Broken Toys can be Fixed

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Mike sat near the water fountain at the mall with his head hung low. He was mourning the recent loss of his girlfriend, of whom he caught cheating. He thought to himself how could he possibly be so naive. She took his money and probably spent it on other guys. She had sex with other guys. Why couldn’t he have seen this coming, he wondered. Just as he gave a deep sigh, something out of the corner of his eye got his attention. It was a shiny red pair of stilleto heels. Mike followed the shoes with his eyes all the way up two long and slender legs. Somewhat thin waist. Admirable size chest and a cute face. Mike wondered why he was thinking of this woman after having just broken up with his girlfriend who he seemed to have missed a great deal or at least he thought he did. Unbeknownst to him his life and luck was about to change.

Starting to feel a bit better, Mike walked over and bought himself a smoothie and sat back down near the fountain. The sound of the water seemed to have soothed him. As he sat there his attention once returned to the owner of the lovely red stilleto heels. Sipping on his smoothie he began to become entranced with her every move. It almost seemed unreal. He tried to look away but found he couldn’t, yet couldn’t understand why. Confused and entranced he sat there watching the woman peruse various garments and accessories. Before he knew it, the woman spun around and caught his gaze with her own. She blinked seductively at Mike and returned to looking at the clothing before her. Mike soon found himself moving to the other side of the fountain to get a closer glimpse of the lady in red shoes.

Her fingers moving from side to side, Mikes eyes following in tandem. A slight fever started to come over him as tiny beads of sweat popped up across his forehead. He started to feel compelled to meet her or say hello at the very least. The lady seemed to be at least in her forties, but that casino siteleri didn’t seem to bother Mike. Mike sat very still while trying to decide to go say hello. His mind wandering. His heart racing. Finally after what seemed like forever he walked over and went inside the store where she was. He looked around and his eyes finally searched her out near the back of the store.

Nervously Mike stood there. His mouth dry as a cotton ball. The lady in red shoes turned quickly and bumped into him. He tried to say sorry but his mouth wouldn’t let him.He stood there before her with his mouth wide open. She tried to apologize for bumping into him. Mike eventually closed his gaping mouth and listened to her sincere apology. The woman asked Mike if he could grab her bags. Without a word he grabbed them. They made small talk as the woman shopped for more clothes. With clothes in one hand, the woman grabbed the bottom of Mikes green t-shirt and pulled him behind her making her way to the dressing room.

Unsure of what was happening Mike blindly followed the woman, not even daring to pull away. The dressing rooms were unusually large, or at least Mike thought they were. The woman pulled him inside one of them and pushed him down making him sit down and hold her bags as she proceeded to hang up the garments for her to try on. The lady in red shoes, kicked off the red shoes that had entranced Mike so. He watched as they flopped onto the floor exposing her perfect pantyhose encased feet. Mike dropped the bags he had in his lap. With her right foot she scooted the bags out of the way and under the bench Mike was sitting on. Mike couldn’t stop staring at her perfect feet. Pantyhose glistening in the vague lighting in the dressing room. Took poor Mike’s breath away.

The lady wiggled her feet and toes towards Mike. Mike started to panic a little. She pulled up a nearby chair and sat down. The lady placed her slot oyna perfect pantyhosed clad feet in Mike’s lap. Mike tried not to look the woman in the eye, he felt so embarrassed. He could feel his small and inadequate cock start to stir. If this didn’t stop he would mess his pants for sure he thought. Mike began to worry. The woman started to notice his predicament, and laughed. She took her feet from his lap and leaned in towards Mike. She went to unzip his zipper but Mike tried to protect it with his hand. the woman smacked it hard. Mike wrinkled his forehead at her and had a scowl on his face. Slowly withdrawing his hands in protest Miked wondered what is she doing? What am I doing here with her? This was happening all so fast for him, his head began to spin.

The lady with the red shoes pushed him back into his chair. She then proceeded to unzip his pants and let his hardened embarrassment out into the air. Almost like it was an animal that had to breathe. The woman looked at the pathetic piece of hardened flesh. Barely two inches hard she thought to herself. She laughed as she flicked the tiny cock with her forefinger. She played with the little tiny funny looking penis for like a minute straight,laughing the whole time. The laughing made Mike much more uneasy than the flicking actually. Tracing the ring around the tip with her finger she called it cute out loud for Mike to hear. He began to blush.

Once she was done playing with the pathetic piece of flesh, she sat back into her chair and put her feet into his lap once again. Slowly, she began to rub his cock with each of her feet. First one then the other. Soon they were both surrounding the tiny thing literally hiding it from view. Mike could feel an orgasm mounting. His face started to turn bright red. The woman was sure she knew what this meant, so she began to rub faster and faster with her perfect pantyhosed feet. Mike winced, he couldn’t canlı casino siteleri believe this was happening. He tried biting his tongue to keep from getting vocal. The lady bent over and spit on Mike’s little hardened cock. He winced again. He knew an orgasm was inevitable. So did the lady with the red shoes. She smiled wickedly and went back to rubbing the tiny prick with her feet once again.

The woman watched in utter delight as Mike put his head back biting his bottom lip.Grabbing the sides of the chair fiercely, Mike finally gave in and had an explosive orgasm. He cried out loudly as the thick semen escaped his minute, little dick onto his jeans. For a split second he didn’t care if anyone heard him. The lady smiled wickedly.After the spasms stopped making the little dick jerk, the woman instructed him to clean up his mess. Mike looked for a tissue but he didn’t see any. He asked the woman but she said she didn’t have any. She also told him to wipe it with his fingers and lick his fingers clean. Mike made a face and flat out refused. The lady looked at him sternly with a grimace on her face. She wiped her fingers in the mess and forced open his lips. Sternly she instructed him to clean them. Again he refused. The lady pinched closed his nose. Alas Mike gave in and cleaned her fingers. She then instructed once more for him to clean up his mess, as she proceeded to put back on her pretty red shoes again. Mike did as he was told, but reluctantly. After the lady was satisfied he was clean enough, she bent over and zipped him back up.

Stunned by what had just transpired, Mike sat eerily still and said nothing. The woman grabbed the clothes and walked out of the dressing room. Still rather embarrassed Mike slowly and cautiously left the dressing room hoping not to be noticed. Just as he was near the door and sure he was able to leave the store, the woman approached him again. Mike just stood there as she put a business card into his left front pocket. Mike quickly left and went to his car . He drove home as fast as he could. His heart still beating loudly in his ears. Apparently they were destined to meet up again it seemed.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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