Brian Ch. 08

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Brain Ch. 08: Consoling Wendy

Dylan and Wendy sat on the couch, Dylan with arm wrapped around her. Wendy was gently rocking and sobbing quietly. Dylan was trying to hold back a cry because right now his mom needed him. He tried to comfort his mom and she rocked and listened to the port authority chief.

A few minutes earlier there had been a knock on the door to their hotel suite. They didn’t move out when the supposed stay was over because the search was still on for the William’s family. Wendy had mostly been in a comatose state for the past five days after the boat failed to show up back in port.

The authorities had been notified and Wendy was getting a daily report from them on the efforts of the search. Each night the local police chief would come to the suite to give them a report of what was going on and if they had found any sign of what happened to the boat and her family. She could give a damn about the boat, she would have gladly bought two of them if she could just have her family back.

Each night after the police chief left Wendy would drink her self into a stupor. She was smoking again, having stopped many years before when she was pregnant with the kids. Brian hated her smoking and refused to buy her cigarettes or would not kiss her after she smoked. She was going through two packs of cigarettes a day now, and a bottle of scotch every other day. When she was not drinking she was at the harbor, police station, or watching the floor of the room.

Dylan had to make her eat something. Each night he would order food from room service and make her eat. It wasn’t easy but he managed to get her to eat about half of whatever they brought up. After eating she would pour herself a drink and would begin her trip into a roaring drunk.


It was after the third night as Wendy was well into being bombed out of her mind, that she snapped at Dylan as he tried to talk with her to get her mind off his missing family. They were sitting on the couch and the police chief had just left after giving his report on the search.

“Mom, they will be fine. Dad is smart, SF training trained him for things like that. He would never put the family in jeopardy if it was possible to avoid.” Brian was rubbing his mother’s back while she hung her head down and holding her glass.

“It is my fault, all my fault. I am being punished. If I hadn’t, if we hadn’t’ then this wouldn’t have happened. It is all my fault,” she said.

“Mom, it is not your fault. You did, we did, nothing wrong it just happened,” he told her.

She turned to him and yelled, “YES, IT IS. If hadn’t fucked you then your father and sisters would be here right now. They are not here because I fucked you. Don’t you understand!”

Dylan turned her to him. “Mom, look at me. Look at me. What happened was not planned, coerced, or anything. It was something that just happened. Do you understand? Don’t you see?”

Wendy was shaking her hand and sloshing her drink on to the floor as her body moved with her. “Honey, what we did was wrong. I am being punished for it. You don’t do those things with your son. It is not right. I am being punished. Get it through you thick skull, it is my fault they are gone.”

Dylan looked at her. “Mom, first let’s discuss this rationally. You got the booze talking and you are not thinking clearly. Will you listen to me and let me explain?”

Wendy slumped her shoulders in quiet surrender. Her eyes were puffy from many hours of crying, red and swollen. Her hair was a mess; her combing it was about all that had been done to it since before the family went missing. Her face hadn’t had makeup applied for about as long as her hair hadn’t been fixed. Dylan looked at her and eyed her body. She was wearing shorts and a halter top. The colors and style didn’t match to what his mother’s impeccable style. Her legs were being to show light stubble and he knew she hadn’t bothered to shave. casino siteleri He could even see that she hadn’t shaved under her arms either as she had the beginnings of long dark hair showing. To put it bluntly, she looked like shit.

“Mom, stop saying dad and the girls are dead. We don’t know that. Their boat is over due, ok, long overdue. The storm probably had something to do with it. The island authorities they were going to visit reported they had left when they heard the storm. We know they left. They could have had engine problems or something. There are a lot of little islands around the area that are inhabited but with no power or communications. Dad is the best at survival. He has made it through some of the wildest things anyone could ever imagine. He has told us a few and probably hasn’t told us all.”

Dad has been through all the training the military had to offer. He can make a radio from a bamboo tree and a squirrel.” Dylan tried to make a funny for his mom to lighten the situation but she just looked at him in her near drunken stupor and hung her head down again. “Anyway, he is good. The girls can take care of themselves. I worry more about dickhead, opps, Roger, more than anything. He could fuck up a wet dream.”

They are going to be fine. They are probably sitting on some island right now basking in the sun while we worry. But dad will find a way to communicate, don’t worry. Okay?” He reached down and pulled her chin up so that she was looking at him. “Okay?” he stated again.

“Okaayy,” she slurred. The alcohol was starting to hit her. “But baby, what we did was wrong. We shouldn’t have done that. It was wrong, that is why I am being punished.”

“Mom, what we did was not wrong. It was wonderful. I have no regrets at all,” he told her. “Did you not enjoy it?”

“Yes, baby, I did. But it was wrong.” A tear formed and ran down her cheek.

“Mom, what we did was special. What happened, happened between two consenting adults. What happened was what should happen when two people love each other. I know you love me and I know I sure love you. You are beautiful and sexy. If there were one person that I would want to make love to, it would be you. Just because it happened between a mother and a son, doesn’t’ mean it was wrong. We both love each other. That is the way it is supposed to be. Do you understand?” he told her.

“But, you are my son,” she said.

“And you are my mother. What is the big deal? Here is a question for you. Did you enjoy it?” She nodded.

“Was it good?” She nodded.

“If the circumstances were different, would you do it again?” he asked.

She looked him in the eyes and held it for a moment, unsure of how to answer the question. Slowly she began to move her head up and down.

“Then what is the problem? It was the best I ever had. Do I want to do it again, hell yes. Do I think you are the most beautiful woman on earth, again hell yeah. Would I like to have you every night for the rest of my life, absolutely. Mom, I love you. Not just as a mother, but as a lover. Don’t you understand that?” he told her. He wasn’t sure it if was getting through.

“Oh, baby, it was one of the best I have ever had. The only person better was your father. But you had something different. I can’t put my finger on it, but there was something different. I want you too. I want you more than anything right now.” She sat her drink down and leaned forward to kissed him on his lips. Her tongue quickly darted out and touched his lips.

His hands came out and stopped Wendy and held her by her arms. “Mom, I would love to pick you up and carry you to bed and make love to you. But right now, your heart isn’t in it. It is the alcohol talking, not your heart. Let’s figure out what about dad and the girls first and then we can go from there. Come on, I am putting you to bed.” He stood up and pulled her to the standing position. He turned her sideways and picked her up and carried her slot oyna to her bed. He laid her on the covers and pulled a blanket over her. Next he turned out the light and walked out of the room. He left the bedroom door cracked so he could hear her if she called out in the night. He heard her cry herself to sleep several hours later.

“Meez’ Williams, we regret to enform you that we are haveng to call off the search for jour hoosband’s boat,” the police chief said in his broken English. “We hat searched for a week and no find. Whee tink de boat she sinks. We sorry. Who should we tell about the udder mon who what was on da boat.”

The news hit Wendy hard and Dylan tried to hold her up. Wendy told the police officer that it wouldn’t be necessary. Roger had been an orphan brought up in numerous foster homes, so there was really don want to tell. She would try to think of someone to call but right now her mind wasn’t clear enough to think about it.

Wendy cried herself to sleep again that night as Dylan sat outside her room. Dylan stayed awake watching movies on the television to make sure his mom was okay. Around midnight he heard a soft voice from his mother’s room, “Dylan, honey, are you awake?”

Dylan slowly extracted himself from the couch stiff from the angle he was sleeping. “Yeah, mom, what do you need?”

“Honey,” she sniffled and blew her nose, “would you lay next to me and hold me, please. I just need someone to hold me tonight please.”

Dylan walked in the room and crawled on the bed beside her. He laid on top the covers and she was under a blanket. He slid his arm under her pillow and took his arm and draped it over her. She grabbed his hand and brought it to her mouth and gently kissed it.

“Thanks, son. I just needed someone to hold me,” she quietly said.

When his mom snuggled back against him, his cock immediately started to get hard. “Not now boy, not now,” he thought as he wills his cock to deflate. He lay there and then gently heard his mother drift off to sleep.

The next morning he awoke in the same position, his arm under his mother’s head and his arm draped over her chest. Only now her realized that he was cupping her huge tits. His hands were covering her tit and his fingers were pinching her hard nipples. Her nipples had reacted to his touch in her sleep. They were as hard as he remembered from their lovemaking a week ago. They were sticking out through the light material of her nightshirt.

Dylan slowly eased himself out from under her head and moved to the bathroom. Today was going to be difficult and they would probably be heading home. The search was called off and there wasn’t much more to do. He entered the bathroom of the suite to pee and shower. He had earlier in the week, moved out of his room and was permanently staying in his parent’s, correction, his mother’s suite. Before he started to pee, he turned on the water in the shower to let it heat up. By the time he was down urinating, the bathroom was already starting to fog up.

He jumped in and for the first few minutes he just let the water pour over his head. After that he quickly shaved and washed his body. Once done he toweled himself off and put on the same pair of shorts he had slept in and went to check on his mom.

He found her sitting on the side of the bed speaking into the phone. “Ok, that will be fine. Please bring it to my room as soon as possible. I also would like to know if there is a place to rent a helicopter or plane around here. And can you send some food up here please. Bacon, eggs, fruit, pastries, bread, anything. We have a lot to do and we are starving. Ok, thank you.”

She hung up the phone and breathed out a heavy sigh. She turned and found Dylan staring at her with his mouth open. “Good morning baby. Glad you got showered. If you had waited I would have joined you.” She laughed and shook her head. “I have breakfast on the way up. We have some planning to do and we need food canlı casino siteleri to keep going. I am starved.”

Dylan was still staring in awe at his mother. This was not the same woman who cried herself to sleep every night for the past week. This was the old mom, the one who was in charge. He found her demeanor arousing and his cock jumped in his shorts.

Dylan’s cock movement was not unnoticed by Wendy. She saw his cock begin to swell in his pants. She got up and moved to him and wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed him hard on the lips. Her tongue darted into his mouth before she broke the kiss. “We are going to start our search for your dad and sisters. They are bringing me a map of the local currents and a map of the area 500 miles out. We will back track from there. I am going to find our family.”

“Mom is back,” Dylan thought. “But this isn’t the same mom. The old mom would not have kissed me like that. Not that I am complaining.”

With her arms still around Dylan’s neck she said, “Baby, I am sorry for the way I have acted for the past week. You are right about your dad and you were right about us. Things are going to be different. Just how different not sure, but we will cross that bridge when we get to it. Once we look at the charts and figure out what to do, we are going to rent a plane and look for ourselves. I have two hundred and ten million dollars sitting in the bank at home. I will buy a fucking plane or two or three if necessary. We are going to find out what happened, one way or the other. Now I am going to take a shower, if the food gets here before I get out, I want you to join me. I will let you scrub my back. Besides, I could use this.” She reached out and placed her hand on Dylan’s shorts, and grasped his hard cock. “Care to join me later?” She released her grip and started walking toward the bathroom.

When she got to the door she whipped her t-shirt off and turned to face Dylan. She was naked underneath and when she turned to face him he saw her boobs swing with her turn. She brought her hand to her lips and blew him a kiss. She closed the door and he heard the water start to run.

Dylan sat on the couch and hung his head. “Mom is back, but was that my mother? I am not complaining but what has come over her? I would love to climb in the shower with her but I would rather wash her front, not her back.”

His thoughts were interrupted by a knocking on the door. He crossed the room and opened it to find a waiter pushing a cart loaded with food. Room service must have thought the whole family was still here; there was enough to feed five and just two. Dylan signed the receipt and poured himself a glass of orange juice.

He knocked on the bathroom door. He stuck his head in the foggy room but kept his eyes closed. “Mom, food is here when you’re ready.”

“Okay, baby, thanks. Why don’t you join me and wash my back. It isn’t like you haven’t seen me naked before.” She opened the curtain and saw his head inside the door.

“You sure, mom. Is that what you want?” he asked shyly.

Wendy answered him in a solemn voice, “yes, son, that is what I want. More than anything right at the moment, I want you in here and in me right now.”

Dylan entered the room and dropped his shorts to the floor. He stepped out of them and stepped into the shower. His mother opened her arms and he stepped closer to her as she wrapped them around him. He placed his arms around her and they came to rest at the small of her back. He pulled her to him and she felt his hard cock press into her pussy mound.

“Ummm,” is all she said.

The people passing in the hall outside their room laughed at the sound coming through the closed door. One elderly couple passed by and the wife jabbed her husband in the ribs. She nodded her head toward the closed door, “Honeymooners. Remember those days.” They both laughed as the walked arm in arm down the hall.

The water had long turned cold when Dylan and Wendy got out of the shower. The food was cold too. The only thing hot was the two of them as they fell on the bed. They ordered lunch several hours later not having touched anything from breakfast.

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