Bonnie’s Obsession Ch. 2

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The tingling in Bonnie’s pussy finally got to her as the convertible descended from the mountains onto the burning-hot desert.

They were headed for a three-day, four-night stay at a small, remote area in Arizona that had private cottages for its guests. Bonnie had discovered the place in a brochure she had picked up the previous day, and she and Jason had decided it would be perfect. It was in another series of mountains, and was very secluded. The summer was the off-season, so there wasn’t a lot of business this time of year, ensuring their privacy, and they had gotten a good rate besides. The horny couple wanted some place secluded to continue what had started two days earlier, when mother and son finally let loose their long-withheld lust for each other.

They had slept much of the previous day, Sunday, exhausted from the exertions of earlier that morning, and all of the previous night. Later, they had roused themselves to dinner, where they had a long talk about the changed nature of their relationship. They were no longer mother and son, but man and woman, lovers. They talked about what they had done, what the future held, and they had decided that on this vacation they would shed the bounds of convention and indulge themselves in each other in every way possible. Then, when they had returned to Georgia, they would see how they felt and go from there. After dinner, they had returned to their motel and made slow, smoldering love before falling asleep.

While they may have decided to put off making any concrete plans, Bonnie, at least, knew how it would be. She knew she could never go back to being what she had been before. Her son – her beautiful, sexy, sensuous son – had reawakened passions that had never completely died, and were now more alive than ever, thanks to Jason. She had had many lovers in her wild and wicked youth, but none had made her feel so completely on fire as this young man who sat in the driver’s seat next to her. She knew she would never be able to stay away from his wonderful loving, nor did she want to. She had finally found her man, right where he had always been, under her own roof.

For Jason, life couldn’t have been any better. He finally had the only woman who had ever meant anything to him, and, as he had suspected, his mother had proven to be a wildly inventive, thoroughly experienced lover, willing to guide him down any sexual path they chose. The very thought of what they might do together gave him the first rumblings of a hard-on in his shorts as the miles fell away.

They had hit the road early, because they had about an eight-hour drive to where they were going. Bonnie had insisted that Jason drive, saying cryptically, “you’ll thank me later.” Bonnie had dressed for the heat of the desert, a pair of thin pink gym shorts, a light, sleeveless blouse and no underwear of any sort. Her tits jiggled as she walked to the car, and she enjoyed the stare of the desk clerk as they checked out. Jason had also dressed light, a pair of baggy shorts and a tank top. Once they got out on the desert, the sun had begun to beat down on the car, cooled only by the wind whistling past. The sun, combined with the hum of the engine, soon conspired to make them both very horny.

Finally, Bonnie couldn’t stand it any more. She reached under the leg of her shorts and put a finger to her steaming pussy. “What the hell,” she said. “We’re shedding our inhibitions here, this highway’s pretty empty, and I’ve wanted to do this for years.” So she quickly lifted her butt off the seat, slid her shorts to the floor and pulled them off. Then she spread her legs and began to masturbate.

Jason looked over at his mother on the other bucket seat and jumped slightly at the sight of his sexy mother, naked from the waist down, with her legs spread and the fingers of her right hand working vigorously in her red-trimmed cunt. Bonnie’s long red hair blew back behind her as her arousal began to build. Jason’s cock sprang to life in his shorts as he kept one eye on the road and the other on his mother. Bonnie decided to make a show of it, and added some guttural vocal sounds as pried her wet pussy lips apart and rolled a thumb over her clit. She took her time pleasuring herself, running her fingers over her clit, then plunging two and three fingers in and out of her sodden cunt. All the while, she was delivering a graphic patter about what she was doing and what she wished Jason was doing to her.

Finally, Jason couldn’t stand it, either. His shorts were already wet where the tip of his dick had been leaking his pre-cum as he watched the wanton display his mom was putting on. With a groan, he unzipped his pants, pulled his cock out of his shorts and began to lightly stroke himself. Just the sight of her son’s 10-inch dick spurred Bonnie on to new heights, until she came on her hand with a series of small yelps.

Grinning lasciviously, she took her dripping digits and ran them over Jason’s lips and into his mouth. Jason sucked them like they were little cocks, and Bonnie smiled as she filed that image away for future reference. But her attention casino siteleri was quickly riveted back to her son’s cock, which bobbed obscenely in his right hand. Replacing his hand with one of her hands, she leaned over toward his lap.

“Poor baby,” she breathed sexily, as much to his cock as to him. Then she flicked out her tongue and licked up the clear fluid that pooled at the end of Jason’s dick. She ran her tongue down the shaft as far as she could comfortably reach before running it all the way back to the tip. “Let mama take care of him,” she said before bringing her mouth over the head of his cock. She drew as much of him into her mouth as she could, a little over halfway down the shaft, and pumped the rest with her fist.

“Oh, God, Mom, suck me,” Jason hissed. “You are a devilish cocksucker, aren’t you.” Bonnie squealed with delight over his cock as her response. After a few minutes in this position, however, Bonnie’s neck muscles began to ache and she couldn’t continue. Besides, the road was entering another mountainous area, requiring Jason’s full attention. So Bonnie reluctantly sat up in the seat, although neither one bothered to put their pants back on. It was as if they were in the calm before the storm, and Jason slowed the car to peruse both sides of the road. They weren’t just looking at the spectacular scenery, but rather they were searching for a side road, where they could pull off and finish what they had started. Presently, such a road appeared, and they turned off the highway onto a dirt road that wound back into the woods. Soon they found another, smaller road, almost like a path. Jason backed the car into the road until they were more or less hidden from view, then parked.

The sun continued to beat down as they backed their seats as far as they would go, then they fell together in a torrid embrace. Jason frantically opened the buttons on his mother’s blouse, then filled his hands with her tits as the shirt fell to her sides. Their tongues lashed each other as their passion mounted, then Bonnie reached up and pulled Jason’s shirt off, before deep kissing him again.

Breaking the embrace, Jason sat up on the side of the car with his legs spread, his purple monster swinging slowly. Bonnie quickly pulled herself onto her knees on her seat, leaned over and sucked his entire length into her mouth, all the way to the hilt in one smooth motion. She moaned as the bell-shaped head of his cock plunged into her throat, until his sweaty pubic hairs were tickling her nose. She made obscene snuffling sounds as she strongly worked her head back and forth over his cock. In turn, Jason groaned loudly as he watched his mother reach underneath her body with her right hand and begin to resume fingering herself.

At last, they had reached the boiling point, so Bonnie pulled herself off his cock, turned around and stuck her ass toward Jason’s huge cock. Reaching underneath herself again, she opened her angry, hot pink pussy lips and told Jason to fuck her and to fuck her hard. Jason needed no further encouragement, but lined his dick up to the dripping lips of his mom’s pussy and plunged in all the way.

“AYIEE!” Bonnie cried out as her son’s wonderful cock once again returned to its new home. “OH GOD! FUCK ME, JASON. USE ME LIKE A WHORE. I WANT TO BE YOUR WHORE. FUCK ME, FUCK ME, FUUUUUUCK MEEEE!” And Jason did just that, pumping his cock like an oil drill, steadily pushing and pulling, back and forth, feeling the heat of his mother’s vagina, from whence he had come some 21 years previously. Bonnie rolled her hips around in a lewd motion, constantly backing herself onto his steel-hard rod.

“OH MOM!” Jason wailed. “IT’S SO G-G-GOOOOOOD!” Then in a lower voice, he started in with a sexual patter of his own.

“I knew you were a slut, deep down,” he started. “You like it. No, you love it. You love having your son’s cock buried in your pussy, fucking you with his long, hard cock. Yes, you do love it.”

“YESSSSS! I LOVE IT! I LOVE YOU!” Bonnie screamed as the fuck frenzy washed over her again, and her whole being became this wicked, incestuous act that she was committing with her own flesh and blood. All she could think about were the sensations of Jason’s pounding pecker as it pumped methodically back and forth in her frothing cunt.

Jason went on, panting as he continued to playfully taunt his mother. “Yeah, I think you just like cock, period. You like to fuck, don’t you. I’ll bet you’d like to fuck a whole line of cocks, one after the other, have them fuck you until you’re covered with cum. I bet you’d like that.” Jason was finally letting go with some of the deepest, darkest fantasies that he’d had about his mom. And Bonnie just moaned and babbled incoherently, as her passion soared to new heights, for many of the things Jason was describing were also her deepest, darkest fantasies.

Pounding furiously in his mother’s box, Jason finally felt the tingling in his spine that told him a huge orgasm was imminent, and he began to fuck his mother even harder, if that was possible. Sweat flew from their bodies, and Bonnie’s blouse slot oyna stuck to her back as they fucked each other with utter abandon. Jason grabbed his mother’s hips and pumped her hard and deep like a jackhammer, while Bonnie squeezed her sweaty tits with both hands.

“C’mon, baby, cum with me, fill me up with your hot seed,” Bonnie pleaded in a hoarse whisper, and Jason was ready. With a roar, he felt an enormous tide of cum rip through his cock and out the tip of his dick, bathing his mother’s steaming, clenching pussy with white-hot fuck sauce. Bonnie was right there with him, yelping and crying as a gut-wrenching orgasm raced from her super-sensitive tits, down her spine and out her spasming pussy. They moaned and groaned, gasped and grunted as Jason spewed cum deep into Bonnie’s womb. The pungent juice of their shared lust oozed out from around Jason’s cock, out Bonnie’s cunt and down the insides of her legs, which were trembling from the exertion. For long minutes, spasms also rippled through Jason’s cock as he held onto his lovely mother’s hips.

Finally, Jason disengaged his still semi-swollen cock from Bonnie’s pussy, and watched captivated as a river of cum poured out of her gaping hole. As they both fell back into their respective seats, Bonnie looked through her shades, which had somehow stayed on her head throughout, into the clear blue Western sky, and let out a well satisfied, “Wow!” Jason, too, looked up as he felt a light breeze drift across his sweaty body. After collecting themselves and redressing, they slipped out of their private perch, back onto the side road, then to the highway and finally to their destination, an hour later.

It was a dusty, sweat-streaked, disheveled pair of lovers that stopped next to the office of the old-timey resort. It was a place for people who wanted to get away from other people. At the entrance from the highway sat the office, which was a small replica of a log cabin, then a dirt road wound back into the woods and up a hill. Another, private, road ran off to the left of the office, toward a large ranch house that was set off on an open meadow. The house sat under sight of a small mountain that rose off behind the hill where the cabins lay tucked back in the trees on either side of the road.

It had been a remarkably dull summer for Christina, who was working behind the desk at the office. Her aging, widowed grandmother owned the resort, and Christina had come to this out-of-the-way place to help out and earn a little money for the summer, before heading back to college in the fall. At first, she had thought the idea of being in this mountain area and living in her grandmother’s big house, the one at the end of the private road, would be something neat. However, boredom quickly set in. Although she liked the mountains and the great outdoors, she missed the social aspect of her life. The only guests they had had were retired couples, and the nearest town of any size was an hour’s drive over some treacherous mountains.

She especially missed sex. She had a busy sex life at school, and she had been deprived now for almost two months. What I’d do for some action, she thought, as she leaned her small, lithe body over the counter. She had a hot little body that craved attention. She was right at five feet tall, thin without being skinny, tight without being muscular. She had a dark complexion, the result of her mother being of Mexican descent, augmented by a sun-worshiping lifestyle. Her breasts were small, teacup-sized, and were tipped with brown nipples surrounded by areola the size of a nickel. The whole effect was topped by a close-cropped head of curly black hair that she kept gelled most of the time, and big brown eyes that smoldered with a barely-suppressed fire. As she leaned over the counter, she rubbed the crotch of her tight jeans in frustration and watched the sun begin its daily drop through the big picture window that faced the west, letting in a glaring beam of light.

Presently, a red convertible, a vintage 1968 GTO, pulled in, and Christina immediately perked up. A sexy-looking couple, a young man who had been driving and a slightly older woman, climbed stiffly out of the car. So THIS is the couple that had called the previous day for a reservation, she thought, looking them over with growing interest. He was tall, a shade over six feet, and lean, maybe 180 pounds, with a thick head of curly brown hair that he wore fairly long, and very good-looking. Frankly, he was a hunk. The woman was also taller than average, about 5-8, with a wild tangle of copper-colored hair that fell down her shoulders to her breasts, and she was also a beauty. She wasn’t exactly thin, but she wasn’t full-bodied, either. Christina also noticed the jiggle of the woman’s upturned tits and the tips of her nipples thrusting through her thin blouse as they walked into the office.

Nice, very nice, she thought, as she admired the older woman. But her interest flared even more when the couple came up to the desk and she got a whiff of Bonnie’s well-satisfied sex and a look at Jason’s swinging dick, which his shorts failed to completely canlı casino siteleri hide. Christina had been around enough well fucked, fully aroused women in her short time to know that smell. She failed to suppress a knowing smile as the woman signed the registry. They’ve been fucking, and recently, she thought, and she felt her pussy begin to slicken.

Bonnie had seen the effect that they had on this young creature behind the counter even as they had walked in, and had been giving her sidelong glances as she signed in. She took her time, leaning over the counter slightly to give the dark-skinned beauty a look at her sweaty tits that jiggled freely in her shirt. Jason also took notice of Christina and began some small talk. They talked about their respective schools, Georgia for him and Arizona State for her, and what there was to do out here in the middle of nowhere, which wasn’t much. You could hike or you could fish or you could make the three-hour drive to the Grand Canyon. That was about it.

After filling out the registration form, Bonnie looked up at Christina with a smile, then licked her lips lustily when Christina turned around to fetch the key to their cabin. Christina returned the smile as she handed the key over. Bonnie held the younger girl’s hand for just a moment before taking the key, turning and walking back to the car. Bonnie swished her hips just a little bit as she sashayed out the door, leaving Christina breathless and unbelievably horny.

When the couple had departed up the hill, she dashed into the bathroom, shut and locked the door, pulled down her jeans, sat on the toilet, spread her legs and stuck two fingers in her juicy cunt. She ran her other hand through her well-trimmed thatch of curly black pubic hair, then used her middle finger to rub her clit in a fast, circular motion. She squeezed her eyes shut and imagined Jason offering her what promised to be a large, thick cock to suck on, with Bonnie on her knees in front of her, licking her pussy. Christina was so turned on that it only took a couple of minutes before a pulsing orgasm roared through her pussy. She ran her hands through her dewy lips as she moaned her satisfaction. Suddenly, Christina’s summer had brightened immensely.

“Jesus, Mom, you practically dragged that poor girl to the car with us,” Jason said with a laugh as they unpacked the car.

“Hell, I should have,” Bonnie replied. “Did you see her? Man, she all but raped both of us with her eyes. And, boy, what eyes. You could real lost in those eyes.” Then she went over to her sexy son and ran her index finger lightly down his chest. “You think you could handle two horny women at the same time?” she asked with a coy expression. “If you don’t think you can, tell me now, because otherwise I’m going to figure out how to bed that little fox. It has been an awfully long time since I had any pussy, and I want some of that.” Jason felt a shiver of lust course through him at the thought.

“You’d better believe I can,” he answered. “I’d almost pay money to see you and her eating each other out.”

When they had settled in, they took a shower together, and it nearly became a marathon sexual encounter, but the hot water ran out before they could get going good, and besides, they had things to do. They visited the small country store/bait shop just down the road to buy a few supplies for a quick meal. After dinner, they cleaned up, then sat out on the bench in front of their cabin with a couple of beers and a rolled one to watch the sun set. They huddled under a blanket and snuggled together against the chill of the approaching mountain night.

Bonnie had never felt more content as she did at that moment, with her head on her man’s shoulders and his arm wrapped around hers, holding her to him. She couldn’t believe how much love she had for her son right then, and how grateful she was that he had liberated her from her self-imposed sexual exile. He was a natural lover, with the finest specimen of manhood she had ever found. She knew he had had lovers before, but he was still young and relatively inexperienced, and it thrilled her to know that she – his mother – was the one who would lead him to a deeper appreciation of the finer arts of sex.

When it was pitch black, they went inside for the night. Jason started a fire in the cabin’s fireplace and soon a warm glow enveloped the room. After laying some blankets and pillows on the floor in front of the fireplace, they stood in front of the fire and embraced. Their lips met in a tender kiss that slowly built to a simmering passion. Looking deep into each other’s eyes, they slowly and sensuously stripped each other until they both stood naked together.

“Lie down,” Jason commanded, and Bonnie complied, lying on her stomach across the blanket in front of the fire. Jason sat next to his mother and began to massage her shoulders, then down her back and sides to her firm butt. He ran his hands sensuously over the smooth flesh, kneading her cheeks. Bonnie’s ass wasn’t thin, but there wasn’t an ounce of flab. Rather, it was meaty and muscular, plenty enough to hold onto. Jason ran his hands down the backs of Bonnie’s thighs then back up her legs, just brushing his thumb over her already bubbling pussy and between her butt cheeks to her pink, puckered asshole.

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