Buddy’s Family Ch. 03

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Big Tits

Mr. Johnson walked into the living room a huge smile spreading across his face as he saw us all naked lying on the floor.

“Hi there Baby! How’s my little dumpling?”

hehehe, Mr. Johnson called her a “Little Dumpling” Big as she is. At least he didn’t look like he wanted to kill us all! Dawn jumped up ran over to him, her huge tits flopping around as she did, she gave him a big hug, he slid his hand under her ass, slipping a finger in her freshly fucked sloppy pussy.

“Hmmm, Seems as if you’ve been a busy girl this morning dumpling!”

She just grinned and kissed him, not a Father/Daughter kiss, but a deep French kiss. I watched in awe, as they tongue fucked for a few minutes.

“What are you doing home so early Dad?” Buddy asked.

“I just felt like coming home after your mom called me a bit ago!”

“Mom called you at the office? She hardly ever does that!” Dawn said.

Mr. Johnson told us that their mom told him if he got home early he would get a nice surprise, so he left the office to see what it was. And since he owned the business, he could!

“Looks like you kids have been having a good time this morning!” He smiled as he said that.

Dawn had a dreamy look in her eyes as she agreed we had indeed had a great time. “Want to join us Dad? She asked with a pleading look.

“You know I do Dumpling!” he said as he started taking off his clothes.

Dawn helped him licking his body everywhere his clothes came off. When she pulled his boxers off my eyes popped out at the size of his cock. It was a MONSTER!!! Soft it had to be 8 inches long and at least 4 ½ inches around. Mother Fucker, I thought, How in the world could I have done Mrs. Johnson any good after having that Huge thing in her?

He saw me looking at it with my eyes bugged out and smiled. Dawn never stopped as she had him nude now. She wrapped her hands around his dick and began to lick it all over him holding her head in his big hands. Buddy saw me staring at his dad’s dick also and laughed saying

“I hope mine gets that big someday too!”

I watched as Mr. Johnson’s dick was getting hard, and even bigger! It was now near 10 or 11 inches long, and as thick as a log, Son of a Bitch I thought, is it EVER going to stop growing? And Dawn swallowed almost half of it down!!!!

The sounds she made were fucking incredible, moaning like she being fed the best meal in the world, her hand furiously playing with her sloppy pussy as she sucked her Father’s cock. I moved closer so I could watch her work on his dick, sitting about a foot from her face, cross legged my own dick getting hard as I stared.

Her eyes moved to my dick and her hand reached over and she played with my dick. Buddy sat on the couch now and was jerking his own dick as he watched the show! Mr. Johnson was holding her head and asked me if I had fucked his Baby girl’s sweet pussy.

“Yes Sir, I did! I told him never moving my eyes from the sight of her mouth at work.

“Do you want to fuck her while she sucks my cock?”

I didn’t need a second invitation and jumped behind her big ass. Buddy jumped up and held her as cheeks open as I speared her with my hard dick. She never missed a beat as I began pumping her pussy, then he started spanking her ass again as her hips bucked back to mine.

“That’s right cunt, suck that cock, Fuck him good Bitch! Don’t stop sucking Dad’s cock you fat slut!” Buddy yelled at Dawn.

Her fat ass cheeks getting redder by the moment as Buddy spanked her ass hard, making her flinch ever time he casino siteleri struck her, her pussy getting so wet I felt it drip down my balls as they slapped her clit.

She was bucking and fucking and sucking like a whore possessed with her need for our sperm! Her dads cock wet from her slobber, it was wet over half its length and her free hand held his hip to keep from falling over. Buddy took over pulling her fat clit and kept spanking her fat ass. Dawn cried out in her orgasm even though her face was full of Mr. Johnson’s thick long cock.

I felt myself fixing to cum, so I pulled out as it started spurting on her back and fat ass. Then Buddy did something I never would’ve thought, He leaned over and licked my Cum off Dawn’s back and ass. His hand jerking his cock like a fiend, it was a blur as he pounded his cock. Then he came on Dawn as his lust took over, rubbing it in her sweaty skin.

Mr. Johnson told Dawn he was fixing to Cum. Buddy slid up alongside her face and wrapped his hand around his dad’s cock jerking it fast as Dawn took his cock out of her mouth, when Mr. Johnson’s cock spurted his thick heavy load, both Dawn and Buddy, trying to get as much as they each could of it. I sat back and watched, never thinking that Buddy would do something like that. I mean isn’t that a Queer’s thing? To eat a mans cum? YUK!

How Fucking Gross. But he sure seemed to like it. Oh well I thought, different strokes for different folks I had always heard.

It didn’t stop my dick from staying hard though, watching them kiss each others face licking their dads spunk off, I started slowly jacking my dick off, when Mr. Johnson looked at me and told me to lay back and close my eyes. I did as he told me too.

“Keep them closed Eddie, I want to do a test on you!”

Jeez, I thought to myself, I sure hope he doesn’t want me to suck his dick, I don’t think I could do that! Then I felt a mouth on my dick.

“Is that Dawn’s mouth? Or Buddy’s?”

Shit, I didn’t know, all I knew was it was warm wet and felt fucking great! And told him so. Then there was a change of mouths.

“Do you know now?” he asked.

“No Sir!” I answered.

That went on for a few minutes,

“Keep your eyes closed Eddie! Don’t cheat!” Mr. Johnson told me, so I did.

Then I felt a mouth swallow my whole dick. HOLY FUCKING SHIT! This is fantastic, I thought, I NEVER felt anything like this in my short two day’s of having sex! Some people never get that feeling in their whole lifes. Then I felt a spit slick finger start rubbing my asshole, I pinched it tight in shock.

I was told to relax, so I did, well as relaxed as much as I could against the anal intrusion. I noticed it did feel pretty good though after a few minutes, I even noticed my hips pushing towards the intruder as my dick was still being sucked deeply.

Buddy’s voice came in though my darkness,

“OK Eddie, open your eyes now!”

I looked at the head on my cock, it was Mr. Johnson’s!!! Damn!! He had my whole dick in his mouth, All of it! And he sure knew what to do with it too. I was embarrassed but it felt so good I didn’t want him to stop, SHIT, He sucked it better than Mrs. Johnson did when I thought about it. I cried out,

“I’m CUMMING, Oh Yeah, Suck it, FUCK I’m CUMMING!”

And I shot my load in his mouth as he swallowed every drop down his throat. Massaging my balls with one hand and tickling my asshole with his other. My hips shook and legs were weak as my dick spurted in his mouth. I even felt like my hair was tingling, it was such slot oyna a super feeling.

Mr. Johnson asked me

“Well Eddie, do you think your gay now? Just because I sucked you off?

I just shook my head No. He then explained to me that just because a man enjoyed sucking a dick, it didn’t really mean he was Queer, it meant he was a Bi-Sexual. I didn’t know what that meant but I wasn’t going to argue with him. Mr. Johnson told me that at one time Buddy had been sucking my cock. I looked over at Buddy, and he was smiling as was Dawn! He then asked me if I had ever been cornholed!

“HELL NO!!!!” I told him, I don’t want anybody’s dick in MY ass!!!!

They all laughed at my response.

“Buddy, have you ever got it in your ass?”

He told me his dad was too big for his asshole, but Dawn did, and she loved it!

“You mean, Dawn can take your Dad’s whole cock in her asshole? No fucking way!!!!”

Dawn told me she could too, and would prove it. She started jacking Mr. Johnson’s dick off getting it hard, Buddy left and came back with some baby oil, rubbing it on her asshole, sticking his finger in it up to his second knuckle, then another finger in it. Her ass pushing against it as he fingerfucked her ass.

Mr. Johnson told Dawn to get on her hands and knees as Buddy covered his dad’s dick in baby oil, I was amazed still at it’s size as Buddy’s hand barely surrounded it, his hand slipping up and down its girth.

“OK Dumpling, Her comes daddy’s girls toy!”

Then began to ease his thick cock inside her dark puckered asshole.

“Umgghhgmmghhhh, Oh, Daddy, Yes, stick your beautiful cock in my asshole, Oh Yes, Daddy, Fuck my ass with your big love stick!”

Dawn cried out as he continued sliding it in! My eyes staring at this awesome sight, I never would’ve thought Dawn or Anyone could’ve taken all of Mr. Johnson’s Monster sized cock in their asshole. But Dawn sure did.

He started fucking her ass real slow, letting her asshole get used to its massive size, a few minutes later Dawn was fucking him. Her large ass cheeks bouncing, as his hips met her ass. He would slide his dick almost all the way out to where I could see the head of it, then slowly slide in all the way back in. Moving his hips in a tight circle when he was as deep as he could get. Dawn was moaning how good “Daddy” felt in her tight ass.

Buddy had crawled under Dawns dripping pussy and started licking it and his Dads balls as Dawn pumped her ass harder, Mr. Johnson started moaning and called Dawn his nasty bitch and slapped her ass. Dawn cried out to him

“Spank me for being a bad girl daddy, I really need to be punished, Oh Daddy, I’m such a bad whore for you!”

Mr. Johnson got a look in his eyes as he spanked her.

“You little nasty mouthed cunt, I’ll teach you to have respect for me you fucking whore!”

He slammed his cock in her asshole as hard as he could making her Jello ass shake, his hands slapping her ass until they began to turn purple as she cried out in her pain. She never stopped telling him to fuck her or to stop spanking her, as her ass bounced against his hips as he thrust his hard thick cock in it. She screamed real loud as she began to have her orgasm and fell on her face smashing her big saggy tits on the floor as he continued fucking her. Mr. Johnson started to Cum, filling her asshole until it overflowed, dripping down his cock and balls all while calling her his nasty ass fucking daughter.

When Mr. Johnson pulled his cock out of Dawns bleeding ass, Buddy grabbed canlı casino siteleri it and stuck it in his mouth, sucking all of his dad’s cum and her mess off it. I thought I would gag, but Buddy seemed to love it as he cleaned his dad’s cock and balls off, then stuck his tongue up Dawns asshole cleaning her also. I couldn’t help it, my dick was hard as a rock. As nasty as it was to watch it turned me on so much seeing it. I was mesmerized by what I saw. I started jacking off again. Mr. Johnson asked

“Your not going to waste that beautiful hard on with your hand are you? Buddy, come here and oil my ass for Eddie!”

Son of a Bitch, Mr. Johnson, was wanting me to Fuck him in his ass!!! Now I really didn’t know what to do, I wanted to run away but was drawn to him like a magnet. Buddy oiled his Dad’s asshole up then reached over to my dick and oiled up it too.

“Uh, Are you sure Mr. Johnson?”

“Yes Eddie, I really want to feel your cock in my ass!”

He got on his knees and Dawn held his hairy ass open as I slid it in him! His ass was as tight as anything I had in the last two days. He moaned his approval at my size and began to hump against me, all I could do was grab his hips and start slamming my cock in his asshole. I fucked him like his whore wife and daughter, even harder I think. I’m not sure because I was lost in the heat of his hot ass.

“That’s a good boy fuck it hard, I have to be fucked hard since I’m a bad man. I need discipline, Eddie, you must whip my nasty ass son!”

He told me. So after seeing Buddy and his dad spank Dawn, I just raised my hand up and smacked his ass hard. And kept on spanking him as Buddy reached under his dad’s legs and played with his dick. I told Dawn

“Get on your back cunt, play with that nasty pussy, I want to see you CUM cunt!”

She lay back and spread her thick thighs and started fingering her cunt. Buddy was jacking himself and his dad off while I was fucking their dad in his ass.

What a Fucking Sight! Mr. Johnson’s ass was as red as Dawn’s had been from my beating him, and his ass was humping me when I felt his ass tighten up. The feeling was incredible, as he squeezed his ass on my dick. I could feel him quivering as his orgasm started.

“Oh Fuck, Yes Eddie fuck my ass, make me cum you little bastard, MAKE ME CUMMmmmmmm!!!

Buddy stuck his head down as his dad started spurting and Buddy began to cum too as his dad’s cum hit his lips.

I couldn’t hold back anymore, I felt myself start spurting my thick cock juice into his tight hairy asshole, Dawn screamed out she was cumming, and her dad’s ejaculation almost drowned Buddy. As I pulled my ass stained cock out of Mr. Johnson’s ass and Buddy rushed over to suck it clean for me. Dawn rushed over and put her whole mouth around her dad’s open asshole and she actually sucked my cum from it!

It was now 2:30 in the afternoon, my dick was raw and tender for the two days abuse it had taken. I wasn’t complaining at all! Dawn had gotten us a wet rag and was tenderly washing each of us clean, cooing how pretty all our dicks looked and bent and kissed each one as it was cleaned.

Mr. Johnson asked me, “So, how does it feel to be Bi-Sexual Eddie?” I laughed and replied:

“Not as shitty as I thought it would be!” with a huge grin!

Authors Note:

This story is Pure Fantasy, it never happened. It was only written for, You the Reader, and my own enjoyment only! I do NOT believe in, or participate in Incest, Violence towards Women OR the Sexual Abuse of a Child of any age, consenting or not! If you enjoyed this story, please drop me an email with any suggestions or fantasies you would like to read about. Yes, I am a warped individual, but at least I still have my sense of humor! 😉 Thanks, mustanger7up

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