Brother Sister Just Wanna Pt. 03

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They had all just about finished with the white zinfandel wine, Cliff was able to share one bottle amongst all four of them. John looked at Jennifer and said, I like Amy’s cut off shorts. I think you should make yourself a pair like that, with a smile and a wink to Jennifer he also motioned for her to look toward Amy. Jennifer looked toward Amy and Cliff moved his hand on to Amy’s thigh, then slid his hand toward her crotch. He didn’t have any trouble moving his hand toward her open pussy because Amy had propped her knee up on the back side of the couch and was leaning back against the arm rest, the other leg was over the couch with her foot resting in the floor. This provided ample space for her pussy to be exposed because she didn’t have on any panties. Cliff’s dick started to harden and both Jennifer and Amy noticed. Jennifer looked down at John’s crotch and he was also getting hard just watching what Cliff was doing and knew what his intentions were.

Amy started to talk about what had happened last night with Cliff and her. We had sex last night, and I had stopped the pill four weeks ago. I felt a funny sensation when Cliff’s cum flooded my cavity also. I’m glad that you Jennifer and John are here, I would like to talk to you about something. As you know Cliff and I are at the age we should’ve moved out of the house from our parents a long time ago, and infact we have both casino oyna given it a go. Financial issues have gotten the best of us both though, so I wonder about a possible venture. I noticed John you kissed Jennifer in a lingering way at the restaurant when we were there also. I’m just going to come right out and ask it. Do you and Jennifer feel the same way about each other as Cliff and I do about each other? John smiled and Jennifer’s eyes went back to John’s crotch. She unzipped his fly on his pants and fumbled for his dick. She managed to pull it out and got down on the floor on her knees. She took John’s cock into her mouth and used her tounge to start moving it up and down the slit on the end of his pecker.

John’s head went back on the backside of the couch and his body went stiff as he started a low growl in the back of his throat. Cliff looked at Amy as he slid his fingers into the crack of her pussy lips, and Amy just purred with a smile. I think your question is answered Amy, said Cliff. He continued to move his fingers in and out along the top side of her Pussy slit giving Amy’s clit a wonderful sensation, Cliff then got on his knees and began to lick her pussy. John let out an OMG, and blew his load into Jennifer’s mouth and she swallowed it all. Jennifer got up and took off her jeans and panties, then sat back down on the couch. John was still recovering slot oyna from his joyful blissful orgasm of cum. Amy began to wimper, I’m going to cum, OMG. She threw her head back and started screaming, Uh Uh Uh. Cliff stood up took off his Jeans and sat back down on the couch. Now Amy, Jennifer, and Cliff we’re naked from the waist down and John had his dick starting to go limp as it was still outside of the zipper of his jeans.

John looked at Amy and Jennifer and said, I think I know where you are going with this. Jennifer and I wanted to move out into a rent of our own and live together but our parents caught us having sex in her bedroom. So they told me to move to Illinois were our cousins live. I didn’t really have much of an option, so I had to go. Our Dad just recently had a heart attack and died that is why I’m here for a visit. I came in to see what Jennifer and I might be able to work out. Now you mention this Amy and I am very intrigued with it. Not only that but you think you may be pregnant, you do realize where we live it is illegal to have incest. Not only that but to have a baby with your sibling would be pushing the legality of the issue to the extreme.

Yes I know, said Amy. I have an idea, if we were to live together and get married, but not to our siblings, because it is illegal. But if we were to marry the other, I would marry you, John and Jennifer canlı casino siteleri would marry Cliff. That way if we were to get pregnant and have a baby with our sibling we could use the marriage as a cover.

Cliff was stunned, he got up and grabbed the glasses. This calls for some more white zinfandel, said Cliff. He went and opened a bottle and poured it into all four galsses, brought it back and sat back down on the couch. Amy looked at all John, Cliff, and Jennifer then asked, what do you think? Should we try this? Jennifer smiled, I like it. What do you think Cliff, could you marry me, Said Jennifer. Amy looked at John, could you marry me, said Amy. We would still be loyal to our real love, our half-sibling. The genetic issue is somewhat of a thing, but we are half-sibling. It is the same genetic mix as cousins, and cousins get married all the time in Mississippi.

They have to go through genetic council but this is our genetic council. She smiled and brought Cliff’s hand to her pussy again. John stood up and pulled off the jeans, got on his knees and started sucking Jennifer’s pussy. Cliff looked at Amy and said I think that is a yes. Cliff said, we have one more day of the weekend before our parents come home, we should make the most of it. We haven’t found our rent or house yet, we can tell our parents what is going on when they get back. John lifted his head long enough to say OK, Jennifer looked over at Amy and said right on.

John said, yeah, they’ll just think it is a plan to save money and make a go of it, I think it could work.


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Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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