from her restraints and he knew instantly that he couldn’t tame one this wild but he would surely try. She lay back on the mound of pillows and he did what he thought to be the best option; he ran his fingers through her neatly kept but full mound of fur. As his fingers searched for one of many prizes beneath, a soft growl escaped her as they skipped across her outer lips. The path was slick with virtual runway lights and his fingers slipped past her lips and into the pool of her essence. Drifting softly around her magic button, he plunged towards the doorway to the ultimate point of ecstasy.

At first he only sent in one probing digit, slowly sliding it in and out; soon to be joined by a second, then a third, causing her to squirm under his hand. He slid himself up beside her, while he continued to move his fingers in and out of her drenched pussy. The walls of her snatch clinched around his fingers as she screamed with the orgasm.

From her thrashing around, she found her hand closed around his surging cock. She expertly stroked him into passionate bliss. She started at that base and worked her way up. Her fingertips could barely touch her thumb as she pulled her hand up his wide shaft. When she reached the tip, she ran her fingers across the bulbous head. She tried to keep a hold of his cock as it jumped from her grasp. Just as his cock jumped, he thrust his own fingers deep into her waiting vessel.

They continued this for several more minutes until she started to writhe again in the throes of another massive orgasm. Her breath came in gasps. She squealed in delight.

“Fuck me,” she breathed into his ear when she had slightly more control over herself.

“Tell me what you want. I want to hear you say it.” His own breathing was erratic and made it difficult to talk through the gasps of air.

Just the thought of telling him what she wanted sent tremors throughout her shaken body. “I will tell you.” She gazed up at him as she ground her hips into his hand. “I want to grind myself into you as you push your cock into my cunt.” Her tongue snaked across her parched lips as he slipped his hand from between her drenched thighs.

Drawing himself between her legs, he positioned his rod over her glistening pubic curls. “Is this what you want, my little slut?” He placed the tip of his cock at her opening and pushed lightly. Her hips rose up to meet him as he slowly disappeared inside her.

“Oh yes, that’s what I want,” she yelled, grinding her hips up into him as he speared her deeper and harder with every thrust.

He asked her softly, as he plunged her sopping wet snatch, “What do you want now, my little bitch?”

“Take me over the edge,” she wailed as her body shook vehemently with orgasmic tension.

“Should I do it like this?” He slowed his strokes and moved in and out of her like gentle waves crashing on the sand.

A silent scream built up inside of her lungs. She knew that she would have to release it soon before she actually passed out from lack of oxygen.

“Or how about like this?” He increased his speed to match the beat of her heartbeat.

She whipped her head back and forth. Her screams began to softly steal off between her lips. She arched her back and raised her body canlı casino siteleri up closer to his, forcing his thrusts in harder.

“Oh, I see. That’s how you want it.” Pumping with a fury, he impaled her time after time. Sweat dripped off his chest onto her breasts with tiny splashes. His own breath was hissing through his lungs as he tried to catch and release it time and again.

She shrieked and moaned as she pumped her own pelvis into his. The slapping of bodies was barely heard over their vocalizations of pleasure. His own sounds were equally as loud as hers.

His body sprouted internal tendrils of sensations that coursed around his body reaching for his delicate spheres; massaging them into motion which brought about pulses of another kind. Each pulse caused him to thrust harder and faster into her red flower. Her nectar sloshed around each thrust into his curled nest of hair.

Every muscle in her body tightened as she was about to explode. He felt her muscles squeeze around him as he continued to push into her. He slipped in smoothly as her juices gushed. Hips slamming into each other as the frenzy heightened.

“I’m coming!” She screamed and knotted her hands into the sheets.

“Naughty girl, you came before I did. Well, you’ll just have to endure the rest of me while I come too.” He didn’t stop his furious pumping into her sloppy wet pussy. His assault didn’t even slow up. She continued convulsing and her juices kept on flowing. “Are you ready for this? I’m going to spill all of it across your beautiful tits.” His speed never decreased. He just kept pounding into her awaiting flesh.

his hammering stopped and he ripped his cock out of her. He gripped it with his hand as a stream of come splattered her stomach. He raised up just a bit and shot the next one onto her breasts. Just a little higher and the last gush landed on her chin and lips. Her mouth opened slightly to let the warm liquid slide into awaiting mouth.

“Ah! So I see that you like to drink my cum. Well, we’ll have more ways to entertain ourselves then. How does it taste?” As the last shudders faded from his body, he got up and stood at the foot of the bed, looking at her sperm covered body. “You have promising qualities, my dear. We will continue this another time.”

He had already pulled on his pants when she realized what was happening. She started to sit up but thought against it, his thick sperm was sliding down her body. Her eyes sparkled with lust, but she was speechless.

“Here’s my card. Don’t worry, love, you’ll see me again. Before you will have to even contact me.” He picked up his jacket and pulled a card out of the front pocket. “When you hear from me, meet me at the address on this card. If you show up there before being contacted, you won’t ever see or hear from me again.” He pinned the card to the cork board by the door.

“But…” she stammered at her words, she couldn’t get them to come out like she wanted. She had yet to regain total control of her again.

“Go through your day as normal. You’ll hear from me soon enough. Follow instructions when they are given to you.” He pulled on his jacket and shoes and he walked out the door.

“But…” she was now just dumbfounded. She replayed the whole afternoon in her head. “Did this just happen to me?” There was no one in the room but herself. “It really did. It really did just happen.” She laid back on the bed for a few more minutes, reveling in the feeling. “I can follow instructions.” She suddenly felt really tired. “I’ll wait for you to…”

She dozed off in mid-thought, but she remembered what she was told that day. She carried on with her days without a second thought. She knew that he would get in touch with her when the time came.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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