Boys in My Bra

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When I was 18, I thought I was a nice girl. I had a boyfriend, Paris, who had forced me into typical sexual experiences up to that point. At first, I tried to remain slightly virtuous, but the more I experienced, the more I disliked denying myself pleasure, and soon craved what every woman wished for. I wanted to enjoy sex and be nasty, fuck, and watch men come. And more.

I sucked Paris’s cock frequently, and once (amazingly), I even swallowed his rich cum because I did not want it dripping on my silk blouse. (It did, however, fill my mouth and some did get on my clothes, but that is another story). Soon after that, I would let Paris jerk that cock off right into my mouth, would watch it all unfold right before my eyes and mouth, and watching him jerk it off was hot. He had to, because I did not know enough about cocks to suck him well enough to come. I guess I was just sort of “tasting” his cock at the outset. From the beginning, he kind of had to jerk off into my mouth to come. That was about as nasty as I ever got, but it was plenty hot for me. I craved the spurt of cum into my mouth, and needed it more each time it happened, it seemed. I tried to keep my lust bottled up nonetheless, and tried not to let on that I wanted much, much more abuse and cock.

How much I was to learn over the next year. At the time, I was a fairly tame person. Young, firm, slender, and not enough of a slut. But that was about to change.

Paris and I fooled around, but I began to like the look of other boy’s asses and legs and started to fool around with other guys.

I loved to play with Paris’s cock, but I wanted more. Each time I got to taste that young hot cock, I dreamed about what I could teach other, unsatisfied boys.

It was once enough for me just to suck and pump his dick until hot cream gushed into my mouth, and let it drip all over and down my face. Soon I wanted many different cocks dancing for me.

I began to collect young cocks. I flirted with boys, and it was amazingly easy to find the situation where, alone, eventually, they would actually let me dip into their pants and fish around for that stiff dick. Of course they would.

There are plenty of dicks for any girl who wants one. I, however, wanted young cock.

I would try to imagine what each boy’s dick looked like before I saw it, and I never was disappointed, no matter what it was like. I always made those dicks perform for me, and I loved to work on them until they were as hard as possible.

I grew to love the different ways hot cum would explode into me, how far they would spurt onto my face and clothes, how they were shaped differently, how they throbbed, bobbed up and down, desperately aching for more of my wet lips, how they acted differently, how timid some boys were, how bold some were, how perverted they could become in my hands, how much they wanted it.

I would always start off by being a fairly nice girl. I could fuck my brains out with Paris, but I had to start slowly with others.

For instance, once I was starting to see another guy. He was a year younger than me, and I wanted to tease the hell out of him. I began to develop my technique with new boys. I never would simply fuck or let them get their fingers into me. Instead, I had a “Catholic schoolgirl” routine.

No, I would not fuck a new boy right away. I was too “nice”.

Those days, when just getting to know a boy, I get him alone, would make out with him, get him really worked up, rubbing and grinding his dick through his pants into my groin, and I would maneuver myself so that I had his dick rubbing my boobs as I squirmed atop him. I would sometimes really shock the hell out of him by shoving his shirt up around his neck, licking his chest, and landing on his little nipples, and see if I could get them hard. I would manage to start sucking his nipples and see how he felt about that.

Usually, it would be the first time any girl had done that to him, and usually he gasped, caught on and let me have at it. The sucking noises would usually let him know he had a real hottie on his hands, but in spite of my desperate suckoff of his boy tits, I kept myself in control. If he stopped me at that point, the night was over, and I would never return his calls in the future. I didn’t need any boy who did not want to be fucked in return for fucking casino oyna me. I wanted to abuse and shock them, and be abused in return. If they liked being sucked off this way, great things were in their future.

If he liked it, I would unlatch my lips, strip down to my bra, let them suck me awhile, and I would let him put his desperately eager throbbing, stiff, hot, dick inside of it, and let them fuck my small breasts and squeeze them against their cock and jerk themselves off and buck and thrash themselves in a frenzy. I would whisper encouragement to him to take his dick out of my bra and rub it “for me”. It always amused me to get them working at jerking themselves off so hard, inches from my face. I liked watching those man-fists beating their meat.

I would pretend to be a virgin, and “afraid” of “doing it”, but “let them” play with my breasts any way they wanted. If they seemed more interested in fucking or fingering me, I would say, “But baby, stop jerking me off. Stop fucking my pussy.”

(They always loved the filthy talk.)

“Not there, not yet. Please, baby, I need your dick. I need it here….. Your cock would feel sooo good between my soft, cute tits. Please let me feel your cock there. Please….wouldn’t you like to put it inside of my pretty little bra? I promise to make you feel good….”

In it would slip, inside my pretty little teen age bra, and I loved having it there. It was never still, but they would be squirming and thrusting, naturally fucking me any way I would let them.

I would squeeze my tits around those dicks, they would pump it in and out, harder and stiffer, and I might have to encourage them to jerk themselves off with the tip inside of my sexy little frilly bra if they needed to finish.

“Oh, baby, do it, do it. Jerk it off for me, baby. Fuck that cock for me, baby. Show me how much you want to fuck me. Fist that cock. Baby..”

They would. Faster, hotter, as I moaned and loved the scene and scents. They would jerk themselves off into my tits, into my bra, and love every moment. None ever seemed willing to stop, or insist on any other sex at that point. They all wanted whatever they could get, and that was what the slut was offering at that point, and none refused it.

And so, by letting them come inside of my bra, every boy I ever met would later have a chance to come and spurt all over my face. I’ll tell you, the young ones really could pump it out…I still love it when that happens. I love the feeling of denying a boy the chance to fuck me, but making him show his cock, making him jerk it, and putting it where I tell him.

Of course, I would often prefer to be fucked, and fucked hard, but when just getting acquainted, I liked to pretend to be an innocent little girl, despite the fact that by the time I was just out of college, I had taken cock up my ass, and had given it to men with a strap on dildo the size of a nice little boy’s cock. Once, in fact, I had fucked the sweet little ass of an 18-year-old boy with a small (cherry flavored) popsickle, telling him it was what I wanted, and “how are you to know how I like it unless I show you?” Of course, the more I fucked him with it, the smaller it got, and the more he wanted. He got all I could give him that night, and many nights afterwards. That was Jason. He was so grateful. I think he was bi.

But the boy I was “breaking in” never knew that, and in fact, I made it a habit to always pretend they were the first, at almost everything, for as long as I could. After a while, of course, most realized I was more experienced than they were, and so I could only keep up the pretense for a while. Especially after the age of 25, when not being fucked meant there was something wrong with you. Well, there was nothing wrong with me, as most of my partners knew. Nothing a good stiff one couldn’t fix.

When young, as I was saying, I would enjoy controlling the cocks that so wanted to venture into me. I would “let” them put it in my bra, and by teasing, talking, moaning, and twisting, they would all come. Every damn one of them. Never had any embarrassed boys, except about the “mess” they made of my clothes or face. They would be so cute when they offered to help me clean up. Those, of course, had to lick up their own cum when I insisted and made them hotter in the process. You can imagine.

I slot oyna never had any soften up while inside my lacy black, pink, or white tiny bras. Nope. I would just let them jerk themselves off, or I would do it for them, or I would squeeze my boobs around them and talk really dirty.

“Ohh…Baby. That cock feels soo good inside my bra. Next to my nipples. Do you like this, Billie? (I remember Billie…he was 19, and he DID like it…) I’d look down, and breath heavily, “come for me, baby, …let me see the cream shoot out. I want to see you come all over my boobs…Do me, baby…”

It would be different each time, but also very similar in many ways to other previous boys I had. They all were shocked at my language. Few had ever heard a woman who really wanted it so bad that they would talk nasty and encourage them to do more than they could think of themselves.

I could look up and see the look of passion and lust etched into their faces, and it was always the same. They loved it. They needed it. And I alone, at that moment, controlled them totally. Being a bit of a tease was a feeling of smooth control. Of power over those strong, muscled boys.

Then I began using Coconut oil all over my breasts while they were working their piece up and down my cleavage. “Umm, baby. Let me make your dick feel better.” I’d slather lots of delicious oil all over their hot thrusting dick….. Squish, squish. “Better, baby? Fuck my tits, baby. Fuck them….That’s it. Fuck. Fuck me… Harder, baby. Do me… Do it to me baby. Be mama’s fuck boy… That’s it baby. Fuck your mama. “

I found that if I added some kind of lotion or crème at any time it would always eventually result in spurts of cum shooting onto my face, into my tits, over my legs, or would run in creamy rivers down onto my bra. . It never took too much time. They would come, be released, docile, impotent, and I was in full control. I never had a cock go limp between my breasts while I asked them to fuck me good and hard there. It was so much fun.

Then, sometimes I might take off my bra, hand it to them, and make them lick it up.

“Oh. Look what you did. Now you have to lick it up for mama. Lick it, little boy. You were so nasty. Now clean it up…”

Funny thing, every boy I asked, did lick it up. Every one of them loved licking and sucking the juices from my sexy little cum bra. Every one. They liked the smell of my tits mixed with their cum, I guess. I giggled, moaned, or talked dirty as they licked and sucked on my bra, and occasionally, fingered my pussy while they did, or even led their hand there, and bucked and humped against their hand, knowing they were more docile now, and not too likely to shove a cock up me at this point. I liked the control and the power of making them come and keeping my pussy untouched, except by me.

Often, they seemed a bit embarrassed, but I would always be groaning and still gyrating against their cocks, still loving it. Yes, my pussy wanted it, but, if their hand job on me did not do the trick, I trained myself to wait until later, when I would masturbate to fulfill any further needs I might have, after the boy left. Frankly, none of them knew much of anything about bringing me to orgasm, could not even find my clit, and it became a bit of a chore to try to cum this way.

This was only during the first few dates, because after about four nights like this, the boy would always “persuade” me to fuck him, and, damn, I could fuck them better than any virgin ever. They never knew how slutty I could be. I always shocked them. At least they were always amazed at what I could do. Of course, I had plenty of experience unknown to them. They were all younger, and I knew more that any of them about what to do to bring them off, and to shock them by how nasty I was. Looking back, I was nasty, and I can’t imagine what it seemed like to fresh meat. I teased them only to a point, and then I would do lascivious things to make him cum without needing to fuck my forbidden pussy.

Each time I sucked their nipples and bra fucked them, I told them how sweet their tits were, how wonderful their cocks were, how I had never known anything like this kind of forbidden pleasure, and how I could hardly imagine how great it would be to actually “do it” one day. Sometimes I would keep the bra on for a canlı casino siteleri while, soaked in jism, and I kind of liked wearing cum inside of my bra the rest of the night. They probably thought I was the nastiest whore imaginable because I allowed a man to spurt their hot jism by bucking and thrashing on his dick while he tried to fuck me while only inside my bra. The way I encouraged his cock by squeezing my breasts around it, the way I moaned and asked for more hot cock and the way I allowed him such nasty liberties…..I was a slut.

I did this frequently, before ever allowing the man to fuck me. Such was youth. I, of course, trusted the pills I took. Rubbers were sort of gross to me back then, and I eventually ended up allowing a boy to have his way and ease that tremendous hot naked dick into my dripping hot slushing pussy, feeling every vein, throb and spasm directly in contact with my sweet, wet, pretty pussy. In those days, and even now, a virgin boy was never much of a risk if you were taking pills, and I would tease them for weeks, knowing eventually they would be able fuck my brains out. They always hoped they would eventually fuck me, but they would never know when it would happen. I was always a mystery slut. A virgin slut, I guess.

Of course, boys would get me wet and after a few nights, fingers would explore me, but I sort of controlled everything all of the time, and simply by letting them fuck my tits, or sucking their darling little cocks, avoid getting fucked. Naturally, many a night would end with me alone in bed fingering myself and wishing I let them pound their dicks into me. But I had plenty of time, I figured, and I liked fucking them this way.

I became fascinated by how I could make boys do things they would only do for me. Like, for instance, the way I would get them to let me suck their nipples until they begged for more, how I made them beg me to “suck their tits”, “suck them off”, how I would make them beg me to finger their assholes. I always had my boys begging for things they never knew they would lust for.

It was the new things I showed them that they wanted that made them tell me they loved me. They told me so many things they never would say without my hands on their bodies. They wanted to fuck me. They wanted me to fuck them. But above all, they wanted me to make THEM feel like a slut. They all wanted it, of course. That’s how I came to control them all.

After sucking off a boy, I could sometimes kiss him right after, and make him taste it and, subtly, or course, slightly, slyly, feed it back to him without them even knowing they were sucking up their own cum. Pinching their nipples always brought groans of lust and decadent pleasure they had never known. I became a master at turning them into whores for me.

Men often loved my nastiness and unique pleasures I afforded them, but also, my willingness to be a slut, and I was always ready to be a total whore from time to time. I never really liked being taken for granted, but there were times I just wanted cock, wanted to be impaled and abused and hurt. I would sometimes need abuse. My nipples sometimes needed to be pinched until I was in near agony, and I loved it. I wanted abuse, and plenty of it.

“Hurt me, baby. Hurt me hard. Fuck me. Pinch me… Harder, baby, twist them. Twist them off, you fuckbaby…Fuckkkkk…..Ummm. Yes…”

“Give it to me. Give me your cock. Fuck my ass. Fuck my tits. That’s it, fuck boy, jam it in me. Give it to your mama….”

Grunting, moaning, thrashing my hair around while being impaled on a hot dick as I rode atop my boyfriend, it was usually silly to pretend I did not love getting fucked. There was never a time I can remember when I resisted anything new or nasty that a boy suggested, and I often wished for more. You know, those nasty stories I read in my boyfriend’s collection of porn always sounded sooo good to me, and I never could get enough of anything. The videos I watched with him always seemed to stop way before I would have. I guess I am a slut. But a classy one.

I saw a few different boys at the same time, and none of them ever knew about any others. One night, I fucked two different guys, at the same time, in the dark. I made one suck off the other before he could fuck me. They were both straight, but I had them so worked up, it was easy to just dangle a cock in front of one and have him grab in and swallow it up. It was all part of the lust I created. It was wonderful. They both loved it.

Soon, one young boy at a time would not be enough.

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