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Kirsty Lives in England Brighton and really wanted a boyfriend. She is 25 years old white female size 36d and 5ft6. This is a True Story of how it all started in 2006. There may be some readers who will know of Kirsty and her sexual favours she gives.

Kirsty was fed up with the guy she was seeing, she thought he only used her for sexual relief and she was right. One of her work friends told her to go on adult dating sites which she did and used a popular one that was free to use. Kirsty made up her profile saying “FREE HANDJOBS for local lads of Brighton at Hove lagoon park” and put lots of body pictures on her page.

After the first day she had 2 private messages and she arranged to meet both of the guys that night. the first meeting was at 8pm and the 2nd was at 10pm.

At 7.30pm Kirsty walked to the park where she was meeting her first ‘date’, it was an September evening so a little bit chilly and Kirsty had a her long leather coat on and underneath she had a top that showed her cleavage off well.

Kirsty got to the park at 8ish her first dates name was Simon and she noticed a guy waiting by the swings, Kirsty walked over to him and asked if he was Simon and he nodded. “Hmm he is only about 20 and fit looking” thought Kirsty.

“Would you like me to wank you off then? said Kirsty.

“okay then that would be great” replied Simon.

Simon leant back on the swing that he was near and Kirsty got to her knees, she undone his zip and put her hand into his boxer shorts and pulled out quite a soft but a nice sized cock.

“Sorry its not hard its quite cold” Simon said.

Kirsty started pulling back his foreskin and started wanking his cock.

“Just relax and cum for me” said Kirsty

Simon relaxed and the feeling of this horny girl wanking his cock was really good, Kirsty was really going for it, she was using one hand to hold the base of his cock and was going fast with her other hand pulling his foreskin right back.

“Gonna cum” Simon casino siteleri moaned

At that point Kirsty released the base of his cock and pulled her top down exposing her bra and breasts and said to Simon

“Cum over my tits”

Simon started to ejaculate his warm sperm out of his cock and it was shooting over Kirsty’s breasts as she carried on wanking every last bit of cum out.

“That was amazing can we meet again” asked Simon in between deep breaths.

“Alright then but next time I will use my mouth and swallow everything”

Simon zipped himself up and left the park and Kirsty sat on the swings, she was thinking she had ages to her next meeting that night as it was only 8.20pm so she opened her coat and undone her jeans button and started to put her hand down her jeans. She could feel the spunk over her breasts and started to rub her finger over her clit going in circular motions and was getting pretty turned on with her other hand Kirsty scooped up some of the cum on her breast with two fingers, it was cold now but she was feeling horny and wanted to taste it. Kirsty felt herself starting to cum and licked her fingers clean of the cum she had on the and her other hands fingers were going faster and faster and she was so close to her orgasm, she then felt fingers going through her hair and Kirsty looked up to see a older man maybe in his early fifties standing right next to her, one of his hands was running through her hair the other he was undoing his buttons to his jeans. Kirsty looked at him whilst she frigged herself and getting even more turned on, the older chap pulled out a slightly smaller than average penis, maybe just 5 inches and it was hard then he pushed her head to his cock and Kirsty opened her mouth and allowed this total stranger to start to thrust his cock in her mouth,

“If you cum before me luv you will have to make me cum again after I’ve fucked your mouth” the stranger told her

on hearing this Kirsty could not delay her orgasm slot oyna any longer, she started to cum using her own fingers and the stranger took advantage of this and forced his cock as far in her mouth as possible and told her to suck really hard. Kirsty on finishing her orgasm still sucking this older mans dick she started to taste warm salty cum entering her mouth, she sucked and heard him tell her to swallow it all, the guy was forcing her head on his cock even though she had it all in her mouth. After spurting his load down her throat he roughly pushed her to the ground and told her that he wanted his second cum.

“Aint letting you fuck me” Kirsty told him

“You owe me another cum, are you into pissing?” he asked


“Well a fuck or you hold my cock whilst I have a piss?”

Kirsty stood up and grabbed his penis she aimed it to the grass and told him to piss, the older guy let it out after a few seconds, it seemed to sprinkle up instead of down and Kirsty felt warm golden piss on her hand. The man had his eyes shut and commanded that she rubbed the end of his cock with her thumb, she did this whilst he carried on pissing and her coat sleeve was now soaking wet with warm piss. After about 20 seconds he stopped and enquired about his second orgasm.

“you have cum in my mouth and pissed over my hands, I don’t even know you and you want to come again!” Kirsty moaned.

The older guy pushed her to her knees and told her, “Just another face fuck and I will be off”

Kirsty opened her mouth and he placed his erect penis to her lips and started to thrust in and out of her mouth. Kirsty then for the first time in her life tasted piss on his penis the man pulled his foreskin back and she felt a large drop go on her tongue, “That’s it luv I wont be long”

Kirsty started to slurp and suck on the thrusting cock in her mouth and the piss taste went and she tasted the salty precum taste. The older guy went faster in her mouth and she was glad he had a smaller canlı casino siteleri than average dick, again her mouth started to fill up with warm sperm and she found herself drinking another load of cum.

They both sat on a bench a few feet away from where they had been and started talking about the stranger, Kirsty found out he goes for a walk every evening and is single and his name is Martin.

“That was great, same time tomorrow night?” Martin asked

“Maybe, what time is it now then?” asked Kirsty

“About half nine”

Kirsty then said her goodbyes and walked out of the park. She watched as Martin exited the park and walked back to the swings,

“Are you Kirsty” came a voice

“Yes” replied Kirsty trying to see the strangers face in the dim light.

He looked like he was in his late 20s and was tall and had a cute face.

“Hi I’m Darren from Lancing, is it alright if we get on with it”

Darren started undoing the zip on his trousers, Kirsty went up to him and as he got his cock out she placed her hand on it, he had a hard penis and it was very smooth to feel, as she wanked him with her right hand Darren moved his face to hers and kissed her, he probed his tongue into her mouth and Kirsty kissed him back. Darren then pushed her head down asking her to suck him off.

Kirsty again went on her knees and he pushed his smooth hard cock into her mouth, Kirsty moved her lips over his cock whilst he gently gyrated his hips and moved his cock in and out. This Kirsty liked and sucked on his cock harder, Darren then placed both his hands over her head and got into a fast paced hip movement with his penis fucking Kirsty’s lips hard. He exploded his cum by splurting it deep in her mouth and he held her head in place for ages.

“lick the end with your tongue, clean it all and swallow every last drop” Darren said loudly in a deep breath.

Kirsty did this and circled her tongue around his cummy cock, she licked him for ages around the head, her lips still went up and down on his shaft.

When Darren released her head, Kirsty stood up and Darren just walked off.

“I will message you again” came his voice from a distance.

to be continued…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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