Budding Woman

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It was hard to believe that my baby girl was nearly grown. To hear her tell it, she was full grown just because she was celebrating her eighteenth birthday. I tried to tell her that age had nothing to do with it, but you know how kids are.

I promised to let her and a few friends come over to the house and swim and just hang out at the pool. I even got her a keg, knowing that most of it would be wasted. I had seen some of her friends drink, two beers and they were finished!

I was right. By midnight, three of the six couples had already left and the other three were heading towards various parent’s cars. The two single girls still at the house were stumbling around in a condition that promised a few headaches the next morning. I herded them into the house and made sure they made it to Sandy’s room before turning off the lights and heading to bed myself.

My room has an adjoining wall to Sandy’s, so sleep was a little hard to come by, what with all the giggling the girls were doing. I tried to ignore them and was succeeding until the other girl, Amy, asked if I was dating anyone, saying that if I weren’t, that would be an incredible waste of hot man meat!

What I heard next really got my attention. I heard my little girl’s voice saying, “I’d fuck him myself if I could find a way! I’ve seen his hard cock and it’s enough to make my mouth water!”

That started Amy asking a lot of questions about how she had seen me naked and when, that sort of thing. Imagine my surprise to find that she had drilled a small hole in the shower wall and watched, not only as I showered, but also as I masturbated!

I felt myself swelling as I listened while my young daughter described the way she would watch me and finger her wet pussy trying to time her orgasm to mine. According to her, she had been successful a time or two.

She also said that almost all of her fantasies revolved around me taking her forcefully, almost raping her. She wanted me to bind her and do as I pleased with her!

I was stroking my hard cock and thinking about just that when I heard Amy say something like, “Why don’t we just go in there and overpower him? We could fuck him and what could he do? He’s a man, after all! He’d love it!”

“I could never face him again!” Sandy almost yelled. “He’s my Dad, you know. He’d never forgive casino siteleri me.”

“Then we’ll do the next best thing.” I heard the closet door squeaking open and Amy asking, “Where is something I can use to tie you up? I’m going to eat you raw!”

From the noise, I gathered that Sandy had come to the closet and was helping Amy get something to restrain herself with. I heard something about being able to use old scarves, or possibly belts. My thoughts were on the leather cuffs I had hidden in my own closet. Her mother had insisted that I buy them years ago, and I had on occasion, used them since she had left.

With a plan forming in my lust filled mind, I quietly rolled out of bed and went to the closet. All I had to do was time this perfectly. If I waited until Amy was tongue deep in Sandy’s cunt, I could sneak in and pretend to catch them. Then, they would both be mine!

With my cuffs in hand, and a riding crop and leather hood for good measure, I eased Sandy’s bedroom door open just enough to peek inside. The sight was unforgettable! My young daughter lay on her bed, arms and legs outstretched tied to the bed posts. Laying down, she had hardly any breast mounds, just hard nipples so engorged with passion that they looked ready to burst!

Her tiny waist rose and fell with her labored breathing. Her vulva, swollen beyond belief, spread wide to show her tender inner lips, dark red and full, seeming to wave as they contracted, searching for pleasure.

Amy was way ahead of me, Sandy’s eyes were already covered. Amy was laying between her legs slowly licking up and down her inner thighs, getting closer and closer to her cunt. Sandy began to try her bindings, straining to get her young cunt to Amy’s tongue.

“Please baby,” She begged, “Please eat me! Suck my pussy for me!”

As Amy leaned in closer and let her tongue rake across Sandy’s erect clit, I watched in amazed silence as my teen daughter experienced a small orgasm, tiny amounts of cloudy liquid pulsed out of her box and into Amy’s eager mouth.

The time was right. I tip toed to the bed and put my hand over Amy’s mouth, to keep her from screaming. She jerked as I touched her and Sandy apparently thought she was trying to get closer. Sandy moaned deep in her throat and pushed her cunt upward, trying to find Amy’s mouth again.

I slot oyna put my finger to my lips, letting Amy know to keep quiet, then took her place between my Baby’s legs. Her aroma wafted up to me, causing blood to rush into my already near bursting cock!

Amy, not one to lose an opportunity, wrapped her small hand around my shaft and guided it into her hungry mouth. I teased Sandy’s pussy lips as Amy teased my prick.

Her taste was incredible, silky smooth lips coated with cunt cream was like the finest delicacy imaginable! My tongue searched her depths, straining for more of her nectar as my cock slowly sank deeper and deeper into Amy’s hot sucking mouth.

Sandy was really into her fantasy, she was moaning and begging her Daddy to fuck her young cunt. “Oh Daddy,” She breathed heavily. “Fuck me now! Slide your hard prick all the way inside!”

Amy released my cock from the glorious prison of her mouth and pulled my shaft to the entrance of Sandy’s tiny, bald slit.

As soon as Sandy realized that a tongue had been replaced with a cock, she went crazy! She fucked her hips up to meet my down thrust, helping bury my bone in one hard stroke.

Almost without warning, I was screwing my own daughter! She was so tight, so young, such a willing partner, that I felt my seed boiling deep in my balls, threatening to explode at any minute!

Amy, going for the shock value, slowly untied the scarf covering Sandy’s eyes. She recognized my and her eyes got huge, then rolled back in her head with acceptance. “Fuck me Daddy, Fuck me hard!” She started screaming as her own orgasm started to build.

I could feel her cunt clamp down on my shaft as I drove as deep as I could. Her moisture became a torrent of pussy juice, squirting out and drenching my cock, her cunt and both of our lower bodies as my tongue, still tasting of her pussy, invaded her mouth.

She sucked my tongue and screamed through her orgasm, using her pussy to milk me dry! I almost passed out at the feeling of my eruption speeding from my balls and soaking the inner walls of her tender snatch!

All to soon, it was over. I raised up on my elbows and looked at my girl. Still tied to the bedposts, she nonetheless looked very satisfied! “Oh Daddy!” Was about all she could say.

Remorse filled me. “I’m sorry Baby…” I stammered. canlı casino siteleri “I promise this will never happen again!”

That prompted her to strain against her ties again. “Bullshit! Daddy, that was way to good to be a one time thing! Let me up so I can get you ready again!”

“Um. Excuse me! I still haven’t been taken care of.” Amy started to roll me off of my daughter. “Mr. C, why don’t you watch me lick Sandy clean. Watch me suck your spunk from her cunt.” As she spoke, she extended her tongue and scooped up some of the juice flowing from Sandy. “That ought to get you hard enough to please me, don’t you think?”

Sandy was already moaning again under the soft ministrations of her best friend. “Oh Amy. Eat me Baby, clean me good. Save some of Daddy’s stuff for me, I want to taste it too!”

I felt myself start to harden again as I watched Amy make love to my little girl. I could see our combined juices cling to her wet face as she moved her mouth around Sandy’s mound, collecting all the spunk she could find.

With her mouth full, she slowly made her way up Sandy’s trembling body until she was lying tit to tit and cunt to cunt. From my vantage point, I watched as she opened her mouth and let our cum drool out. I watched as it slowly landed on Sandy’s lips and she licked it up, savoring the taste.

Amy was right! Watching the two of them had made me as hard as granite! I slid between their legs and gently opened Amy’s. With far more control than I had for my Daughter, I eased my hard crank into another hot, tight pussy and began to stroke.

The girls both gave in to the various feelings they were experiencing. Their lips touched, tongues searching for one another as they kissed deeply.

I began to slow fuck Amy, driving hard on each downstroke forcing her mound to impact with Sandy’s. All three of us were fast reaching the point of no return!

Amy feverishly began to untie the scarves that held Sandy in place and as soon as she was free, Sandy pulled my face down to her’s and attacked my mouth. I could feel my girl straining to get deeper inside my mouth as Amy probed our locked lips with her own.

Locked in a three way kiss, we ground ourselves to an almost perfectly times cum! My sperm emptied deep into Amy’s convulsing cunt as my daughter squirted her cream over the three of us!

That was how exhaustion overtook us, locked in a lewd embrace. We slept peacefully for hours, thoroughly sated, completely spent.

I did get to use my own leather goods, but that is another story.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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