Bruises Ch. 18

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It was after ten o’clock that evening by the time the “newlyweds” arrived back at their hotel. They had enjoyed a perfect evening starting with a limousine ride that included champagne. At the restaurant they were served a delicious meal by an attentive wait staff. Once the restaurant staff discovered that they were newlyweds, they fell over themselves giving them the best service possible.

One of the waiters recognized his Silver Star and Purple Heart medals. When the word got around to the staff, the Maitre d’ formally introduced them to the rest of the diners at the normally staid restaurant. He announced that they were in the presence of Purple Heart and Silver Star recipient, Sgt. Walter Ridgeway and his new wife, Peggy. Peggy denied any connection with that part of the evening and she was as embarrassed as Walt was at the attention. The other diner’s demanded a kiss by tapping on their wine glasses with their silverware and followed it with a toast to the new couple.

The greatest surprise of all came when Walt attempted to pay the bill and he was informed that another diner, who did not want to be identified, had already paid it. He added a hefty tip and to top off the evening, he and Peggy received a round of applause as they left the restaurant.

They were still glowing with the attention when they arrived back at their hotel. Once inside their room, they wrapped their arms around each other and hugged and kissed for several minutes.

“I’m going to go in and change. Why don’t you change out here. You can use this bathroom. OK?”

Walt agreed and Peggy disappeared for a few minutes before she came back out and handed him a pair of white, silk boxers and matching tank top.

“Wear these, please,” she told him and closed the door to the casino siteleri bedroom.

Peggy took a quick shower and redid her makeup. She prepared her diaphragm and paused for a second before inserting it into her vagina. This was it! She was making a commitment to have sexual intercourse with her son. She caught her image in the bathroom mirror and she stared at it for a moment.

Her mind was made up in that instant and she gave a little nod to her reflection and smiled. The diaphragm went in easily and she checked to make sure it was secure before pulling on her panties and continuing to dress.

Walt would have paced if he didn’t need his crutches so he chose to sit impatiently on the edge of the sofa and wait for his mother to return. It seemed like an hour but it was really only fifteen minutes before Peggy cracked the door open and invited him into the bedroom.

He stood in the doorway and looked at a vision that took his breath away. His mother-wife greeted him dressed in a knee-length, white gossamer gown. A dozen candles suffused the room with light and he could smell her perfume floating in the air.

She covered the few steps between them in her white heels and stockings and stood in front of him.

“Hello, my husband,” she whispered. “Please come in and make love to me.”

They were so anxious to finally experience each other’s full nudity that their clothes did not remain on their bodies for long. Walt looked in awe at his mother’s breasts exposed to him in their entirety. He smoothed his hand over her belly and traced the fine line of hair from her belly button down through her pubic hair.

After kissing her everywhere from her head to her belly button, he shifted in an attempt to slide down on the bed but she stopped slot oyna him.

“Me first,” she said and pulled him back up onto the pillow.

It was her turn to explore him and her kisses and touches exceeded his in their gentleness and adoration. She tenderly kissed each scar on his body and lovingly removed the sock covering his stump so she could give it the same attention.

When she finished, they lay on their sides with their lips barely touching, inhaling each other’s breath and tasting each other’s flavors.

Peggy could feel his erection coating her belly with his fluid. Moving herself up higher on the bed, she lifted her thigh and captured him between her legs. He gasped at the wonder of her heat entrapping him and her moisture enhanced the sensations flooding his body.

“It’s time,” she whispered into his mouth and kissed him.

“And, I’m here, just as I promised,” he whispered back.

Rolling onto her back she waited as he positioned himself over her. Her thighs touched his and she pulled her legs back to open herself to him. He needed no guidance as he slowly lowered himself and his erection found its own way between her lips.

They both let out a whoosh of air at the first touch and placing her feet flat on the bed she lifted herself to him. Their eyes gazed into each other’s.

“Now,” she whispered and their bodies became one again.

“I love you, Peggy Mom,” he said into her ear.

Their coupled bodies remained still with only their chests heaving against each and their breath murmuring in their ears. He could feel her soft breasts pressing against his skin and she was lost in the sensation of his body finally resting between her thighs.

“This is where you belong,” she declared. “This is what I’ve canlı casino siteleri been missing.”

Unable to hold still any longer, Walt pulled himself slowly out of her sex and held himself with only his tip inside of her clenching opening. When she raised her legs the whisper of silk against his body sent chills through them. Clasping them around his waist she slowly pulled him back down into her center using her heels against his buttocks.

Their lovemaking was slow and gentle. There were no sounds of slapping flesh or screaming lust. They moved in a tender rhythm, like the swells on an ocean, until they could no longer resist their mutual need for release.

“I’m cumming, my darling,” she said with her mouth against his lips. “I’m cumming and it’s so beautiful.”

They held their bodies tightly against each other, afraid to move too much lest they lose one iota of contact. Walt’s head swam with the sensations of every one of his nerve endings seeking out the warmth of his mother’s willing flesh. They became one, both inside and out, physically and spiritually. At their moment of climax, Walt groaned his release when he delivered his semen into her welcoming body and Peggy’s ears roared with her blood pounding through her head. Her legs and arms were locked around him and she could not hear her own whimpering as her body accepted his offering and rewarded him with her own fulfillment.

Soon, the only sound in the room was their breathing as they fought to regain their breath. Walt felt her legs start to relax and he took as much of his weight off her as he could manage.

Unable to hold himself up with only one leg, he rolled their coupled bodies onto their sides and looked into her eyes. She was crying and the tears poured down her cheeks and over her nose. Licking the salty liquid off of her face, he smiled at his mother.

“Where do we go from here?” she asked. “What will we do?”

“We belong with each other and we will find a way. I love you, Peggy Mom.”

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