Bonnie with Biceps

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Even though I am quite shy and self conscious about my body, I recently joined a gym for naturists. I guess my self consciousness partly comes from my skinny body, at 5’7″ 125 pounds, but mostly it is because I have always been stared at, with whispers coming behind my back because of my extraordinarily large cock and dangling balls. It measures 8’1/2 inches when flaccid and 10 ¾ inches when it is hard.

My first night of working out, I stripped down in the coed locker room and noticed that the women seemed to outnumber the men by about three to one. They came in all ages and sizes, and it was all I could do to keep from getting an erection.

I put the towel around my neck and exited the locker room. On the upper level were the treadmills, stationary bikes and rowing machines. I straddled the seat of a vacant bike and couldn’t keep my eyes off the fit beauties running on the treadmill with their breasts bouncing up and down, and the washboard abs of the women on the rowing machines as they bent forward and pulled back in fluid motions.

I watched the full round asses on the other stationary bikes as they pedaled away, and would give my left nut to smell the seat after they were finished.

I had ridden for about a half hour, with my balls and huge cock flopping up and down with each pedal, and I was naturally getting a lot of attention from the women as well as the men about my size. Then I spotted her. She was on the lower level and moved into the weight lifting area and began stretching.

I had never seen a more beautiful or powerful looking women. Her raven hair was drawn back into a pony tail and she had massive broad shoulders which tapered into a small hard waist. Her ass cheeks were globes of muscle, and off white, which was a beautiful contrast to the rest of her bronzed body. Her calves and thighs danced in a hypnotic rhythm as the placed her towel against the wall and began to stretch.

Aside from her thick muscles, she also displayed a thick patch of pubic hair, and hair underneath her armpit. The casino siteleri woman was a Goddess, and I had to get a closer look. I got off the bike and grabbed my towel and went to the lower level.

I tried not to be too obvious, so I tossed my towel aside and picked some free weights all the way across the room from her. I wanted to take another look at this beautiful Amazon, so I slowly looked in her direction, and was caught in the act. She was staring directly at my long dick; and she had a smile on her face. Red faced, I quickly looked away and starting lifting 75 pounds on the bench press. As I said, I have a scrawny weak body, and by the time I reached my tenth rep, my eyes were closed and I struggled mightily to raise the bar.

The bar came to a complete stop about halfway up and I was grunting to extend my arms, then suddenly the bar began to rise with ease. Shocked, I opened my eyes and there was a beautiful hairy crotch just inches from my nose. The muscle goddess had approached me without me being aware of her presence.

“I thought you could use a spotter.”

Her body was even more impressive just inches away, so I stammered “Um…thank you.”

“How ’bout increasing it 10 pounds and giving me another set. I will spot you again.”

I added two 5 five pound plates and lay down on the bench once again and pumped out 3 reps with perfect form, then my form collapsed and my arms felt like rubber. Once again she placed her crotch directly above my nose so I could smell the scent of her, and she easily assisted me in pumping out the remaining 7 reps. My dick started to respond and I was unable to hide the fact that she turning me on immensely as I grew to 9 inches.

She viewed my expanding length and licked her lips seductively as she gave a warm beautiful smile and extended her hand.

“My name is Bonne.”

I sat up and shyly looked at her muscular body and took her hand. I knew this woman had to be strong, but I thought she was going to crush my hand as she pumped up and down.

“I’m slot oyna Steve,” I winced.

Looking at her magnificent body was too much for me and I quickly looked away and sat in silence.

“You seem a little shy. Is this your first time here?”

I softly replied, “Yeah, I’ve always been shy, and I hate it, and yes, it’s my first time here.”

“Why do you hate being shy? I’ve always liked shy men. I’ve also liked men with large… shall we say organs?….and yours is a beaut!”

I felt the blood rush to my face as I looked down at my crotch and thanked her.

“Since it’s your first time here, why don’t I show you around? We have some rooms off to the side over there with mats, where people practice yoga, tae kwon doe, or wrestling. Have you ever wrestled before?”

A lump came to my throat and my heart beat madly at the thought of having this beautiful strong woman clutching my body and feeling her strength.

“I’ve only wrestled about 3 times in gym class…in seventh grade. I wasn’t very good.”

“Well I would be glad to teach you if you want.”

I took her extended hand, and she led me into a room about 20×20 completely covered with a thick green mat. We squared off, facing each other, then she advanced and wrapped her strong arms around me and picked me up like I was a feather.

“This is called a bear hug. Sometimes I get a submission, just by squeezing like this.”

“Ahhhhhhh please. You’re hurting me!”


I felt her hand lower and slowly part the cheeks of my ass as she gently slid an index finger into my asshole. It was a first for me, and although it surprised me, it felt surprisingly good, and my dick started to rise once again.

“You like that don’t you shy boy Steve?”

“Well, yes, I guess I do.”

“You like my muscles too don’t you?”

“Um…yeah, you’re pretty strong.”

“Wrong Stevie. I’m VERY strong.”

Bonnie proceeded to put a hand between my crotch and another behind my neck, then pressed me overhead ten times. I had canlı casino siteleri never witnessed such power. Then she casually tossed me to the mat where I lay winded on my back.

Facing my feet, she lay down on me wrapping her massive legs around my head, so my nose was touching her moist pussy lips. She squeezed until I thought my head would pop and said, “This is called the scissors hold. Just tap on my thigh when you want me to release it.”

It felt like my head would explode, but the delicious scent of her dripping pussy was keeping me from tapping her leg for about 30 seconds, and my cock was standing straight up.

As soon as I tapped, Bonnie quickly flipped around entwining our legs in a painful grapevine hold. I thought my legs were going to split as she applied pressure and controlled me easily.

“Pretty strong eh? Tell me how strong I am and how much you like my muscles.”

I tried with all my might to resist her and test her strength, and her rock hard body was immovable.

Feeling her total control and domination of me scared me, but excited me more than I had ever been in my life.

“Bonnie, you are incredibly strong, and have the most beautiful body on earth. I’m powerless against you and have no defense. You are far superior to me physically, and I submit to you.”

Bonnie smiled, but did not release her hold on my spread legs, and with her large hand took my 10 ½ inch cock in her hand and gently put it into her sopping wet pussy. It was so warm, and I was so powerless as she held my arms pinned above my head and began to pump me.

“Mmmmm you feel good, my weak little man; with the incredible dick.

Amazingly she was able to take in my full length and ride me hard and fast until I could take no more and squirted my load into her amazing love canal. She was able to get me hard through four more orgasms, and also pleasure herself to three orgasms as she rode my massive organ.

That was 4 months ago, and we have met 3 times a week. She still dominates me in all of our wrestling matches, but at least I have improved in the weight lifting…now reaching 95 pounds. I think she is going to pop the question of moving in with her, and I am so excited at the thought of being her sole and exclusive property.

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