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Brandi Collins awoke from a long leisurely nap, her head throbbing a little less than it had earlier as the three Jim Beam and cokes had managed to finally wear themselves out of her system. Her bed was nice and warm, and the pillow was nice and soft. The alarm was blinking, so that must have meant that there was a power failure. Brandi lifted her head from the pillow and tried not to scream as her head talked back to her.

She placed her hands down on the mattress, and tried to push herself up from the bed. It was then that she caught up with something that was decidedly different than what she thought it was.

There was something soft and silky on the bed with her!

Her fingers traced a line around a naked thigh, and Brandi found herself smiling. “Smiling?!” What the heck was going on here? The last thing that she realized was getting up to go to the bathroom in her home.

“Good morning Brand…”

The voice next to her sounded familiar, but as so far as she knew, she hadn’t had any lesbianistic tendencies that she knew of.

“Um morning, how are you?”

“You silly girl, as if you didn’t know.” The person next to her punched her lightly in the arm, “come on silly one, do you want something to eat, try and get rid of that hang over?’

Brandi tried to adjust her eyes; everything still was a little hazy.

The woman next to her stood up, and Brandi güvenilir bahis could hear as her feet padded to the bathroom. How in the hell did everything get so messed up. This wasn’t something that she was prepared to handle, not in the least. She waited until the young woman had come back out of the bathroom, bringing the duvet of the blanket up to cover herself. “Who are you?” Brandi asked suspiciously.

The woman laughed slightly, and deep inside of her, Brandi felt a longing like she had never known.

“Oh Brandi you’re such a funny girl. I knew right away that you were the perfect one for me the instant that I saw you at the club. Would you care for a cigarette?” The woman walked over to Brandi’s easy chair, and Brandi could make out a coat and several other pieces of clothing including a bra slung over an arm.

“You really don’t know who I am?” The woman asked Brandi.

Brandi shook her head. “No I’m sorry that I don’t.”

The woman laughed again. “You had no trouble remembering my name last night when I was doing such wonderful things to you.” The woman lit and then took a deep drag on her cigarette, and brandi swore that she remembered the French accent.

The woman kept the lit cigarette in her moth as she walked over to Brandi, her legs swaying seductively as she walked, her naked, unfettered breasts matching the tempo slightly. Brandi could see a brown türkçe bahis patch of pubic hair and she could almost feel her fingers caressing the womans furry outline.

“Please, come here.” Brandi patted the bed, surprised at herself.

“Why, what do you need?” The woman snapped at her suddenly, and Brandi felt hurt.

“What did I do?”

“I mean well,” Said the woman “If you can’t remember my name, nor the exquisite pleasure that I gave you last night, than why should I offer to bed you again?”

The woman did have a point, and Brandi sunk inside of herself. Please forgive me. I’m sorry, can I make it up to you some how?”

I suppose I can think of a way.” The woman sat down next to Brandi and crossed her legs, her back towards Brandi.

Brandi studied her for a moment, and contemplated what to do next. She crawled towards her. “I’m so sorry…” a word popped into her head, and Brandi could not believe that she heard herself saying it, “Mistress.”

“There we go, that’s a good girl Brandi, but you were bad for forgetting my name like that. You need to be punished. After all I am your mistress, and do I not treat you well?”

“Yes, mistress very well.”

“Did I not give you a good dinner last night, and very expensive wine?”

“Yes mistress.” An image flashed inside of Brandi’s head of china plates, and glasses of the finest crystal filled deep güvenilir bahis siteleri to the brim with dark red liquor.

“You humiliate me Brandi, by not remembering my name, and you deserve to be punished do you not?”

Brandi nodded her head in shame; whatever she had done must have been horrible for Mistress to think of her so. “Yes mistress.”

Mistress stood up, still naked and went over to an exquisite table. “I have something for you Brandi. It is a gift, but I think that it will serve better purpose now.” Mistress walked over to the table and handed Brandi a brightly wrapped box.

“What’s this my mistress?”

“Open it please. You’ve deserved this.”

Brandi opened the box with child like intensity, throwing the paper and wrapping on the floor like a child. Inside of the box was a rich, darkened leather collar, almost black, and Brandi could see that a master had worked it so that the leather gleamed almost black in the light. “What is this?” She pulled out the collar and slipped it over her neck. It must have been some sort of gaudy necklace or something that Mistress wanted her to wear.

“You look beautiful, Brandi, so beautiful, and you wear your collar like a good girl. Sit down please.”

Brandi sat down on a chair, and was stunned as a whip crossed her bare body. “No, bad Brandi. I did not tell you that you could sit on the chair did I. That place must be earned.”

Brandi drew back away from mistress, stunned and hurt at what had occurred. Perhaps, someday, the mistress would tell her what exactly had happened, and why, but not today. That was a tale for another time.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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