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Female Ejaculation

It was around five in the morning when I stumbled sleepily into the kitchen. As usual, my two cats, Boris and Natasha, had poked and prodded and gotten me up way too early just so I would feed them that foul smelling gruel they called cat food. I warned Annie last night that this would probably happen. As this was Annie’s first time visiting in ages and she was one of my oldest and dearest friends I had offered to let her have the bed while I slept downstairs on the couch but she wouldn’t hear of it. Thus, after completing my destined task, I found myself poking around in the fridge looking for early morning munchies when all of a sudden Annie wandered into the kitchen wearing a floor-length terrycloth robe and yawning.

“Aw, Jeez. I’m sorry,” I apologized. “I tried to be quiet. It’s just that I can never get back to sleep once I feed the cats.”

Her eyes only half open, she proffered what sounded like a perfectly logical solution. “Try feeding them just before you go to bed. Then maybe they won’t be hungry at this time of morn….Uhhhhhh!…morning.” Her yawn was contagious.

“Actually, I have tried that,” I yawned back, ” but it doesn’t have any effect at all. They still show up like clockwork. I haven’t actually needed my alarm clock in months, y’know?”

She plopped her head down sleepily on my shoulder and looked up at me. “Hiya, handsome,” she smiled. “Long time no see.”


“You know,” she continued, “maybe the whole cat thing just has to do with pussies being hungry this time of morning. Mine usually is, too.”

“I didn’t know you had a cat back home,” I said sincerely, too tired to catch the innuendo.

“I don’t,” she said with a wink.

I laughed. It wasn’t an unusual reference for her to make. We both enjoyed a good dirty, flirty remark. Annie and I had been intimate off and on over the years but mostly off recently as she had been living out of town. Still, I was more than a bit surprised when she untied the belt from her robe, letting it fall open to reveal a tiny, scarlet, silk-like teddy. She leaned up to kiss me. I pushed the robe off her shoulders and she let it fall to the floor as I grasped her tight muscular butt cheeks and drew her to me. There was no questioning. I knew instinctively what she wanted. I nibbled her long neck and she moaned into my ear. I worked my fingers up inside the teddy and her white cotton panties to find her squishy pussy. Then I had my fun rubbing, pressing, poking and fondling it before feeling my way to her rubbery clit and bouncing it back and forth between my thumb and forefinger. Her mouth fell open. Hating to waste it, I slipped my tongue inside her sweet lips and she clamped down hard on it, sucking it as deeply Maltepe Escort Bayan as it could go into her mouth. When I finally could free myself, I went back to the neck, sucking and biting and nuzzling that perfect little valley between her head and shoulders. All the while, her fingers rubbed my back hard. My own fingers played with her lower lips and clit, making her much juicier down there. I began sort of vibrating my finger on her now very prominent clit and she urged me on with breathless moaning. Soon enough, she bit my ear and cried shrill little cries. She tried to push me away but I didn’t stop. In fact, I wet the middle finger of my other hand between her legs and slipped it deep up into her ass and wiggled it. Her eyes opened wide and she grinned at me like I had just done something very, very naughty. In less than another minute, she grunted a loud guttural sound, her legs wobbled and she would most likely have fallen to the floor but for my fingers between her legs holding her up.

“Stop! Oh, my God, stop, please! I have GOT to sit down.” Her breathing was quite fast and her face was a deep red as she plopped into a kitchen chair. “Oh, shit! I have never had two so close before. What the FUCK did you do to me, you bastard?”

“Oh, now is that fair?” I grinned, clearly proud of my efforts. “I mean, you certainly seemed to be enjoying it at the time.” With that I made a show of sniffing my fingers and then licking her sharp, tangy juices off of them.

“Stop that!” she laughed. “That’s just disgusting. You don’t know where those have been.”

“Just making sure all the pussies got fed this morning, my dear. Now it’s my turn. Guess what I want to eat.”

“Oh, no! Not after that. I need to rest up!”

“Oh, come on. You know I love it and it’s been years! Let’s see just how many orgasms you can take.”

“Hah! So that’s it! You just want to feed your male ego!”

“Oh, yeah, right! Honey, I just want to taste your fucking delicious pussy, okay?”

“Wellll…I guess when you put it so romantically like that I can’t deny you. Just call me a slut, I guess.”

“You’re a slut.”

“Kidding, you son of a bitch! Kidding!” she yelled as she picked up the robe and whapped me with it.” Come on. If we’re gonna do this let’s move to the couch so I can get more comfortable.” In the living room, she pulled down her sticky panties and took the sexy teddy off over her head. As it fell to the floor it revealed her taut, muscled body in all of its lusty glory. The dim glow from the streetlight outside reflected off her saturated pubic hair and her enticing scent began to permeate the room. She lay back on the large couch naked and spread out for me with her knees lifted Maltepe Escort up. Keeping eye contact the whole time, I rubbed teasingly up and down her sleek legs, thighs and stomach before settling in to eat my favorite food.

I was never a breast man. Even as a teenager I wanted to eat pussy more than just about anything and was intrigued and tantalized by all of the magazine articles about how men hated doing it and how it smelled terrible. I became obsessed with discovering that smell. As I did so, I quickly learned to adore that molten aroma of aroused woman. Now here I was with my sometime lover and that incredible, delightful smell of her morning desire being created just for me.

On my knees between Annie’s thighs I went all out. Some men just never seem to appreciate that eating pussy is an art form involving an arsenal of body parts, not just the tongue. For this particular excursion, I added multiple fingers, the palm of my hand, my lips, my nose and even my teeth. I started gently, kissing her thick lower lips in much the way you would kiss regular lips, complete with snaking my tongue out to lick off the tasty juices already there. I licked up and through her trimmed pubic bush, using my nose to nuzzle the pad above her pussy while breathing deeply of her essence. My fingers pulled her lips apart and I rubbed them softly between the thumb and forefinger of each hand. She clutched a pillow in her hands to moan and/or scream into as needed. I was determined to go for the screaming, myself. Having just gotten off twice in the kitchen, it didn’t take long to build her back up and soon enough her legs began trembling as they squeezed me to her tasty box. It was a little one. She groaned just a tad. I could taste her flavors becoming more savory after she came but I kept at it, adding the occasional unsanitary side-licks at the marvelously tight, tiny butt-hole just below her pie.

Every once in awhile, I just ran my hands lightly over her body like tickly little spiders crawling up and down. A second orgasm, a little more powerful than the first, arrived quickly. Annie’s legs became a mass of quivering gooseflesh and this time she tried to close them up, locking me out. I could hear her crying into the pillow.

Raising my head just a little but keeping an eye on the copious fluids now running out of her pretty slit and soaking into my couch I asked, “Is that it? Have you had enough already? If you want me to stop, I’ll stop, you know.”

“No!” she insisted, punctuating her wish by bopping me a couple of times with the couch pillow. “Don’t you dare stop!”

“Well then, since you’re a guest here, I guess its my duty to make your stay pleasant so…” Her legs now trembling and my beard Escort Maltepe wet with her sticky juices, I ventured on, piping my tongue as deeply into the folds of her lower flesh as I could get but this time never leaving her little bud for long. Indescribable was the taste—sweet, sour and thick like a pungent barbecue sauce manufactured just for me.

Suddenly, she cried out a jittery, “Ooooohhhhhhh!!!!!” Her face contorted as she wrinkled her forehead and bit her lower lip. I could see tears falling down her cheek and her hair was getting sweaty. Third! She kicked at me to knock me away but I held on tightly as if trying to ride a bucking bronco. She pulled herself back further into the couch until she had nowhere to go, all the while trying vainly to push me away.

Instead, I nibbled ever-so-lightly at her beady clit, itself now tasting of all her wonderful flavor variations. I wet my fingers inside her again and jammed them easily into her asshole, itself already juicy from everything running down. I thought briefly about how hard it would be to clean the huge wet spot off of the couch. Then I decided that maybe I should just leave it and sniff it occassionally. I sucked Annie’s clit between my lips hard, feeling almost as if I could just pull it right off of her with my mouth. By that point, she was nearly catatonic, her eyes glazed, her face flushed and sweaty and her entire body just trembling in the far corner of the couch as she whimpered and moaned and sometimes growled through yet another climax. “Ohmigod! Ohmigod! Ohmigod!!! Noooooo! Nooooo! Oh, baby…..Oooooooooooooooooo! Yes! Ohhhhhhhh, yes! Yeeeeeesssss!” Her outer lips were thickly swollen and clearly soaked as her pussy continued visibly pulsing even as I finally pulled away. I smiled at my handiwork as I stood back and wiped her off of my face.

“Well, I kind of lost track, there. Counting the two in the kitchen was that…?”

“Fuck you!” she coughed.

“Okay, I guess it is my turn finally. I’ve been sitting here fully dressed the whole damn time with a massive hard-on just waiting to get out.”

“I said ‘fuck you’ and I meant ‘fuck you’. I’m done, dumbass. I gotta sleep awhile. Oh, man! I never…Here. Hand me my panties.”

I reached down and picked up her long discarded underwear and she ran the panties through the swampy valley of her crotch until they were quite literally dripping with her juices.

“I could get you a towel or something, y’know.”

Then she wadded them up and tossed them at me. “Here. Go jerk off with these and then wash ’em for me you horny bastard. Then fix ME some pancakes for breakfast”

“Well, if I have to…” I rung them out just a bit, then held them to my nose and delighted once again in Annie in all her glories. I glanced over for her reaction but she was already deep in slumber. She told me later in the day that it was the best sleep she’d ever had. Maybe she’ll come to visit more often now.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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