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This was supposed to be our night, and once again, he fucks it up.

Never mind the fact that he’s had to watch his back at his job because of recent layoffs, check in on his parents once a week or that on my one day off I got stuck watching after his brother’s kids. After two weeks of careful plotting, planning and step classes (to look toned and tasty in my new fishnets), we were finally going to get us some quality romance, lovemaking and all-out fucking until sunrise! His place was ready, he was ready, and I was ready!

So what happens? His whole family decides to converge on us at the same time for a sleepover he forgot to tell me about. I should have booked, but then he said his mother hasn’t seen me for a long time, and how could I disappoint her? After the three hours it took to get them all settled, we finally get to our bed, and what’s the first thing he does? His big ass arm flops right over me and goes straight for my tits! I couldn’t believe it! His whole tribe’s camped around our house, I’m not feeling the LEAST bit sexy, and he STILL wants to do something?!

At that moment my inner bitch screamed, “Oh HELL no!”

Quick as a flash, I turned around, grabbed his face and gave him a furious flurry of kisses. I went all over his lips, eyelids, forehead and chin, smooching, suckling and biting him all the way. I even bit his cheeks for good measure.

Suddenly, I was inspired. Biting his cheeks…oh yeah! That would REALLY give him something to think about!

I stopped kissing him and tickled his nipples (his weak spot). As he giggled and tried to shush himself, I flipped him over roughly so that his face was to the wall, and my face was right on his ass! “Don’t say anything, sweetie. We don’t want anyone to hear us, now do we?” I ripped his pajama bottoms down to his hips, exposing him, and with him, that’s a tall order! My man’s ass is the product of two years of nursing heartbreak over his last girlfriend by eating his mother’s cooking and parking on the couch afterwards. Translation: it is HUGE! And I was going to take all my frustrations out on every single inch of it!

I kissed güvenilir bahis siteleri the first cheek, then the other. Slowly, sensuously, I dragged my tongue over the rounded slope to the small of his back, then down again. When I heard him moan, I knew I had him, and with all the force my little hand could muster, I smacked that ass hard!

He yelped in pain and surprise and hissed, “Woman, what the hell are you doing?”

“You,” I said, matter-of-factly. “Now shut up, or you’ll wake your folks!” With that, I swatted him again. Hmmm, I think I’m beginning to like this! Now let’s see…I’ve kissed it, licked it, slapped it around; what else can I do to REALLY make him crazy? As I thought to myself, I nipped at his left cheek and found myself staring at the small of his back. Wait a minute! That’s IT! I sucked my middle finger, loudly so he could hear me. Then, starting on his back, I let it trail downward, up the slope, and down into his butt crack, pausing once to wiggle the tip of my finger at his anus, which puckered instantly. Unfortunately, it also clamped down on me!

Ow! Oh, damn! I forgot he was sensitive down there ever since his hemorrhoid scare. I’ll have to calm him down, and quick! With my free hand, I licked my fingers, reached up and over, and found one of his nipples. Rubbing furiously, and combined with another round of ass bites, slowly he relaxed. Whew! My finger sighed in relief about the same time I did as I popped it free. Phew! I should make HIM smell this! But first…

I grabbed my stockings from the foot of the bed, reached over and quickly tied his hands together. “Hey, now,” he hissed. “I thought you weren’t into this kinky shit! Now untie me, woman! It’s time I got some payback!”

“I couldn’t agree more! Now keep your ass still and quiet, or I’m waking up your mama and let her see you like this, pants down and everything!” So saying, I roughly dragged his pajama bottoms down to his ankles and took the bed sheet off, placing it over his feet. Now he was TOTALLY exposed, which meant it was time for my final act as a tortuous minx.

I went mobilbahis to the kitchen, being careful not to turn on any lights and wake one of the nephews. As my eyes adjusted to the shadows, I saw the plastic wrap box. Thank God it hadn’t been moved elsewhere! I grinned to myself, tiptoed back to our bedroom, closed the door behind me, and tore off a strip of the plastic. It promptly began to cling to itself, but the ripping made enough noise to alert my man.

“Uh, honey? Baby girl? What are you fixing to do to me?”

“Just something to remind you what you SHOULD have done with me tonight!” Crumpling the first strip, I tore off another, and this time, it didn’t curl up on me. Quickly, before he could react, and before I could really think about what I was doing, I placed the plastic over his butt crack. Damn! It just barely covered half of his ass! But maybe if I slide it down to the bottom half, where his anus is…hey! It works! Now I had just enough room to work him over, but good!

It was coming to me now; the right motions to make, how slowly to lick him, how quickly I could bite him. I surprised myself, as I allowed my never shy, always-gets-what- she-wants inner bitch take over! Pushing against him so he couldn’t roll over on me, I took my time, working slowly down the only chocolate brown part of his body, preparing myself to get my first taste. I pried open his butt cheeks, getting ready for the plunge when I heard him whimper, begging me to stop.

“Honey? I’m sorry, okay? Now come on! You don’t want to do this! Damn, baby, what’s gotten into..oooh…Ooooh SHIT, woman! What are you doing?!”

Like I could answer him with my mouth full of his ass! As my tongue made its first deep lick, the plastic wrap began to bunch together between his tightening ass cheeks. If he does that, the game would end, and so would my revenge! But once again, inspiration came to me, and, reaching over, I found his cock and squeezed. As his lower back arched, I heard him gasp, and slowly, he relaxed enough to give me the chance I needed.

As one hand held his ass cheeks apart (barely!), my bahis siteleri other hand began to work on his surprisingly hard cock. So all that begging was just a front; the little pervert was getting off on this scene! Well, that’s not going to happen! He’s going to learn tonight that I’M the only bitch around here! That’s right, I’ve got you from BOTH ends, and you’re going to cry out to ME! I had a pretty firm grip on him, holding his cheeks open just enough for my tongue to get at his anus. I licked that little opening and stroked his cock simultaneously, wiggling the tips of my tongue and fingers at the top of each opening, then PLUNGING down on his dick and in his hole in perfect synchronicity…! Oh, that did it, I can tell! He can’t take much more of this. But…what if his ass swallows my face when he comes? Oh, God, I can’t have THAT, and I won’t! Before his cheeks can clamp down, I rammed my middle finger right into his anus and squeezed his dick. All that sensation mixed together perfectly, and POW! As his hot seed seeped all over my hand, I finally got to hear him beg for mercy!

“Oh, shit! SHIT! Baby, please! PLEASE! Ah, God, AAAHHHH! …uh …uh… uuuuhhhh…” As his orgasmic trembles began to fade, I was finally able to extract my hands from his body, and would you believe it? He came so much, he fell asleep right on the spot! Well, so what? I had made my point, and HE would have to sleep on the wet spot for once!

Speaking of wet, I’d better clean off this hand of mine! Grabbing a T-shirt and a pair of jeans (with my OTHER hand!) I went into the bathroom. After washing my hands, I threw off my nightgown, stepped into the tub and let the shower massager do its work. Even as I touched my own body, I could only think about what I had done to his. I’d made him beg, plead for mercy, and as I played his moans over in my mind, they joined my own as I came. My mouth formed silent screams as the orgasmic wave spread out all over me. From my head to my toes, I tingled in satisfaction and relief.

I slept in his sofa chair in the living room and left the house at sunrise. I guess I wanted some time with this new woman, this “inner bitch” that had risen in me last night.

I also didn’t want to be around when his folks and nephews found him…Damn! What a sight to behold THAT would be!

With that thought in mind, my inner bitch and I shared a hearty laugh and started towards home.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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