Bound to Please

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As I casually glance over my messages, I find one that catches my eye…

“PussyCat, Meet me…7:30 pm…directions enclosed…”

I smile wickedly, wondering what might be in store for me this time. Each encounter with this man has proven to be exciting and extremely erotic, and I cannot wait to find out.

The day seems endless, but finally the time has come, and I am eagerly on my way. I arrive a bit early and find a note on the door. “Be back shortly…make yourself comfortable.” …..Once inside, I discover a nice bottle of wine and decide to have a bit while waiting. I decide to take a relaxing and soothing bubble bath by candlelight. The warm water and tingly bubbles, along with the wine, soon have me feeling very relaxed and in a very sensual mood, as I find my hands slowly begin to trace the curves of my soapy, slippery body. My fingers playfully make their way to my smooth shaven pussy, which you always seem to enjoy so. I find myself wondering where you are, what could be keeping you. I need you so badly right now. I need to feel you, I need you to fuck me as only you can.

My devilish thoughts of you are momentarily interrupted when I hear a noise, I glance up to see a tall shadow emerge in the doorway. You smile as you watch me pleasuring myself, wearing nothing but a naughty smile. What a welcome sight you are, it is so good to see you again. Very few words are spoken, there is no need for them. I can see the pure look of lust and desire in your intense eyes as you seem to be able to look deeply within me, and know what it is I crave. You hold up a towel for me, I climb into it as you pat me dry, we embrace one another. I remove your shirt, as it has gotten a bit wet. As you finish drying my back, you allow the towel to fall to the floor, I feel your strong hands moving up and down as you caress my naked body, making me tingle all over, the warmth of your chest presses firmly against my back, as you kiss and nibble my neck. I feel your tongue sensuously making a trail down my spine and teasingly to my ass, Kurtköy Escort you retrace your path back up towards my neck again.

I shiver with delight as you take my arm and lift it up high over my head, you then take my other arm and do the same. I feel you gently bind them together at the wrists with a silk scarf. I am surprised, but very pleased by this action. I feel yet another silk scarf being wrapped around my eyes. You turn me around so I am facing you, and you begin to kiss me passionately and yet quite forcefully. You tell me: “You are mine tonight to do with as I see fit…You are at my mercy and you will do as I say.” Your aggressive behavior is turning me on immensely. The mere thought of giving up all control to you and having no responsibilities as to what will happen to me seems to allow me to feel totally uninhibited, and it puts me in a state of extreme arousal. I can feel my sweet pussy juices dripping down my thighs.

You lead me to the bed and place me on my back, prop a pillow under my head and tie my bound wrists to the headboard. I feel you prop another pillow under my ass to elevate it just so, to your liking. I feel you binding my legs so I am in a spread-eagle position, my pussy and ass fully exposed and vulnerable to you. I hear you undressing, you climb into the bed, you kiss me as if to reassure me you won’t harm me… but I already know you won’t, I trust you thoroughly. I find myself wondering if you are enjoying seeing me in such a vulnerable position.

I feel your cock dangle over my mouth, my tongue lashes out to taste you, I lick up and down your rigid shaft as you guide it gently into my mouth, almost as if you want me to know just how very aroused you are by allowing me just a moment to feel how erect your cock is as you briefly thrust it into my mouth. I feel your cock slide between my breasts as it slowly and tantalizingly makes it’s way down my body nearing my now sopping wet pussy. I feel your tongue circle my nipples, followed by a gentle sucking, and Kurtköy Escort Bayan then a playful yet forceful nibble as your teeth firmly grab hold of my nipple and pull. Your tongue slowly continues to trail down my body, I soon feel you fucking my belly button which makes me giggle just a bit. I feel your hands massaging my inner thighs, so close to, yet purposely avoiding any contact with my pussy, knowing you are driving me mad with desire as you feel me squirming and writhing about within the limitations of my bindings.

I can feel your warm, rapid breath between my legs. I am so incredibly hot and horny for you right now, as I beg for you to please fuck me. I hear a humming noise, as you place a vibrating object against my clit…the sensation I am deriving from this feeling is driving me to the edge. I can sense you are standing there, watching me and smiling, it must please you so to see me like this… I can feel myself nearing an orgasm. But, it is not time just yet, you tell me as you remove it.

I soon feel something that startles me, an icy tingly feeling on my now very sensitive nipples, followed by the warmth of your mouth. I soon feel the icy coldness trailing down my stomach. As I begin to sense what is about to happen…I find that the anticipation I am feeling is quite erotic as you slowly and deliberately tease me with the ice. The ice suddenly touches my clit and I jump! You tell me to stay still and behave or you will have to punish me. You run the ice up and down my clit, you follow the icy path with your warm, long, sensuous tongue. The feeling of cold and then warmth is very titillating. I feel the ice teasing my ass and I try my hardest to remain still. As your tongue nears my pussy and makes contact, I frantically try to raise my hips up to you as you slowly probe and lick me, kiss me, begin to tongue fuck me…thrusting your strong tongue deeply within me. You once again tell me to stop moving but I cannot…my pussy is craving to be thoroughly fucked. You push the ice Escort Kurtköy cube deep inside of me which makes me really squirm and moan. All you say is, “My Kitten, you have been warned….”

You untie my legs and bring me to my knees, order me to be still. I know you are quite serious by the tone of your voice. Suddenly I hear a sharp noise and a stinging sensation as your hand firmly makes contact with my ass. You tell me I have been very naughty, and naughty Pussy’s deserve to be spanked. You continue until my ass is a rosey-red color. This is only arousing me more as my pussy is now dripping and aches for you all the more.

I take my punishment in silence and as a reward I feel your hands begin to gently caress my now very tender ass, your fingers begin to probe my needy pussy, and to my surprise, your tongue begins to explore my virginal ass… As I begin to relax a bit, and get used to this new feeling, your tongue continues to probe and explore deeper and deeper, I feel you become more insistent and aggressive. I soon feel the tip of your rock hard cock replacing your tongue, and this gets me very excited. You tease me for a bit, but instead decide to thrust your cock deeply into my ravenous pussy with one hard stroke penetrating me ever so deeply, as I let out a loud moan you continue to fuck my pussy for a bit. I once again start to feel you slide your pussy-soaked cock up against my ass, you gently push the tip of it in.

As I begin to accept you, I can feel you begin to use a bit more force, but yet still being gentle and patient until you feel I am ready for you. I soon begin pushing into you to meet your strokes, you take this as a sign that I am now ready, as you begin to slowly fuck me, sliding a bit more in with each stroke until you are fucking my tight ass with your entire cock. I no longer feel any discomfort, only feelings of pleasure, I soon feel something entering my pussy. You begin to fuck me simultaneously with your cock in my ass and a vibrator in my pussy….I am instantly overcome by the most intense series of orgasms, as I begin to loose all control and surrender myself completely to you. I have never experienced such feelings of intense euphoric pleasure before…as I feel the warmth of your cum shooting into me.

We collapse in on the bed…I am still bound to please you…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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