Breeding Time at the Hucow Farm

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It was by no means an uncommon thing to see a hucow out in public, yet I always found myself staring whenever I found one. The way her huge breasts were constrained beneath her shirt and the curve of her wide hips were enthralling. Sometimes, if you were lucky, you could even see a small stain of milk leaking from her outlined nipples.

‘Quit staring,’ Jessica chided me.

I snapped back to reality and looked across the table at her. She sat next to her boyfriend, Mark, glaring at me. Once again I was the third wheel on another day out with them.

‘I wasn’t-,’ I started.

‘You were,’ she said, turning her head to look at the buxom hucow ordering at the counter of the café. ‘I can’t imagine many men that don’t stare at her everywhere she goes. Her breasts are so… obscenely big.’

‘Ethan’s always been a boobs kind of guy,’ Mark said turning back around in his seat from the hucow to face me. ‘I’m sure he likes them that big.’

I shrugged while continuing to watch the hucow. ‘Yeah, she’s pretty hot.

Jessica rolled her eyes as I watched the hucow thank the waitress and go take a seat at a table. She took care as she sat down to let her large breasts rest on the table before her. She looked up and caught me watching her, though before I had a chance to react she glanced away with a bored expression.

I considered myself to be rather good looking; I had never had any trouble with women in the past. Though, when it came to Hucows, they never gave me a second glance. I wasn’t sure if it was that lack of interest that made them seem so beautiful to me, or if it was just an exoticness that I was yet to try. Mark was right on the money, they were definitely my type of girl.

Hucows hadn’t always been the suppliers of milk the world over. There had once been animals named cows, which of course their name came from, that produced milk. I had only ever seen one when I was very young, the disease began spreading when I was about seven, I think. It spread throughout all cows and despite the best efforts of scientists to find a cure, they went extinct. There was still goat milk, but since it wasn’t ready for mass production, a natural foods group took advantage of the opportunity and pushed for human milk. Once they proved that they had the means to produce high enough quantities, and that human milk had greater health benefits, it was soon endorsed and the hucow industry began to grow.

‘Have you ever been inside the dairy farm downtown?’ Mark asked.

The dairy farm didn’t look anything like a traditional farm. It only took the name due to its purpose. It was a large building, like any other downtown, that the hucows lived and worked in.

‘I hear they’re all nudists there,’ Jessica said. ‘That they just wear clothes when they come outside.’

I looked over at the hucow again. That shirt did look pretty tight over her breasts. I could understand her going topless at the dairy farm. I could feel my heartrate quicken at the thought of hundreds of topless hucows going about their day with their large exposed breasts hanging before them.

‘Perhaps you should get a job down there, man,’ Mark said, causing me to panic a bit wondering what expression had just been on my face during that thought. ‘You might get a girlfriend out of it.’

‘I do just fine with girls,’ I said, recomposing myself.

‘How long has it been since your last girlfriend?’

‘I don’t know, man. Close to a year, I guess?’

Mark shook his head with a laugh. ‘Too long. Way too long, man. I think you’d benefit from a trip down there. Just, you know, see if they need another janitor, or something. Get to know some of the girls and see if any catch your interest.’

‘Yeah sure, whatever, dude,’ I chuckled. Though Mark’s advice stuck in the back of my mind for the rest of the day. By that night I was very curious about the idea. Images of the hucow from the café filled my mind as I grabbed my laptop and searched for the dairy farm.

I soon found their site, and after some navigating through pages of sunny green hills and smiling (and I should frustratingly add) clothed hucows, I finally found what I was looking for. A notice of who they were looking to hire. Despite the obvious application for hucows, there was a notice that were looking for male workers to help ‘keep the hucows satisfied and in high spirits for better milk production.’

I studied the notice for a while, reading over every word with curiosity. What did that involve? Whatever it was, it would surely give me the chance to meet some of the hucows, something I was very excited to do, so it didn’t really matter what the finer details were.

I closed down the laptop and set it aside for the night, determined to give the position a try.


I stepped through the front doors and into the cool foyer of the building. A women sat behind the reception desk, the only person in sight.

‘Hi! How can I help you?’ she asked as I stepped sheepishly toward casino siteleri the desk. As I drew closer I noticed that her breasts were small beneath her blouse. She must not be a hucow.

‘Hey… I saw you had an ad on your site…’

‘For the male position?’ she asked, pressing a button on the phone.

‘Yeah…’ I said, watching the phone, expecting someone to ring back.

‘Great! Please grab a seat and Violet will be with you shortly to give you a tour and explain what the position will entail.’

‘Okay, sure,’ I said, feeling a bit more confident about the situation. The one worry I had was that they would sit me down in an interview before I even knew what I was applying for. A tour of the building was just icing on the cake.

It wasn’t too long before Violet came to greet me. My eyes went wide as I looked up from my phone to see a naked hucow standing before me holding a clipboard. She had dark, shoulder length hair and looked to be in her thirties. Her large breasts hung down past her navel, ending in a large nipple, almost the size of a cocktail sausage.

She smiled at my reaction and cupped one of her breasts. The fat nipple stuck out between her fingers. ‘First time at the dairy farm?’

‘Uh… yeah,’ I said, feeling my face flush as I adjusted my gaze.

‘Don’t worry. Everyone does the same on their first visit.’ She opened the door behind her. ‘Come with me and I’ll show you around.’

I followed her through the doorway and into a long carpeted hallway. A few more hucows stood chatting against a wall, each one completely naked like Violet. It looked like Jessica was right. The hucows went about their day at the dairy farm naked.

‘This floor is mostly offices and the milk factory over in the east wing of the building. The upper floors are where the hucows live and are milked.’

I didn’t say anything in response, I was too busy admiring the hucow’s breasts as we passed them. They were all different ages, from young to old, yet each of their breasts seemed ageless. Even one hucow that looked much older than Violet had breasts with smooth, soft skin that were round and full. I turned back to Violet as she led me down the hallway only to become distracted by her naked ass as it swayed in front of me with each step. It so was toned and rounded.

My silence must have been telling as she looked over her shoulder at me with a knowing smile. Her eyes dropped to my pants and she let out a giggle. I looked down and suddenly realised I had a visible tent forming.

‘Ah,’ I began, trying to somehow cover it despite the fact that she had already seen enough to know.

‘Don’t worry, that’s natural. I swear we could start a bet amongst the staff here as to when a visiting man pitches his first tent. Now up ahead here is the nursery-‘

‘Nursery?’ I asked.

‘Yes. Where we look after the hucow’s calfves.’


‘The hucow’s children. You’ll soon find that we use a different dialect here.’ She stopped and turned her body toward mine. Her large breasts swung around with weight before she cupped them in both of her hands. ‘See, these aren’t breasts, they are udders, much like what cows had. Udders are large and produce milk constantly whereas breasts are much smaller and don’t. So, we have taken to using the term udders for us hucows.’

She grabbed her large nipples between her thumb and forefinger. ‘And these are teats rather than nipples. They are far larger, perfect for fitting into the milking machine. And what you were staring at before is my rump. No real reason for that, hucows just have wider hips than normal women, so we felt like adopting the term.’

‘All right, I think I get it,’ I said, savouring the chance to take in all of her body without reproach.

‘Now,’ she said, beginning to walk again, her rump swinging from side to side, as if she was putting on a show for me. ‘Let’s go up and meet the hucow that you will be assigned to initially.’

We stopped before a lift and Violet pushed the button. The doors opened with a ding, and we both stepped inside, leaning against the wall as we waited for it to take us to our floor.

Violet began massaging one of her udders as the lift ascended. ‘I think I might have to leave you for a bit while you meet Hayley,’ she said. ‘I’m feeling really full. I might sneak off and get milked, if you don’t mind losing your guide for a few minutes?’

‘Uh…’ I said, looking at the flesh of her udder beneath her fingers. Blue veins were beginning to become visible, showing just how engorged she was. ‘Yeah, sure. That’s fine.’

I wanted to ask if I could come and watch, being completely curious about the whole process, but meeting Hayley would have to suffice.

‘Excellent,’ she said with a smile. I noticed a drip of milk had begun to form at the end of her teat due to the massaging.

The doors opened and we stepped out into a busy hallway. There were hucows milling about everywhere, standing in doorways slot oyna to rooms and chatting with those in the hallway. As I followed behind Violet I looked through the open door into the rooms beyond. They looked very much like college dorm rooms. In fact the way everyone flitted from room to room reminded me of college.

‘Here it is,’ Violet announced, stopping before a closed door. ‘As I said, her name is Hayley. Just go in and chat with her. See if she’s someone you’d enjoy spending time with.’

‘Okay then.’ I gave a nod, studying the door with a sudden nervousness.

‘I’ll be back before long to collect you.’ She gave me a pat on the shoulder and headed back down the hallway to the lift.

Unsure of how to proceed, I gave a knock on the door.

‘Coming,’ came a voice from within the room before the door opened to reveal a small redheaded hucow. Any concern about what the job may entail flew from my mind as thoughts of spending time with this beauty replaced them. She had a small button nose and big brown eyes that looked up at me from beneath her long wavy red hair. Her hair fell all the way down her lower back to her curvy hips, and a small patch of red pubic hair adorned her front beneath her large udders.

‘Uh…’ I said. I had no idea what to say.

‘Oh, you’re the bull in training!’ she said, suddenly bursting into a toothy smile as she noticed my clothes.

‘The… what?’

‘Come in,’ she said, excitedly grabbing my arm and pulling me into the room. She closed the door behind us and led me over to the couch.

‘Violet said you’d be coming today.’ She flopped down onto the couch, her udders bouncing as she did. They settled in her lap, the soft flesh spilling over her legs. Her eyes fixated on me with an intense curiosity as I slowly sat down beside her

‘So, what’s your name?’ she asked.

‘Ethan,’ I said cautiously. I still felt like she was a few steps ahead of me in understanding the situation.

‘Nice to meet you, Ethan. I’m Hayley.’ Then, noticing my apprehension she added, ‘is this your first time at the dairy farm?’

‘Yeah. This is all new to me.’

‘You’ll get used to it fast.’ She shot another smile at me. I’ll admit, the warmth of her smile did ease my nerves.

‘So, how long have you been here?’

‘Uh, a little over a year, I think. I’m only nineteen.’

‘Oh wow,’ I said, looking at her udders. They were as large as the other hucows here. ‘So it doesn’t take long to… develop.’

‘No,’ she shook her head with a grin, some of her red hair spilled over her bare shoulder as she did. ‘It only took a few weeks from joining here before I was producing milk.’

The reminder that her large udders right in front of me were probably brimming with milk caused me to shift uncomfortably on the couch so as to try and stop another tent from forming.

‘What led you to sign up here?’ I asked, hoping that if I kept her talking she wouldn’t notice my crotch.

She adjusted herself on the couch too, turning her body so she was facing more toward me. She put her arm onto the top of the couch and rested her head against her hand as she spoke. Her udders hung in my direction invitingly.

‘I always thought there was something special about hucows growing up. They were the women producing milk for everyone in the world. I remember seeing one at the shops when I was little and everyone seemed to treat her like she was special. I wanted to be like her. So, when I graduated high school I came here and signed up. I got my injections of their special hormones and before long my udders began to grow.’

She cupped her right udder lovingly with her free hand before pointing to what looked like a massage table in the corner. Large clear cups were attached to the underside with tubes leading from them into a machine beneath it.

‘That is my milking table. If you are here long enough, I can show you how it’s all done. I’m due for a milk soon.’

I looked back at her, hoping to contain my excitement. ‘Yeah, I’d love to see that.’

‘Great!’ she said. ‘But first, what about you? What led you to sign up as a bull?’

‘Uh, I haven’t… fully been told what I’ve… What is a bull?’

She giggled and pulled her knee on my side up to her chest. Her left udder was squished between her and her leg in the process. The soft flesh spilled around her leg as her teat began to slowly leak milk.

Through her reposition her pussy came into view. I tried to keep my eyes on her, though I did briefly notice that her clit was quite bulbous and a deep red. Was she really horny, or had it grown too like her teats?

‘Before explaining what a bull is, there’s more to a hucow’s physiology. An immature hucow, like me, only produces about eight gallons a day, but a mature hucow can produce up to ten gallons. The more milk we can produce, the better for all the people we’re feeding.’

‘And how do you become a mature hucow?’ I asked.

‘I need to be bred canlı casino siteleri by a bull.’ Her free hand slowly moved to her pussy and began playing with her engorged clit as she continued. ‘Our bodies react to having a baby by increasing our milk supply even further. My milk ducts will stretch and produce more milk permanently.’

‘So, I’m going to…’

‘Not yet,’ she said, her fingers running rings around her large clit. I could see her pussy was dripping now. ‘You need to get injections too before you can become a bull.’

‘What injections?’ I asked apprehensively.

‘Nothing too bad. They give you a dose of special testosterone to make your sperm more potent. I think my modified body is harder to impregnate with just normal sperm. The testosterone will make your dick grow and will make your balls a lot bigger. Like REALLY big.’

Her eyebrows shot up at those last words and the tempo of her fingers on her clit increased subconsciously. She stared at my crotch and bit her bottom lip.

‘Could I ask you a favour?’ she asked suddenly, her voice was softer than before.

‘Yeah, sure. What is it?’

‘I’ve never… I mean I’ve only ever seen the bull’s balls here. Could I see yours before they… change?’

‘Uh…’ I hesitated at the question. I wasn’t even sure about having them changed yet. But as I watched her continue to play with her clit my will weakened and I stood up. I undid my belt and pulled my pants down, letting my strained erection free.

‘Oh wow,’ she said, shuffling forward on the couch to get a closer look. She cupped my balls and her hand and let out a giggle. ‘They’re so small!’

I pulled back and went to grab my pants before she blurted out, ‘I mean, small in comparison! I don’t know what normal balls are supposed to look like. They might be really big by normal standards, I don’t know. But your cock is…’ She let her fingertips trail across my shaft towards the head. ‘Your cock is really nice.’

She moved her head in closer and licked from the base of my cock to the head before taking it all in her mouth.

I was rock hard at the feeling. I marveled at the sight before me. Her red hair fell down over her back like a river of red wine, while her large udders hung below her, her pink teats standing to attention. Any injection would be worth having this whenever I wanted.

Just as I began to enjoy the sensation of her lips wrapped around my cock she pulled back.

‘We can’t. Not yet. You need to save your sperm up for tomorrow.’

I moved closer to her and gently pulled her hand back up and placed it around my cock.

‘Surely we can just have some fun now?’

She sighed and let her hand drop from my shaft. ‘No… It really is best if we wait.’ She got up from the couch and stood on the tips of her toes, wrapping her arms around my neck and kissing me deeply. Her udders squished between us, her teats poking into my stomach.

We broke apart and she stepped back, her brown eyes staring at me deeply.

‘Tomorrow, okay? Then you can breed me.’

I just stared back speechlessly. I wanted nothing more than to throw her down on the couch and fuck her hard right now. I sighed. Tomorrow, I told myself, just one more day and I can.

She looked down at my shirt and grinned. ‘I think I am due for my milking now.’

I looked down and saw what she was referring to. Two milk stains lined my shirt where her teats had rubbed into me.

‘You can watch if you want,’ she said, stepping around me to her milking table.

She lay down on top of the padded milking table, positioning her udders for the cups. As the machine came on and began sucking at her teats, she maneuvered her legs over the sides of the table and found little stirrups for her feat underneath. As I watched I noticed that the part of the table underneath her crotch was lined with firmer looking bumps.

‘See,’ she said as she began to grind her pussy against them, ‘They designed it so we can get ourselves off while milking. It helps with the milk let down. Plus, the back half of the table can come away, you know, just in case a big bull decides to join me.’

She shook her rump suggestively as the door behind me opened. I quickly pulled my pants up as Violet entered.

‘Oh, please, Ethan. If you stay on with us I’ll see more than that,’ she said, cheerily. ‘I see you two have gotten to know each other.’

‘Mmm, yes,’ Hayley said, laying her head down on the table as the machine pumped away at her udders. ‘I think he’s perfect to breed me.’

‘Excellent! So, Ethan. Shall we get started?’

I stood there thinking as I watched Hayley. There were so many more questions about what going forward involved, but I felt that there would be no end to those questions. The only thing I could be sure of was saying no meant that I wouldn’t see Hayley again. I already wanted to see more of her after just this short meeting.

‘Yeah, let’s get started.’

Violet grabbed my hand and began leading me toward the door.

‘I can’t wait for tomorrow,’ Hayley called after me as we left.

I followed Violet back down the hallway to the lift. As the lift descended, Violet watched me.

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